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  2. No I haven't found the problem unfortunately. I took it to a tuner and we put a set of chassis ears all over the engine and still couldn't determine exactly where the noise is coming from. We replaced the balancer, tightened the cam chain an extra click and no difference. The engines been pulled down twice and everything measures up fine. I've had a clevo before with noisy forgies and I certainly agree that's what it sounds like but on the clevo the rattle went away once they were up to temp. And they all made noise wheras with this, if it is piston slap it sounds like it is just one piston. And it doesn't go away/lessen when hot. Mate I'd be happy to send you a keg of goon, in fact I'd be happy to pay for your flight to and from Bundy, a motel stay and a rum factory tour for you to come and disgnose this lol.
  3. Spot on. 400+rwkw on my ute with the Michie Pilot Sports. 1st gear is on wastegate spring, but 2nd and up is all in. They hold on very well. Worth it if you want power and traction. Gotta pay to play.
  4. I read that a guy on reddit had shot his old fella off. Didn't look female afterwards though?!
  5. ^^^ excuse me???? I had my p3nus cut off years ago... so I am a real girl!!!
  6. Hey all, Has anyone moved the Haltech or ECU's from the engine bay to inside their car? Or What ways have you kept temps down around on your, like did you raise the back of the bonnet, used computer fans to keep it cool? Sorry if this topic has been discussed, did search the internet prior to posting. Thanks in advance.
  7. Oi @k31th everyone knows there's no such thing as girls on the internet.
  8. Comment just because... Sounds like piston slap. I'll trade the carton for a couple of goon bags
  9. Hey 3 katz matey did you end up working out what the problem is? as I got my car back from tuner after all the work done to it and I have same noise on cold start but is very faint on last 10 to 15 second Max and boom goes away, but note its not as loud as yours though.
  10. wtf are you even doing... quoting to a married girl and you want to walk down a small island?
  11. ill walk down the isle with you love ❤️
  12. I dropped the PRP R35 coil kit over this morning (and FG rocker cover). It should allow a bit more boost to be fed in. Limiting factor will be rear housing and turbo shaft speed. Stay tuned.... @joncitizen pedal feel is lighter than the single plate. There is a bit of chatter, but its reducing every time it's driven during break in. Twin plate is the only option at this power level, and this is not a bad one so far. Could do a drive through easily.
  13. Mehhh I fitted a transmission cooler and serviced the ZF so that’s kind of Australian haha Did break in a mini Webber Q at the same time so that’s definitely up there
  14. Yesterday
  15. 530rwkw with a 1.01 is pretty aggressive indeed haha, that should be a tonne of fun mate !
  16. morning all, happy Thursday 🍐 hopefully everybody had a nice Australia Day yesterday
  17. hey, jeturbo could you let us know the wheel specs on the top pic. The drag lookin setup, sits mad.
  18. why wouldn't you also paint the carbon fibre one to the same green? If you like the carbon fibre style better, clearly it's a no-brainer which one to get.
  19. steel one id paint dash green, carbon one wouldnt be painted lol,
  20. I'm sure they'll look basically the same once they're properly painted. Go with whatever you think is best
  21. hi guys looking at getting a xr8 bonnet for my 09 xr6 turbo, can get a steel one and get it painted or I can get this carbon fiber one https://bodykitkingdom.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/carbon-fiber-bonnet-with-garnish-fg-falcon what do you guys think would look nicer? price is pretty close between them cheers
  22. No twin plate rattle? Has good manners that will allow it to be driven through a Maccas Drive Through?
  23. Hey, I did this, but lost speedo. Also after roughly 1 min the car went into a limp mode with a lower limiter. Abs is not overly helpfull on dirt tracks with rally tire's.
  24. Happy Australia Day to you! Forgetting the politics involved, let us all have a moment to lament the death of Australian car manufacturing. Among many great things condemed to the history books.
  25. Last week
  26. morning all, happy Straya Day!
  27. Mal Wood option 5 twin plate. It feels good after run in.
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