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  1. With a google drive link each person will have to request access with their google account username (the email address, normally)... so if you want to know a bunch of people's actual email addresses, that's one way
  2. oh, that's cool. It's a really nice spot there at Kalbarri. I went there on a day of touristing after seeing the eclipse in Exmouth and the thing I remember most was the contrast between the ocean and the inlet water of the river there it was a white(actually brown)-water rapid looking thing that separated the blue of the ocean from the brown water of the river haha... I haven't been to Kalgoorlie; was just a bit too far out of the way for us to visit it when we went to WA for the eclipse, but it's a place I'd like to see one day.
  3. is it a work thing? or you just like that route? I assume you live in Kalgoorlie?
  4. What were you doing in both Wubin and Kalbarri in the same day 😮 that's a long way apart...
  5. morning all, happy Thursday 🐢
  6. morning all, happy Wednesday 🐊
  7. morning all, happy Tuesday 🐸
  8. Of course it's true. G6E just has a non-LSD diff. Otherwise they're identical in the rear end... the only issue you might run into is the tailshaft might be a different length, subtly so, but I'm pretty sure that it's good to go as-is.
  9. morning all, happy Monday 🦜
  10. morning all, happy Sunday 🦚
  11. morning all, happy Saturday 🦩
  12. how does it put the wheels out of balance?
  13. yeah, I remember you had a shortcut but it's a dirt/mud road haha still, good stuff on cleaning it quickly one thing that annoys me about mud-crawlers is they leave tons of mud everywhere and I don't want to drive my recently cleaned car over it as some of it inevitability ends up the guards...
  14. ahh yes, I'd imagine driving into where your house is (I assume) would be a dirt road and it's easy to wash the dirt off each time you park it... I love having a garage now and I haven't washed my car for 3 weeks as I've managed to drive it when it hasn't been raining for at least 2 of those weeks haha
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