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  2. Nawww Love you too @Mrs Jeturbo couldn’t do it without your consistent support and push for me to go the distance when I CBF sometimes That said This ute needs to have some very prominent people mentioned and to start with which is clear Alex @boakesautomarine has built this monster clean & clear but let’s take a moment to throw props to the following and maybe help others along the way if considering a major build ! SAM @ MILTONS RACE ENGINES TONY @ TZ WIRING & TUNING CK RACING DEVELOPMENTS ADAM@ JERRA INDUSTRIES Joe @Peppy_t92 PRECISION RACING ROB @ MONSTA TORQUE Anthony @ TUNEZBYCECE PAUL ROGERS RACE TRANSMISSIONS PLATINUM RACE PRODUCTS PAUL @ OUTLAWS SPEED PARTS And plenty more who have put monumental time & effort in for the greater cause which happens when people pool around to generate big results and help someone achieve the ultimate goal. It’s amazing to see so many want to really really help and see something cool happen and this is very common for big builds Bring on the Drag strip @ “The Bend” motorsports park which is set to open in March/April next year and hopefully some better P.B’s to come
  3. Absolutely so proud of you J@! I know better than anyone the amount of effort and love you put into your tuning passion and this particular journey specifically. You’ve come leaps and bounds over the years and this thread is an embodiment of that... look how far you’ve come!!! The sheer pride you put in your work and the passion you have manifests in the achievement of amazing things and you’ve had such a big part of making Alex’s journey what it is. Well done to all you boys and achieving such a great result! Couldn’t be more proud of all of you... but especially you J@ ❤️ PS... Well done Mr Alex! you’re crazy but awesome and this is a huge achievement! Well-done pal!
  4. Weekend build went well! No drama at all with the rig and runs great! Couple stress tests has yielded no crashes so far with the OC'd RAM, 66°C on the CPU after a 20min prime95 stress test. GPU is hot, always has run hot - buts that's what happens when you buy an AMD card I suppose. I have a 1440p monitor, couldn't really play any games at 1440p previously but seems to handle it okay now. GPU is not the best for it, but getting a solid 50-60 fps playing Hell Let Loose so can't complain, if I wanted high FPS I could always reduce it to 1080p. Quick Specs: Case - Fractcal Design Meshify 2 Compact Mobo - MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk Max CPU - Ryzen 7 5700x Cooler - H100i ELITE Capellix RAM - Corsair Vengance 32GB 3600MHz CL18 running at 3866MHz GPU - MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT 6GB PSU - Corsair RM650X (650W) Completed Rig Shot I need to get another QL120 fan for the rear I reckon to make it complete 👌 Also got the opportunity to calibrate my monitor with a new calibration tool from sypder, the SpyderX Pro. Had used the sypder2 before and it sucked. Its too old to be useable nowadays. Some pretty good results if I'm honest. I bought the monitor for the colour accuracy more than anything. Bit of a downgrade from my previous monitor in terms of accuracy, but I really missed having a low latency monitor. This one is also 165Hz Used software called DisplayCAL over Datacolors own. Much better UI and better results due to its superior calibration techniques. Its open source and has a lot of data to work off of. Some progress pics here if anyone wanted to see. Should have taken a pic of the final cable routing because its a work of art 👌👌 Something really satisfying about making the cable routing neat and tidy.
  5. Yeah they said one was bad and three very minor. Got a second opinion this morning (dropped it in for a balance and didn't mention previous diagnosis) and they said exactly the same thing as the first place. Maybe I should just buy new wheels that would clear Brembos...
  6. Cheers. It's a little late for keeping track of money saved but a very conservative saving is $50k. I did get some help from others; various advice here and there, an Adelaide workshop staying open for me on weekends and late nights to use the workshop and letting me put over 150 runs on their dyno without charge, an Adelaide machine shop coming through for me where others failed and last but not least the missus who puts up with it all. Yes I do most of it myself but wouldn't be here without other people helping.
