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    After being a gym junkie a few years ago I got tired and stopped going (turns out it was mainly my disease). The last few days have been a huge flair of my AS and the worst I’ve been in probably forever, (stuck in bed, stuck crying on the shower floor in pain etc) but instead of loading up on pain killers I decided to do something so hard and go to the gym. Movement is literally one of the only things that helps AS (due to its ability to reduce inflammation, strengthen your muscle taking load of your skeleton and also promoting movement stopping your ligaments and tendons turning to bone) but it’s so hard to do when you’re sick, but ironically that’s the most important time to do it... so anywhoooo have been to the gym three times already this week and feel like it’s already pulling me out of my slump. My lifting ability varies so greatly when I’m unwell and today after feeling better already I am over 7kgs up on chest press from three days ago just due to less fatigue. Trying to drag yourself to the gym when you feel like you can’t even get out of your bed is something so hard to do... but I did it which is a huge win psychologically as well and now it’s making it almost fun again to go. Oh and also like month number five or something without alcohol mmfg For those who TLDR: basically back back at the gym... despite how hard it was due to being so sick... but because I have been going it’s making me less physically sick and I don’t drink anymore. Small wins.
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    Hey @Joska_unofficial Barra into sierra sounds pretty tough. Lots of good info on this site, have a bit of a read through these sections; https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/231-conversions-transplants-and-frankensteins/ https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/123-300-club/ https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/152-400-club/ And this thread Late 2008 onwards (FG & FG-X models) turbo motors will handle your power goal with ease with some valve springs, oil pump gears are good insurance. Otherwise you can go the N/A + built option of course. Injector Dynamics have a reputation for being the best for this application, Bosch 1000s will do the job though. Turbos - the factory GT3540 with modified turbine housing (enlarged port & flap on internal wastegate) has worked well for a lot of people, mine with billet compressor wheel makes a bit over 400rwkw on 98 and just under 440rwkw on e85. Since your best option is probably buying parts in from the US, I'd be going the gtx3576 gen 2. If you could make the standard intake & exhaust manifolds work you've be laughing, but as you've said not likely. An aftermarket plenum like Plazmaman's retro conversion is something to consider; definitely not cheap but they've been especially designed to suit engine swaps for old Falcons, Capris, Cortinas etc so could save you a lot of pain. Hit them up with an email. https://plazmaman.com/product/billet-ba-bf-fg-retro-conversion-manifold/ RE actual motors, there are a couple of guys on here from the US - Florida I think - one of them has imported 5 or so N/A barras for these sort of conversions. May be worth a look considering your location? @Mustangman570 & @SelectivePC All the best man, look forward to this build PS. Your English is expert level compared to some of the tards that jump on here from time to time...
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    Love taking the kids out for a shoot. From L to R we have DeShaun, Latesha, LaCquanda, Datshike, MikeMike40, DeRay, Steve, Commander Rockwell, Sally.....
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    playing around with things to fix boost control.
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    And you might have to drill the dipstick hole (depending on how later the fg block is ie early fg blocks were supposedly drilled for both with frount hole capped off) fg heads are supposedly better than earlier ones
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    J@ and I out for a drive in the Jet... me: whenever I drive this car it’s all spin and snaking everywhere... when you drive it’s all traction... wtf. J@: yeah I know... I do that on purpose me: I am aware, I was calling you boring. Him:
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    Some of us are from Melbourne - everything ends up being tossers discussing coffee
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    Just got my BF Mk2 tuned. Usual mods - fuel system, plazmaman cooler and plenum, valve springs, oil pump gears, 4" exhaust etc. Stock GT3582r. Will get some engine bay pics when I get the rocker cover powder coated, it's currently missing paint where the catch can AN fittings have been welded on. Will let the pic speak. You can see she tapers off, the stock turbo is on full send.
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    Got my intake manifold powder coated today, looks heaps better. Also had to modify the heater pipe so got a Plazmaman -10an fitting to push into the thermostat housing and ran pushlok hose. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Rims: Hussla 'Lit' Fronts: 20x8.5 +20 Rears: 20x10 +40 Wheels: Bridgestone R050 Fronts: R20/30/245 Rears: R20/30/275
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    Not much too learn from you mate. Other than not to be poor when modifying cars coz it makes you bitter and jaded. Maybe I should part my car out so you can feel like you've made all the 'right' decisions. Seems like there's only one way to do things. Must be why your always right. Hows that working out for ya.
