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  1. all XR6T/F6 use a 1.06 rear housing... the smaller FG XR6T turbocharger even has the same rear housing
  2. there's more "pushing water" due to excess cylinder pressure, but that was fixed in tunes a while back and then we didn't hear much except for the high power blokes damaging them.
  3. ouch... that's some fair dinkum carnage... good job big fella; in the safety shoes and everything
  4. When you push components as hard as Puff does, stuff breaks... it's just how it is with engines... to build an engine and driveline that is actually reliable with 700awkw, you need some seriously strong parts (which would be double or triple or even more what Puff has spent) and even then little stuff breaks which can cause downstream catastrophic failures... Cars ain't cheap to run high horsepower... as the old saying goes, "fast, cheap, reliable; pick two and the other is near impossible to achieve" Puff is lucky he has the tools and know-how to repair and go again
  5. k31th


    is that a proof statement for your boss?
  6. no sherlock... plenty of fords have proximity and button, but none that were built in Australia
  7. yeah, he's a big strong fun lover
  8. k31th


    haha I only had injection site soreness on my first pfizer dose, but I did a workout (outdoors, so less intensity than a gym, but a strong workout anyway) about 1h30m before the injection... getting my 2nd dose on Monday.
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