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  1. if you're looking at the pics, you can see it has one in the 4th pic it just wasn't sitting on it to start with when I took the photos lol the 2nd one will come in handy when I use the first one enough to wear it down
  2. shhhhhhhhhhhh it's supposed to be a secret between us
  3. won't be too much of an issue... I move house often enough these days
  4. morning all, happy Monday 😄
  5. If you feel like posting it to Victoria, sure, I'll take it off your hands
  6. thanks for asking for me, Dan
  7. going all out on the food this weekend, eh, bcb...
  8. instructions for posting pics are here -> https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/92470-how-to-put-images-in-your-post/
  9. post up a video tutorial of setting one up, J@?

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