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  1. Hi everyone, I currently own a G6eTurbo 2010 model with approximately 100,000 kms. I have done nothing to the car besides a rear muffler delete, besides this it is stock as a rock. The other week I was driving on an expressway travelling at about 100 kmh and then accelerated, not an overly hard acceleration but was overtaking someone so a reasonable push. As I put the power in the car lost power and flashed “Transmission fault” on the display. It put me into limp mode (3rd gear). I pulled over turned the car off and turned it back on and it appeared fine let me drive no
  2. I have a 2004 Ford territory. About 2 years ago it was immobilised and couldn't move it straight away as didn't have the money. So it sat through almost 3 months of really hot temperatures being summer. So any way on the day that we got a tow truck to pick her we noticed someone tried to hot wire her and obviously didn't succeed due to being immobilised. So in the fuse box there's a plug up the top and who ever ended up cutting the wires well we can't turn on the radio or the air conditioning which also needs to be repaired as it has a split and leaked green stuff. Does anyone have any idea of
  3. Hi there, I have a 2006 BF XR6 Falcon. All of a sudden my cluster and park lights stopped working.. My indicators, low/high beam and break lights work fine, pulled all fuses and checked them and all was good? Also I seen some other forums about this issue and seen that the combination switch are a common issue, so I checked that and didnt see any stripped/cut wires on the sharp turn of the green clip that pushes into the socket above the ignition and down the rest of the wires? Quite stumped tbh...Does anyone know what or if theres a fuse f
  4. My 07 turbo territory the 6 speed sports shift mode or tiptronic mode will not engage when push gearstick over to sports mode just stays in d does nothing
  5. Hey guys, I am looking to purchase a FG-X XR6T and want to spend a few thousand (including labour) on increasing power. Is this achievable? Will I need to travel to Sydney/Brisbane to reliably get mods installed and a decent tune? (Located Mid-North NSW). Or just stay local? $3-4000 would probably be my limit on spending. I want the car to be reliable and be fine dealing with my lead foot on a daily basis for years. 350kw is just a ballpark figure I would probably be happy with. I dont want to go crazy, I just want to get the most bang for buck.
  6. It’s not turbo. Not looking for a faster option just what will make the car sound better
  7. Hey guys, just a question, I am installing bluetooth module that goes behind fg icc unit. Howdo I enable it? I heard aboutforscan and downloaded the extended version but howcan I enable Bluetooth module? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. hello I have a manual 2012 xr6t ute with 600hp stock timing chain keeps jumping a tooth when giving it a hard time so I upgraded and got the atomic timing chain kit with crank sprocket 3 days later it jumped a tooth again I have been lucky so far with no damage to the engine as far as I know but is wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how to fix talked to atomic about they suggested up the rpm limiter from 6200rpm to 6500rpm and put a softer limiter on but the closest tuner is 7 hours away as I live in a small town and I want to try all options before doing that
  9. Hey guys does anyone have any idea how to pop the hood on a 2006 bf xr6 the hood release cable has snapped completely clean the cable including the little ball on the end of the cable have ripped out I've tried everything thanks
  10. I have a BF XR6 and the motor is in very bad shape. I have a greenhead gas Barra that I pulled out of a BF, if I ran that on petrol, would it be slower?? Or faster??? I know the gas Barra has higher compression but with the more heavy duty rods will my power output be less? And no I can’t turbo it because I’m on my Ps lol.
  11. Hi everyone, I’m Johnny. Just wonder where should I get my tuned FG XR6 Turbo ( ~ 300 rwkws) serviced? At a local Ford dealer or at a well-known tuning shop? I purchased the car a few months ago from a local private owner (its first owner) with 95000 kms on the odo. All modifications and tuning had been done by the previous owner when he first bought the car. He had it done at a wellknown independent local Ford tuning workshop and he kept servicing the car at this workshop every 5000 kms for more than 7 years. Ok now because I live a bit far away from that workshop, should I se
  12. Hi everyone sorry for my shocking spelling but am typing this off my phone. Hi everyone I have a 2003 Ford ba Futara wagon and I am in the process of turboing it anyways iv been seeing a lot of people slapping turbos on the na fords and thought to myself what a good idea. soniv done some research on the topic and watched countless amounts of videos on it and also hearing a lot of success story’s on all the forums, so I decided to give it ago as I have mechanical knowledge I decided to give it my best shot. I acquired all if not more than enough parts to get this w
  13. Hi there needing some knowledge and advice, I've got a 2003 ford ba xr6 turbo auto. I've owned it for around 2 and a half years now and it's always had problems, biggest one is when you put your foot down and hold boost for more than 3 or for seconds it starts to shudder really bad and go into like a limp or safety mode and wants to conk out, only way to stop it doing it is to feather the accelerator numerous times then goes back to normal. No engine lights come up or anything of that sort. I had the spark plugs and Coils changed when I first got it, changed the wastegate, that fixed it for a
  14. Hi guys, just done my first mod on my 2011 XR6 fg.I ( car was fully stock)... fitted a $650 combo pack from ss inductions including cold air intake and growler. Wondering what other affordable mods I can do apart from fitting a catback exhaust. Looking to increase sound, power, torque ect ( all that good stuff ) Just wanting some feedback on what the next mods I should do. Thanks everyone !
