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  2. Nothing to do with your pic bcb but rgb can get in the bin where it belongs.
  3. Hey Guys, had some bad experience with tuners. looking for any recommendations for competent Tuner to do my xr6t ute. Is running 430rwkw on e85 (took a year to tune it !!!) but they absolutely stuffed the 98 tune. im in townsville nth queensland and most of the tuners here seem to specialize in holdens. know anyone?
  4. Its now up to 398,300kms or so! I need to upload a pic somehow!
  5. Everything is coming up that kid haha! Unlike the myth that red is faster for cars. Rgb DOES make the computer go faster
  6. apparently the company she works for made a boo boo and ordered 2 many monitors she saw the error and whisked them away before anyone was on to it, and yes, 144Hz refresh rate his nanny and pop just bought him a Mitsubishi dual cab 2x4 (second hand, but still worth 9k)
  7. definitely a better idea to put that extra money towards a car after minimizing the build to reasonable utility at that age haha
  8. Damn that's a lucky kid! Are the monitors a decent refresh rate? 3090 might be overkill if not and that's alot of money to dump into a card. I can't beleive the price they are asking for them in Australia. If its 5k already would hate to see the final bill. I know I would have been putting that sort of money towards a car if I was that age but each to their own
  9. A new CNC operator started at work 16 yo kid Wants to build a kickass PC So far the build is up to 5k He wants RGB everything and a 3090 His mom got 2, 32inch 4k screens from her work and they are sitting in his bedroom waiting for a PC !!!
  10. AMD have their launch scheduled for mid-late october (forget the date). I can imagine Nvidia are saving the TI versions to stomp out that release if they come close! At the end of the day probably only need 10GB for the time being. By the time a nice 4k display is affordable their will definitely be newer cards
  11. Yeah me too man. Maybe there will be a decent AMD card in just over a month?
  12. Yeah, I Did read that the price per performance was sh#t compared to the 3080
  13. Check the reviews mate, this card is only 10% better than the 3080 for the most part. It's got the apple tax lol.
  14. but it's on a "need-to-know" basis, so...
  15. You're telling the story@k31th [emoji1787]
  16. so you're saying I get nothing done?
  17. Don't worry[mention=93594]biddie_fiddler[/mention] [mention=15147]k31th[/mention] is hardwired into the forum Like the Matrix, but different [emoji1787]
  18. Damn I got worried, no morning message from @k31th 😥
  19. Oh wow, Friday already. Why didn't anyone tell me?
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