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    So today was a great day. Had some customers fall through, so had a bit of time today. Swapping the front sump girdle for a rear sump version. Re-torquing the main bolts. New rear main seal while im in there. And new rear mounted pick-up. Oil pan installed, and cross bolts with thread sealant. And finally!!!! The two together. ARP calls for 125ft. lbs, for the random bolts I had to order. Done and done. *Note to self, head bolts are not easily accessed with cams installed already, so small learning curve. Cams reinstalled. (Again) And started getting some timing ready to do, but enough for today.
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    Have been planning to get a 4x4 space cab ute, setting it up with a decent tray for work and get aways as the FG is to race spec for that now, also wanted to spend a bit on work related stuff for tax. Have a word with the boss man, decides he should spend a bit of company money before Xmas and get 2 new setup utes. Going ute shopping tomorrow, weeee.
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    A few pics of my new motor. Hope to reset the Adelaide record with this engine using a low mount. GTX3584RS - DMP CAM package and a few other goodies too.
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    Saturday morning fryup [emoji3]
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    So I though I’d suss out this ceramic coating hype. This wasn’t a quick adventure by any chance as it took me almost 2 and a half days of scrubbing. Yeah could of been done quicker but every day life kind of gets in the way and some distractions and rest breaks got me in between but over all I am happy with the outcome. Day one consisted of a wash with CarPro reset, decontamination with waxit claybar and concours purify as lube. Followed by another wash with CarPro reset, chamois and blow dry with my 18v Bosch blower. Followed by a final alcohol rub down with CarPro eraser before I had to call it a day. Here you can see the the purify working eating away at the iron fallout/particles turning the specs into purple liquid. Combined with the clay bar to lift and remove from the paint work: Then another wash with reset: Mandatory pic of the brakes. I’ve gown in love with the colour now. Different lighting give it a different “pop” Day 2 started off with removing tar and sap with “tarsus” and another alcohol wipe down with CarPro eraser followed by a light compounding with my “mothers professional” random orbital machine using “poorboys world SSR 1.0” as a light swirl remover. Another wash with CarPro eraser and then a chamois/blow dry and alcohol rub down before I started with applying Cquartz UK 3.0 Shine of 1 coat: Then whole goving some time to cure, I got onto the wheels next. This process consisted of “concours purge” reactive wheel cleaner. Almost the same chemical as the “concours purify” only stronger. Same smell but noticeably more potent under the nose. Does an excellent job too. I let sit for a couple minutes and then agitated it with a dish washing brush. When it started to dry I used the garden hose “mist” setting do introduce more moisture and make scrubbing with the dish washing brush easier: Then hosed it down to be left with tar.. to remove the tar I used rags soaked in “autosmart TARDIS” This stuff works a treat without too much elbo grease. Pretty much sat the wheels up on a wheelie bin to help with my now tight back and legs from squatting. And just went to town on two wheels at a time enjoying the shade. Next up was applying a wheel sealant. I used “McKee’s 37 wheel glaze” after giving the wheels another alcohol rub down with “CarPro eraser”. Coated wheels: By this stage in the afternoon it was time to go get the kids from day care and then have another crack at the second coat of “Cquartz UK 3.0” when the Mrs got home from work. After coating again I left I the garage over night to cure. Day 3: Next morning began with a super quick blow and wipe to rid the settled dust particles from over night and then had a wipe down with “CarPro RELOAD”. Pics taken just before lunch time. Phone photo quality does not do it any justice. Also always going to be hard to capture the gloss on a white car but here’s the outcome. All in all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white car as shiny/glossy as mine ever. I know the pics don’t show it but it has to be seen I person to truly understand. I tried this coating mainly because of its claimed durability. This car lives out in the weather and is my daily drive commuting to work and fetching kids etc. The true turning points that got me to try was a heap of research and stumbling across these videos on YouTube about the product. 20 way comparison: note 1 year and 8 months.. 34 way comparison: Those are the current most recent updates but if go through this guys videos you’ll find the start. And the whole process these have been going through.. Another video worthy of watching if you are interested in going to this same path. Anyways, Now the test of time will tell if this was all worth while to me. But as it stands right now, I’m extremely happy with the way my car looks now. And keen to see how it’s looks after the first wash in a week or two. cheers, Sam.
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    Picked up this XR50T a couple of months ago after asking a few questions on here. Then I got it registered in vic with some black and white plates. Tint next Lowered on pedders Few more mods to come. Biggest of them being sunroof tomorrow, boss bonnet and G6E lip in the next two weeks. Happy days.
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    Yeah boi!!! Ain't nobody quicker around Bathurst than me
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    Went to Steak Ministry in Glen Waverley tonight with the missus after doing some car shopping. I got a 275g centre rump, marble score 7, 550 day grain fed steak, cooked medium rare, plus a wagyu royale slider. The missus got a 300g porterhouse, cooked medium rare with a Moreton Bay Bug (bottom right of the 2nd pic). Delicious steaks FTW!
