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  1. Long and behold after installing the CD player, reguardless of leaving the headunit unplugged from the CD player, my guages now work, so it seems without it the circuit is not complete, note to anyone in the future, all areas of the ICC must be fully plugged in otherwise wacky sh*t happens
  2. I went out today to give it a shot, and realised the ICC's chassis was slightly warped, and so it hadnt seated properly on the locators (just about the bolt holes), I popped it back, screwed it in, and when I plugged the battery in and turned her over, no luck, same issue. I proceeded to remove the ICC for the 4th time and then realised, as I had removed the CD player, there was no connection to that main white plug, as it is mounted to the back of the CD player, I removed the BCM from the rest of the unit and put it back in as a storm front was comming and my windows were slightly down (it was 36 degrees), and checked again, still the same issue with only the BCM in Now im stumped, why would the cluster, and AC not work when the CD player is detatched, I get the headunit not displaying as it only displays audio features, but the BCM has a direct connection to the car, and to the headunit mind you (as well as a small module on top of the aircon vents which im still unsure of its purpose) Point been, my car is displaying the exact issues described here, but is missing the key culprit of the plug So my last ditch effort will be to reinstall the CD player and radio unit (once I figure out how to remove the last two CDs) and hope that it doesnt wreck itself (as the CD player has sheered a cog and subsequently seized entirly after I manually ejected 4 of them) and hope that this somehow resolves the issue? but I dont see how it will, theres companys that repair the ICC's which recommend removing the BCM and putting it back into the car while they work, so I will ask them if this issue comes along with having no ICC.
  3. I just had the battery disconnected while checking fuses this arvo, no luck but yes I did read the rear plug issues, will give it a look, had to edit my original post as I didnt see there was 2 pages, of which was very useful to read, and relieving speaking of fuses though, one of the big pink fuses on the interior board, labed '30', made a slight rattling sound, cactus you rekon? the others didnt
  4. This is my first time on here and I made an account specifically because I am experiencing this exact issue on my 2005 bf XR6. Ive only just gotten the car and after a CD player malfunction, and subsequant removal for repairs (of which seems not easily possible sadly) the refitting of my ICC has not gone well, I put it in temporarily (just without trim peices in) but have for the past 5 days been driving to work without any guages (exept for fuel) and with all the warning lights on; ICC does not work either, screen is not on but I did remove the CD and radio unit so what else would it display, the AC doesnt work, and none of the function buttons work (like the lights and door lock buttons on the bottom of the ICC) Im worried my BCM got damaged or carked it, but the windows still work, and the cruise control still works (however it doesnt show its on) so im confused, does the ICC control the cluster?? and cause its dead its not working? or is something else happening. TLDR- I really just need to know what happened @Wranglerfpr000 what fixed the issue and what did you do!! im all abit disheartened by the situation, its been my dream car and now its given me nothing but issues in the first 2 months of driving it, I hope you still see this after 5 years, I really need the help. Edit: I did not see there was a second page to this! this is very hopeful to see, and makes me think, I heard a weird buzzing/static sound in the dash after instillation, and did assume something was ill-fitted, I (at the time) hadnt installed the mounting screws to the ICC as I did it in a rush the night before work, and figured the clips hold it in the same position, I dicked around with the plugs going to the BCM for afew seconds while driving (litterally just shook them) and it stopped, so I beleive my issue is ill-fittment lets hope it didnt wreck anything
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