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  2. Just wondering the difference between head studs and main studs, can they both be put into an fg? Or are they like the same thing
  3. I know it might be a stupid question. But can I run my na bf falcon on lpg and e85. Thanks for the answers
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  5. The stock pad is crap. New one is so thick and juicy, and has a nice slit. I really spreads the load and doesn,t mark the car. I dont use the jacks much , I have a hoist. Back in the no hoist days.
  6. if you're looking at the pics, you can see it has one in the 4th pic it just wasn't sitting on it to start with when I took the photos lol the 2nd one will come in handy when I use the first one enough to wear it down
  7. Admin (as if)


    all good mate, glad to see your making sure shes healthy first before mods. your a rare breed haha good stuff report back if you need any other tips
  8. Olaf


    Thanks mate,much appreciated. Seeing my mechanic soon about external transmission cooler. Didn't know about turbo oil filter so I'm glad I asked for help. I'm not the type to pretend I know everything because then you never learn,even if your over 50 haha. Car has full service history & seems to be well looked after.
  9. shhhhhhhhhhhh it's supposed to be a secret between us
  10. won't be too much of an issue... he already gets heaps of weird stuff sent to him
  11. won't be too much of an issue... I move house often enough these days
  12. Hey double-R, you have a great opportunity now to post Keith all sorts of weird things...
  13. Honestly, I'm just jealous - I wish I could fit into my chinos, nice shirts and sports jacket atm...
  14. morning all, happy Monday 😄
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  16. Sounds very 'battery related' to me, having had this myself. Do you have one of those small battery jump starters (always good to have one anyway). Before you start it (cold), connect the jump starter (charged) to the battery, then try and start. If it starts without the click-click, your battery needs replacing.
  17. Admin (as if)


    new auto heat exchanger ditch the turbo oil filter or get a serviceable type a good service of everything if iffy service history. diff bush
  18. Olaf


    😁 Hi guys, got my mk 11 xr6 turbo recently and am interested in finding out what modifications are pretty much mandatory to keep it running well. Will probably do some slight power modifications later on but more about reliability at the moment. 80,000ks bone stock auto. Cheers in advance.
  19. ^^this.... And not just a "Hey, what's up, got an Audi" in the OT thread, but a brand new special thread of its own 😆 <drives across Audi dealer forecourt> "This car is rad, gotta let the plebs know asap"
  20. If you feel like posting it to Victoria, sure, I'll take it off your hands
  21. So you thought you would go to a dedicated Ford XR6 Turbo site, to let us know "audi definitely a better car" ?
  22. Nope. Looked the same as that non xr pic less the spacer plate.
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