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  1. morning all, happy Wednesday
  2. Sounds like it was tuned at some point (hence using 98 all the time)... did it come with a tune box? If it's tuned for 98, you'll have to run it off boost until you run out of the 91 in the tank, as mixing in 98 won't help until it's mostly up to 98. A general piece of advice... if your car behaves badly for whatever reason, giving it full throttle is the last thing you should do in that circumstance. FYI, also there's no "AFM" on these cars, it has a T-MAP sensor (Temperature, Manifold Air Pressure) and it's located on the inlet manifold. The sensor on the throttle body is a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor).
  3. morning all, happy Tuesday
  4. Yeah that's a fairly normal symptom. If it does it on every single pump you use then you might have an issue, but it seems unlikely that you actually have an issue.
  5. as close to zero as you can get it, realistically... but the figures: Standard end play 0.10 - 0.20 mm Maximum end play 0.30 mm
  6. morning all, happy Saturday
  7. haha well, it either transfers to the road or to smoke... either one is fun
  8. looks like it comes on bloody hard still
  9. k31th

    My Build

    taking ages to get the fitting? or...?
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