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Found 21 results

  1. G'day everyone, I have a ba xr6t and the poor bugger has over 260,000 kms I bought her at the end of last year knowing full well of the excessive kms. Unfortunately I have started to appreciate it more and more and want to keep and potentially put some more power through her. The question is. Is. It. Worth. It. I dont wanna pour my soul and more importantly my wallet into her if its just not gunna be worth it. I can do most of the work myself minus tuning and similar. Please let me know your opinions and experiences and I welcome sh*t talk haha.
  2. Looking to get a catback system that sounds good but isn't too loud, any suggestions? Preferably fit within the 90 decibel limit. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello I currently have rebuild my BTR trans for my turbo eb and running it with deleted s3 and s4 solenoids , but im having trouble finding some good info on modifying the BAR circuit as I understand from my drawings the bar spring is located behind the S4 solenoid? 1) do people just shim the spring and by how much to get increased pressure has any got some good pictures of the BAR mod 2) when I select low manually with shifter I get a slight hydraulic buzzing noise if I go out of low and back in its ok is this a oil supply issue to solenoid Cheers
  4. Hi guy first time car owner was just after suggestions on mods I can add to my 2014 fg falcon xr6. Now bare with me as I’m slowly but surely get a lil car savy lol but any advice would be great PS I see in other forums something called a CAT so anything like that if u could put it in lamen terms that would be great cheers in advance
  5. This may need to go to the modification & workshop section. sorry. Hi everyone. First post but I've been a long time lurker. I'm a proud owner of a MKI BF XR6 turbo and am planning a few budget mods. I welcome a few hard opinions and ideas from you guys to see if I'm close to the right track and I've got a few questions too. The car is going to be kept fairly sleeper by the looks of it. First a bit about the car. 144,000km, Second owner and was owned by a middle aged couple with kids. The guys wife mainly drove the car and I'd be surprised if it's ever popped a skid. the car has a build date of 29 may (05/06) so there is a chance it has the upgraded bottom end after the 06/06 turbos. It doesn't really make a difference for my situation anyway. I've got new genuine spark plugs and coils and an earls oil line for the turbo. transmission and diff are serviced. Anyway I've priced the total build to about $2700-$3000 and this should hopefully net me around 280-310ish RWKW which is my goal... we'll see. Parts include Exhaust: $180 4inch 100cell Venom catalytic converter - welded in place of the stock. Option to straight pipe middle muffler either from a shop or $250 venom bolt on from ebay. The catalytic converter should be enough on it's own but that cat with straight pipes would be pretty nice. Standard dump. Induction: K&N panel filter, XR8 snorkel $80 from eBay and a second pipe from the bottom of the airbox that I'll make myself. eBay intercooler $150-$180... I know I know they are pretty rubbish and I'll get heat soak pretty quickly but worst case I'll upgrade it later on and I've lost $150 and a touch up tune, not the end of the world. I'm tempted to keep the stock one but it's seen better days. Stage 1 tune offered by a few tuners $2300 and includes 1000cc injectors, spark plug gap, cooler thermostat, custom tune and a few other things) So that's about $2700-$3000. And then maybe: Fuel pump - Walbro 255 for $160 valve springs $850 - although they are upgraded from the BA motor the car has done a few km's I'm thinking of doing this a bit later on. Plazmaman stage 2 intercooler for $1400 with under battery intake All in all these modifications are there to supplement the stage one, I can't justify spending a quoted "$7500" for a stage 2 on a car that is worth around the same amount. I'd rather put that money towards a stock F6. If I can pull something decent from this I've successfully built a quick(er) 6 speed ZF falcon for around 10 grand. I'm in WA for now. Couple of questions So honest opinions... is it total crap? call me what you like but from all the research I've done this should get me close to 280-310rwkw. I know a lot of people will say do it right or not at all but I'd rather pick up the tools, take a challenge and do it on the cheap with a few small compromises. Would I get away with not doing the valve springs at least for now? I've been told a 5 inch cat would be better but I figure without doing more exhaust work there's no point, this should give a decent improvement over stock. I can get a 5 inch bolt on for $650 Are there better inexpensive intercooler options? Any ideas or experience. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hey lads So tax time is has arrived! :D and I'm very bored with stock power! So I'm getting a X-force 4inch dump and high flow cats put on for $1500 and straight after I'll be getting it tuned. Prices for a SCT flash tune Xcal4 or X4 I'm not to sure of the name of it was $2200 with 3 custom tunes, he was also saying another option was a direct file remap for $1650 but I've been told they're sh*t so wont be doing that. Also I can get a boost controller high revs comp for $1100 but is that worth getting??? I'm pretty sure he was saying that option adds so I can change the preset tune on the fly instead of having to stop and I <3 Bananas around to change presets. The quotes were from RPM dyno and performance in Morayfield, Brisbane. Has anyone had any dealing with these guys??? or can recommend anyone better??? his sales pitch was that he does a full custom tune that takes two days. Also if I have enough cash I would like to get injectors which he priced at $1000 for 1000cc injectors. Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers
  7. Hi All second post so newbie to the max and ford true blue! I bought an ex cop FGX and want to do some minor mods any tips to get the most out of my new prize beast?