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  8. morning all, happy Monday 🧝‍♂️
  9. I'll pretend to be the Alex you are talking about and take full credit for this build All seriousness though, absolutely cracker build and you all should be extremely proud of yourselves for all the work that's been out in to this absolute unit of a build!!! Congrats!! Can't wait to see some fullboost ep's on this soon
  10. Well done to everyone involved, Alex is one determined young man! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the out right record out too. Awesome work! 👍
  11. Solid. Really do need to keep a score book of money saved working sh*t your lonesome.
  12. fwuck yeah (echoing the sentiments on the drags vids haha)
  13. Well… It’s Done, Alex @boakesautomarine has managed to pedal the ute to take out the Fastest XR6T in Adelaide and unofficially 2nd fastest XR6T Ute in Australia ( Dion’s - Dynomite performance left had drive Pro ute takes the cake ) Massive effort and dedication to see Alex take this thing to the limits and back with even more modifications from a few months back when we took the trophy home from Cootamundra GTR Drag challenge ( Fastest 6CYl-RWD Category ) sporting a new set of Cams, 4.5* Ti exhaust with side pipe exit, Plazmaman plenum with burst plate, twin set of injectors per cyl and a wizz bang new Platinum Racing Products Billet rocker cover just to name a few. The ute made it’s way over to Heathcote Park Raceway for the Ford Nationals this weekend and on Friday night with the better track temps setting in and fighting for traction the ute has Reeled off an awesome 8.72 @ 165.4MPH. Only last Thursday we had it on the Dyno tuning the new set up where we gained a big chunk under the curve with the new cams and specific specs of dialled in to see a Humongous 1187RWKW @ 41psi !!… in the old school money it’s 1592rwhp + 25% through the TH400 and 9* to equal 1990HP at the crank !! Absolutely Next level excitement seeing the results and best part some permanent deafness received from the side pipe exhaust bellowing into me lug holes but all amazingly worth it 😂 Awesome effort and dedication with so many brilliant people/Workshops all coming together to make this dream happen. Ultimately Alex has one hell of a fast ute which definitely has more in her with better 60fts in the future. Track time and set up should see this P.B tumble to low 8’s no worries ! Stay TOONED for More https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8JArkaT/
  14. Serious Andrew! I knew I took at least 4 direct hits, just some bad choices in last minute direction changes. Wondering if mine are buckled as well - I have my suspicions. Don't feel any difference in driving though. I was hoping we were going fast enough to skim across the top of most of the ones I couldn't avoid but some were like 80cm wide craters ...
  15. troof ^^ there's no 50 zone that exists that shouldn't actually be 60, imho 40 zones sort of make sense, for schools & whatnot
  16. yeah as I said in the previous post it does it up on stands with no wheels on and at 50kph.. so not tyres or wheels..
  17. Do the turbo terrys have the same issue with Ball joints as the non turbo series 1s? and are the control Arms the same as the NA ones?
  18. Ah yes, the dreaded rotten eggs. Gas culprit is H2S, hydrogen sulfide. With some quick research and with work knowledge I'll give ya 2 culprits. If your car is LPG, H2S is in it, though not in high amounts. In some cases, dying lead batteries can produce the gas too. So, you need to check for LPG leaks, exhaust leaks, and check the battery. Get it sorted ASAP though cause that sh*t is no bueno for your health. And finally, yea dead animals can also produce the gas, so maybe @k31th is onto something to!
  19. morning all, happy Sunday 🧜‍♀️
  20. It is likely a cat failure... or the ole' dead animal trapped in your pollen filter thingo haha
  21. Last week
  22. Hey guys, Yesterday the car started smelling of rotten eggs. At first I thought it may have been an LPG leak, but I don't think so. Am now swaying to it being a cat failure. Anyone else have any ideas?
  23. Twas a burst feed line from one of the pumps. Just fixing it up now and should be back in the car and running in a bit.
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