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  1. pics of before and after are a must... and if the people doing the work took any pics that'd be great, too
  2. chinese turbo go fast fast boom boom
  3. it's not super normal for those gaskets to fail.
  4. morning all, happy Thursday
  5. does sound like a vacuum leak... I'd be looking at the PCV system first.
  6. high k's are fine as long as you know what to look out for and get a slightly cheaper price and to expect a bit of maintenance.
  7. just one aero-turbski in the first few hundred photos haha. not the best advocacy.
  8. morning all, happy Wednesday
  9. Streetmachine Carnage certainly living up to it's name with this effort on an N/A Barra haha
  10. looks like a standard headunit connection diagram these days
  11. happy as Larry, it appears.
  12. all good mate, we all make our individual choices. I'm sure you'll enjoy the stinger.
  13. morning all, happy Tuesday
  14. that light is meant to indicate that charging via the alternator is failing... but if the previous owner is telling the truth, then it'll be the sensor for the "charge indicator light" that's failed or the alternator is overcharging.
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