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    Just bought a 5W handheld UHF so should be better comms for me this year!
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    Yeah, that bracket is a real PITA. You can either undo it from the two bottom manifold-to-turbocharger nuts or you can undo the one you have an arrow going to along with the one that's in the middle of the engine mount (use a spanner shaped like a "table top" to get onto the one in the middle of the engine mount)
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    that's what always lets me down... my muscles are strong enough but my hand skin and muscles are weak so I fail sooner than my arm and core muscles would if I had stronger tougher hands. #girlyhands thanks @bloodycrashboy we didn’t do anything last night as I wasn’t well, but it J@ is lucky I might take him out for a steak dinner tonight lol.
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    2 pods in a mug and a dash of milk
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    OMG A coffee thread What a bunch of tossers we turned out to be [emoji23]
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    Hour and a half to go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Rea wouldn't get a ride in Motogp. He just isn't good enough. World superbikes in where all the old motogp riders go when they can't cut it anymore. Riders do come the other way but not many succeed. Spiers didn't go well. Hayden did.
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    My mechanic told me he has to remove the engine.
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    Optilocks and a VxFreedom. Nice setup mate. You'll never be let down by that combo. Tikkas are smooth and live forever.
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    jet does a massive 39mm port. To do this im pretty sure you have to do some extra work to get it to set properly as the original seat will be completely gone. So if someone is thinking that big definitely pay a pro such as JET. 35mm is achievable by the well equipped DIY'er with a good eye and a steady hand and a 37mm ebay flapper. You can port and leave 1 mm of the original seat and not have to clearance the side of the housing/make a flush seat etc. Having said this, a 39mm port will flow 20% more than a 35mm port, and anyone that has ever tuned these things know the internal gate is a pain in the ass with gear changes. Bigger port better boost control and faster gear changes as the torque requestors are a lot happier. If anyone is doing this and reading this... make sure you open up the throat on the short side radius too. Think of it like head porting but you always have fast air coming in. just my 2c
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    Didn't take any - was muddy, cold and raining and didn't do any instagram shots posing with firearms lol Took a vid of the daughter having the shot that scored the hit and she's wrapped with that. Can hear the shot hit so it's a keeper. Not going to post the vid here though lol Had a fire of the 22 (about 100 shots), the 308 and also a 303 (mates dads?? service Lee-Enfield from WW1??) and a 45-70 (hard kicking lever action) Not my 1st time shooting, but they are my 1st rifles - definitely going to be heading out more. Heaps of fun
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    @k31th - congrats Did she say yes?
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    If you think it's a spring leaf problem, jack the car up prise the leafs apart & jam some plastic sheet in there & take it for a drive to see if the noise alters. At least you narrowed it down to what side it is!
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    What do u mean like... hi I have number 12779 crapadore or falcoooon coz rare AF bruh
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    had a tree fall over in the backyard into the neighbours property last week It was to big for me to cut up and remove so we got a professional in to remove it while he was here we got him to remove some dying vegetation and prune our lychee tree in the pool garden the sad thing was that our massive mango tree (aprox 80-100 years old) was dying with severe dry rot and borers it had been looking pretty sad for about 18 months and had lost just about all its leaves It was not salvageable, so it had to go also the golden cane out the front of the house which was so big we built our fence around it was also in the throws of dying so it had to go as well I had to make a fence panel to compensate for the missing foliage Mrs BCB cried when she got home the day they cut everything because our back yard looked a bit like Hiroshima anyways, now its time to visit the nursery and buy something to fill the voids golden cane on front fence line After new panel Mango tree (pic taken in 2005 from neighbouring property) devastation Lychee trim
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    I will talk to CMS, thanks guys. I spoke to 'Arr Vee Ohh' back in February when and the business owner and "technician" told me over the phone that not only could I have the world for just $4500, but that he was building the ZF for that very prominent regional Victorian workshop with a 9 sec Turbo Territory. I ran.
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    Hopefully this will land in the given a/c soon. I appreciate any/all assistance to my questions and this great platform. I must have screwed up the process somehow. Looking forward to the bronze medal.
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    instead of that process, the "goals" is a slightly different way of doing things... try the "donate" button on the right hand side of the forum home page (or a fair way down the page under the "who's online" when viewing on mobile like you are) or just go to this link -> https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/donate/make-donation/
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    It sure wasn't on the around...
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    No, I buy Gulf Western in 20L drum.
