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  1. "help" you tune? what does she do other than follow your direct instructions when you need a second set of hands every now and then?
  2. but to describe it in such terms isn't usually for a layman...
  3. haha slowly turning her into a petrol head?
  4. of course it will quiet the exhaust if you put in a resonator... speak to an exhaust manufacturer if you want reasonable advice on which frequency ranges it'll eliminate for whichever product.
  5. morning all, happy Sunday and happy Mothers Day to all of the actual mothers on this forum (probably just @Mrs Jeturbo) and all of the single dads
  6. check the voltage on the source wire (the one not reading 12v all the time) and see if it changes as you press the accelerator... if it doesn't, then the boost pressure sensor is probably faulty and that's screwed into the side of the factory intercooler.
  7. oh noes, not the string persons...
  8. it's the only possible solution
  9. morning all, happy Wednesday
  10. k31th

    Dba Rotors

    I always do a bit of bedding in, but just follow the recommendations of the pad/disc manufacturer.
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