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  1. lol that's not the information you need... ask for the mm's
  2. that'll be pretty close, you'd imagine... just match up the mm sizes to this post I quoted earlier:
  3. it's more to do with the actual size of the impeller in millimetres than anything, as it's 53mm (FG variant) versus 61mm (B-series & F6 variant) and that makes a big difference in terms of how the turbo itself can supply air pressure to the engine.
  4. Perth haha west coast always costs a lot more haha
  5. that's accurate... but wouldn't you be unhappy if they charged you too much based on the evidence? I would be...
  6. I guess it's good to be known as the guy who works on his own car then haha ... #silverlining
  7. unbelievable what some companies think they can get away with... I'd be contacting them and getting them to refund the difference with the evidence attached.
  8. so easy to make mistakes around electricity, and that's an example
  9. morning all, happy Monday 🍵
  10. yes, that's at regular atmopsheric pressure for any rev level that gives you zero boost or lower... it only rises due to the positive boost level when it is applied.
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