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  1. Hey guys. I'm having harmonic driveline vibrations in my '07 Manual typhoon. But first a run down on the history of the car. Bought in 2011 with only 17 000 ks, and had stuffed diff bushes from the get go, that was fixed firstly by ford. They lasted about 5000ks and were pooched. The next diff bush endeavour was done at an independent shop and all three bushes were replaced with nolathane polyurathane (or however you spell that) bushes. Now.. this uncovered the first vibration! turns out the tailshaft was out of balance quite badly, and wasn't noticed previously due to the bushes soaking up all the vibration, and was noticed after due to the solid bushes.. (also explains why I went through the factory bushes so quickly!) So that was fixed and my car was the best its ever been. After about 10000 ks of worry free motoring I went chasing horsepower. Some blingy bits, some supporting mods, a clutch and a trip to Monsta Torque and my F6 was comfortably producing 384rwkw. At this stage I started to have wheel hop issues. A few really bad 1st gear axle tramp launches at the drags and I figured something wasn't right, shortly after that I snapped a halfshaft.. Due to being recently back from an overseas working holiday and en-employed I just chucked a high k's second hand half shaft in it so I could drive it again. whilst doing this I noticed the the diff bush housing on the k frame was tearing!! MY POOR BABY! Also noticed was the beginning of this latest vibration that I'm having. I was convinced it was something to do with the rooted cradle, or a sh*tty CV from the high k's half shaft, or the other halfshaft about to let go as well. So after getting some money together again I forked out and went silly. Coilovers all round, swaybars front and rear, IMS twin bush diff hat and a matched pair of low k's halfshafts. All done in the back shed by yours truly. I thought for sure this will solve my wheel hop and vibration problems for sure! AND IT DID! solve the wheelhop issue... but not the vibration! I was convinced it has to be tailshaft as everything else has been changed! (diff was inspected and was fine). But then when I was driving it today I noticed something. you see before hand, I thought the vibration was totally linear with ground speed, MOST prominent with downshifting, engine breaking and seemingly consistent around 100-120kph. But TODAY I noticed around 110 in 5th gear the vibration is quite loud/prominent, but shift to 4th or 6th with the same load and it almost disappears... So now I'm thinking I have a on-its-way-out T56 that's causing the suspected vibration.. Thoughts? Sorry about the Novel just trying to supply as much info as I can, I appreciate any input or suggestions! P.S If anyone's been thinking of doing the IMS diff hat, DO IT, its so worth it. Cheers.
  2. hello all. ive recently noticed my zf6 transmission from my bf mk1 turbo knocking/rattling when put into reverse. not sure what problem this is, the car is warmed up pretty well however it is cold outside still but doubt this comes into play. anyone know what it could be? cheers
  3. hey guys, I own a 06 turbo bf mk1 sedan, and have recently noticed some strange noises. when the car is warming up, a rattling can be heard and its audible when sitting inside the car, however a tick happens in the engine bay and said noise pretty much disappears. I also discovered now a rattling noise when chucking my transmission into reverse. any suggestions what these could be? cheers
  4. Hi all, Am a full newbie to the fordxr6turbo forum, or any forum for that matter, and just thought I'd share my experience in converting my BA mk2 XT wagon into a turbo/manual/lLSD equipped weapon. Got a bit fed up with how much choice Expensive Daewoo fan's have when it comes to a quick wagon and was always pretty cut about ford never making a BA or BF (or even FG) wagon that had some poke. Massive missed opportunity. Anyway, I got a bit of inspo from looking at other members conversions on this forum where they'd converted their taxi's into turbo WMD's and thought I'd give it a red hot crack. So I got excited one night after a couple of bevvy's and found myself as being the proud owner of a beaten up xr6 turbo ute. 5 months later and I can finally say the conversion is complete and the wagon is running sweet as a nut. Completely stock in every way apart from a cold air snorkel from an FPV typhoon and a Turbosmart BOV and Turbosmart Wastegate Actuator. Have no idea what power it's putting out but it's enough for me at the mo. Am looking to get a tune done at some stage in the future but the bank account won't allow that for a while so I'll just keep it as-is for now. I got some gangstaaaaaaaaa wheels for it too and reckon they set the thing off perfectly. Will post again soon to cover off on the issues I ran into along the way. The reason I joined is to share what I came across during the conversion process cause I ran into heaps of conflicting advice from this forum and others and just thought I'd help clear things up where I could.
  5. Hi, I'm looking at exhaust options for my currently all stock xr6T BF MKII. I want it to be a little louder but am mainly after a nicer exhaust note and the ability to allow for higher flow if I choose to do some performance mods (I'm not going after any crazy kw numbers and am happy to keep it at stock or near stock power for the moment). I'm also deciding between catback or turboback options and price isn't too much of a concern but obviously if I can save a couple of bucks that'd be nice. I've seen brands like xforce, venom and a couple of others and was hoping you guys can share your personal experiences. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I recently bought my first BF mk2 XR6t and I'm having issues with the manul transmission not going into gear easily at cold start. I'm just wondering what gearbox oil do you guys recommend using. I've done some research and found the Penrite 70w-75 seems to be a popular one instore but also noticed that Ford recommends Dexron iii. I'm kind of confused as the Dexron iii seems to be for automatic transmissions, am I missing something or is the oil compatible with both manual and auto? Cheers for the help.
