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  1. I've got a slightly modified g6e turbo I've done quite a bit to it but now I'm wanting a little bit more power I've got 430rwkw and I'd like to reach the 500's only thing I'm worried about is the transmission I have a rvo stage 2 trans rated at 500kw. I want to know if I'm just asking for it to f*** up if I up the boost and add a couple things to reach that power. Thanks in advance mod list ps I'll be running twin fuel pumps and a surge tank PLAZMAMAN PRO SPRINGS 40L HDUTY VALVE SPRINGS, PLAZMAMAN FORD 12MM HEAD STUD KIT, PLAZMAMAN BILLET OIL PUMP GEARS, PLAZMAMAN 40L HEAVY DUTY ATOMIC TIMING CHAIN KIT, Walbro460 fuel pump, Flex fuel kit, Xr6 turbo development intercooler piping, Xr6 turbo development 1150 injectors, Xr6 turbo development stage 2 intercooler, Xr6 turbo development external gate, High flow 3582 billet wheel with ceramic bearings 20psi, Xforce stainless steel exhaust, 4” dump and 5”cat and 3.5 Antz battery relocation battery tray Antz ecu cover Trutac diff, Built stage 2 auto from rvo, Heavy duty flex plate arp bolts, F6 trans cooler
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