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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I currently own a G6eTurbo 2010 model with approximately 100,000 kms. I have done nothing to the car besides a rear muffler delete, besides this it is stock as a rock. The other week I was driving on an expressway travelling at about 100 kmh and then accelerated, not an overly hard acceleration but was overtaking someone so a reasonable push. As I put the power in the car lost power and flashed “Transmission fault” on the display. It put me into limp mode (3rd gear). I pulled over turned the car off and turned it back on and it appeared fine let me drive normally. I took the car into a mechanic and explained my problem but they said they couldn’t find any codes and they test drove the car which appeared fine to them. Since this I have tested the issue myself and found once the car hits operating temperature if I apply any hard acceleration after about 100 kmh the car immediately faults, limp mode, turn it off back on and it runs fine. I borrowed a reader and found the following code myself: DTC - P0735 - Transmission gear #5 incorrect ratio. DTC status: Continuous memory DTC. Has anyone had this issue or know what is going on with my car! I don’t want to keep mechanic shopping and being charged silly amounts to be told its fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Need help on somewhere or someone to put my new turbo fg motor into the g6e if you guys are able to it'll help a lot thanks.
  3. I've got a slightly modified g6e turbo I've done quite a bit to it but now I'm wanting a little bit more power I've got 430rwkw and I'd like to reach the 500's only thing I'm worried about is the transmission I have a rvo stage 2 trans rated at 500kw. I want to know if I'm just asking for it to f*** up if I up the boost and add a couple things to reach that power. Thanks in advance mod list ps I'll be running twin fuel pumps and a surge tank PLAZMAMAN PRO SPRINGS 40L HDUTY VALVE SPRINGS, PLAZMAMAN FORD 12MM HEAD STUD KIT, PLAZMAMAN BILLET OIL PUMP GEARS, PLAZMAMAN 40L HEAVY DUTY ATOMIC TIMING CHAIN KIT, Walbro460 fuel pump, Flex fuel kit, Xr6 turbo development intercooler piping, Xr6 turbo development 1150 injectors, Xr6 turbo development stage 2 intercooler, Xr6 turbo development external gate, High flow 3582 billet wheel with ceramic bearings 20psi, Xforce stainless steel exhaust, 4” dump and 5”cat and 3.5 Antz battery relocation battery tray Antz ecu cover Trutac diff, Built stage 2 auto from rvo, Heavy duty flex plate arp bolts, F6 trans cooler
  4. Hi Guys, Yesterday evening I noticed when accelerating under heavy load in 1st/2nd Gear the steering wheel would wobble and I could feel the a vibration through the car. At the time I thought it was just the road surface and didn't take much notice of it, now every time I accelerate under heavy load through 1st-3rd the same thing happens and either I've never noticed it before or it's literally just happened. Anyway just wondering if anyone has had the same issue and what was done to rectify it? I'm also going to book it back into the dealer tomorrow so they can have a look at it. Thanks in advance for your replies!
  5. Hi everyone, I’m Johnny. Just wonder where should I get my tuned FG XR6 Turbo ( ~ 300 rwkws) serviced? At a local Ford dealer or at a well-known tuning shop? I purchased the car a few months ago from a local private owner (its first owner) with 95000 kms on the odo. All modifications and tuning had been done by the previous owner when he first bought the car. He had it done at a wellknown independent local Ford tuning workshop and he kept servicing the car at this workshop every 5000 kms for more than 7 years. Ok now because I live a bit far away from that workshop, should I service my car at the local Ford dealer (very close to my house) or I have to bring the car back to where it was tuned? I dont mind about the cost of service. I like the way how the car is running right now, smooth, quiet and very fast and I want to keep it that way at all time. Any advice? Cheers.
  6. FOR SALE: 2012 FG MKII G6E TURBO 121,xxxkm's. Havana $23,000.ono Wollongong NSW: Rego till April 2018 Car has been tuned by Joe and the team from CMS Sydney making 319kw at the wheels Brakes: DBA T3's all round on Bentix Street Road Track pads. Process West Intercooler and Pipe Turbo Smart BOV KPM Air Injectors Heavy Duty Tow pack Dark tints 15% Rear DVD in both head rest. Speaker upgrade. Car will also come with. Roof racks BlackVue dash Cam It was 2 small dint's: Passenger back quarter panel (from wife) See photo Drivers door (Unknown) See photo Selling because change of lifestyle. This has been by far my best car and love it to bits and a great colour. 90% of Km's done are from highway driving to and from work. NOTE number plates will be change. Done by Wife...........grrr Unknown could be car park hit..............grrrr
  7. Zok1

    fg brembo upgrade?

