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  1. Ledge. He could have posted it here haha
  2. FG Falcon driveline noise

    Meh, it's just a name for something
  3. Forum Icon

    Lol good job. No stealing from anybody got inspiration from Rab using a free image to modify to create it and aligned it better, etc.
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    which valve, specifically? or was he just referring to the fact that the valve is fully open or something and being technically correct?
  5. Modding

    Without a turbo replacement, you'll be pushing the stock turbo really hard to hit 400rwkw. Your tuner is right. Ask your tuner what you think you'll get with the mods you listed and make that a conservative aim, assuming the car is in good enough condition to produce the power
  6. Modding

    400rwkw is about the area you start fatiguing driveline components... so if you think that's only a small amount, you're in for a surprise. 400rwkw is a mid 10sec car, if setup correctly. since the cat is the restriction, if you "un-restrict" the cat (by replacing with a better one or other methods), then you can probably make 400rwkw on a reasonable cat-back replacement. The stock turbo is going to max out around the high 300's unless you tune it on E85. If you tune it on E85 you may as well upgrade the turbo and fuel system, then you're looking at major driveline risk at 450+ haha, it never ends. Anything past about 350rwkw starts getting expensive, especially if you take it to the drag-strip with slick tyres.
  7. Recognise this car? Help needed / NSW

    check the VIN, too? they might have noted it down...
  8. Modding

    I've never heard of a car running anywhere near that with only a catback. to buy a cat is a coupla hundred or so... ... or extremely cheap if you're willing to just remove the contents (this is very illegal).
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    morning all, happy Wednesday
  10. Modding

    you'll be limited by the stock cat to about 300-320rwkw, I'd imagine, with those mods.
  11. GT3576r Exact Full Specs

    V-band is a connection type that's not like a stock/OEM bolted flange. It just has a V-band clamp (that's like a worm drive hose clamp) that holds the connection together and is faster to remove/install. But a bolted flange is cheaper and easier to connect for a layman.
  12. GT3576r Exact Full Specs

    no worries
  13. GT3576r Exact Full Specs

    here's the specs on the turbo's on falcons: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/58603-turbos-on-the-fg-falcon/?do=findComment&comment=951377 All factory turbo's on falcons are internal wastegates. The springs on the wastegate actuator vary model by model, though. Some 3576R's are 3" inlet and some are 4" inlet because of the front-housing, that's all. Stock is 3" on a falcon. T3 is the size of the exhaust-housing-to-exhaust-manifold connection flange. .61 A/R is only a little bit better than the stock .5 A/R and can make a difference to the performance of the factory turbo if it has the supporting mods and tune to suit it. ball-bearing over journal bearing is not for spool up, but for taking longer to drop off boost in gear-change scenario's and not needing systems like turbo-timers to protect the journal bearings, mostly. From turbo to turbo, there are some other benefits to speak of, etc. The turbo in your fist link won't fit without serious exhaust modifications because it's an externally wastegate'd turbo, has a v-band dump and exhaust manifold flange connectors, too. Unless you want to pay for the custom mods to the exhaust, too, it wouldn't be worth it. The turbo in your 2nd link (by it's description alone, as the link doesn't actually go anywhere) is more of a better upgrade, if it's more in line with the factory turbo's specs etc.
  14. G6E want start

    does sound like a dead/dying battery, to me.

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