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  3. Drinks, posts, does skids. Actually uses the forum. Also bowdens and drinks again.
  4. Or you could put another one in. There was a guy on aff who could edit them. Get one from the Wreckers and send it off to be set up as yours it with the km and all.
  5. Old school I know, gave up on trying to take images with the dimmer mod. Fuel press has saved me twice as nothing is plug and play despite what they say. https://imgur.com/CayGXPp
  6. Closest town is 430km's away and with my old eyes about a $1.40 keeps me pain free
  7. interesting situations... how often do you reckon you'll hit the brakes really hard when you see it going off? shock your patrons?
  8. Too primitive to take screen shot on what's on the screen on the phone? If you have a V1 detector and keen have a look at the app. I reckon my data will be pinched but have google maps as an underlay and can mark radar sites. Even out here in the middle of b**f**k I have two sites which set the detector crazy so if I'm brave can mask them. Same for the warning trailers on the side of the road, once I find their exact frequency they can be blocked aswell(maybe). Was hoping to block the stupid adaptive cruise control for Toyota's from setting the detector off, time will tell. Heap of other fancy bits but still doesn't beat the smart copper who leaves the detection to the last minute.
  9. True this. Yep, looks like the speaker or driver in the cluster has completely died. No noise at all 😕 I feel a tech doc coming 🤦‍♂️
  10. well yeah... doesn't mean people don't use 'em haha anyway... good job on the purchase pics?
  11. I think WA is the only state where radar detectors are legal to use.
  12. care to elaborate as to why most can't use one?
  13. Just picked up the Bluetooth dongle for my Valentine One detector. Didn't even know these things existed otherwise would've had one years ago. Using the jbv1 app, awesome bit of kit. Oh wait most members here can't use one --> NaNaNaNa!!
  14. 3-4k won't get you 350rwkw in a small-frame turbo, unfortunately, but if you do it right you can get 300. maxing out the stock turbocharger is around the 320rwkw mark, so you're better off aiming for 300. have a look in the 300+ threads for any FG XR6T to compare what you'll need to get done oh, and
  15. Hey guys, I am looking to purchase a FG-X XR6T and want to spend a few thousand (including labour) on increasing power. Is this achievable? Will I need to travel to Sydney/Brisbane to reliably get mods installed and a decent tune? (Located Mid-North NSW). Or just stay local? $3-4000 would probably be my limit on spending. I want the car to be reliable and be fine dealing with my lead foot on a daily basis for years. 350kw is just a ballpark figure I would probably be happy with. I dont want to go crazy, I just want to get the most bang for buck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, the more info the better.
  16. yeah, standard for around here... but you'll be happy to know that it only happens when you go to a "getNewComment" link and there's actually no new comments... so just edit your posts mofo
  17. I know about the issue, it's just not simple to fix 😞
  18. Im still getting new members thread Keefy
  19. fully synthetic oil since I bought her with 40K on the clock changed every 7.5K as per the service manual
  20. reasoning behind that nomination? skids?
  21. lol depends which "M" car... some are quite fast. ahh yes, Bowdens are awesome products even the names are good value
  22. I did get chopped by an "M" car which was slightly embarrassing opps, off topic
  23. what wax do you use, staying on topic for a second...?
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