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  3. Went from S10 to S20?? or something? I think it's twice as good or something? Doubt the batteries are swappable
  4. Yeah it helps me ignore the fact that I might fail and I just freaking send it lol. It doesn't always work out though
  5. PB's after drinking, all the more impressive haha
  6. and even if they fit... just go with the LEDs in the stock location as that's your best bet.
  7. sorry, I had a light bar on my EL..........not my FG. I dumbied it up in the cavity of the front bumper and intercooler for a trial fit................and there is no chance of fitting it.
  8. Ate bbq, drank beer and thought it was time for the weekly 1rm Shoulder pressed 70kg which is a pb and benched 130kg which is also a pb. Gitten there gitten there
  9. I bought an oppo phone. #anagram #tightarse #poop
  10. S20 is the "S11" btw G35 is the new gen GTX35 fyi...
  11. digging up an old thread cause but since when did samsung have s21? I have a s7 where did all the models in-between come and go ?
  12. Yummy [emoji39][emoji3] Mrs BCB recons that's enough to feed an army [emoji1787]
  13. Eh just a bbq and getting ready for the week as school is back tomorrow
  14. haha yeah, I fixed your post WRT the swear filter haha sounds like youi're in for a good evening
  15. Fark yeah, prawns, cops, sheep, kangaroo and cow on the bbq here with drinks too
  16. why would you upgrade the high beams when you already use a light bar which is 10 times better than led high beams
  17. Sorry mate.... I would.... but Iā€™m busy from now until forever. šŸ˜­šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø
  18. Hip hip hooray happy Australia Day [emoji1787] Garlic prawns on the barbie With icy cold beers to wash them down [emoji106]
  19. Haha nah it's probably more like the oh sh*t strap was a bit loose and was letting it come up on the roller then fall back down. If it comes up on the roller it changes the reading. Apart from that it's got plenty of timing in the middle. If I softened it up there would be a more linear curve in the graphs. You can see it fall over at 5500rpm just after the crossover which is due to stock cams. So yerp, all of the above.
  20. Edging closer to getting the tune done. Dump and cat fitted up and no leaks. Some heat shields might need to be tweaked a little though. Door handles and doors re done and looking much less ghetto now. Pretty much ready to book in for a tune now.
  21. Loses a lot of torque after peaking... is that a deliberate part of the tune?
  22. Yeah it comes on pretty hard. Here's the torque vs kW. That wave you can see in the lines is the wg having a moment. I'll be able to smooth that out with some more tuning.
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