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    Watching someone slide a turbo falcon correctly 5/7 Would Bang !
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    Morning keif In other news I got engaged 2 weeks ago
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    Ummm maaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.... Ideally thread would've been called 'Territory front wheel bearing' or similar and first post something like; hi guys Im trying to fix my ford territory ford says $150 for the hub assembly but only get it in 6 weeks ,other places say $300 the hub I thought I could machine the existing hub and fit a bearing in but I cant take the one off my car without destroying the bearing so I needed dimensions to buy a bearing then dissemble mine machine the hub and fit a bearing Any ideas? Then replies could've been along the lines of: Hey Just google Territory front wheel bearing and buy the whole assembly elsewhere, easy to find.... eg. https://www.alliedbearings.com.au/front-wheel-bearing-hub-kit-for-ford-territory-awd Says it's in stock And that's how you forum... can only offer advice based on facts submitted. You're welcome
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    So I may need to be moved to the 500 club Chucked a T40Z in, GFB fuel regulator, Second Pierburg pump with a 300lph intank pump. Have entered into race wars for 2019 so should be a lot of fun! Can't wait! Now sitting on adjustable pedders coil overs. I have had some HD axles go in and have a built tail shaft sitting there ready to go in so after race wars hoping to get down to the quarter mile to try and go for a mid 10. May have more in it but bit hard to tell considering I only get 1 pass then kicked out... Couple more photos
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    Hamsterman...he leaps tall buildings in a single bound!!!
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    Today, with the wifes assistance, I fitted some bosch "1000cc" injectors, a garret 12psi actuator, innovate wideband and tuned it to suit. As I already had injector data from the falcon, I put that in and it fired up straight away and didn't really need adjusting, though I did quickly change them to sus out if I could hold 11:1 afr to redline. #returnfuel I added about 7 litres of e85 to half a tank, turned the boost control way down to get a feel for what it was going to do and after about 5 drives up and down the road it was good enough. I was going to go for 12psi across the board but settled for a peak of 16psi dropping to 13psi. I could have done another couple of pulls to get the 12psi across the board but it felt good there. There is still some duty cycle left in the wg and there is a tonne of dc left in the injectors. The timing is plenty safe, even for straight 98, and will adjust the knock sensors when I get a microphone of some type onto the engine. The afr's are where they should be @12:1 and the car goes very well now. It's just a pity that the intercooler is so useless but that will be done another day.
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    started at 6 am finished at 11 am washed ,2 bucket method with Bowden's Nanolicious wash clay bared with Bowden's fine clay bar did bonnet, roof and boot with Bowden's Paint Cleanse & Restore did whole car with Bowden's Carnauba Body Wax did tires with McGuire's tire shine (cos didn't have a Bowden's one) now I have to do the interior the aftermath shiny shiny
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    Googling “hot Keith” was an interesting experience
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    That’s like the time I got sponsored for my drift car and all I got was a jumper... a free tune... as much dyno time as I wanted... drift lessons with an Australian drift champion and cheap tyres.... oh wait....
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    If you don’t want 380rwkw to pick up the kids you should delete yourself from the forum!! That kind of negativity is not welcomed here
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    Easy fix @Princess Fluffy
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    ive been trying to marry fluff for years bloody jet got in the way first
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    I never ring any performance, I want to look at the shop and talk to people face to face. I hate talking on the phone, gives me anxiety for some reason. I've spent probably 50+ solid hours going through everything on this forum. Too summarise- Change the air freshener = TUNE Apparently all size wheels fit on my FG No one listens to people with knowledge Fluffy is trump rich Site developer isn't human at all, it's a cute little hamster Puff is the cheapest person on the forum and likes to buy bulk bananas. There's 12,000 tuna's on here 85% of members are in their 40's Other 15% want to know how to dose it I could make this list go on forever haha
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    Here you go gents... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1deNtovPrX3qMtMD66LYNyK_Hmm6B_79b/view?usp=drivesdk
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    3kg of Aussie Wagyu Scotch just went in the bag - see you in 28 days
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    WDIDTMCT?: Got in, drove to bottlo, bought a slab, drove home. Low-Mid 40's, S.A. can have their weather back.
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    Lol what's worse than installing a transmission cooler on stands in 38 degrees? Realising you've been sent the wrong fittings. The packet has the correct part number, but is definitely different to the factory fitting. Is also different to the pic on the Aeroflow site, so I'm guessing the wrong part went in the Aeroflow bag at the factory. Thankfully I found a performance parts place a couple of km away with the correct fittings in stock (they are special order only from Supercheap and the hose places). So two minutes under the car tomorrow and I'll be ready to start filling up with the old Gulf Western. Have me a chance to finish the wiring instead. Have a thermostatic switch wired to an led in the car to trigger the fan , plus a manual override switch with its own led to force the fan on. Wired in parallel to the new relay for the fan.
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    Well I bought the territory. It's not perfect but it is super clean inside and out and goes and stops well. Happy dayz
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    Got my first power bill that my solar system had been installed for the whole period...$34.40, compared to $356.45 for the same period last year. Looking at how much power I used through this period though my bill this time around would have been like $245, so still saved me $210.