  8. Hey guys, So about two months ago I bought a BA XR6 N/A, I'm loving it for a first car but I just want a couple extra KWs. All I want to know is what would be the most effective way to get a touch extra out of it without spending all my cash ( I don't want to spend over $3500 though I could go to $5000). I've heard that just a new air filter and a good tune up can give me 10 to 20 extra kilowatts. Is there anything to back this up or is this just someone talking out their arse? I understand that a new exhaust could add a bit but I hate the noise, I like my car to look and sound good. Are there any exhaust systems out there that wont change the sound to poorly? You know, I don't want a straight six that sounds like an 8 with a hole in the muffler. So yeah recommend me some good mods that will add a bit without emptying my wallet.
  9. Hi guys I have a 2009 FG XR6T (manual) I have done some mods to it as listed below and get 300rwkw atm. But I am not satisfied with the tune....it runs ok but smokes a bit and sometimes even pings on uphill 3rd gear in high revs. I want to find a genuine good tuning place where the guys do a good job and know what they are doing. Currently: I have full turbo back 4inch exhaust, upgraded valve springs, bigger injectors, and a tune. Boosts upto 15PSI. PS I do not have a flash tuner atm they just tuned it on the same ECU. All I want to do is upgrade the intercooler and SS intake piping and get a nice tune done so that its running nicely without troubles. I am not chasing a huge power figure just want it to be reliable & running well enough to be my daily drive as well as fun mobile for them hill runs. Please let me know where is a good genuine place for such things. I am located around Ringwood side but don't mind driving to a god place. Thanks
  10. Hi team, Did a bit of a search to find a comprehensive list of the limits to the different parts on the B series XR6T's, nothing came up. There is a sticky on the FG's but they are a different beast. I guess all the info is here on this site individually, but a nice list would be handy. If we could group source the info and sticky it, might help newbies like myself. Been a Fordmods member for a long time, but they don't seem to have as much knowledge in their userbase on the factory turbo sixes as on here. If we could list the parts, and fill in the blanks about what is reliably accepted from the following components: Factory Injectors: I've been told 10psi will push them to their safest limit. Factory Fuel pump: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. Factory dump pipe: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. Factory Cat: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. Factory exhaust: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. Factory wastegate actuator: good for ??? psi, anything more requires upgrade. Factory Wastegate flapper: good for ??? psi, anything more requires upgrade. Factory intercooler: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. Factory piping: good for ??? psi, anything more requires upgrade. Factory valve springs: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. Factory Throttle Body: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. Factory Tubocharger: good for ??? rwkw, anything more requires upgrade. etc etc. That way those newer to the ways of the XR6T can look up what parts are likely to restrict first, and plan an upgrade path, rather than just go about slapping bits on, without the right supporting mods. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Hey Guys, - just interested in all your experiences / comments on the following: I have a 2013 mk2 FG XR6 TURBO UTE with Luxury Pack (Black of course ) Didn't exactly have and cash to spare on it, so have done minimal mods. First thing I did was a Herrod performance airbox. Gain was minimal, most change in the noise. Next thing I did was remove the restrictive ring after the cat. Again minimal gain, no difference in noise. Decided to go for a flash tune, even through I was sure I would never do it until I ran out of warranty - I ended up getting a generic tune from Intune Motorsports in Sydney sent down to me preloaded into a device paired to my car. After the 14psi tune was loaded up successfully, car is much better. Has heaps more power down low speeds - at 0-100 especially. This tune also removes the pop on change (its a ZF), which I did like, however it now lurches fwd on change instead of pausing, so this is a plus for pace. (Also great for power skids, as on a cold morning, you can nail it, wheel spin through first, which is intensified on the change and this goes for a good amount of time through second... just something about hanging it out in a straight line without the brakes.. Once I get up to midway through 3rd... full throttle, it sounds quite rough... still a consistent motor note, just a vibrating kinda roughness through the whole car - I have no idea wha is causing this?? Perhaps running out of injectors? - I know custom tune is the way to go but I wont be doing that for quite some time. Has anyone else experienced this?? On the exhaust, I hate loud cars when just cruising around, so haven't touched it yet... I might do the cat one day... just hafta see.... because Utes sound crap stock... the sedans are way better... guess its just the shorter/single pipe?...but its a no comparison. In the way of drags... main story is with my mates BF XR6 TURBO SEDAN... has full exhaust, injectors, custom tune etc... 297rwkw.... I gave him a good run.... pulled ahead off the mark... and continued to crawl slowly away the whole way to 180kmph - on a private strip. So not too sure what mine would have... maybe around 300?... seems weird, as dyno's all vary, but I dont think mine has a less as 250rwk... which some people claim are the figures after just a flash tune and intake. Glad of all your comments / ideas for what I should do! O and also I have 4 pot brembo's being fitted at the moment... needing to use 17mm spacers to clear the 19 inch luxury wheels. Cheers.
