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  1. Rate my flapper port

    Hi Guys, I have to put in my two cents, for what it's worth. Unless you've machined hundreds of housings it's hard to explain, every genuine Garrett and aftermarket turbine housing have offset holes (closer to the flapper arm, or closer to the turbine wheel, which give you the required clearance against the sidewall (flapper arm side) This is why they have offset or "out of round" holes. A near perfectly round hole will not maximise the space available for porting and will appear as a "oval". Also we test the "stickyness" at the correct angle of where the turbine housing is clocked. (sometimes on a flat surface it won't stick, but mount to the car and clocked correctly it will stick) All theyre all milled, I don't have all day to cut at it with a die grinder. The mating surface area machined flat and any high spots are machined down. The tolerance between the flapper facr and flapper seat (where it seals) is extremely tight and may show signs of "light" even if it's 0.01MM off. We've run these housings on cars making over 500rwkw. We supply Maxx Performance (10s for 10k Car full-body video), at some points APS in Frankston, John at forced performance, independent motor sports etc. And have had 0 issues with flapper modifications. I have let the customer know if he is not happy I can exchange it, cos his peace of mind. I take issues like this seriously. Cheers guys and Merry Christmas!!
  2. Turbo Choice For Manual FG Ts

    Hey Matty, Can help out with a good set up. Send me a PM or check me out in the advertisers section.
  3. Happy medium between gtx76r and gtx82r?

    Hey Bud, send me a message and we can discuss possible options available while keeping it still OEM bolt on. GTX76R or Our stage 2 76R highflow which has been proven to spool the same if not quicker then a OEM FG turbo. Can check out my write up and dyno charts in the traders section!
  4. Turbosmart wastegate actuator

    Hey Bud, - More noise as in flutter noise or spooling? ( your over boosting issue may be attributed to a shut actuator, or even a overboosting turbo. Now that's its running right, the turbo sounds like its actually working.) - The box it comes with has a diagram of how the arm should be lengthened. If I remember right, its 1/2-1/4 the diamter of the actuator arm rod.
  5. Housing

    Hey Mate, Im a turbo modify/rebuilder on this forum. I have used rear housings in this condition with no issues, some customers opt to use it, some ask to weld it. None have had issues Hope that helps! Incase you didnt already know that has had the flapper mod done, and looks like a springy motors flapper job. Cheers Nick
  6. Won't Make Full Boost

    So it was the spring! That's different. Glad to hear
  7. Swapping My N/a Ba Xr6 Engine With A Xr6 Turbo Engine?

    Things to keep in mind, going to a NA to turbocharged engine, Assuming it comes with the turbo. You'll need, Cooler piping, cross over pipe,cooler, intake pipe, a different downpipe, ECU, boost solenoid Now ive never owned a XR6 but could be a different front bar to accommodate the cooler. Please correct me if im wrong anyone.
  8. Turbocharger Oil Starvation Failure Analysis (3540/76)

    Yeh it doesnt take much to block the 0.8MM Restrictor that's inbuilt in the turbos. Ill get some photos of some cooked/blocked ones also!
  9. Turbocharger Oil Starvation Failure Analysis (3540/76)

    That's true! 100% a double edged sword the good ol oil line filter is. Sent from my HTC_0P6B6 using Tapatalk
  10. Turbocharger Oil Starvation Failure Analysis (3540/76)

    Thank You! Planning on making a few other in the future. Okay out of interest is that what Ford recommends? yeh I can agree with that, they arent always essential but does offer a good degree of protection!
  11. GT3540/76 Oil Starvation Failure Analysis Through my vast experience in Turbocharger modification and servicing, I have come across my fair share of failures, from minor noisy bearing failures to completely nuked turbochargers. A good 80% of them are oil related, especially when it comes to GT3540/GT3576 Falcon series turbochargers through oil feed line filter blockages and dirty oil supplies. We're going to breakdown various parts of a blown turbo (GT3540) to analyse and identify parts that are damaged, worn and brand new. A similar process that we follow at RaceEquipped. This turbocharger is a extreme case, as it is completely NUKED in every way and form. When disassembled we found ONE remaining ball bearing within the cage (Most Garrett ball bearing turbos have 14-16 balls within the casing) safe to say they all are sitting at the bottom of someone's sump. Bearing Casing The bearing casing is the first point of contact for bearing health when disassembled. From Left to right, we have a Brand New Casing, Used casing, Used casing passed its service schedule, and last is a nuked turbo bearing casing. The colour change from the shiny new to a dark colour is vanished oil, the ideal used bearing casing is the second from the left, this vehicle has kept oil and filter changes regular. Other variables are also involved in oil varnishing from Exhaust temps to Oil grades and thicknesses. The last casing has been nuked, the bearing race has melted and no longer exists. Bearing Cage The bearing cage which holds the balls that rotate within the casing can show signs of wear also, being made from plastic they don’t like high temperatures & lack of oil. Here we can see what used to be a yellow bearing cage that has been cooked and warped. These bearing cages can also be ripped to shreds. Bearing cage and the bearing race health are consistent with the amount of“shaft play. Exhaust Seal Seats Now exhaust seal wear is inevitable, and we opt to NEVER reuse them even if they look healthy. But the seats for the seals in the CHRA can be damaged through excess bearing wear, or catastrophic failure, here we demonstrate the difference between a used CHRA and a sheared exhaust seal seat through the ring gap. Internal Inspection These photos speak for themselves, this side of the CHRA is prone to oil vanishing and is hard to avoid as it has no direct constant oil feed to offset the oil sitting to bake. In this case one is clean and one has shavings all through it, and chunks of bearings, bearing casings and what ever else has been sheared off. Turbine Shaft Inspection As above, exhaust seal wear is inevitable, in some cases the seal can fuse to the shaft through excess exhaust temps or oil starvation. Bluing of the turbine shaft also results from excess heat through in rare cases tuning, but is generally consistent with oil starvation. Here shows a used turbine and our nuked GT3540 Turbine where the whole lower section is fused and is unrecognisable. Conclusion These are a few of the following processes in our turbo health inspection test that is part of our rebuilds. In conclusion oil plays a MAJOR role in turbocharger health, to avoid these issues it must be recognized that the importance of Regular Oil & Filter Changes in ALL turbocharged vehicles. Im especially fussy on this, that ALL turbocharged vehicles should be serviced every 5000KM. The Ford Falcon Oil feed line oil filter MUST and SHOULD be replaced with a genuine item every service interval. A oil feed filter is a great assurance against dirty oil supplies, but can be a double edged knife in the sense that it can also be the demise of your turbo if not properly maintained. 99.9% of after market turbochargers that require the removal of the factory oil line filter is using a after-market bush bearing core. In essence a Failure to do the above steps can and will cause oil starvation and can extend the life of your turbo. - Nick
  12. Won't Make Full Boost

    The spring rarely fails.... For your sake I hope it is only the springs! Goodluck. Keep upto date
  13. Fg F6 490Rwkw

    Nice! Dan at Springy is a Great tuner. Great potential from the 4LTs!
  14. Won't Make Full Boost

    Just the springs?? HMMM I guess the re-tune will tell all!

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