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    Off to Vlados tonight for the old mans birthday. Got to love a steak restaurant where the chef tells you what you're having :D
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    @bloodycrashboy How's this mate? I wonder how long it will stay up for? I can get it about half a second quicker but it ain't easy stringing it all together.
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    Had Taylor ( @Panda Eyes ‘s cousin ) back in for a new JD Spec clutch kit, Power steering high pressure hose, new Genuine Alternator, Major service including Coil packs and gearbox service The factory FG clutch wasn’t “fully” mashed but wasn’t loving life after putting up with 350+rwkw for some time now so before things go fully sideways it’s always good to get in there and get it fixed up ! Many of you would know I’ve had a firm love of the NPC products and even though they’re expensive in comparison it’s worth every cent IMHO, so that’s what’s gone in 430rwkw rated NPC single plate copper organic mix, billet flywheel, Mal Wood Alloy CSC, braided feed line, braided remote bleeder HD Spigot bearing, ARP HD bolts. All fitted up and some fully synthetic gearbox oil it’s seamless and precise, literally beautiful and after 1000-2000kms goes onto the Trip “B” we can look at bumping up the power a bit The new alternator is due to the power steering hose leaking oil all throughout the old alternator and no point messing around with junk so only Genuine brand new items go in and not that much more expensive either so that’s always something to consider BIG shout out to @bloosted and the Wifey for helping out as these ones can be more than just one set of hands type of job especially the bleeding of the system process old clutch Old flywheel New stuff ....
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    Hahaha I just came home from a few days away and basically same photo was taken of me but in a different position haha #DOINGNOTHINGLIKEABOSS
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    Bro I've linked you the info twice now. You didn't bother replying to your last thread. Posting the same thing 3 times isn't going to help. Here's the answer to your question though, yes and no.
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    Just keep the stock box and drill a couple of holes in the front with a hole saw and drop in a hi flow filter. Otherwise go turbo side intake if you want lots of noise, but it costs a bit more
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    As it was sliced. Doesn't look much, but unbelievably good.
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    Here we go @Rab. 500g rib eye and a porterhouse for lunch.
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    I finally had a little time to work on this beast. I am still waiting on my FG rear sump oil pan so I can't do much. Just more wiring harness removal, A/C lines removed and a good thorough cleaning. Don't worry, the A/C will be making a comeback in the future after some custom lines are made. Top is dirty bottom is cleanish.
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    So I did a thing... Not quite a 1080ti, but should be plenty for what I wanna do with it. The 8700k should be great for 4k transcoding with plex.
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    I used Infinite Energy. The installer forgot to send through the paperwork for my system after he'd done the install, so it actually ended up taking a fair bit of chasing up on my part to get them to sort out my monitoring...but once I made a bit of a fuss about it they were pretty good with getting it sorted quickly. Overall I had a pretty decent experience with them. Cracked the 40kWh production today.
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    10 mins is fkn excessive. Sounds like he needs some learning #cabletiearoundhistailshaft
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    Still trying to get the car finished and it going to be tight [emoji848] Just thought I'd share that Wodonga recently got E85 on the hume freeway, so if anyone wanted to switch to ethanol for some spirited driving, it's now up here!! [emoji108][emoji41][emoji106]
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    we had the car back on the dyno a couple of weeks ago, turns out the internal 3bar map sensor was struggling with any boost over 28psi, so I have picked up a haltech 4bar sensor but yet to be installed. still at 27psi but inlet temps have dropped significantly and we are making solid power without too much timing. took the car to one of those torque time sunday morning events at qld raceway, bit of a nightmare morning. arrived, and bolted the radials on, pulled out onto the tracked and put a little heat into the tyres through first from about 40kph, selected 2nd and felt a little slip, straight to top gear (3rd) and popped an intercooler pipe off.. no biggi. pulled back into the pits, refitted cooler pipe, back out on track.. 1st, selected 2nd.. no gear. I suspected I'd spun the sprag. transmission is now out, will be pulled down this week and sorted..
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    Actually thinking about one as well, then saw this probably pick one up now for sure https://www.mwave.com.au/product/nvidia-shield-tv-16gb-4k-streaming-media-player-with-remote-ac15469 https://www.mwave.com.au/product/nvidia-shield-tv-16gb-4k-streaming-media-player-with-game-controller-and-remote-ac15468
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    Now some practice with the welder, its been a while. But just like a bike, got it back down after a min or two. Starting blocking in the fronts for the front end.
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    Can say arse pounding cocksucker though
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    Right there with ya mate. Late breakfast is better than no breakfast.
