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Found 26 results

  1. Looking for something different, we are seeking the right person to join our team here at CMS, applicants must be fully qualified including having there own tools & drivers licence, Ford knowledge preferred but not essential, work will include general mechanical repairs & performance modification, All emails to be sent to [email protected] moderators feel free to repost this add if not in the right section thanks joe also I have no idea how this was posted up as puffwagon??

    Hi Ford XR6 Forum Members! We have some specials on the latest Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. BRAND SIZE TREAD PATTERN PRICE MICHELIN 215/45R17 PILOT SPORT 4 $150.00 MICHELIN 235/45R17 PILOT SPORT 4 $155.00 MICHELIN 225/40R18 PILOT SPORT 4 $200.00 MICHELIN 235/40R18 PILOT SPORT 4 $200.00 MICHELIN 245/40R18 PILOT SPORT 4 $220.00 MICHELIN 245/35R19 PILOT SPORT 4S $300.00 MICHELIN 255/35R19 PILOT SPORT 4S $375.00 MICHELIN 275/30R19 PILOT SPORT 4S $400.00 There are plenty of more sizes available so if you don’t see your required sizes here, Give us a call and simply mention your on the forum and we will take care of you! Cheers, Al Taleb Tyres & Wheels (02) 9567 2888
  3. Hi All, Still being a newbie I just had a question to ask. Are the rear shocks as simple to change as I think they are. Is it basically just remove the tire to get it out of the way, basically a nut at the top of the shock and a nut at the bottom or something along those lines ?? Instead of paying a mechanic I wanna try it myself, mates have told me its piss easy, should be a good experience for me.
  4. Ford FG Muffler

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to this page and fairly new to fords. I bought my first ford, Ford XR6 FG Upgrade Limited Edition 2011 model, off of my mate beginning of this year. I recently started to hear a rattle noise from my car each time I accelerated when I was in town house area but wouldn't hear the noise much in an open freeway/motorway. The mechanic told me that the muffler has collapsed and that I need to change the muffler, now I'm not too smart on cars and how things work, I just wanted to ask, the muffler, is that held on by bolts (mechanic said so) or is that welded on? and if it is held on by bolts, would I be able to change it on my own ? And also is it possible to just buy a muffler ?
  5. Drive shaft coupling toque specs?

    Just wondering if anyone knows the torque specs for the tail shaft coupling/flex joint for a 2012 Falcon FG Xr6 Turbo Auto. Been searching on the forums and haven't been able to find any torque specs as of yet. If I can't find any I might just do it up to my own standard of bloody tight. I had a look for commodores and its 75-85 for one model but 115 for another, so I'm really unsure :/ any help is appeciated, cheers! Edit: 75-85nm or 115nm
  6. Car apart, Routine Maintenance??

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I've posted but loving the car so far, retune will happen mid-year hopefully but until then I'm trying to get it up to scratch in every other way. My front end is apart as I realised one of the factory hot pipes (rubber) has perished due to oil (see:little splits/cracks hardening etc.) so a guy locally had a full factory second hand set up on gumtree so I bought the lot. Sadly he recently lost his car due to mistaken identity (jerks). Gave me a lot of good info as his BF Turbo was in pristine condition. Now I have the entire front end of the car apart/exposed, are there any items people would recommend changing/checking whilst I'm here? I've heard the Boost control solenoid usually could use a clean or check and I'm generally going to check all the hoses and bolts that I can. Key fact here is that I am still able to get very cheap parts and things that would normally be very expensive I may have the ability to still get at a good price(aftermarket). Loved that Ford still sell the duct (oversized rubber rad hose) for new @ $320 I can post pics of how apart I've got it if anyone would like me to. cheers. Nathan
  7. 2003 BA XR6 N/A

