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    Got a few things done lately. Modified my power steering pump to relocate the reservoir, brought an FG XR8 res and bracket and mounted it near the booster. Decided I'd get a transmission builder to check my work. He was very impressed with everything, air tested the clutches and seals and all good. Lucky he checked though as the reverse circuit on my case was slightly different and needed a new hole drilled through the case otherwise I wouldn't have had reverse haha Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Yeh they all asked when are you going to fix your car
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    2020 is looking great so far upgraded my PC late last year, dumped Intel and went with AMD Ryzen and very pleased with the outcome made a pool cooler for $140 that works surprisingly well had a performance appraisal at work and got a pay rise applied for and got paid out my portable long service leave (10 years worth) and have put that toward a 9 week holiday to South America, Cuba and Hawaii in March/April this year
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    I managed to get some time with my engine guy today. As previously posted somewhere above, I had plans to change the ignition coil location and lead setup to allow ease of access for plug reads/change etc. We put the Nizpro cover on the mill and removed over 10 mm of thickness from the cover. I then resized the previous plug lead holes to fit the new covers. I am considering mounting a coil rack on the chassis rail and running the leads through the runners on the plenum. I'll check it out when I'm home next and post pictures as it progresses.
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    lol its literally the only thing we dont have in common still love her though
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    Merry xmas ya bunch of ohmos. See yous next decadaminium.
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    Hey @Callum1998 Gen 1 GTX3582’s are a 64mm wheel Gen 2 GTX3582’s are a 66mm wheel Gen 1’s are supposed to have 10% better power and efficiency over GT3582’s Gen 2’s are supposed to have 10% again on top of Gen1’s real world figures I have seen and personally tuned are very similar combos Vehicle/mods wise and 480rwkw on 21.5psi for Gen1 and 500rwkw on 21.8psi for Gen 2 The GTX3584rs is a unique 1000hp rated turbocharger when combined with Garrett’s rear SS housing in Vband configuration. That said I’ve just had a customer come in with a GCG GTX3584rs that they specifically fit the T3 5 bolt XR6T rear housing on in 1.15..... spool rate was junk and the turbine “Artec” housings are pure Sheetttttt ! I have worked in with him to go a custom modified Factory FG 1.06 5 bolt XR6T turbine housing to suit the unique RS rear wheel. This is available in Internal gate with my custom 39mm port & flapper combo or External Gate but off of the manifold I will be tuning this on Tuesday and it’s a very similar car combo as mentioned above so results will be interesting but all vehicles had factory FG engines so I won’t be going to crazy with it in regards to power. Hopefully I can nail the top end power figure 500rwkw but on slightly less boost would be nice. Yes it’s an expensive exercise but it is what it is for quality ! if you need anything buzz me a PM IWG 39mm 84rs modified External WG RS modified
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    They are absolute sh*t, bought them and then chucked em straight in the bin. Proceeded to buy another cover and weld on 2 -12 fittings instead much better idea
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    Did it twice in one week too! That was on the first week of holidays. Coz I booked all my flights on points (business) and my flight got into Brissy at 11:30pm NYE and my flight to Vanuatu wasn't until 8am the following morning. Photos of holiday here: https://imgur.com/a/lUSCbxc Good to hear about the missus man! Doing better than I did haha. Still own a home, so that's nice at least. Don't know that I've done a whole lot since my last post in the Home Renos thread really. Put in a new letterbox, other than that not much really. How's things with you man?
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    Few more things done, feels like I'm going around in circles at this stage.. But still worth pushing on! Two dents fixed up on the passenger from door. Might do one more skim of filler and should be sweet.
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    Just purchased a rotisserie for a VN SS restoration project..