  7. hey guys theres been alot of talk on the bf xr6t im hearing lots of different things about it, people saying they have the same internals/engine as the bf typhoon, if true is it from 2006 upwards or 2007? and is there any difference mechanicals wise between the bf mk2 or mk1? thanks
  8. I’ve found a welded diff from a BF XR6 6 speed auto, and I’m wondering if it will go into my Manual BA?
  9. Hi there, I have a 2006 BF XR6 Falcon. All of a sudden my cluster and park lights stopped working.. My indicators, low/high beam and break lights work fine, pulled all fuses and checked them and all was good? Also I seen some other forums about this issue and seen that the combination switch are a common issue, so I checked that and didnt see any stripped/cut wires on the sharp turn of the green clip that pushes into the socket above the ignition and down the rest of the wires? Quite stumped tbh...Does anyone know what or if theres a fuse for the parking lights? Found the cluster fuse too but that was fine. Cheers & thanks Levi
  10. I have a 2007 XR6 BF MK2 Ford Falcon and I want to change the colour of the dash from blue to green, same with the headunit. Is either possible and if so are there any tutorials, tips or where to get the LED's to do so. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys does anyone have any idea how to pop the hood on a 2006 bf xr6 the hood release cable has snapped completely clean the cable including the little ball on the end of the cable have ripped out I've tried everything thanks
  12. I have a BF XR6 and the motor is in very bad shape. I have a greenhead gas Barra that I pulled out of a BF, if I ran that on petrol, would it be slower?? Or faster??? I know the gas Barra has higher compression but with the more heavy duty rods will my power output be less? And no I can’t turbo it because I’m on my Ps lol.
  13. What’s needed to change rocker cover on an na ba to the fg one? I’m told I’ll have to change either coils to fg ones or use something to keep the coils down from poping off while under load with the stock ba/bf coils and I’ll need to change the manifold? Thanks in advance
  14. I'm looking at getting a xr6 turbo, preferably 06 and upwards but still the ba/bf body, I want to get 500-550hp to the wheels but I dont know about a couple things and hope some of you know and can help me, 1. I've heard the bf 06 and onwards blocks are the typhoon blocks and are the stronger ones and are better to use? 2. Is the bf or fg engine better? Is the head different on the fg or what are the differences between the bf and fg block and head. 3. Can you put a t5 manual trans on a fg turbo engine? Then put that in the ba/bf body. 4. Any recommendations for the following parts? - forged pistons and rods to handle 800hp+ Valves and valve springs -what bottom end stuff like bearings ect would suit this kind of power? - could a fg head go onto the bf "typhoon block? Much appreciate any advice or comments that can answer these questions!!
  15. Can you still buy these for bf? Thanks.
  16. Hi, Does anyone know if side skirts from a 2006 BF Falcon XT sedan fit on a 2004 XR6 BA MKII sedan? Thanks in advance, Nick
  17. BA ICC Unit issue, Stereo dropped out and aircon whilst driving and won't turn on or work when manually try to turn on ICC,blank screen and still no fan or aircon.... Things to check or anything suggested to rectify the problem?
  18. Hi all dont crucify me if its already been asked but im having issues and im stumped as to why . 2007 xr6 turbo manual bf ive recently changed water pump , done new hoses ,changed temp sensor ,thermostat and changed and flushed cooolant 2 times now . And today I even went out of my way to let the car run with the filler bottle cap off and long story short the car runs considered normal temps when the cap is off (just above quarter) and every so often spikes up and does the usual thermo fans kick in cools it down then back to normal thermo fans shut off . But when the filler cap is then placed back on the filler bottle temps spike after maybe 2-3 mins thermo fans kick in and its an endless battle to run car colder and the thermo fans never turn off as its running "hot" never gets to half way but its not normal for this car . I have no clue as to why and how its doing it any advice/help greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi I know the whole 'mail order tune' idea is frowned upon mostly but I'm not looking to gain heaps nor continue to pursue power, but if anyone has a 10psi tune for a stock ba xr6T that that goes on a SCT X3 they could share I'd be really greatful! Thanks guys/girls
  20. Hey guys, So just bought a set of king springs for my BF MK2 XR6 and realised that I've accidentally ordered BF MK1 springs. On king spring's catalogue they say theres a difference in the seat or something but I've read else where that there's 2 positions on it so it might work. I was wondering if someone could shine some light on this? I've messaged the ebay guy asking for a swap but if these working for mine then it'll save me a lot of effort. These are the springs I bought: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-FALCON-BA-BF-XR6-SEDAN-2002-6-2007-SUPER-LOW-50mm-F-R-LOWERED-SPRINGS-/331989619360 Thanks
