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  1. that's not what I was saying, though... nowhere did I say it should be used as a safety, all I said is that at lower power levels (lower fuel flow and lower amps for the wiring) it's a fairly safe situation, as per what bupalooga said in his REAL WORLD example.
  2. sounds like a good plan use this thread as your build thread if you want or create another one when you get this project going
  3. it's probably "corona cat" haha
  4. morning all, happy Sunday (and for those of us in Daylight Saving timezones) happy timezone transition day with the extra hour of sleep
  5. k31th

    NA mk2 G6E to Turbo

    you think hard-wiring is more fragile than a plug?
  6. if they're both 6HP26's then what's the point in swapping them in the first place? they're the same gearbox.
  7. I thought the NA ZF is a 5 speed... what's the model code of each?
  8. ok, that's the model of the car... so N/A falcon wants a Turbo falcon transmission? what model transmission did your N/A have and what is the one you want to put in?
  9. k31th

    Exhaust upgrade

    lol more likely to blow a hole in the crank case after bending a rod... but still holes you definitely don't want.
  10. k31th

    Exhaust upgrade

    Then yes, the dump and cat restrictions being removed can definitely cause overboost. Don't hammer it or boost it until you get it tuned now.
  11. that's some thick sound deadening... nice work did that cost you a fair bit for that stuff?
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