  15. Hey peeps! So I have a pretty bad vibration in my car. The rear diff bushes are f**ked... I wont have the money for a couple of months to fix it properly, so im just looking for a quick fix/ temp fix. Would using apoxy or something be alright for abit?
  16. Hi there needing some knowledge and advice, I've got a 2003 ford ba xr6 turbo auto. I've owned it for around 2 and a half years now and it's always had problems, biggest one is when you put your foot down and hold boost for more than 3 or for seconds it starts to shudder really bad and go into like a limp or safety mode and wants to conk out, only way to stop it doing it is to feather the accelerator numerous times then goes back to normal. No engine lights come up or anything of that sort. I had the spark plugs and Coils changed when I first got it, changed the wastegate, that fixed it for a
  17. Looking for something different, we are seeking the right person to join our team here at CMS, applicants must be fully qualified including having there own tools & drivers licence, Ford knowledge preferred but not essential, work will include general mechanical repairs & performance modification, All emails to be sent to sales@cmssydney.com.au moderators feel free to repost this add if not in the right section thanks joe also I have no idea how this was posted up as puffwagon??
  18. Hi All, Still being a newbie I just had a question to ask. Are the rear shocks as simple to change as I think they are. Is it basically just remove the tire to get it out of the way, basically a nut at the top of the shock and a nut at the bottom or something along those lines ?? Instead of paying a mechanic I wanna try it myself, mates have told me its piss easy, should be a good experience for me.
  19. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to this page and fairly new to fords. I bought my first ford, Ford XR6 FG Upgrade Limited Edition 2011 model, off of my mate beginning of this year. I recently started to hear a rattle noise from my car each time I accelerated when I was in town house area but wouldn't hear the noise much in an open freeway/motorway. The mechanic told me that the muffler has collapsed and that I need to change the muffler, now I'm not too smart on cars and how things work, I just wanted to ask, the muffler, is that held on by bolts (mechanic said so) or is that welded on? an
  20. Hi, I am looking to purchase an 03 N/A BA xr6, -5 speed manual -Black -Pacemaker extractors -Pod Filter -Slotted Rotors -FPV Rims and steering wheel -Herrod front grill -Twin tip exhaust -Is set up to run nos -Flash tuner with 3 tunes, one labelled as C&V Tune - GJA-240 I'm looking to see if anyone has any knowledge on the background of this car or what work has been done. Its too quick to have stock internals but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  21. Just wondering if anyone knows the torque specs for the tail shaft coupling/flex joint for a 2012 Falcon FG Xr6 Turbo Auto. Been searching on the forums and haven't been able to find any torque specs as of yet. If I can't find any I might just do it up to my own standard of bloody tight. I had a look for commodores and its 75-85 for one model but 115 for another, so I'm really unsure :/ any help is appeciated, cheers! Edit: 75-85nm or 115nm
  22. Hi Guys, Been a while since I've posted but loving the car so far, retune will happen mid-year hopefully but until then I'm trying to get it up to scratch in every other way. My front end is apart as I realised one of the factory hot pipes (rubber) has perished due to oil (see:little splits/cracks hardening etc.) so a guy locally had a full factory second hand set up on gumtree so I bought the lot. Sadly he recently lost his car due to mistaken identity (jerks). Gave me a lot of good info as his BF Turbo was in pristine condition. Now I have the entire fron
  23. Was wondering if anyone has any idea what this clicking sound could be? noticed it when my car was idling the other day while I was at a friends. Thanks IMG_0807.MOV
  24. hey guys welcome to my blog on the modifying of my 2008 FG falcon XT. this car was a recent purchase for me and is my first car. I have a lot on the list of things I would like to do, like swapping the XT interior for the better XR interior, lowering springs, tinting the windows and so fourth. I hope you will have fun following along with me on this story as I will be having working on it. if you have any suggestion or have ideas on how I could do things better feel free to comment. thanks!
  25. Hello I'm about to buy either a G6ET or XR6T in about 5 months time. Considering they're the same price, which one would you choose and WHY? Also, is the G6ET slower than the XR6T to 100km/hr because the lack of LSD? From what I have gathered on other sites, there is not much of a difference.. but the only difference is racing around a track and hanging 'better skids'. - PS, I don't intend on racing around a track or skidding, so would LSD really make that much of an impact in everyday driving? I would give it a go if a Expensive Daewoo SS/GTS or anything else tried to overtake me though. Tha
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