    Hi, I am looking to purchase an 03 N/A BA xr6, -5 speed manual -Black -Pacemaker extractors -Pod Filter -Slotted Rotors -FPV Rims and steering wheel -Herrod front grill -Twin tip exhaust -Is set up to run nos -Flash tuner with 3 tunes, one labelled as C&V Tune - GJA-240 I'm looking to see if anyone has any knowledge on the background of this car or what work has been done. Its too quick to have stock internals but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  8. Was wondering if anyone has any idea what this clicking sound could be? noticed it when my car was idling the other day while I was at a friends. Thanks IMG_0807.MOV
  9. hey guys welcome to my blog on the modifying of my 2008 FG falcon XT. this car was a recent purchase for me and is my first car. I have a lot on the list of things I would like to do, like swapping the XT interior for the better XR interior, lowering springs, tinting the windows and so fourth. I hope you will have fun following along with me on this story as I will be having working on it. if you have any suggestion or have ideas on how I could do things better feel free to comment. thanks!
  10. G6Et Vs Xr6T

    Hello I'm about to buy either a G6ET or XR6T in about 5 months time. Considering they're the same price, which one would you choose and WHY? Also, is the G6ET slower than the XR6T to 100km/hr because the lack of LSD? From what I have gathered on other sites, there is not much of a difference.. but the only difference is racing around a track and hanging 'better skids'. - PS, I don't intend on racing around a track or skidding, so would LSD really make that much of an impact in everyday driving? I would give it a go if a Expensive Daewoo SS/GTS or anything else tried to overtake me though. Thaks
  11. New 2016 Ford Gt

    New Ford GT fellas! Looks pretty sexy. "The Ford GT is back. And then some. Taking all the headlines at the Detroit motor show - and confirming some tasty rumours that have been rumbling for a little while now - is the third iteration of Ford's supercar. And gone is the supercharged V8 of old, replaced by an Ecoboost engine. Fear not, though, as it still packs a proper amount of cylinders. A twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine drives the rear wheels with ‘more than' 600bhp, and with motorsport development behind it, Ford is claiming great efficiency. Of course, it's performance we care about. Nothing's confirmed in that area just yet, but a 0-60mph time close to 3.0secs and a top speed north of 200mph ought to be very feasible targets. There's plenty to help it on its way too, with lots of carbon fibre to keep the weight down. A carbon passenger cell, a la McLaren 650S and P1, is joined by carbon in chassis components too. "The GT will exhibit one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car", Ford promises. Aerodynamics play a huge role, as you may be able to tell from styling way more intricate and involved than the rather retro-tastic GT of ten years ago. Keeping pace with its key rivals - and with Ferrari's spectacular 458 clearly in mind - there are active aero elements, including a rear wing whose height and angle react to speed and conditions. Other goodies? There's racing-inspired pushrod suspension, adjustable ride height and upward-swinging doors. The old GT's manual transmission is gone, rather inevitably replaced by a seven-speed paddleshifter, while the driver environment very much takes its cues from what Ferrari's currently doing; a fully customisable instrument display sits behind a steering wheel free of stalks but festooned with buttons, while the seat is fixed, the pedals and wheel adjustable instead. You have to admit, it looks brilliant. It'll land at some point in 2016, by which time the new turbo 458 and 911 GT3 RS will be here, as well as the new Honda NSX and McLaren Sports Series. What a group test that would be..." http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/ford-gt-detroit-motor-show-2015-01-12
  12. Xr6 Ute? Or Xr6 Sedan

    Hey Guys, First off I'm looking to buy a first car that I can work on and muck around with and do up how I please, I've always been predominately Ford man ( Not to say that I don't like Holdens') but for a first car I want it to be meaningful and what better way to do this then to buy an XR6!! But I'm tossing and turning over the issue of a Ute or a Sedan, I've seen good mods and ideas for both but what better than to ask people who know about it! So please give me your thoughts, pros, cons and all the good stuff Enjoy!
  13. Lowering An Fg Xr6 Turbo Ute