  21. Decided to do a build thread so I have all my mods documented in one place. BF2 - 2007 - #0166 - Lightning Strike Silver - Manual - 80,000km - Fully optioned - Est 350rwkw (getting tuned this week) I bought this ute in January 2013. I found it on carsales, it was up in North Sydney.The guy I bought it from was the original owner and still had all the original documents and receipts from Ford which was nice. I did see a total figure of $67,000 when he bought it new. Geeez. lot of money for a ute. I payed 22k for it. It was in really good condition cosmetically. 64,000km on the clock. Completely bone stock. Exactly what I wanted. The only issue it had was the hard lid didn't really fit properly which I came to learn was a problem with the factory lids. I ended up fixing it thought --> http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/89197-babf-factory-hardlid-fitment-issues-my-solution/ The turbo gave up the ghost after a few months of abuse but this was due to lack of maintenance by the previous owner and the standard oil feed line blocking. I replaced the core, installed an earls feed line with filter & also changed the exhaust housing while it was out to a modified one (ported, wastegate flap) I've been collecting mods over the past year or so. As tempting as it was to go get some injectors, a cat and a tune, I patiently waited as I decided early on the power figure I ultimately wanted, do it right the first time. I had a bad bike accident a few months back so while I'm not able to ride, I decided to just buy the remaining mods I need and get the car going like I always wanted. 1. I did my own battery relocation early on in the piece in preparation for a turbo side intake. Was pretty cheap to do. I mounted a battery box to the floor behind the drivers seat. Ran the +positive cable under the right side trim/scuff guards and up through the firewall where the clutch master is. This was an easy mod. 2. Decided to get a HID conversion kit. Just a cheap flebay one but it does the job and came with 2 years warranty. Not a bad kit considering the price. My last car had zenons, they are leaps and bounds ahead of the standard H4's Right side ballast & controller. Mounted to the battery tray. May as well use it for something. Left side ballast. Standard airbox wont be going back in. They are hectic bright. Need to point them down slightly (ask pixy angel) 3. Brakes. Still rocking the original rotors and the fronts are pretty farked. Replaced with a set of DBA T3 Clubspec slotted rotors. Brembo Pads had been replaced by the previous owner just before I bought the car so I resurfaced them and re installed.
  22. Hi Guys, As the title states I'm hoping someone on here can answer a few questions about the conversion I'm about to undertake on my BF wagon. I've already purchased a wrecked BF turbo 6speed manual ute from the auctions to donate engine, diff and other bits and pieces into the goon, note I still want to retain the btr not the manual tranny. The main problem I've got is what PCM can I use in the goon? I talked to the tuner I'll be taking it to after the conversion is finished and he told me to use the turbo computer as it obviously has the ability to control the wastegate, and I also noticed 2 relays in the fusebox for controlling thermo's rather than the single relay in the goon. I've emailed someone regarding flashing the ute pcm to hopefully control the btr but apparently can't be done. So I asked if I could use the PCM out of a 6speed auto, which apparently the answer is no as well. Which leads me to thinking I have to use the PCM out of a BA, but from what I understand the BA only uses 1 knock sensor instead of 2 in the BF (possibly other features different as well) So am I better to use the BA PCM, or use the current NA PCM in the goon with aftermarket boost control or something else? If the BA PCM is the way to go will it be able to be succesfully coded to the bf bcm/icc? Hope this all makes sense, just want to get this all sorted before I start pulling the goon apart as its my work car. TIA, Dean
  23. Anyone know why my bf xr6t is making a clunking/clicking/tapping noise, its coming from the front left I think!? I took the wheel off and I think I checked all the bushes and they seemed fine but im nomechanic, only one I was abit worried about was the ball joint bush, it wasnt split just looked like wornish? I also attempted to check the ball joint and no noises by shaking the wheel.. I didnt jack up both sides though if that effects it? It was really dry though when I unbolted the upper control arm. And its also worse when theres passengers in the car and when turning left, I was thinking power steering because if im turning the wheel left to right while idling you can hear a click but no leaks or no fluid loss. Any help would be much appreciated before I take it to a mechanics and get absolutely raunted.
  24. BUYING! Looking for a BF NA XR6 in Obsession OR Fantasy OR Breeze! Car must have under 100k on the clock and ZF 6 speed auto and Premuim sound. If you know anyone that has or is selling one PLEASE let me know because I will pay good money for one!
  25. I have noticed that there is significant differences in ignition timing between a standard 2007 F6 BF and a standard 2009 F6 FG. The load scales are different, but the FG igntion table is quite a bit more advanced in most areas of the table. Given that the FG F6 runs slightly higher boost than the BF F6, I would have thought that if anything the F6 FG would have had less ignition advance than the BF. It looks to me like the the F6 FG assumes a higher octane rating in the borderline knock table (ie 98RON fuel), will pull the timing back through knock retard if 91RON or 95RON is used and will recover the timing back to the borderline knock table if 98RON is used afterwards. Is there is a difference between the F6 BF & F6 FG engines that allows this timing increase while still keeping a conservative timing table? Or is the F6 FG ignition tables just optimised to take better advantage of 98RON than the F6 BF?
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