    was thinking of buying some 6 pot brembos with rotors from bf gt-p would they boltv directly onto g6e or do I neeed brackets or any other parts ?
  8. Hi all can anyone help out, ive noticed my thermo fans are not coming on like they used to after I drive. The car is not tuned I have replaced the thermostat and topped up with coolant but my temp always sits at half way never any lower. Car is fully stock any ideas? Please help
  9. Hi guys, my car has previously made an appearance in the 300 club but after my turbo started making a bit of noise I was "forced" ? to upgrade. Now rocking a gtx3576r thanks to the master at Profile Autosports, she's cracked the 400 mark. The mod list is as follows: Gtx3576r Atomic HD valve springs Stage 2 PW Intercooler kit 100 cell Cat 1000cc injectors 4" intake delete Earls filter CAI pod E85 Fuel pump (assuming a Walbro item) Stock ZF with tune stock cat back exhaust Made 401.4rwkw on E85 @ 19psi. With that big wide torque band it feels amazing on road. No sign of that legless feeling up top the gt3576 had. Needless to say, profile has another very happy customer.
  10. GT3540/76 Oil Starvation Failure Analysis Through my vast experience in Turbocharger modification and servicing, I have come across my fair share of failures, from minor noisy bearing failures to completely nuked turbochargers. A good 80% of them are oil related, especially when it comes to GT3540/GT3576 Falcon series turbochargers through oil feed line filter blockages and dirty oil supplies. We're going to breakdown various parts of a blown turbo (GT3540) to analyse and identify parts that are damaged, worn and brand new. A similar process that we follow at RaceEquipped. This turbocharger is a extreme case, as it is completely NUKED in every way and form. When disassembled we found ONE remaining ball bearing within the cage (Most Garrett ball bearing turbos have 14-16 balls within the casing) safe to say they all are sitting at the bottom of someone's sump. Bearing Casing The bearing casing is the first point of contact for bearing health when disassembled. From Left to right, we have a Brand New Casing, Used casing, Used casing passed its service schedule, and last is a nuked turbo bearing casing. The colour change from the shiny new to a dark colour is vanished oil, the ideal used bearing casing is the second from the left, this vehicle has kept oil and filter changes regular. Other variables are also involved in oil varnishing from Exhaust temps to Oil grades and thicknesses. The last casing has been nuked, the bearing race has melted and no longer exists. Bearing Cage The bearing cage which holds the balls that rotate within the casing can show signs of wear also, being made from plastic they don’t like high temperatures & lack of oil. Here we can see what used to be a yellow bearing cage that has been cooked and warped. These bearing cages can also be ripped to shreds. Bearing cage and the bearing race health are consistent with the amount of“shaft play. Exhaust Seal Seats Now exhaust seal wear is inevitable, and we opt to NEVER reuse them even if they look healthy. But the seats for the seals in the CHRA can be damaged through excess bearing wear, or catastrophic failure, here we demonstrate the difference between a used CHRA and a sheared exhaust seal seat through the ring gap. Internal Inspection These photos speak for themselves, this side of the CHRA is prone to oil vanishing and is hard to avoid as it has no direct constant oil feed to offset the oil sitting to bake. In this case one is clean and one has shavings all through it, and chunks of bearings, bearing casings and what ever else has been sheared off. Turbine Shaft Inspection As above, exhaust seal wear is inevitable, in some cases the seal can fuse to the shaft through excess exhaust temps or oil starvation. Bluing of the turbine shaft also results from excess heat through in rare cases tuning, but is generally consistent with oil starvation. Here shows a used turbine and our nuked GT3540 Turbine where the whole lower section is fused and is unrecognisable. Conclusion These are a few of the following processes in our turbo health inspection test that is part of our rebuilds. In conclusion oil plays a MAJOR role in turbocharger health, to avoid these issues it must be recognized that the importance of Regular Oil & Filter Changes in ALL turbocharged vehicles. Im especially fussy on this, that ALL turbocharged vehicles should be serviced every 5000KM. The Ford Falcon Oil feed line oil filter MUST and SHOULD be replaced with a genuine item every service interval. A oil feed filter is a great assurance against dirty oil supplies, but can be a double edged knife in the sense that it can also be the demise of your turbo if not properly maintained. 99.9% of after market turbochargers that require the removal of the factory oil line filter is using a after-market bush bearing core. In essence a Failure to do the above steps can and will cause oil starvation and can extend the life of your turbo. - Nick
  11. Hi All, Just thought I would say a quick hello. Just purchased a 2010 G6E Turbo in Ego Colour. Has had a few mods from previous owner Harrop intake and Trutrac diff whittling swaybars king springs and koni shocks. Really happy with it so far