    Looking at putting 1.5-2" lowering blocks in the back end. It's a 2008 fg xr6 turbo. I'm unsure if I have to change shocks and a few other things, and I've also heard that it doesn't do no good to the tail shaft
  14. Hey guys, the name is Sam I just stumbled across this forum and thought, what a great place to get advice, I'm don't know too much about cars due to being new to the car scene. I just turned 18 two days ago, I own a 2003 BA xr6, everything is stock currently. I have been driving this xr6 since I first started on my L plates, I know the car fairly well. However I'd like more power. I am starting to look at exhausts and extractors.. Is there any other things I could do to look at some decent power increases? Please include brands that you would recommend. Please no comments like "if you want power get an xr6 turbo" or "just wait for yours full license"... It's my money and I'd like to spend it on what makes me happy Cheers. - Sam PS. attaching a photo of my Baby
  15. Warranty Job!

    hello all so my now that ive had my xr tuned up, affected my warranty, now the problems start to flood in!! 2 years stock,3 months with 300kw now its gotta desont list of problems turbo manifold bolt broken 858.00 timing cover oil leak 1381.12 replace rear dif mounts/ bushes, diff reseal and replace left hand rear diff out put seal 1605.31 turbo leaking oil 82.50 front brake pads 236.04 total $4162.97 my plan is to go em for warranty I haven't touched the turbo or the manifold or the timing cover , I have increased power so I might leave out the diff and the bushes wont be covered anyway and ill do the brakes my self .ill get Aitkenvale auto and dyno to do the rest they said itll be about 800-1000 to do the diff so what does everyone think of the prices they quoted I think its very expencive and could some one please tag a link on hear so I can have a look at whats involved in resealin the timing belt cover thanks you help is appreciated
  16. Hi Everyone, Checkout www.trackdayclub.com.au We run street car focused track days to enjoy cars like ours! It's a great opportunity to drive fast, hang out with like minded people and test your car. The next track day is Saturday August 24th 2013 Included is the morning track walk, Driver coaches, who will ride with you and share their expertise, timing and un-timed passengers sessions, morning tea and we also run a dedicated session for the girls. Our aim is to create a club environment of passionate car people and to provide a respectful arena to drive our pride and joy. If you have any questions please let me know
  17. Hi Ive just got a stock 2010 fg xr6 turbo now I wanna mod it. Its only done 47xxx Kms what should I do and what brands should I get please help thanks. .Flash tune .injectors .fuel pump .exhuast .intercooler .vavle springs
  18. Topic was brought up in the VF Commodore thread and I thought it would be interesting to see just where our allegiances lie on this forum. Myself I was always more of a Holden fan until the first XR6 Turbo. I dont really have a solid allegiance as I like most performance vehicles all in their own right.
  19. Ford 2004 Xr6 Ba

