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  2. can't hurt to ask you can tell them you do this every year
  3. This weather is looking like possibly the warmest I’ve ever seen and I’ve been going since 2012! I won’t be able to do Omeo on the Monday this year, ill have to head back to Sydney on the Sunday afternoon, started a new job recently and I think I’d be pushing my luck if I asked for time off after five weeks [emoji23]
  4. Me: "I picked my nose" El Andrew: "Just completed my self-appendectomy"
  5. the factory one is fine for almost all applications it's quite rare to need to upgrade it.
  6. Hey guys. I've got a f6x territory and are planning on getting a few more hps out of it. I've got the cold air intake, 4" stainless exhaust, front mount intercooler, 1000cc injectors, 470l p/h pump, upgraded valve springs and performance cams. My question is am I going to new a new ecu to run this setup or will the factory one be tunable to do the job. Thanks in advance.
  7. I spoke to Daryn a few weeks ago about his car. He stated at the time that he was considering selling it. I just viewed an advertisement on the "Race car 4 sale Australia" for $60k. A great buy for some lucky bugger. Here is a link to the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/328255533938302/
  8. I don't really know what it's worth and I feel like 2k is overpriced for a 14 year old car that has been out of rego and been sitting for a year. Link to the ad: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/taree/cars-vans-utes/2005-ford-xr6/1233439723
  9. Met a bloke one day who had tourette syndome, he was quiet, unlike ol mate but I thought his head was gunna fall off. Can't be much fun. On the subject of funnies, took this shot today.
  10. Yeah, $1k isn't the worst starting point as it means you can meet somewhere in the middle. Don't be shocked if the seller tells you to F'off, though, as a half-offer is often looked at badly.
  11. Hello everyone! I'm new to the Ford/car scene and I owned a BA Falcon SR and fell in love with it... I decided to get a BF and I'm going to look at a 2005 BF XR6 6 speed automatic tomorrow with 260xxx on the clock. It's unregistered and requires a blue slip... I can get a blue slip easily so to me it's not a problem and got a BF SR that I can help myself to parts... Just looking for a bit of advice on how much you would look at paying for one? Front bumper is a bit rough but doesn't look overly bad and from the photos the body looks pretty clean and only problem I can see with the interior is the driver's seat with a bit of a rip and steering wheel looks worn... It also needs center bearing replaced in the diff... What things should I look out for when looking at it... Like common problems etc. Person is trying to sell it for $2000 but I'm thinking a $1000 would be a good offer to start with because it needs a blue slip and a trailer to get it home because it's not registered...
  12. Hello Guys, I'm thinking about Converting My 2009 Turbo Ghia to RWD and manual. Yes, yes before I'm told its a waste of time and money, I fill you in. I owned a RWD Terri from 2005 to 2010, I then traded it. I have owned this car since 2010, pretty stock but has flash tune (240 kw atw) and had planned to trade it in 2015 but a cant find a better tow vechile for hauling around race cars on trailers. Great for safe overtaking, comfy, in good nick and I still love it today. But I also want something that's a bit more fun to drive when not towing and the RWD one I had for what ever reason just handled better. I never drive offroad with it. Also know I could maybe buy a RWD Ghia and transplant but I know this car and still would want it manual. I have had a bit of a search around the web for info but still have a couple of questions. 1. Are the front k frame suspension assembellies swapable between the RWD and AWD? 2. Did the RWD ever have DSC and is this going cause issues? ( I know my 2005 RWD didn't) 3. Has anyone done a manual conversion? Think I can nut out the rest, just trying to find the pit falls. Thanks in advance... Matt

    New turbo core

    Hi Westo T fire me a P.M and I’ll be able to help out with anything you might need
  14. some good times come from stuff like that
  15. Hahaha I was trying to type, not laugh and pretended to not be typing at the same time hahahahaha
  16. camo86T

    New turbo core

    @JETURBO should be able to help
  17. genuine coils the way to go https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/IGNITION-COIL-SET-6-COILS-FG-FG-MK2-6-CYL-NA-TURBO-INC-XR6-GENUINE-FORD/251486276130?hash=item3a8dc00a22:g:fUMAAOSw3U1boZDH&frcectupt=true
  18. Haha was trying to work out what the heck was going on and what "turrets" was. Penny eventually dropped. The Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where the chef has Tourette's is pretty damn funny
  19. El Andrew

    Ceika brake kit

    Yeah good point - I was assuming brackets were with the calipers but worth making sure
  20. Rab

    Ceika brake kit

    I think you need to swap the mounting brackets over and the pipes? FG calipers fit at the back of the wheel, BA/F at the front
  21. is that because the 35's weren't correctly load rated for the vehicle? or is there some other rule that meant you had to go down in 5mm of sidewall?
  22. Yep, weather is looking considerably better than last year, as evidenced by these couple of posts of mine https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/94229-snowy-cruise-2018-friday-23-sunday-25-november/?do=findComment&comment=1667367
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