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  1. k31th

    Exhaust and Tuning

    the X4 flash tuner allows many tunes to be put onto your PCM/TCM, it's not hte "tune" itself. you need a "custom dyno tune" to go in any one of those "tunes" (different fuels, different boost settings etc you can choose to have tunes for if you so desire, but of course it'll cost more). There's other software that doesn't require a handheld device like the X4 that puts a tune directly onto your PCM/TCM without the device itself but of course you can't switch tunes like you might want to with a device.
  2. you'll need 0.8mm or lower gap plugs (some come at that gap, so it wouldn't be considered "gapped" unless it was modified physically after purchase) for your tune and it's fine to put them in then take it to the tuner.
  3. morning all, happy Tuesday
  4. as far as I can tell, things went very well, except the radio silence when they went out clearly your business was chosen and paid, products went out and got there... that's a success if you ask me...
  5. there's only one 6 speed auto in the falcons...
  6. k31th

    Exhaust and Tuning

    yes, you will need a tune with changing the cat and you'll definitely want injectors put in by your tuner. if you want to find a good tuner, read about the QLD ones in this thread-> https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/83001-tuner-in-queensland/
  7. the ZF 6HP26 that you're probably referring to there has complicated fluid level checking or servicing requirements. see the following attachment: ZF 6HP26. Fluid Levelpdf.pdf if you want to go a little further with regard to servicing, then this thread will help you: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/94598-zf-external-cooler-install-and-transmission-service-how-to/
  8. yes, it's quite simple, you just push the accelerator right to the floor and then crank the engine and it won't start.
  9. fair dinkum straya day , get a dog up ya
  10. k31th

    Dose pipe sound

    that's pretty much what you need for a dose pipe... to change the sound you'll need more boost... it might get louder if you change the filter to a larger one.
  11. hmm... would be best to speak to your engine builder about what might be occurring, if I were you.
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