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  1. yeah, it's a bit of a debacle.
  2. I think you'll be lucky to get it in 9 months haha... chip shortages are severe because of covid stuff. morning all, happy Wednesday 🌶️
  3. same old crap for me... lots of work
  4. morning all, happy Tuesday 🥦
  5. if you're upset about the rust, it's easy enough to clean it off and repaint.
  6. morning all, happy Sunday 🥑
  7. ahh the turbo upgrade/repair pathway... always lends itself to wanting more bum kW haha
  8. you can just get new piston seals and recondition those, if you get desperate.
  9. morning all, happy Thursday 🍄
  10. morning all, happy Wednesday
  11. good update onwards and upwards.
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