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Found 14 results

  1. hey guys, I own a 06 turbo bf mk1 sedan, and have recently noticed some strange noises. when the car is warming up, a rattling can be heard and its audible when sitting inside the car, however a tick happens in the engine bay and said noise pretty much disappears. I also discovered now a rattling noise when chucking my transmission into reverse. any suggestions what these could be? cheers
  2. hey guys, was just wanting to ask if its risky to push more power out of my 06 bf mk1? im running 16psi on stock turbo w a flapper mod pushing 460 hp, around 217k kms on engine, but have wanting to upgrade the turbo to potentially a pulsar gtx and get an external waste gate. with the upgrades I was aiming for at least the 500 hp mark and maybe 17 or 18 psi to achieve that. is there a risk to any of this as I know mk1 have weaker internals e.g rods. if anyone can give some insight I would appreciate it. cheers :)
  3. hello I have a manual 2012 xr6t ute with 600hp stock timing chain keeps jumping a tooth when giving it a hard time so I upgraded and got the atomic timing chain kit with crank sprocket 3 days later it jumped a tooth again I have been lucky so far with no damage to the engine as far as I know but is wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how to fix talked to atomic about they suggested up the rpm limiter from 6200rpm to 6500rpm and put a softer limiter on but the closest tuner is 7 hours away as I live in a small town and I want to try all options before doing that
  4. Hi All, First time forum user and first time poster. Just thought I would share with you my pride and joy l. Her name is Pretty Penny and she is a 98 series 1 Nissan GU Patrol with a fully rebuilt 10/06 bf mk2 xr6 turbo engine. I do not really know much about these engines and had never even been in an xr6turbo before I was purchasing the engine. It wasnt till the guy I bought the engine off took me for a drive in his stock vehicle so I can see that the motor was ok before purchasing... Anyway looking forward to learning alot more about these engines as I am attempting to push the boundaries with what I can do with this beast of a rig. So far I have toured through the victorian high country on numerous occasions and have even jumped on the spirit of tassie and tackled the wild west coast of tasmania in easter whilst avoiding the bitumen for the entirety of the trip. I had a lot of 4wd people tell me diesel is the way to go for a 4wd but for those ignarnt enough to think this I beg the to jump in a barra powered patrol and tell me whether they still think that. The problem I have though is this. Given I dont know much about them I am hoping to hear from you lot on what you think my engine should safely produce to the wheels (stock 31s) with the mods I have done. Forged carillo pistons Argo rod Billet oil pump gears Valve springs Atomic chain kit 1000cc injectors Crow cams Standard bf turbo (not sure what hp they are rated too) Turbo flapper mod Standard new wastegate with upgraded spring (no idea what it is) Front mount intercooler Airbox Tune (remap) 460 in tank walbro There may be a few more mods I have mised but its also paired up to a fully rebuilt fully manualised RE4 Auto rated to 1000hp which is paired up to a bm stealth pro ratchet shifter.... Can anyone advise to me what power they think I am capable of pulling to the wheels in (rwkw) on 98 pump fuel and what they think I can pull on e85 if I went flex fuel... Also not looking at upgrading turbo so what power to the wheels should my turbo be able to produce and will my engine and 98 pump fuel cope/acheive it ? Thanks in advance
  5. I've got a ba xr6 turbo and aiming for 700rwhp+, so far engine is down to bare block and have had head work done. Pretty much wanting to know what engine parts are good and what to use, what brands, parts etc. Wanting to run a high mount turbo manifold, what turbo would be a good size, gt42 etc? Engine will most likely run a built 2 speed powerglide behind it. Will be run on e85 so what fuel system will be good to support it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hey guys, My engine has started leaking coolant externally out of the head gasket on the exhaust side. I'm thinking it's a good idea to fix this before it get too much worse. My question is: After removing the gearbox, fans and radiator etc, can the engine be lifted straight out the top or are there clearance issues requiring a balance bar etc? Thanks
  7. Hi I had my car up on the hoist today having a bit of an inspection and noticed oil leaking from in-between the block and the head (see attached photo) just wondering should this be a concern as car only has 23,000km and is a 2012 model also would it be warrantable through ford
  8. blew a piston in my 6th cylinder, buying a new bottom end motor, and getting the top end rebuilt. wanting more power out of the car, so whilst its all apart just need few ideas of performance mods I can do. e.g cams, pistons, etc
  9. Hey guys, Im in a little bit of a dilemma here.. noone seems to give me the right info. Cut along story short, I blew my motor a year and a half ago on the dyno and now Im at the stage of selling the car I found out the new motor installed by my tuner doesnt have an engine number?? I assumed when you get a new engine a number comes with it?? The tuner purchased the BFF6 motor from ford. Now ive been told from the RTA after spending an hour on the phone that in order to get the engine number I need a full blue slip and then it literally needs to go to the pits for a full inspection. Is this right?? All work done to this car has been done by a reputable tuner with 380rwkw but I know what the pits are like... In other words... Im fuked!!! The tuner is telling me I only need to go to the police station and go through them?? Is there anyone else that can give me advise that has been in the same situation?? Thanks.
