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  1. morning all, happy Friday 🩲
  2. instead of draining and refilling, it just sounds like the coolant system needs a good bleed down.
  3. morning all, happy Thursday 🩱
  4. morning all, happy Wednesday 🥻
  5. gotta love some gym-bro forearms haha smashing goals you two.
  6. morning all, happy Tuesday 👘
  7. Excellent result back. Good to see you've still got the motivation.
  8. I understand why "out of town strange" was such a thing in, back in the day before the internet
  9. yeah, I'm in Newcastle for work, too... not the most exciting thing haha
  10. I'm actually in Newcastle today (getting back Wednesday, hopefully). What are you doing in Melbourne, @El Andrew?
  11. yeah, totally understandable to not get much done when it's really that hot.
  12. slacking off, I see good join the club
  13. good job puffster haha morning all, happy Monday 👗
  14. morning all, happy Sunday 🧦
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