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  2. 11.5’s and 122’s is showing there’s pretty much nothing wrong with the car to consistently do that ballpark and it’s making pretty much ballpark 340-350rwkw Don't think you have any issues at all mate, well done
  3. Yesterday
  4. I replayed it 4 or 5 times pausing on some good flames... That's after I posted the headphone warning lol. I live with my Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones on while watching tv in bed and didn't realise I had them up at 50% coming from Disney+ (low signal or wide dynamic range) to YouTube! Your fuse box looked like it was getting baked lol
  5. Awesome [emoji106] Nothing like some water cooling porn [emoji3526]
  6. I didn't get a chance to try any second gear launches this weekend just gone (fun day for the Night Speed Drag Wars series I competed in) but was able to get some pretty consistent times. Managed 3 back to back 11.5**'s all at around 121.**MPH. Best was 11.515 @ 121.46MPH with 60' of 1.786. Fastest MPH on the day was 122.22. Feels like the stock 122k old suspension might be letting me down on the launch - although the wheelspin is what probably what saves my driveline haha Had the Mrs drive my XR6T while I drove her XR8 - side by side - epic fun watching your car cruise
  7. Yeah my factory one slides in and out no worries, but the pictures clip is the kayhan units main plug that replaces the factory one and she is def not just gonna pull out. Been at it that hard that the bloody firewall is nearly coming with it😂
  8. TRYME


    Boost control is run by the ecu correct it demands the boost level.... I respectfully disagree with the above post that a BA will love more boost.... I'm not a Ford pro but have built a few fast cars.... guy who tunes my FG for me reputable Sydney shop,, I've actually discussed this with him and he says any BA over 100kays (which is basically all of them now) his not keen on tuning anything more then the mildest of tunes and even then he won't command anymore boost from It,, my personal opinion is save your shillings for when you want proper power rather then pay for multiple tunes and r
  9. I would have let it run for longer but sh*t was starting to melt!
  10. Yes it was very nice, I got a big fat hehe
  11. Yeah I just left it there cos I cbf putting it back to 0. It'll be interesting to see where the turbo spool now cos that was some pretty hectic flames out the exhaust!
  12. Advancing cam 1 degree won't make much difference minimum is usually 4 degrees. If you advance you increase low end and peak torque earlier but not by very much 4 degrees is about 200rpm on V8's. I don't know enough about VCT but its really only for idle and economy yes maybe.
  13. I saw that car driving past Australian Clutch a few weeks ago. Haha someone got hectic with the decel timing The Kelford website reckons you can use vct with limited movement and the cam card I got reckons use fixed timing only. The only real way of finding out what's best is to try both and do sh*tloads of testing.
  14. Yeah ok dans slow fgx still has the vct gears on with those cams
  15. Entirely possible but I think its related to the surge tank install I carried out on the weekend.
  16. They have a setting that they recommend but I left my dial gauge at work so left the cams there. I'll see how it goes on the dyno and adjust it on the weekends.
  17. that's legit. Nice work. Super interested in how those cams turn out
  18. Had one leak around where the wiring goes into themodule, only when full. I changed the module instead of trying to fix it. can't take module out with more than half tank or fuel goes everywhere
  19. Is this what they recommend or you going to have a play on the dyno ? Wonder what you can go without piston to valve issues
  20. 4321


    It has no clip on it , its design is to slide on & off as the icc is installed/removed. or in other words your not pulling hard enough!
  21. No it’s this one behind the icc down the bottom mate. It’s got clips and tabs all around it but none of them seem to free it up. Got me stumped???
  22. LeeT


    Thanks for your information. I'm sure it would take more . Is the boost control run by the ecu. I have an FG gas motor with all the good stuff I got it cheep. I'm not interested in building a rocket ship. Just something with a little bit more than standard. I have some assets I can move and build that rocket ship but for now just baby steps.cheers
  23. It's no so much that I forgot it, it's more so that I just didn't attach it. I was gonna fire it up without the exhaust manifold on to make sure it runs and to get a tiny bit of heat into it...and I attached the earth strap just now and it's alive huehuehuehue. It shoots foot long flames out of the head cos the exhaust cam shuts after tdc! It's gonna spool that 7675 good and proper
  24. Took the sh*t box in today and come home, whole building smells on e85... Cars parked in the garage bellow all day. Go down and have a look, leaking from the main fuel tank. I can see drops from it around the metal skid pan but nothing when running. Parked the car outside for now but will need a more in depth look to see exactly where its coming from. Surely this would be an excess pressure issue as I did not disturb the tank in any way when fitting the surge. Car had a properly full tank on the way home.
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