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  1. morning all, happy Thursday 🛏️
  2. morning all, happy Wednesday 🪟
  3. yeah, that's probably a likely assessment... but still having a lot of fun
  4. and worked a full-time job? haha, or is that "doing" a full time job?
  5. Yes, $8k is normal for a ZF rebuild by a performance shop like MT. Yes, try the "lubricate" method, first.
  6. morning all, happy Monday 🛗
  7. morning all, happy Sunday 🚪
  8. well, let's see how next time goes expecting you to chop a few
  9. wouldn't have been many cars run in a wet night, surely? bit dangerous...
  10. I fixed your pics in the original post, @greasemonkey. The album link also works to go there.
  11. morning all, happy Friday 🩻
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