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    I am officially a Lian Li fan boy When ever I have read or watched a review about one of their products there is usually praise lavished upon it I got my new case because of such a review and I wasn't disappointed I just purchased 6 120mm Lian Li RGB fans theses are the most beautiful fans I have ever bought standard black/white plastic but with the addition of an aluminium ring both sides that actually has a machined surface
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    I’m proud of my Apple fan girl status hahaha
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    Ok now we're talking... not a barra but good effort in any case https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/2020-ford-ranger-raptor-receives-mustang-v8-engine
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    Same to you Keith and every one else - have a great 2020! New year's resolution - don't watch any more Zac Baldy or Sam Crac - I keep getting sucked in by their click bait titles and then am severely disappointed by the content.
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    True this. Yep, looks like the speaker or driver in the cluster has completely died. No noise at all 😕 I feel a tech doc coming 🤦‍♂️
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    now you're just getting technical I was being generic with saying "polishing" to encompass any post-wash treatments.
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    sounds like an epic tale of troubleshooting... good job on sorting the alternator. Such a shame that was the issue rather than the pump connector/wiring/etc which has seemingly caused the pump to fail. not sure about the fuel sender thing-o-majiggy in the utes, so can't help you with specifics there...
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    very nice work on getting it finally into the club should turn a tyre on wet grass now, for sure
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    Anyone used the Aeroflow push in -an fittings for the rocker cover? I'm using them for my fg, the rear one friction fits and goes in & out fine but the front one feels like It'll need to be flogged on with a hammer and never come off again. 0% fits by hand. Sent from my fancy pansy touchy screeny phoney
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    Yeah the original colour is Neo. I thought it was Blueprint before I looked at the placard. I'm still not 100% set on the colour but leaning towards just plain white to go with the sleeper theme. The only thing that bothers me is that I'm not really prepared to paint the door jams and under bonnet to do a full color change. I'm also not sure how I'm going to go about painting it.. Grab another compressor + spray tools and diy (2k will be a no go in my unit so acrylic lacquer will probably be used), spray cans (cheap and nasty but with lots of wet sanding will give good results), find someone to do it but big $$$ which I really don't have. I've painted stuff before with good success but not on this scale before. Something like the photo attached is what I'm after and maybe a set of the larger interceptor wheels with wide rubber but I'm going for a dead stock look. I want no attention from the fuzz or any boy racers see the turbo badge and want to race.
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    Yeh they’re not brilliant but still catch the eye and the sound of a 304 is alright with a big bump stick brother inlaw has had a few over the years all Atlas Grey too
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    air is usually introduced in to the system by a faulty master cyl/ resovoir (remotely mounted in this case) . If there are any 'leaks' in the system it will be leaking fluid after the master cyl as it is pressurized after this point. Most likly the master cyl leaking air into the system on the return cycle (tried very hard not to say return stroke!)
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    Arron was actually funny just now. wtf is happening in 2020 🤯
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    For a 4 litre Turbo 6 the old Falcon sure gets awesome fuel economy on the freeway. Doing 110 and sitting on between 7.1 to 8.3 then in the 80 zone doing 5.1 - 5.8. It sure beats driving a boring Camry too. Went up to 10.1 accelerating from 90 to the 110 zone though but hey, it was fun, so who cares.
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    Car has ran 7.76@187mph
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    ahh, the apple comes through in today's discussion in two threads
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    yeah, surely any metal fabrication place should be able to strengthen it relatively easily now that you've stripped it down.
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    firstly, you'll want to be searching for a GT3582R instead of a GT3540 as that designation is mostly a misnomer... and you probably only need a CHRA (cartridge) that goes between the two housings of the turbocharger as that's the part that usually dies when it is oil starved... and as long as you don't drive it around for long with the oil starvation the housings should be largely undamaged.