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    The motor is in position supported only by the motor mounts. Unfortunately I had to notch the oil pan to clear the k-member. The motor clears the sock hood BARELY. I had to notch the oil pan and space the k-member down 1 inch to make it fit under the stock hood, but it was worth it.
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    nice, I've done that before, too, using the input shaft from the gearbox as a alignment tool. edit: fill it through the reverse switch, as that's higher than the fill plug... about 4.5L of oil from memory but just fill it till it weeps out of the reverse switch hole you're filling into.
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    No, I went to Ford , but they have sold out. In fact when I said Falcon, they all just shrugged their shoulders. The young salesman said she had never heard of a "Falcon", then continued to apply her nail polish while facebooking.
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    Powerglide... Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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    Spot on there Keith. Give the hours that I work and the fatigue levels. All I want to do when I get home is sleep and chill out. Everything is progressing, I just need to stay focused and motivated. Should be hitting the dyno again soon. Well when my time lines up with my tuner and with dyno availability. That should give me some mojo..
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    In all honesty, my problems are not isolated. It's not strictly a power related problem either. These engines have harmonics issues at high rpm. This results in bolts coming loose and failing. We think that the bolts are too tensile and inflexible, which makes them brittle when side loaded. Another issue is the length of the shank on the ARP Pro bolts. When we installed the bolts into the crank (with no flywheel), we noticed that the bolt only had 0.030" of actual clamp, even when thread bound. So we think that they were not actually reaching the correct clamp pressure. Not good.... So, we decided to dowel the crank. This unloads all potential side loading off the bolts and installed a locking shim to retain all of the bolts. We toyed with the idea of lock wiring and welding (Tig) the bolts to the flywheel, but each results in a degredation of some kind. Not exactly a desireable outcome, given that we're trying to achieve strength and reliability. My previous post probably a true representation, as my clutch change was a result of an upgrade, not the failure of the flywheel bolts. For this, I apologise. I'm well known for finishing the car and then pulling it apart again and upgrading.. Lol. The point that I was making is that it wasn't a clutch or flywheel problem. As it occured with each clutch system. For me, it's a no brainer. Dowel the crank. It's cheap enough and worth doing if your already pulling out the box/flex plate Ozywalker was nice enough to lend me his Atomic dowel jig. I paid for its freight and gave him some coin for a carton of nice beer. Thanks again Ozy. It may be beneficial to contact him and rent it also. Anyway, I hope that this helps you with your decision. Brad
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    G6 is a way better car to keep than the celica... but you're probably right that it'll sell for more than the celica if it's a money thing... bloody women eh causing you to sell your car with an expensive wedding just go to the Births Deaths and Marriages registrar and sign the wedding papers and be done with it, imho
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    If it's just standard mechanic type work then I can highly recommend K-Tec Motorcycles in Kenwick. They do a lot of car stuff and are the most honest mechanics I've dealt with and definitely won't take you for a ride. If you need Falcon specific work or tuning done then Monsta Torque were the ones to head to, last I was aware.
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    lesson learnt should have bought a turbo from jeturbo
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    Do you want to send the bolts to me and I will conduct a few tests and give my opinion. What torque setting did you use.
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    Hummm tuff one mate all of the above will have slight benefits unless your existing parts is not performing well the hot side piping upgrade will reduce air speed as it’s overall bigger OD but gain a bit uptop but loose a bit down low the Rapid systems intercooler is a reasonable unit so to get a good gain the replacement unit must be top spec FG exhaust manifold will be negligible imho but you might just change the power generation graph like the hot side pipe will the exhaust could be the biggest peak gain for dollar in this list especially if your twin 2.5* is an older unit the actuator will do bugger all unless you’re having boost control issues uptop ? Same for the boost controller just sayn
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    The motors are the same, BUT a built motor is better in the long run (remember oil pump gears, head studs, valve springs all come with a built motor as well as some kind of warranty) I know people can be sarcastic on here, but alot of them have learned the hard way on what should be done, or in other words sift through the crap & take note of the advice being given. It will save you a lot of pain & $ in the long run
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    He doesn’t state what pump he is using, he’ll only need to mod the pump return if he is using a pump greater than a Walbro 255. Plus you guys are a bit harsh.
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    just a friendly warning, there's more to building an engine correctly than just bolting a bunch of parts together
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    Haha it is now. Was feckin annoying for the past two years! Car drove ok though so wasn't worth continuing to chuck parts at it and hoping for the best. All up it had 5 mechanic visits, including 2 to Toyota, without a correct diagnosis.
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