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  1. the limit is pretty high, though, isn't it?
  2. Yeah, I was tossing up between a couple of others with similar spec for about 200 more, then that one showed up and I was like "done"
  3. Well, it's really not top of the line, but for my purposes it's great. Acer Nitro 15 Stole the idea off Puff and got it cheap at MSY
  4. I meant from a usage perspective. It's a beast.
  5. ^^ lol'd at that morning all, happy Sunday
  6. I've been smashing my new laptop for about 6 months...
  7. k31th


    What mods? 20psi is wayyyyyyyyyyy too much for a stock BA XR6T.
  8. What perks are with each gym?
  9. If you've still got the other rims, why not just use them and see how you go...?
  10. As usual for modern cars... Remove it and take a pic? Interested to see the setup...
  11. morning all, happy Saturday
  12. They'll definitely fit, but the traction won't be as good.

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