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Last Updated: 19th September 2009

The aim of FordXR6Turbo.com is to have an online community to discuss and feature the Ford XR6 Turbo and other performance vehicles from the Ford Motor Company of Australia and Ford Performance Vehicles.

Please read the following rules as they affect your access to the site. The rules have been put in place to ensure that yours, as well as others experience on FordXR6Turbo.com is an enjoyable and safe one.

The rules apply to all methods of communication between community members eg: forums, private messages, e-mail etc.

As a member of the site you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions set out by the following rules.

1. No Spam. Spamming can be defined as either posting multiple times about the same thing or starting multiple topics about the same thing. Spamming is also defined as constantly posting off-topic as well as providing links that have nothing to do with the forum or thread at hand. Spam will be deleted without warning and/or notification.

2. No Slander. While we encourage lively debates and discussions, we will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind on the open forum. Any person attacking another forum member will receive a warning and have their offensive posts removed. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Insults, offensive language or anything offensive will be deleted without warning and/or notification if considered unacceptable by a Moderator. Content that is insulting to anyone based on gender, lifestyle, religion, ethic group, race etc. is unacceptable and will be deleted without warning and/or notification. FordXR6Turbo.com will not tolerate posts which defame individuals, other on line forums, businesses or car companies. Every member has the right to post about problems but this must be done in a factual manner.

3. No flame wars. There is no place for that on these message boards. Topics that are designed to start a flame war (defined as an offensive argument that serves no purpose but to make others upset.) will be treated as Spam and deleted without warning and/or notification.

4. Stay on-topic. There will be some leniency on this, and we don't mind if you bring in another comment or two, but try to stay focused. If you think it's a good enough topic, start a new thread about it. This also prevents losing a good idea amongst a thread about another topic. Threads that wander off-topic will be closed and/or trimmed or moved to the appropriate forum, and your post count may be deducted by two for every off topic post. Off topic threads and posts may be done in Off Topic and Donating Members sub-forums. Posts in those sections will be allowed to run their course without interference unless deemed necessary, all other sections of the site will be monitored more closely if threads are tending to stray off topic they will be closed, trimmed or deleted.

5. No illegal topics. Illegal software, copyright material, or items that may offend others are not welcome and will be removed without warning and/or notification. Posters of such material will be dealt with on a case by case basis; this may include warnings and/or being removed permanently from the site.

6. No Impersonating. Attempting to pose as a FordXR6Turbo.com staff member, an employee of any affiliates or any other registered user will not be tolerated and will result in the deletion of that user name. This also applies to variations of registered names. Members are not permitted to have more than one user account. Any members found to have multiple accounts will have the extra account(s) deleted and a warning placed on the remaining account.

7. Signatures & Avatars. Images within your signature must not be larger than 460x130 pixels. Images within Avatars are set to 64x64 pixels for members and 150x150 pixels for Donating Members. Any text within your signature must not exceed 5 lines. Avatars and signatures should not have any offending images. Anything which is considered offensive will be removed immediately from the site without warning and/or notification. The site should be able to be viewed in front of children. Please keep it this way. Signatures should not contain advertising or links to non site related products and/or services. Doing so will have your signature removed or changed without warning and/or notification.

Signatures are allowed to contain the names of non-sponsoring tuners providing it is displayed in the default font, colour and size only. Any signature found to be in breach of this guideline will be removed or changed without warning and/or notification.

8. Image Posting. The inclusion of pictures within messages is allowed on this site. Referring to images that are copyrighted and protected by that site is not to be included on our site without the express written permission of the owner of the copyrighted image(s).
Failure to follow these rules will result in warning. More serious violations of these rules may result in further steps taken with your Internet Service Provider or higher authorities.

9. We, the FordXR6Turbo.com staff and Moderators, reserve the right to edit, delete, or ban any content found on this site without warning and/or notification

10. We reserve the right to modify these rules without warning.

This forum has become the central place for discussion of the Ford XR6 Turbo. Please respect this site and all its community members.

