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    Brought this today, Toxic BF. 120000Km’s full leather interior. Couple of pics of her in her former glory
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    Same cars making 500+ are probably running some better components Think. Better plenum Rapid systems intercooler Ba exhaust manifold Only twin 2.5" catback. Eflex is only e70 Each one of them would pick up what? 10kw?? Pretty close to 500. I did ask I should be closer to 500. He said at another 4-6 degrees of timing would get it there. Considering its at 10 at the moment. It's safe as houses. And for fitting me in, and only charging me a carton of piss. Can't complain too much.
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    Pics as promised of leather handbrake tutorial and shifter boots. Replacement for incorrect handbrake boot arrived yesterday.
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    Gave her a quick wash but couldn't find the chamois, however I can confirm the new turbo blower works great for a blow dry! [emoji108]Needs more dose though. Sent from my fancy pansy touchy screeny phoney
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    Nobody can, because it's military/government related. He feels superior because they have a "need to know" policy, hence he can faithfully say "you'll never know/comprehend" and the such. Who cares
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    STI's, you mean... and yeah, we catch them, go past them on twisty roads, stop for photos and videos and still never see a sign of them again
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    I did some exhaust adjustments today with the help of a mate and his hoist. We took about half an inch of length from the cat section to move the rear assembly forward, cleaned up and reseated the front pipe from the dump and adjusted the twist to get the rear tips level. It worked out perfectly and we had a good time testing it on some loose dirt roads, with the dsc off, to make sure it wouldn't contact the undercarriage.
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    Just the 1-2 so you stay away from the limiter very few people can manage to pin the gas and get the 1-2 change perfect with around 300rwkw for some reason as it’s over very fast so the operator needs to react faster than the car at the drags everyone stuffs the shifts up but I tell all my customers to change the 1-2 at 4000rpm and by the time their eye sees 4000 come up, their hand move, the ZF engage it’s already at 5500rpm and close to limiter then I say do the 2-3 at 5200rpm and it’s in by 6000rpm and then the 3-4 at 5500rpm and it’s in by 6000rpm also and this usually nails the fastest ET on the day I’ll data log their runs and can let them know to react faster or slower on the shifts at the drags I don’t look at the dash at all stage it up with a boost gauge then feel everything else out and check my logs afterwards which always show bang on timing, takes a bit to get used to but it’s not that hard
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    Brought some various atomic bits and Brad paid for $85 postage in stamps [emoji23][emoji23] Love it.
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    Has been a very busy time for me lately but still managing to get everyone looked after and their cars sorted. Had @FormulaFG bring in his immaculate as new FG mk2 turbo in for one of my custom ZF transmission coolers and full flush service and at the same time complete a engine service with inline filter removal, It’s important to follow up on regular scheduled services as you manage to find little things early on that could become big things later and this was exactly one of these times with the alternator bracket bolt working it’s way out and that’s never going to end well if it came out 🙃 Then back onto Adams FG Xr6t M6 wanting a bit more sound from his previous set up ( high flow stock cat and advanced single 3.5 system ) so it was time to include a Venom 4* Dump and cat combo, new style Bosch O2 sensor, port and flapper modification to 38mm and a full custom retune on 98 fuel. Finished up at 317rwkw but it was over 38* ambient that day and easily over 40* in the dyno cell so big numbers were never going to happen on the little turbocharger ! It was all in there though as I got to lift boost up to a peak of 14psi and now turns the big 275 rears in third gear which is exactly what he wanted ! Then on to my good mate Darryl.... he sent me a TXT with this picture in it ...... Needless to say he was in for a world of hurt...... Had a bit of a sprint with a Calais and tagged the limiter a bit too hard for a touch too long and then you get this ..... Its been one hell of a journey and we’re close to starting her up again but here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store as obviously once you’ve got a engine out you “may as well” the saying goes
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    Who’s coming to watch and who’s entered this weekend!?
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    Rolled the turbo out for the first time in a year. Gave it a wash and a air out. How good is the colour phantom.
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    That it is. Anyone else reckon the back looks a bit pox?
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    I still haven't returned from my weekend away down the Island yet :S Laugavulin 16yo tonight
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    When people complain about fuel usage in a high powered car and say they are going to "de tune" it to save fuel. That's like going on a gun forum and saying, hi guys I bought a a .50 calibre rifle but I don't like spending money on big bullets, how can I shoot potatoes from it. Fàaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrreererrrrrkkrkkkkkssnnsuaij🤯
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    https://I.imgur.com/kRTY4M2.jpg[/img] Gave the interior a much needed makeover last week. Leather seats and door trims. Roof lining and everything else replaced in black. Very happy with the result.
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    Or we can all fly there like civilised individuals and say good day sir, hire some cool hire cars and conduct our own private race wars whilst over there (coz mang mang and flogging other people’s cars is fun), watch some actual racing, then leave back to our comfy accomodation and sleep in a nice bed and have a fap then go to sleep... for way less than $3500 per person.
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    Locking myself away in the van with the lappy, the bbq, the beers and hiding from the world for the weekend Decided I deserved a break
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    Made up a Texas marinade for a slab of pork ribs and some pork belly on Wednesday night. Has been soaking since then for a run in the Weber tonight. Pics later...
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    Kinda pointless discussion now lads. Give the guy some props and let the bloke enjoy his new power. Arronm stfu ya bloody drongo.
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    fark your doctor fluff he is clearly a sh*t kent. Go see dr kittens from now on
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