  12. Hey guys, the name is Sam I just stumbled across this forum and thought, what a great place to get advice, I'm don't know too much about cars due to being new to the car scene. I just turned 18 two days ago, I own a 2003 BA xr6, everything is stock currently. I have been driving this xr6 since I first started on my L plates, I know the car fairly well. However I'd like more power. I am starting to look at exhausts and extractors.. Is there any other things I could do to look at some decent power increases? Please include brands that you would recommend. Please no comments like "if you want power get an xr6 turbo" or "just wait for yours full license"... It's my money and I'd like to spend it on what makes me happy Cheers. - Sam PS. attaching a photo of my Baby
  13. Hey fellas bought a fg f6 2011 model beautiful car wanna get some mods going trying to hit around 350kw's from what ive seen around here mods vary with every one taking different routes so kinda hard to get a idea of what to do first budget is only about 3-4k. I was thinking full x force exhaust they recommended 3.5 inch instead of 4 inch Injectors 1000cc Cai tune the standard cooler will be alright for this power level ??
  14. blew a piston in my 6th cylinder, buying a new bottom end motor, and getting the top end rebuilt. wanting more power out of the car, so whilst its all apart just need few ideas of performance mods I can do. e.g cams, pistons, etc
  15. Hi, I am looking to buy a S/S exhaust system for my turbo sedan auto, I have looked at the exhaust from Best Mufflers which are selling the XForce system, I have searched on the site and read information, I'm not interested in straight through pipes. The trouble is neither company will tell me which brand of mufflers and cat they are using and it's making me very suspecious on the price. They look good but I don't know if they are any good. Are there people out there with these exhaust systems? If you could help me it would be great. Thanks Michael 2.bmp
  16. Hi Ive just got a stock 2010 fg xr6 turbo now I wanna mod it. Its only done 47xxx Kms what should I do and what brands should I get please help thanks. .Flash tune .injectors .fuel pump .exhuast .intercooler .vavle springs
  17. Any idea for the cheapest way to make 300rw killerwasps on a 2010 FG xr6 turbo? First mod would be ebay wog cooler for $300 :D, the rest.......
  18. Seen this question posted on the internet and made me think what I myself would actually do What would you modify on your car if you could only do 1 thing? Would it be wheels? Suspension? An exhaust or something else? But remember, only one! I reckon I would go with suspension for a better overall drive. Can make a crap drive a good one if it's comfortable, and a crap suspension setup can make a good drive quite simply, sh*t IMO. Post up what you would do but of course lol..limit to one mod haha
  19. Hey all, Had a good read over this forum, found some very good info! Especially liked the 'Mods to Power Comparison' and 'Modding your FG XR6T' threads. But when it comes to fuel consumption/modification advice, I've read too many conflicting arguments on the web, so I've come here for your advise! Looking to purchase a FG 2010 XR6T, would love it to sit between 250-300rwkw, but I don't want to be paying through the nose for fuel! If anyone could comment on how each modification (from knowledge or experience) affects fuel consumption, that would be greatly appreciated, especially in concerns to the FG XR6T. Thanks in advance :-)
  20. Hi everyone, Sorry if I'm doubling up here, delete this post if necessary but just want to know peoples oppinions on tuning for my fg xr6 turbo. It's currently got a CAI and I've replaced the turbo intake muffler with 3" pipe and replaced the bosch bov for a turbosmart dual port BOV. Will it be more beneficial for me to get a proper dyno tune done or get a flash tune controller or what are good options? Its purely a road vehicle and I'm not really after shaving milliseconds off my quarter mile time but do like a bit of a punch when I drop the right foot. Also, and this is probably another topic but when its cold the revs surge around 200 - 400 rpm when you raise the revs a little bit. Idling it is steady but you can notice when you start driving aswell, the car surges a bit till it warms up. I read on here somewhere that a tune can fix this? It's been to ford for this problem but they took my money and gave the car back exactly the same :( Any input would be appreciated!
  21. hey everyone im fairly new to the forums and have owned my nitro blue fg xr6 auto for 2 months now and I love it ive just started thinking about mods.after reading the forums and doing a little work I think ive got a plan im planing to do all the mods at once after owning the car for about 7 months (first service + a month) to get the most out of the warranty, as ive done on all of my cars in the past, im gonna work on making it breath as best as possible keeping to lowsh boost levels, im goin to start buying some parts slowly maby install some if safe, so far im thinking 1000hp plazmaman intercooler kit ,battery relocate, turbo side air intake new bov ,f6 injectors,new fuel pump , valve springs cam regrind/new cams , new leads plugs and coils turbo manifold, turbo bag, 4 inch dump 4/5inch 100c cat 4 inch s/s system with 2 hiflow mufflers mods to the turbo to controll boost ,lower diff gears 19inch rims with good sticky rubber and depending on how it gets power to the ground maby the shocks and springs. aitkenvale dyno in townsville will be doing the job so its gonna be up to them in the end in terms with the cam and computer/tune diff gears I want it to come on as early as possible and sound awsome, budget for the engine work is about 10k (what im telling the misus) but is probly gonna be a bit more just my adding the mods listed in my head, but I plan to own this car for a long time so spending the extra 5gs to make it make the power with eaze seems to be the right thing to do, so what do u guys think of my parts list input would be great ill put a pic of the car up for u guys, standard and still sexy
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