If you feel someone has offended you with their comments please let us know immediately at help@fordxr6turbo.com. We will endeavor to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Do not drag personal issues with individuals into the forum if you do have an issue please take it up with one of the moderators or admin before posting in the forum, any breaches of this will result in the immediate removal of your posting abilities and a review of your access to the site.

General Posts

Any posts which may be considered offensive, or be of a criminal nature will be removed without warning and/or notification and a warning may be placed against your account.

We will also not tolerate abusive, harassing or obscene behaviour on the site. Anything which is deemed offensive by FordXR6Turbo.com management will be removed without warning and/or notification.

Any post blatantly advertising a company or site will be removed without warning and/or notification. This is to prevent against unwanted spamming and to protect the rights of our sponsors.

FordXR6Turbo.com and its staff are not responsible for any messages posted.

We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of FordXR6Turbo.com or its staff. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately via the Report Post button or PM an on line Moderator.

We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.

You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use the FordXR6Turbo.com forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violate any law in the general sections of the forum.

We reserve the right to delete any message for any, or no reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, FordXR6Turbo.com, The Community and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). As a privately owned website we reserve the right to revoke your membership to the forum or disable your posting ability for any or no reason whatsoever.

The opinions and comments made in the posts written by our members are the rights to and the responsibility of the individual member. FordXR6Turbo.com assumes no responsibility for the content expressed or implied by its members.

General For Sale Postings

CAVEAT EMPTOR (Let The Buyer Beware)

Members should be aware that when placing an item for sale in The Market area, or when purchasing an item that was posted in the aforementioned area, there is a "buy/sell at your own risk" policy in effect. The owner, administrators and moderators of FordXR6Turbo.com are in no way responsible for any transactions that take place as result of a posting on this site.


- Full description (condition, part number, colour, etc.)
- Price (no auction style topics are allowed)
- Location (at least to the nearest state to allow members to assess the feasibility of purchasing any item’s posted for sale)


Once your sale is complete, the thread author must post to advise so.




Access to the classifieds section is open to all members, however in order to post you MUST be a Donating Member


All for sale threads excluding sponsors advertisements will be deleted after 2 months of the last activity.



  • You must not post on behalf of other members. Doing so may result in account suspension.
  • Items may not be sold on behalf of a business. If you wish to do this please contact us about becoming a forum advertise

Group Buys


Any new threads in the Group Buy section are subject to approval by the site’s moderating team to ensure compliance with the following eligibility requirements.

The Site Sponsors will also be given 7 days to object to any new Group Buys to ensure there is no conflict with their own products.


- All group buys must have confirmed interest as discussed in the “Any Ideas For Group Buys” thread
- Facilitators of Group Buys should preferably be long-standing members of the forum
- Only bona fide concepts will be considered, if there is suspicion of commercial or for-profit Group Buys your proposal will be ignored.

CAVEAT EMPTOR (Let The Buyer Beware)

Members should be aware that when placing an item for sale in The Market area, or when purchasing an item that was posted in the aforementioned area, there is a "buy/sell at your own risk" policy in effect. The owner, administrators and moderators of FordXR6Turbo.com are in no way responsible for any transactions that take place as result of a posting on this site.


- Full description (condition, part number, colour, etc.)
- Price
- Location
- Cut-Off Numbers/Date (the minimum required for the group buy to proceed and or the final date for new participants)


- The Facilitator must keep a progressive list of participants, and update the list via new posts as changes are made.
- Once payment is received and the goods are despatched this must also be noted.
- As soon as the Group Buy is complete, the thread author must post to advise so

Commercial Postings

FordXR6Turbo.com is provided to members without charge however, running the site is not free. For this reason, the owner may from time to time enter into a commercial agreement with one or more suppliers of vehicles, products and/or services.

Members may discuss products, services or “deals” in the appropriate Sponsors section to provide members with advice or for informational purposes.

Members may not have links in their signature to products, services or “deals” offered by any company, business, or other commercial entity unless the member is a sponsor or the member has been given permission from the Moderating Team.