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    Though I better test fit the hardware before I start cutting the case [emoji3]
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    Remove TB pipe, remove TB undo x4 8mm fuel rail bolts leave rail lines as is pull rail up and all x6 injectors will come up out of the intake ports remove injectors, install injectors insert all x6 into intake port bolt down and away you go make sure all old bottom and top O rings stay attached to old injectors use Inox spray to lubricate the new injector O rings make sure injector position clips go back on correctly scale injectors and tune to suit should take literally 20 minutes to R&R injectors on a FG turbo
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    Tuner could not fit my Nizpro exhaust without having it buried into my rear cradle. Quality and welds were shocking and their claims of "every exhaust is test fitted" didn't appear true with no grease, fingerprints or markings. Not sure if mine was a dud but they immediately tried to pass it off as a TOG exhaust and not their own - at the end of the day not happy Ended up going the x-force 4" turbo-back. A bit to loud for my liking on cold starts but settles nicely and is practically drone free. If I had my time again and knew my end power goal (be realistic with yourself if you are going to push 450rwkw+) I would have tried out the 2.5" twin venom system for the Cat-back section.
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    Hey mate.... Georgie? No I don't 'know' you but I did a lot of digging online a couple months back - read through your thread on 4x4earth.com and elsewhere...love the build!! Reason being my younger brother is looking at buying his mate's maverick with turbo E series 4.0L (been sitting in our yard at work for 6+ months now) - you might've come across the original owner's thread, dazzle or da22le I think his user name is/was - fabricator guy. I may send you a pm if that's ok rather than clog this thread up. RE your query, others will chime in but I've also got 1000cc injectors, 460 intank fuel pump, valve springs and BA/BF turbo with mods, making just over 400rwkw through a 6 speed manual. Apart from valve springs, stock FG motor - no pump gears or timing kit either. The 31s and RE4 will obviously rob a certain amount of power - someone else may have a better idea of how much - but I would've thought an experienced barra tuner could push your current setup to 375~400rwkw on 98, assuming there is decent airflow and intercooler is up to the task. Your fuel pump setup will definitely be the bottleneck if you go e85, with a surge tank and pump you could push the current turbo to the limit (anywhere between 450~475rwkw in a falcon on e85, depending on who you ask ) @Ralph Wiggum doesn't log on here as much as he used to, but he's done a barra swap into a patrol I believe, and has a lot of experience with barras in general Edit Was going to post the link for your thread - nice intake upgrade btw! - but I'll leave that to you
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    Followed same wiring as Keith and the system sounds great. Alpine premium x splits in the front and same coaxials in the rear doors. Wiring in the kick panels from the icc to the rockford dsr1 (loc and dsp unit) which feeds the signals to a kicker 600.4 amp for the coaxials and kicker 300.1 for the pioneer 12" sub. All time alignment done and a rockford plc switch to control the sub level. All controlled via my phone. Bit of resonance in the cabin and vibration so ordered a mega pack of soundskins sound deadening to take care of that. Will put up pics once it is all done. Thanks to Keith for this thread as I wouldn't have done it with out it. The GT system cranked first pop but will feel better once the deadening is done. Cheers Tim
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    yep... not fat until you can't fit under the car when it's on jack stands haha
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    I considered building a new PC, but decided on a gaming laptop instead (MSI GT80 Titan - SLI Dual 980m). Comparable performance with the benefits of portability..
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    Ended up with an RTX2080 for a very good price from computer wholesaler. I was throwing up between the RTX2080 and a 1080TI but this RTX was cheaper. Terrible time to be buying graphics cards... Now my CPU is struggling to keep up. Any suggestions for a new case? looking at getting a 9900K + Z390 + DDR4 + new CPU waterblock in next month or two. Also should I put the card on water? it'll cost like $250 for a block and backplate.
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    I don't agree, as the block still needs measuring and machining with a brand new crank, especially as you will be using main studs with a high hp build. The spool rotating assembly still needs checking, balancing, resizing etc before you fit it. Basically whatever you are going to do to a motor with a spool crank, you will be doing to a motor with a stock crank. By this fact alone the spool kit is more expensive as a stock crank is pretty much free before machining. Just because stuff is new doesn't mean you can just slap it in and have it fit properly. Whether you build a stock motor or a high hp motor, they both still need to be assembled properly with the same degree of precision and care if you want them to last. The spool kit has it's place but being a cheap option for high horsepower isn't it.
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    Some progress today on the head. Just need to find the proper torque sequence and specs, for the caps. With any luck should go back onto the motor sometime this week, and work of bolting it down and getting timing items on and re-timing the motor.
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    Use the head, get it sorted and flowed. Keep the rest for spares. Was thinking about putting it in the Mazda haha
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    Found a little time today too make some progress. Tapping oil galleys for NPT plugs, and the future oil feed Started installing new valve stem seals and upgraded crow valve springs Little by little.
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    I had qnap for plex. Junk compared to PC dedicated server. I can stream to more than 6 TVs at the same time off my server.
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    I actually can't believe how quickly this thing boots now. m2 FTW! Edit: also just read that part of their price matching requires it to be in stock in WA supplier...so won't price match PC case gear. Ah well, I'll just roll with the 1050 ti.
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    Get an entirely new loom put in place for that section that caused an issue. Replace all of the parts in the pipeline of potential failure, basically, is how I'd attack it.
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