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  2. Did you literally just unbolt all of the external turbo motor parts from the XR6T motor and bolt them on the Fairlane N/A motor? The turbo motors have different pistons - they are dished to lower the compression ratio necessary for a turbo. N/A pistons with a turbo is a no-no; thrashing it will kill it.
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  4. im a grown ass man and I love my Nintendo switch, kid will be super happy.
  5. Boys 6th Birthday tomorrow. Surprising him with this.... don’t know if it’s a cool thing yet, but I’ve heard okay things and it’s what he wanted so will see how it goes
  6. that's a bloody big mate, well done, 15 years of a thread mine well, if it's a FG, follow my guide here (just the first post): https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/93476-fg-x-sound-system-install/ if it's a B-series, follow this guide (a few posts here): https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/54559-ba-xr6-stereo/?do=findComment&comment=822967
  7. Haha yeh I haven’t seen that one either but a bulk majority head interstate for some reason I do have quite a few customers who bough their XR6 turbos from Zooper
  8. Good afternoon ohmos https://I.imgur.com/p71wkkr.gifv
  9. Hi lads and lasses I'm looking into doing an advanced driving course, are there anyone who has done this? and if so could you provide details and your experiences? I'm located in the Brisbane region. Cheers
  10. I got an xr8 manual and I can’t find the speaker wires
  11. Pop bonnet, jump back in drivers seat, fire it up and watch engine Then load up the drive line - any engine movement?
  12. ok, if it's idling and not revving or making power properly, then it's likely you have a N/A tune in the ECU and a stock N/A ECU with the turbo hardware. Get your mates to put back the N/A T-MAP sensor and fuel regulator to start with and it should idle OK on the current tune and will handle slow revving but won't handle boost (and you should not attempt to boost it until it's tuned). while you're at it, get the people that helped to list exactly what was changed, otherwise we're just guessing based on what you've told us (which is not much).
  13. everything has been swapped over to the fairlane engine from the old engine. the idoling is sh*t. its over boosting when I try thrash it just to move anywhere otherwise it will just stall. everything is the same from the old motor. I just dont get why its like this. im scared its going to blow up again. a scan tool got put on and a few faults showed up. it started reving loud and playing up. since that's been put in its worse.
  14. as above, did you use all the gear from the motor that matches your computer? if you still using the turbo computer it vital you changed the MAP sensor & Fuel Pressure regulator onto the replacement motor, otherwise it will just run like trash.
  15. what's the details on it "running rough"? is it idling OK? is it only when you rev it? is it making any boost and if so, how much boost? does it have all of the stock bolt-on's for a turbo BA (e.g. intercooler, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbocharger, exhaust, intake, intercooler, injectors, fuel pump, ECU)?
  16. I just downed a green 550ml can for lunch.
  17. hey my xr6t 2005 ba mkll falcon oil sump blew. so I put a fairlane motor in and added the parts needed for the engine to be turbo. the car is running rough. its not liking it and I dont know what needs to be done? computer swaps etc? hoses and wiring looms etc. im broken I cant get it going. some help would b amazing please instead of judgement. I had free help not affording to go in the shop. I had mates help to get it all back together but I feel like its put me in a hole I cant get out of since its not driving. . I need my car. I understand it probably needs a scan tool and tune and dynotune etc. or does it just need a new motor?
  18. did you jack the bottom of the engine to see if the engine mount has separated? it will be hard to spot visually, unless you point a cammera at it and go reproduce the issue. hopefully your mechanic at least top'd up your fuel tank for joyriding in your car, id be more concern'd regarding him getting your car impounded though.
  19. Would love to know what happened to my old ute - it was in a car yard in Medindie Radelaide, spotted it advertised for a couple of weeks then disappeared. Never to be seen around the streets again. A couple of months later that car yard closed down. Coincidence? I think not...
  20. it's an exciting time... gym day FTW
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  22. The guy has no idea - was the 1st one that came up though so I sent it.
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