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    Oi let's get all social media about it... If this post gets 5000 likes, I'll fit a gen 2 gtx35r to my territory this week and run 18psi through it. Since we're here in fordville I'll settle for 5 likes or a decent burrito recipe. K go.
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    I have sacrificed getting the 5 series BMW I wanted to own build 414 in Kinetic blue, one owner with a few thousand kms on the clock rated 9.9 out of 10 condition wise Paid for it today, will get it next week hopefully, still don’t know how I feel about it honestly but I got it regardless 🙃
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    Cool stuff someone else just bought that I'll be using:
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    WMMFG: finishing and submitting my final two assignments for my uni course! Graduate Certificate in Geostatistics DONE! Words can't even begin to describe how excited I am about getting weekends (and weekends without having uni work in the back of my mind) for the first time since starting my new job.
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    "Instructions unclear Welded dick to table 1 star, would not recommend"
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    Believe me I was welding my dick to the bench a few days ago. I burnt my arm on the filler rod, stabbed the red hot tungsten through my work pants into my leg and heat the fark out of my fingers through the gloves regularly. I need a welding bench cos the current (no pun intended) one is wooden. All will happen in time, there's no shortcuts to practice.
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    Today's job, 12mm stainless balustrade for glass, sanded to a 600 grit finish Will be electroshined on completion Only 74 to make [emoji39]
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    Grabbed a 9kg brisket for Mothers day - cooked the point for lunch and 4kg of flat was set aside to make snags 4yo granddaughter helping me grind up the beef for sausages last night. Currently have 5kg (4kg beef and a kilo of pig fat) on the smoker to get them cured) - should be ready for a taste tomorrow night These should be juicy mofo's
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    I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked cos the weather was crap. I'll get the actuator clevis to play nice with the engine mount and heat shield tomorrow, as it needs a couple more mm clearance. If the kids can play nice I can probably knock the rest out tomorrow. Here are a couple of nearly halfway pics...
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    ***Money pit update*** All new alloy 3" v-banded intercooler piping, cost a fortune but no more intercooler piping blowing off being a ute, traction is non existent on the street even with radials on, trying to get used to the acceleration at the track is an awesome learning curve. Willowbank had the hot rod and nostalgia reunion on that weekend, so in the 5.5hrs I was there, only got 4 runs. 1st run - 132mph (red lit with a transbrake fault), 2nd run - 11.0@140mph (left off the foot brake without boost), 3rd run - 10.3@139mph (3000rpm launch, short shifting through the gears), 4th run - 12.2@141mph (3750rpm launch, blazed the tyres,, pedaled 5 times).
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    Disconnect the battery overnight and see if it's performing properly in the morning.
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    Unlikely when I've had all of 4 hours practice on aluminium Here's a few runs I just did on an old ali pipe
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    Well today I have an important meeting this arvo and I’m nervous and stressed.... j@ knows my favourite flowers are peony’s and the second they became available he got some from France (not even kidding) and sent to me today.... Princess feels for sure 👑
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    mate at work goes to early voting on Friday as he approaches the poling premises a greens rep asks if he wants a how to vote card his reply, "no thanks mate, I work for a living" did LMAO
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    Two favorite things of mine at the moment are in this pic
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    I respectfully disagree. In schools there are now new holidays our kids are being forced to celebrate, there’s new communities forming within society which are full of one racial group which sometimes lead to unsavoury behaviour which is indicative of their home land, there’s religious tolerances being made for like dietary requirements etc... none of this seems like much until it’s made the majority and culture is lost... and yes England is a prime example. 1/4 of my sons class would be immigrant based and ironically they’re the ones always getting in trouble for bullying or pushing someone over etc and there is a common trend throughout the playgrounds where in the older years they’re similar trends. This is shown in the males not the females might I add. The females are usually the shyest children I’ve noticed. This isn’t a Muslim thing btw, this is all cultures and races, white, black, orange or otherwise. The people we should be focusing on building relationships with are our indigenous and fixing what we screwed up years ago and closing the gap... rather than trying to open our borders and fixing everyone else’s problems imo.
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    Agree^^^ Coz SA has minimal freeways it’s like no one knows how to merge or keep left. 40 in a 70 in the right hand lane... maybe there’s a solution that involves snipers... but I can’t think of anything at the moment
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    The irony of spending $27.99 on a $2.00 money box when trying to save... so essentially in volume 1/3 of the coins in the money box are used to just pay back the cost of the money box is something I find moronic. Also... it represents a typical 2019 feminist entitled attitude which (in a majority of house holds by statistics) means the man earns a significant amount more money than the woman, however the woman feels she’s entitled to divide those assets as she sees fit, which usually involves a loss of freedom on the mans part in regards to how he spends his own hard earned money rather than a respectful consensus as equals as to how the mutual funds should be divided financially. (This May not literally be the case in a household, however it’s an attitude perpetuated by women therefore made popular enough for products like this to exist) to me it’s ranked in the same category as “I want to be treated equal, but buy me jewellery and open doors for me”. But that's kone none of my business LOLLOLOLOLOL Anywho... happy Sunday ohmos.... Mother’s Day ftw.... having some wines for the first time in some months before I start biological therapy in Tuesday... woop woop.
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    Stolen pics from Hammond Engineering FB page.
