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  1. repco replacement ones are OK and a bit stronger than stock and cost roughly the same as stock and you can replace them many times over in the same cost as the super expensive ones you've already found.
  2. morning all, happy Thursday
  3. so it's definitely tuned... has it always done it since it's been tuned?
  4. fancy cornice... going to get it gold plated to match @arronm?
  5. This was a delicious steak
  6. morning all, happy Wednesday
  7. they'll fit unless you have brembo's
  8. The knob is glued on heavily... best way to go about it is remove the surround after unbolting the actual shifter arm, then slowly warm it up in an oven then use a vice with a bunch of tea-towels around it and some pliers to get it to start to turn. It won't be easy.
  9. You won't want the risk of a mechanical oil pressure gauge... if the line somehow disconnects inside (theft or failure) you've got high pressure boiling hot oil sprayed all over the inside of your car and potentially it's occupants. Go an electric gauge. To get an electrical gauge it's signal you get a t-piece into the oil-pressure-sensor switch on the turbo oil feed line point or you get a oil filter sandwich plate.
  10. morning all, happy Tuesday
  11. just tend to snap the guide or the gears limiter bouncing, that's all. insurance mod.
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