  10. Hey guys.. Started a couple weeks ago, If I put my foot down in any gear and boost it, I.e. from the lights in first gear to 4000rpm, then back off or change to second and keep going, either way soon as I back off, the engine shudders and revs fluctuate quite a bit, the engine almost stalls > I've cleaned out throttle body > air intakes > plugs are still good > always run 98 > let the engine warm up before pushing it > my mechanic gave the car a look over after changing the rear diff bush and said car looks good Any ideas? Anyone have experienced similar issues? Cheers
  11. I posted a similar topic below, and the consensus was that the severe engine stutter that I am getting under load was due to a coil problem. So I replaced all the coils and plugs with genuine Ford parts, but the problem is still there. My car is an unmodified 2006 BF XR6T with 100,000 on the clock. Where to now? Thanks John.
  12. What could the noise be? I bought the car around 4 weeks ago at Manheim Auctions Moorebank, it's an ex cop car and I noticed the engine noise around 3 weeks ago, it only comes on after driving the car hard and/or the engine is hot. I've been driving the car with the noise for a while now as it's the only transport I have http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TzrPhSkQe84 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9arE8KdsXno
  13. Hey guys, Just wanted to get some advice. Just recently my car has started breathing heavier then usual. My Mods are; Billet to4z turbo with std rear housing and .85 front 650cc Injectors Plazmaman intercooler w/ throttle body relocation kit (3" cold side 2.5" hot side) Surge tank with external 044 fuel pump External wastegate w/ screamer pipe 4" dump with 3.5" exhaust and high flow cat Cushion button clutch and t56 gearbox Atomic Valve Springs Basic oil catchcan for the rear breather Car is making a safe and reliable 335kw atw. Now tuner has said I can go more but I dont want to break the engine ( its not a BA engine, its a NA one I believe but not risking anything until I know for sure what the hell is in the bottom end) All I know is ive had this thing on the limiter and stretched the redline point to 6500 and still goes hard everyday without missing a beat. Its always had a breathing issue and little amount of oil coming out. When I idled it the other day it was still running fine no issues but breathing 2x heavier then usual but same amount of oil maybe a smidge more. Can anyone shed some light on this please? or let me know exactly whats going whether my oil rings are on the way out of if they know of people with the same issue and no dramas? would just prefer some more detail info? I had a seperate tuner look at it when it was making 285rwkw and he just said engine is gone its going to blow dont bother wasting your time etc, but im now at 335rwkw and no dramas..... yet (touchwood). thanks
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a BF MK II XR6 Turbo that has been sitting in a Ford dealers yard in Melbourne for a year. The turbo blew causing the engine to go and it was 100 km under the extended warranty km limit. Because the last service was done interstate and they didn't stamp the book, the dealer has refused to fix it under warranty and as I have cancer I cant afford to pay the $7000 they want to charge me to fix it. Today they told me they will buy it for $3000 or they will report it to the police as a dumped car and have it removed. I cant afford to take them to VCAT to try to have this resolved and my illness makes me unfit to fight it out with them either. This car was my pride and joy I saved a long time to buy it from a dealer I has used many times before over the years and as much as I am mad as hell that they wont fix it, I need to get it repaired as I may have to sell it to pay for my next round of cancer treatment. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might resolve this or any ideas on how I could get it running again for less than the $7000 they are quoting me. I hate the thought of having to sell my beloved car but I may have no choice and selling it running is obviously going to be a better option. Thanks in advance for your help.Oh and I have been a member for a long time but I cant remember my user details so I just used my Facebook to get in here to ask. My 2 girls told me to get on here and ask, thank god for teens and Facebook I say lol. Thank you for any ideas you have to help me sort this out.
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