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    I know it's Christmas day and all, and most people will be tucking into some huge mountains of fantastically prepared food, but thought I would share this for@Rab and@k31th Can't recall the weight, but a $19 porterhouse from my local butcher and some bugs, surf and turf. Sorry no shot of "before" bugs, but I bought them green and cooked under griller with garlic butter. Mrs BCB had 4 bugs sans steak
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    Plan is you hold the +/- buttons whilst the engine isn't running for a second and it will cycle through using the maps using instantaneous L/hr to tell you which map is active. Eg 1L/hr, 2L/hr etc. If the engine is running it will just use cruise control as usual. Similar to how the aftermarket GTR tunes work.
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    Well it farken took long enough but here's the end result.
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    after 6 shots of vodka + 2 Redbulls it's time for a beer and cos we are all in the " show us your PC and/or gaming setup" an appropriate pic
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    so I got bored and as im rebuilding the old pc as well as the 9900k tomorrow I thought id use some time to trick up the Phantek Enthoo and give the 7800x some new life. Looks alright in white and will be good with some RGB goodness first coat. black you see around the edge is actually the foam the glass sits on so im not worried about it as the glass on the enthoo is black bordered anyway
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    Righto, it’s only a power run, calm down bro
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    Here's some I took from a drive day we actually organised through a forum back when I still owned a turbo. And this was from the FPV drive day I got to do when I bought my GT...
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    Mowing in the rain with electric mower just means potentially (much) tighter grip on the handle is all....
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    Just bought a fridge/freezer - the epitome of cool stuff by definition
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    there is only one opinion allowed (the left) If you don't hold that opinion you will be accused of being an extreme right wing racist wanker who hates everyone It is a world wide phenomenon
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    I’m not saying anything in fear of persecution. But it I must admit as a society I’m over the politically correct BS standard we’re held to that means opinions aren’t allowed and common sense doesn’t count.
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    Yes I changed my profile pic.... in b4 Arronm
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    So in other news... I flooded my basement in the front seat of this last week ........ drooooooooollllll
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    Got everything back on after putting the intercooler kit in and wired the gauge lights https://imgur.com/a/ztJfxgP https://imgur.com/a/EgTiBWL
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    we went to the restaurant down the end of our street (300m walk) last night eye filet, medium rare was having mouth orgasms Mrs BCB had a vegetarian poke bowl, .................................... but I forgave her
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    Should have been here 10 years ago but hey. Picked up a local stock Bf T (01/06) about 6 months ago(1 owner and I work with them). Body and interior pretty good, mechanically not so, clunked, shuddered and handled like a whale as all neglected Ba's , Bf's get. Had 206,000km's on the clock and everything still had the original factory date stickers from the assembly line. Then the fun started, New wheel bearings, bushes , tie rods , ball joints etc. DBA 4000 series slotted/vented rotors & pads F&R. Lovell springs & B6 Bilstein's. Auto had done the milkshake 18 months prior (rebuilt by XFT) so a win there with new type cooler and rebuilt tailshaft installed. So now I had a reasonably well mannered T. Had a 12.6@111mph tune in it from the docs with the gen1 SCT box. Never did bother to find out the tune power as the 2000km odd round trip didn't seem worth it but it did go well. But then MORE!! Processwest 3.2 package and yep you can fit a full size battery under the headlight just need to cut a bit more! Venom 4" dump, 5" Cat, 2/5" twin intermediate pipe & muffler with factory pipe & muffler over diff. Ceramic CHRA GT3582r with 32mm waste gate. 10psi Turbosmart waste gate actuator. Walbro 340 pump and Sniper bigpod swirl pot. ID 1050x squirts. Had to convince Simon to send me a tune (blue line!) to drive to Perth for the tuneup and I can understand a tuners reluctance to do this. Discretion is the better part of valor, given it's a skinny rod motor (210,000km) 375 is more than enough on 98. However Simon has given the good news I can have a flex fuel component and tune upgrade which will bring another 50-70kw safety on the stock bottom end. Might give a scrub and take some better pics one day. Cheers Greg.
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    my home server all happy all files migrated to the new NAS disks and running a green light operating system on a small SSD with 2 4TB drives running in mirror configuration I changed to FreeNAS software from Windoze home server about this time last year just to test and see if I liked it Loved it harder to set up but more end user friendly found some awesome monitoring software today, tells you everything that's going on and then some Happy little server in my old Antec LanBoy case cool software
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    Nice work, Andy! I had linguine entree, confit duck main and a chocolate tart for dessert #xmaslunchpaidfor
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    Yeah I was very happy with the end result, but the development isn’t going to stop just there. Basically the difference between the last build and this one was a new cooler and intake, dry sump, but most of the power gains have to be attributed to the cylinder head. We are seeing well over 300CFM through the inlet side, and we made peak power at relatively low RPM to what I have seen people revving these engines too. The engine still retains a factory crank and standard stroke at this stage, and all the tuning is done via SCT with the standard ECU. Colin is a wizard with these cylinder heads and I’m stoked that he tells me he has heads coming in the door from all over. I will try and keep this a bit more up to date
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