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  2. ahh the "lighter" side of life
  3. Nah not really, gives me a reason to drive my hectic vn every day lol
  4. it's always a real problem having kids, eh?
  5. Dunno, all my kids came out of the left nut apparently
  6. what happens when it's #rightnut?
  7. Hey blokes Got a g6e turbo with some annoying issue that I can't seem to solve (will be going to machanic next week, im away right now and can't do it). I'm hoping with the knowledge of the community I can get some sort of answer. I have the following codes P0133 02 sensor circut slow response bank 1 sensor 1 P0135 02 sensor heater circut bank 1 sensor 1 P0141 02 sensor heater circut bank 1 sensor 2 P1131 Lack of h0211 switches- sensor indicates lean (see p2195) I have tried replacing 02 sensors with oem ones, didn't change. I have checked wiring and cleaned terminals, hasn't changed. I am yet to test with a multimeter (busy working away) I'm sure it's not the anything engine related like injectors or any vacuum leaks etc. (Engine was recently rebuilt, long story short machanic f*cked up and I ended up getting a new donk :)) Any advice is welcomed and thanks in advanced
  8. My kid is dipping her pancake in tomato sauce. #leftnut
  9. that's the bloke that built the motor in Cleetus Mcfarland's El Camino!
  10. Eh I might be wrong but that's ok. It's a thing I want to try so try I will! Haha at least the weather is nice so won't suck too bad to be reyanking the engine or dropping the subframe etc. This is a channel that I follow on youtube and he has some good info there. It's given me more confidence to do what I'm doing with the various parts and intended power output.
  11. Thanks @JETURBO! I might send you a file in a few weeks, coz I can't actually load it up now. Car is getting a full respray. Nothing fancy, just tidying up all the rubbers, new plastic guards and undertray, all new genuine lights etc. And I love the Ego Grey colour, so it'll stay that way.
  12. Not saying your wrong, just curious. Contingency program is always good. I remember measuring up my journals and them being just outside of ford allowable. Went thou under bearings on a stock un machined 160k kay old crank. Tolerances were on the bottom side of stock so super tight but in spec. Didn't have any issues but I never checked the bearings over time.
  13. If you want I can give you pops & bangs for the full VW Golf experience ! 50’s up there indeed, holla out if you want me to give you something to get it in the right direction hey
  14. Got some km on this sucker over the weekend. It's seriously fast. The response from the G35-900 is a great match for the manual trans. It is on boost pretty much everywhere. Hard to imagine a more fun street setup, but in saying that, it's on the edge between fun and scary. Still need to refine the tune. Currently averaging 50L/100km on E85 haha. Need to sort fuel cut/decel settings
  15. it's all about leverage in the right position haha
  16. Bearing clearance is only part of how much oil pressure a engine makes. Pump specs along with oil properties will vary pressure significantly. I've changed the oil pump specs for this rebuild and as such will be making approx 50% more pressure over stock. I think I'll be fine with what I'm doing and if not I'll swap the mains back to std. It's only $300 for another set of mains so not the end of the world
  17. When I parted out the BA I noticed there was some blood from my hands behind the passenger headlight [emoji1787]
  18. Where did you get 3 thou from? I know the atomic motors have low oil pressure when hot. This if from a thread around here.
  19. Happy New Financial year! Hope you all get lots of money back from the tax man 😋
  20. Short thread, accurate detail, amusing content. I rate this 9/10 👌🤣
  21. Yesterday
  22. morning all, happy Monday 🤜
  23. The spool stuff looks pretty decent hey. It seems to have held up well too.
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