    Hello I own a ford xr6 ba 2004 and it is missing in low revs when it gose over 2500 around there it stops but it is really annoying me what do you guys think is wrong with it?
  20. HEY GUYS! love this site. Well im new and im new to ford, just bought a brand new xr6 2012 mkII 6 speed manual sedan for $33 500, 21kms on it straight out of factory.. Its fast, but im noticing it stutters, like it wants to go harder but the mods it got are limiting it, now I dont know anything about fords, im skyline fan. lol But what should I get for it? I heard K&N fliters and cold air intake, new exhast 2.5 cat back, a tune and I was told a underpully doesnt do anything :S and that's all I know. Any ideas? im all ears and I want to learn this car I got the cash easy blow 20k on it lol fcking love it so fcking much. Kinitic Blue paint. By the way cuz its new, if I mod it, will the warrianty get voided? Thanks guys!!! P plater by the way...
  21. Car: 2011 FG Xr6 Turbo - Dealer Demo. Colour: Nitro Blue Kilometers: 20k Modifications: Stock. Cost: 35k Body: Ute. Use: Daily / track drifter. About me: Im Chris Findlay, im 18 years old from Noosa Queensland, yep that makes me a P-Plater... I have an unfinished project car currently sitting in my shed awaiting its finish.. Its a 1982 Ke70 Corolla.. It has been built with the purpose and intentions to be used for drifting, I have spent roughly 25k on it to date, and it is pretty highly modified, with everything from brand new leather bucket seats, momo steering wheel, 4age 16v Quad throttle engine conversion with 250hp at the flywheel, coilovers strut braces, sway bars, sunroof, ae86 break upgrade all the way to 4 link trailing arms etc.. Hey guys, im new here so first thing I thought I would to was post a thread on my new car.. As you have read above its a 2011 XR6T, im yet to see it in the flesh as I work away and I purchased it from Victoria, had it shipped over here to Queensland, where it has been parked in my garage until I get home tomorrow night (Sunday 14/10/11), I bought the car from Hillis Motor Group, they were awesome to deal with, and the offer 100% perfect customer service. This ute has been purchased for the intention of use as a daily driver, but due to me only being home 9 days, 12 times a year (I work a 28 on 9 off rotation) Im extremely keen to take it to Queensland Raceway when I can for the occasional drift night.. I have the car booked in for this coming Thursday at Tint-A-Car to receive the darkest legal Octane tint, which should look awesome. First thing Monday morning I am debadging the boot and side skirts of the car, although it is still registered as a turbo vehicle, and insured with Just Car insurance as turbo.. I have a cunning plan which has worked for mates with high powered turbo vehicles on their Provisional licence to allow me to drive this vehicle without any hassle from the Police and its simple.. My local mechanic gave me a full receipt for labor and necessary parts for a "TURBO REMOVAL" back dated to the afternoon the vehicle was delivered to my house.. I will simply place this receipt in the glove box for use when needed.. Also I am going to do my best to hide the turbo (Although it is lower-mounted which is pretty hidden already) with metal heat shielding.. So far I have purchased a few bits and bobs to give this car some hidden potential.. Below is a list of what I have purchased so to date.. Tein super street coilover and suspension package for front and rear - http://performance.fulcrumsuspensions.com.au/index.php?option=com_vehiclefilter&filter=product&Itemid=250&car_id=26&part_number=QSJ48-EZAS3FG Black angel eye styled headlights - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/260967758972?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_3089wt_1139 Complete Headlight, fog light, tail light, number plate lamp and interior light white HID Bulb kit - http://www.facebook.com/gchidsandcarcustoms?fref=ts Rota GTR-D Wheels 18x9.5 +25 5x114.3 All round in Matte Black - http://www.rotashop.co.uk/Rota+GTR-D_c33739_33741_67993.htm White line front and rear adjustable sway bars for that extra stiffness and stability - (Front end) http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=BFF54Z (Rear end) http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=BFR42Z In the near future I plan to do some modifications such as the following 4" dump to 3" exhaust system with Varex interchangeable twin setting exhaust - Bigger Cam's - X3 Flash Tuner - Bride Low Max Fixed back Bucket seats - Full Sound system install with twin slimline 12" subs mounted behind the front seats - Larger injectors - F6 front bumper and that is about it.. So that's about it for now, I look forward to posting with updates and photos of my car as soon as possible, thanks for reading, Chris.
  22. hi, well I have bought a new HOLSET HX50 Pro Series 700hp Turbo with GARRETT T04 rear housing with a T4 flange, my problem is that the EX/Manifold is a T3 flange and I dont want to replace it with an aftermarket MF so if you guys have any idea how I can keep the stock manifold but get the new turbo on and also get wastegate onto the setup somehow to AND a custom dump pipe that will suit both a 3.5" exhaust and the turbo.. lol any ideas/pics of your own setups would be GREAT! thanks guys. oan
  23. Hidden Valley 2012

    Hey All, Is anyone from the forum planning on heading up to Darwin for the Skycity Triple Crown? I know a convoy of Ford fans do follow them up, but just wondering if anyone from here is coming up, would be good to meet fellow XR6Turbo.com forum members.
  25. Dynamat

    Hey guys.. Just a quickie.....Is it worth the money Dynamating the front doors in a BF Ute. I do have a set of MB Quartz splits with a 10" sub in the back tray. I've heard people say it makes a huge difference. What is this difference they're refering to.

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