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  2. I originally somehow missed your thread. Very cool! Your combo is very high end. Be interested to know what your boost issue is
  3. Love the combo @Slowxr6t. Congrats on the results!
  4. just go 4m+ right away clear floor hoist FTW
  5. It's staying the same so 2.7m. I'll build the fark off shed from hell after I do 50 or so tunes lol
  6. yep, shed week is an important week how high a roof are you going?
  7. I mean I do need some more shelves but I'll just go by myself on Tuesday. This week is shed week so I need to pull out the finger and make it happen.
  8. sounds like a reasonable plan for a birthday haha
  9. It's the wife's birthday tomorrow, I talked her into going to Paramount Browns and Bunnings lol. When we go out for lunch instead of shed shopping she should be pleasantly surprised. Set the bar low
  10. @Tom Tucker have you looked at my photos? I couldnt view them a minute ago but my techy son sorted it and they are viewable now.
  11. Nice! That 9174 must spool insane.
  12. @Tom Tucker I have just put one on mine as in above post that Puff put up. No change in exhaust note but spools up a split t4 flange turbo as good as stock log manifold. See my dyno sheets, garrett gen2 gtx3582 on stock manifold had alot less power and torque down low than Artec and 900hp efr9174. It drives awesome!!
  13. Anyone tried the Artec Barra manifold? https://artecperformance.com.au/collections/ford/barra Or know anyone that has? It seems like some early ones with the RB guys weren't perfect. Curious to see how they go, and whether they change the exhaust note at all?
  14. morning all, happy Sunday 🔧
  15. Yesterday
  16. Make sure you run a fat bead along the recessed part of the sump. If you only put it on the flat part it will leak.
  17. Thanks Guys I will be siliconing the bejesus out of it....the workshop that built the engine 18months ago did it as per workshop manual and it leaked from both front and rear half moon seals.
  18. Hi Guys, My son is having difficulties with his FG's turning signals. Hoping someone knows the fault. When the engine is switched off, the left & right turn signals (indicators) work fine as well as the hazard lights. When the engine is running the hazard lights work fine. When the engine is running and the right side turn signal is activated, it works fine. When the engine is running and the left side turn signal is activated, it will blink once and then continue to blink on the incorrect right hand side. Has anyone experienced this and how did you repair it?
  19. It was more the reaction of the other sufferers that impressed me 🤣
  20. always good to be impressed with your own brand
  21. morning all, happy Saturday 🪚
  22. did you read back 1 post before yours? you will seek your answer.
  23. Last week
  24. I've got Zestino Gredge 07RS 140TW. 245 fronts, 285 rears. They get my 800whp down sometimes, but being 140TW the wear is savage. I think I'll try PS4 S next. Better treadwear
  25. I am quite humble... Anyway... I have watched a few reviews about the Cup 2. I am quite impressed. Any track guys make a recommendation
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