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  1. can't hurt to ask you can tell them you do this every year
  2. the factory one is fine for almost all applications it's quite rare to need to upgrade it.
  3. Yeah, $1k isn't the worst starting point as it means you can meet somewhere in the middle. Don't be shocked if the seller tells you to F'off, though, as a half-offer is often looked at badly.
  4. some good times come from stuff like that
  5. is that because the 35's weren't correctly load rated for the vehicle? or is there some other rule that meant you had to go down in 5mm of sidewall?
  6. Yep, weather is looking considerably better than last year, as evidenced by these couple of posts of mine https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/94229-snowy-cruise-2018-friday-23-sunday-25-november/?do=findComment&comment=1667367
  7. benefits of a cornered market, I guess.
  8. seems like you've got a bit of work on your hands there also seems like you got out of the "new bumper" purchase reasonably cheaply, considering I've heard they go for more than $2k... (possibly was FPV variants rather than XR6T variants).
  9. morning all, happy Saturday
  10. hell yeah... I know I'm spoiled... I don't cook much food at all...

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