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    A small update. All freight information has been sent to Hammond Engineering. He said that he had a personal issue that has put him back 24 hours, and that he'll forward some pictures soon. I'll post them as soon as they are received. Brad
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    Just got an "Insta360 One X" camera to complement the drone and the GoPro's Quick vid to give me the idea of what's possible (spin the vid round for a guest appearance from the dog) Need to put the cam on a pole next time and try different mounting points - should end up very effective on our cruises. Looking forward to mounting it on the drone and worrying about framing shots etc in post. Need to learn how to edit the vids into a linear shot (not 360), with me choosing the best angle next.
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    That's not surprising..... coming from a Kiwi! But seriously, they are the easiest pets to keep if you set things up correctly...... feed once a fortnight-month, only from October to April, nothing thru the colder months. They make great viewing in the night time with the right lighting in their enclosures, and will mezmerize almost anyone that comes to your house and watches them cruise or bask under their lights. Not to mention the "very" healthy price returns from selling surplus offspring each season they breed..... (helps buy the better bits for the car, without the Mrs crackin' the sh*ts!)
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    Been super busy and a bit slow with updates but some things I can finally report on is the fact Daz has now completed the 1000kms run in period on his FG turbo build and we hit the Dyno to give her some leg stretching and come up with a good result of 408rwkw @ 18 psi peak taking his fuel system to it’s safe capable limits ( single walbro 255 intank ) and hopefully in due course a bigger fuel system to come and a lot more alot sooner will really suit this combo Then onto Taylors FG turbo ute that had a new NPC clutch kit fitted by me ( 430rwkw single plate copper organic mix kit with remote bleeder and alloy CSC ) has now around 3000kms was all “Run in” and ready to get a bit more power as it now had a chance of transferring it to the back wheels without slipping on the Dyno 🙃 still working with the Plazmaman 700hp entry level intercooler I had to keep the boost down and the fuel a bit richer than a better intercooler would typically let me go but this left a nice gap to go more aggressive on the timing scale and all translates to a big 380rwkw @ 15psi peak with the GT3582 turbocharger that has the 0.7 cover on it on 98 fuel giving a solid gain pretty much everywhere now up from a previous 357rwkw A Pretty good result and a happy Taylor is all that’s required ! Now sorry but I didn't have anyone with me to take videos over the easter/Anzac day break so it’s just pictures this time
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    Little vid of the land yacht in action
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    His palms are sweaty, fuel pressure weak, engine breaths heavy there's vomit in his posts already, engines spaghetti!
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    no... ignore the advice from people who have been playing with these cars since day one and go the opposite direction then come back here and complain.
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    good day was good, hope you karnts are doing ok 😄
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    Since I'm running Stablebit Drivepool on my server PC it's been trying to unload the drive it picked up as starting to fail, but my other drives were full... so I effectively had no storage left on my server... lame. Ended up buying a couple of WD Red 10TB drives and a Pcie sata controller and jamming them in this evening. Not really how I'd planned on spending $1,000 at this point in time...but at least I can claim it on tax for uni and work, so there's that.
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    Shaggin: Check Coffee: Check Toast and Vegemite: Check Voted: Check Happy dayz
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    Having gigabit installed at my house as we speak. 1000mbit down 500mbit up here I come.
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    you will care when you are tucking into a steak at a restaurant and some hippy mungbeen dick head storms into the place and chucks red paint all over you while shouting "murderer"
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    It's been a while and have had quite a bit of work done since my last post. Here is the list of mods I got done by FPT. Once it was finished I picked it up and within 5 hours of driving it I blew the drive shaft CV lol. So she's in getting the drive line upgraded.
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    Long necks of coopers sparkling ale with a homemade lasagna. F#CK YEAH. [emoji869]
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    saw cops on freeway a few months ago tailgating right lane hoggers and flashing their police lights for them to move and when they'd move left they did the same to the next car and so on. they were also keeping left when they weren't overtaking. was actually awesome to see.
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    Bruce Willis to go all die hard, and pull out a semi automatic and lay waste to everyone while Samuel j yells mother*&ker.
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    I remember last year NSW highway patrol had a few territory turbos. They'd fly up and down the M4 outside of peak hours with an led banner on the roof, had "keep left unless overtaking" running across the screen. They should do that more. People are dick brains on the roads these days and it seems to be getting worse.
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    seems like it might be full moon again or everyone got out the wrong side of the bed. I love this thread and seeing the updates, but so much anger on this forum as of late. It kinda makes it uncomfortable for everyone. I think we all need to drink a few beers after work and chill. Jet, please keep the updates coming. It keeps me sane at work.
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    Ironically, money bags wouldn't have posted that video if he knew what he was talking about. It doesn't matter if you use the lambda scale, or afr with any other stoich offset. What does matter is knowing the fuel properties and the tune requirements, to make proper use of the afr scale. The sensor doesn't read differently, just the gauge will output different numbers. Providing you use the same offset for afr, when switching fuels, there is no benefit to using the lambda scale. You can program a wideband for whatever you want to see on the gauge, and it'll still tune up properly if you know what lambda those numbers represent. There is more than one way to skin a cat, when you understand how things work. #education
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    sweet fa. had a nice 6 days away with no reception camping. was bliss
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    WPMOT: Bloody cat Last few weeks it's been not eating, off it's food, disappearing for a day at a time and has had a seeping eye the last couple of days. Took him to the vet, they couldn't find anything wrong, gave me some eye drops and a $135 bill - "come back in a week if no improvements". As soon as we get back home - he's straight onto the bench wanting food and has been back to normal ever since. Cats are pricks
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    Wondering if he’s still playing with his fuel pressure regulator......
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    520 to 0 rwkw in 40 posts. NICE....
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