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  2. Yeah 275 semi slicks fit. Here is a side view of my stock rear wheel with a 255 on it. It looks like a normal wheel tyre combo.
  3. Enjoy my friend, I'm locked down to within a 5klm zone of my house atm can't even go for my usual walk..... 😞
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  5. Bumping this, I think I've found what I'm looking for... I have found a set of 17x8 fg rims for $550 on marketplace. Looking for some wheels I can use to put some better tyres on for drags and roll racing. After doing some research online, lots of sites don't recommend any wider than 245 on a 8" rim.... But I have heard of people putting some chunky boiz on bf 17x8 rims too... So, 275's will fit on these 17x8 rims? I was looking at maybe 255's or 265's but if 275's fit.... that's even better!
  6. Sounds stupid, but I'm not sure if the annual license covers me per year from when I buy the license or if its from Jan - Jan kinda thing. I won't go to every single event, so a single day is fine for now. But yes, I will get an annual one once I have more free time to go more often
  7. Get an annual license cos it cost frig all and you'll save a few bucks over the year.
  8. Late night purchases last night. Finally bit the bullet and decided to get a roll racing ticket 😄
  9. Well same deal applies, I’m happy to have you in and get it to a point where it’s modified to a better standard as it definitely had some questionable items on board despite whats being seen on the fuel pump picture. The old girl has potential and it would be great to see her with some good parts and hopefully get into the 300rwkw club Anyways if you want me to look and deal with what’s currently wrong with it feel free to P.M me and I can sort her out / fault find and diagnose a rectification path.
  10. cheers for the reply. car has driven awesome up until a few months ago mate so def nothing to do with you.
  11. Hey mate worked out what vehicle this is, reason I didn’t click straight away was because I didn’t actually do anything too it except re tune it back to a safer point as the previous owner didn’t want to spend the money fixing it correctly unfortunately… have a look on page 199 ( here ) then page 200 for how I rectified the tune only on it
  12. sent you a pm, thanks mate
  13. Hi OP I’m JD TUNING ADELAIDE, is this a Phantom purple or a toxic Green BA turbo ? Feel free to send me a P.M and I might be able to fill you in on the history of where either of these cars went after I worked on them and I’ll be happy to help you get her right again
  14. Hey mate, It has a venom cat. Tune was done by JD tuning (I believe he is on here) I bought the car about 2 years ago as it is. It's been fine up untill a few months ago and it progressively getting worse. Funnily enough if I disconnect the battery over night it tends to run really good for a few days before it goes back to how it is. It's quite odd that it's only on light throttle/low rpm. Once it hits boost its fine. Its an odd one
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  16. Thanks for the replies guys. It’s done 189,000 he’d used it as a daily commuter for the passed 7 years doing around 80km a day guessing a lot of that would have been bumper to bumper traffic which probably has something to do with the thud. Picked it up for $2000, in NZ it was stuck on limp mode & supposedly had a stuffed turbo which turned out to be loose bolts.
  17. How many kays on car? im in agreeance with Keith... If you don't mind me asking how much of a bargain we talking about??? $$$$
  18. Thanks. Have you ever herd of "maxtop" timming chains? There a tawain brand unknown. Online reviews have a few that have broken or stretched but I have also seen a few that say there good. Ot came with the Austral kit ....said it was for turbo aswell. I don't think I'll risk it and I'll just get the genuine one.
  19. pretty standard for an old 4sp... you can get it tuned out or it might be something mechanical like the centre bearing or something like that causing a thud.
  20. Just picked up this 2003 xr6t 4 speed auto for a bargain - great car so far other than this jolt it has with the gearbox when changing from first to second at low speed (without acceleration) If I give it a bit of gas it shifts perfectly fine, if I’m using the triptronic it shifts perfectly fine. Seems as if first gear holds for too long then all of a sudden bangs into second gear (revs are off?) Any help regarding this issue would be much appreciated!
  21. Au drift page will show you how it's done
  22. Got an actual tune, or just a generic flash tune? Hi flow cat?
  23. All of the bolts seem to be present, and are in pretty tight. I can't see any that are missing.
  24. Sorry never got pics of the 700hp shafts as I was working while the car was having upgrades done but these are the best pics I got I gave Ray a hand to drop the diff then had to go so never seen the shafts or wavetrac before fitting Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  25. Eh an hour's not really that far, even if you do have to go back again once the weather warms up. Another thing to remember is that you have a smaller turbo than before so it will be more responsive, but will flow about the same or slightly more than a stock turbo, so boost creep shouldn't be any worse than what it is now.
  26. having issues... ok, try this: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/92470-how-to-put-images-in-your-post/
  27. Doubt the weight would have any effect on performance with the weight being towards the center, but a before and after dyno would be cool....
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