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  1. if you've still got stock injectors and FPR then downgrading/upgrading the in-tank pump makes little difference... I doubt you've got 400hp at the wheels with stock injectors, too.
  2. Sounds like a question for your regulatory authority.... the regulations are different depending on your locality.
  3. even if you've bought the wrong one, if it fits and can be custom cut at one point then who cares? just get an exhaust shop to fix it up
  4. it's not an expensive or difficult job to get a couple of flanges put in
  5. I don't think it's a Ragu anymore once you do that, but looks and I'm sure is delicious haha
  6. NZ's in the afternoon when we're still in the morning 😮
  7. yep... that's how it worked out for ya haha morning all, happy Thursday
  8. she's clearly got great technique and experience and strength 😮 , no wonder why she's 13x champ
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