  12. Hey pple just wanna read some opinions on the choice of wheels I got!!
  13. Hi gents first ever post and now a proud first time ford owner of a 2010 G6E turbo, this is my daily driver, will be wanting to keep it looking very sleeper looking but after a bit more performance, I have been a long time VL owner and have owned a few low 10 sec VL's in my time with this being my first foray into the Ford world. I am looking for some nice mods that wont kill the bank manager and keep reliability, some nice spool, flutter and performance maybe around the 300rwkw, after searching and reading up and I am thinking the below - Plazmaman Battery Relocation and 4 inch Intake Kit - Hot side pipe kit - Di Fillipo or another brand cat back 3.5 inch exhaust - New larger flowing cat - Injectors - Tune Questions are will I need to upgrade the intercooler and looking for a great tuner/workshop in Melbourne's North and am I missing any important things, car also has been already fitted with a LSD. Also injectors, what options are there, are they low or high imp injector types? Really liking this forums and appreciate any help. Thanks
  14. Hey ppls trying to work out if a 26or28x10x15 full slick will fit under My G6E ??
  15. Hi, I am looking to buy a S/S exhaust system for my turbo sedan auto, I have looked at the exhaust from Best Mufflers which are selling the XForce system, I have searched on the site and read information, I'm not interested in straight through pipes. The trouble is neither company will tell me which brand of mufflers and cat they are using and it's making me very suspecious on the price. They look good but I don't know if they are any good. Are there people out there with these exhaust systems? If you could help me it would be great. Thanks Michael 2.bmp
  16. OK folks, now don't get me wrong but I never thought that I would see myself owning a Ford in the near (& even the not-so-near) future as I have always owned things that came from Elizabeth in South Australia. As of today - Sunday - I own a VE Calais. I did the enviomental thing as soon as I bought it a few years ago and chucked LPG on it and then dropped it to the ground a couple of inches to try and make the thing sit on the road. It is a sensible, cumfy car but over the last 12 months or so, a whole lot of little things have started to go wrong with it including the weakass plastic clips that hold the interior together breaking. Gggrrrrr I used to keep an eye on a forum that covered the Late model camira and could not believe some of the crap that went on in there....no joke, I expected some of the members to flop 'em out and measure.. There was even one guy who answered another guys question by saying - "check Google mate, what do you think this is?" About 8 or 9 months ago, my son told me that the parents of a mate bought a G6 and he said that it was soooooo nice to ride in so I decided to check a popular car sales website to see what was available and at the same time, I found this Forum and even though I wasn't a member, enjoyed how the members rushed to help a fellow Ford owner that needed advice. Yesterday arvo I went for a drive down to Adelaide (as I live about 100 k's from the city) and saw an FG in one of the Ford dealerships so I stopped to check it out and after a long (long) test drive and a good chat with the sales guys, I shook hands and bought myself a 2010 G6E Turbo with 32k on the clock. Oh golly golly gosh, for a straight 6, this thing has unbelieveable pick-up and I CAN'T WAIT until late Monday arvo when I can pick it up after they have tinted the windows and done a couple of other things for me. The Ford knocked me to the floor with how confortable it was and how it sat on the road so beautifully (and that's without having to spend 2 & a half grand on the suspension like with the Calais). Amazing what good springs and a set of 18 x 8's will do and did I mention the pick-up?. Honestly, not since my 400 hp HQ back in the early 80's have I been thrown back into the seat like this......WOW So, in about 25 hours from now and in a 100% positive way, I will be very proud to say ----- Hi, my name is BenDoCo and I consider myself lucky to own and drive a G6E Turbo. Can I just memtion the pick-up once more please.......WOW :O
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