Members may post about services and or products that they have seen displayed, advertised or otherwise publicised by or for any company, business, or other commercial entity to provide information or recommendations to members, which may assist or provide benefit in making a decision on a product or service with respect shown to the current donating companies of the site by not spamming the product or service.

Feel free to post personal opinion, discuss and/or seek advice regarding any legal product and/or service. However the post must not be to deliberately sell a product and/or service. It must be for technical or product information only.

Any posts or links directing members to a non-supporting company, business, or other commercial entity on the basis of soliciting business will be deleted without warning and/or notification. Members who post in this manner will receive a warning.

If it is brought to the attention of the Moderating Team that a member is using the FordXR6Turbo.com site to promote a business, sell and/or distribute products deliberately, either on the open forum or through email or private messages (otherwise known as PM’s), the member will be billed one month’s advertising fee per occurrence and a warning will be placed on the members account. The member may also be removed from posting on the site depending on circumstances after an assessment by the Moderating Team.


FordXR6Turbo.com Moderators are a group of volunteers to help facilitate discussion and organise events/merchandise and services relating to FordXR6Turbo.com. They should not to be argued with in the public forum when enforcing forum rules and guidelines.

Breaching this rule will result in a warning. All members are welcome to speak with the moderators about their concerns in a polite and calm manner in private, either via email, PM or phone. If you have a complaint, you can contact the administrator. Moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, rename, move, merge, open or close posts/threads without warning and/or notification.

Do not attack moderators. They are here by choice alone, and have been bestowed the privilege of maintaining this site, and acting on direct authority from the Owner and Administrator himself to enforce the rules, regulations, etiquette, and desired environment of FordXR6Turbo.com.

If you have any questions, comments, or issues with a moderator, please contact the administrator at admin@fordxr6turbo.com

Warnings, Suspensions & Bans

The Moderating Team reserves the right to warn, suspend or ban any member of the forum who breach the site rules.

Any breach of the forum rules will result in a warning level increase. Each warning accounts for 25% on the warning level meter and a member has a total of 4 warnings without further penalty.

Any further breaches of the forum rules once a member has a warning level of 100% will result in a suspension of no less than 24 hours. Moderators reserve the right to increase the suspension time based on the details of the breach and the members past history.

After a suspension has been served the warning level will remain at 100% so any further breaches of the rules will result in another suspension without warning.

Continued breaches of the rules may result in a members account being banned permanently.

A member that has not received any warnings for a period of at least 6 months can apply to the Moderating Team to have their warning level reduced to 0%.

Note: Moderators can suspend or ban a member immediately without issuing a warning due to “special circumstances” if immediate action is required eg: large scale spamming, serious abuse or harassment etc.


If you are a company and are interested in advertising on the site at a competitive rate, please email us at advertising@fordxr6turbo.com for further information.

Advertising on FordXR6Turbo.com will enable you to have a dedicated area on the site to discuss your product/service as well as product banners being displayed throughout the site.

Donations to the Site

All donations to the site are used to cover costs for hosting, maintenance and operations of the site. Moderators nor the admin are paid for involvement with the site.

Donations may be used for paying for events and promotion of the site to others. As a donator to the site you are given privelages above and beyond normal members. These are listed in the donating members tab on the site. Due to the way donations are handled on the site and the fact the money is reinvested into the site and site events, donations are not refundable on the basis of a member leaving the site, disagreements with moderators, due to moderation, or own free will.


The FordXR6Turbo Forum make no claim of ownership of any pictures/articles (or part thereof) posted in the forum and assumes in good faith that the poster either owns the picture/article or has legal rights to use it in this manner. Any breach of copyright will be the sole responsibility of the poster.


This site www.fordxr6turbo.com is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company Australia, Ford Motor Company, or any of its affiliates including but not limited to Tickford, and FPV. The Site and users may refer to these trademarks within normal conversation on the site however all rights belong to their respective owners.

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