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    N/A to turbo

    you need to get the turbo power steering bits as it's in a different position to allow the intercooler to go in there.
  3. Okay so I’ve got a ba N/a series 2 Ute. Ive got a turbo engine with some basic mods laying around and I’ve ran into a problem with fitting the inter cooler, the standard N/A power steering oil coolers pipes are in the way of the inter cooler. How do I work around this. Or is there something I can buy to move it out of the way. I’ve got a plazmaman intercoller rated for 650hp. Please help from anyone who’s turbod an n/a or knows how to fix this. Thanks.
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  5. Lol - didn't even realise it was Friday And a public holiday at that. Me, 3 kids (20+yo's) and grandaughter in lockdown with me being the only one working (from home - 2 kids students, one let off during lockdown and other on disability) Gets a bit hard to keep track of what day it is. I need one of these to help me through the isolation
  6. I did consider that, spoke to the people above me if they didnt mind and they were OK with it.. As for the over spray, it wasn't too bad the plastic stuff on the ground near the passenger side had very little dried dust on it and that was it. Nothing carried that far luckily. I try and maintain a good relationship with everyone, they can see I have always been tinkering in here with the bikes, start up and get going going straight away not revving the tits off it etc
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  8. man..... I wouldn't want to be your neighbor, over spray all over my car!
  9. It looks that way hey. Its ok because I find sanding oddly satisfying to I am in for a treat haha. Going through your build thread, lots of info mate!
  10. Sorry to bring up an old thread but I was able to fix my ICC screen after reading thru this. I thought I would attach some photos. My coloured icc screen on my BA kept cutting out turned out to be a cracked solder joint. https://imgur.com/a/LwGRpmn
  11. It's that first coat that's brought you undone. It needs to go on heavy enough not to orange peel, and just light enough not to run.
  12. Cheers guyz heard both transmax z and gulf are good
  13. Agreed! Certainly a skill that would take many years to perfect. I was thinking this method will be good for touch ups if needed down the track, just sand prep and spray. No funny clear coats and metallic finish. I think I will give it a few days to dry hopefully park it out in the sun tomorrow to warm up a little and then get stuck into wet sanding. I actually have 1500, 2000 and 3000 sanding discs to use on my dual action polisher that have a foam backing so hopefully that will cut down some time. I tested a small section very quickly and it looks like it will polish up really good.
  14. It's such a art painting acrylic, and from what I have read and spoke to a lot of old school painters is you need a good quality gun. The fan needs to be smooth and consistent from one side to the other. I've attempted to paint a few things (guards, Bonnets, doors, tailgates back in the minitruck days) plus a triton repair and only once I got the paint to go on smooth. I was using a cheapish gun and I could never stop the edges being dry spray. Everything but that one guard required a fair wack of wet sanding and polishing. Always turned out good but really takes some extra time
  15. I can't comment on those oils but I put FEBI Bilstein in mine at 220,000 and have progressed to 310,000 without incident.
  16. aren't you lucky to have a hairless pussy that doesn't get hairy
  17. Yeah everyone’s a moron at the moment. In other news I’ve officially lost the plot and become a fully fledged cat lady. sphynx need to be bathed once a week or so... turns out the cat likes showers better... so I now shower with my hairless pussy 🤣
  18. Another option is: https://products.liqui-moly.com/oils/top-tec-atf-1800-1.html
  19. yeah, that part is definitely true haha
  20. I didn't mean lining up was an issue it was going to the shop early just so I could buy some toilet paper was the issue Like I said, people are just a bunch of selfish pricks
  21. the "lining up" thing is also part of these stage 3 restrictions... 1.5m or whatever between each person, so they only allow a set number of people into the shop at once.
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