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    I watch a lot of the 4x4 / exploration sorta shows on youtube. One I quite like, seek adventure, has decided to take a break but his content is really good in case you wanted a new channel to check out. (of course it's a WA based channel)
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    Geez it's been a while since I've been on. Just finished watching all of Steve @discostig 's Racewars videos, great work from him as usual. @k31th I see you are keeping your post count up with Good Morning's, as per usual
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    Ok@SIMBAD years ago nyself and a mate were riding two old sh*t box motorbikes from Melb back to Sydney the long way. We stopped overnight in Tumut and had a solid pub feed and got ready to head off in the morning. We ended up stopping at the little servo in Talbingo, opposite the lake for petrol. We filled the bikes up and as I mounted my bike, the clip on handle bar snapped clean off on the clutch side. It was a freak thing to happen and I'm glad it didn't happen while I was half way through a corner. Its a Sunday and as you know these small towns are pretty sleepy. We walk around a few streets having a look to see if anyone could help, no one home, not much activity. We thought maybe they are all at the rsl. We give up and call a local Tumut towwie... He comes in about an hour and we have a quick chat and we ask him to take us back to tumut, we stay the night and see if we get lucky at a bike shop on Monday. He loads the bike up and I jump in the track with him. As well are driving he says to me 'I know a guy who might be able to fix it'... I say yeah sure if he is willing to help out that would be great. He calls this guy up on a Sunday arvo and explains the situation. He says 'bring it'. So this trucky pulls upto his buddies house and we get the bike off. The guys comes outside and checks the bike out and then heads off to open his garage. This garage is long and has tools, lathes and bikes inside!! I couldn't believe it we hit the jackpot. He spends about 30 minutes on it, we end up helping him strip the bar from the controls and he comes up with this genius was to re mount the bar enough to get us home... He was humble as and was happy to help us. He sent us on our way and we made it back to Sydney that night. Absolute legends!! Stuff like that simply does not happen in big cities... Go Tumut!
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    Mirror. I looked and saw an old fat guy. Who the I <3 Bananas is that.............
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    Nice auto pan with drain...
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    I ain't going to that extent lol. Maybe bcb has an idea. I'm just giving it a light degrease and rinse when I wash the thing.
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    I got spoilt by a jolly man who emptied his sack also bahaha j@ was a legend and got the new 44m, stainless steel, Apple Watch I wanted (my old one didn’t have the cellular and gps etc I wanted). He tricked me and pretended like he wasn’t going to either. Lol It’s got some cool tech and I’m loving the big screen already https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-watch/apple-watch/44-mm-cellular-gold-stainless-steel-gold-milanese-loop-onesize
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    Will only have delivery k's on it. First new car for me.. Should be here on the 20th.
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    Also got a custom hood made to clear the Barra
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    here is a couple of pics of the "second chamber" or the space behind the motherboard which is traditionally only about 30 to 40 mm hope this helps with your decision looking at the pic below, you can see the provision for a second power supply, Lian Li have thought of everything
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    doing mods without a tune is just asking for the symptoms you've got. you WILL need a custom dyno tune (whether you get a flash tuner box or not, but you will need a tune flashed to your car at minimum) to suit the mods you've done.
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    Had Mark @Boosted Blu in for a set of Brembo 6 pot fronts and 4 pot rears with Series T3 5000’s up front and T3 4000’s on the rear Then some “Brake-safe” braided lines all round Why ? Well he had to fill the massive wheels that he’s just got on the ute and what better way to go about it than some stealth black units with the white decals. Still even though the Brembo 4 pot rears are big But nothing looks big with 11.5* x 20* Ferrada FR2 rims wrapped in 305/30 Michelin Pilot sport 4’s and all snuggled down on the Shockworks shocks and King spring HD SSL leafs With the MalWood Automotive Anti tramp control bars I installed last year Amazing, yeh it looks killer and what a excellent way to tie together not only the 500rwkw it makes but with stance, looks and now big stopping power to pull it all up, Have to hand it to Mark for piecing together a great combo and I’m stoked to have been the one to build this ute from stock to what it is now
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    I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Your about 7 yrs to late with ya reply mate. Helpful information though, there are a few tasks on these cars that are better left up to a professional. Especially if a person doesn't know which is the intake manifold and which is the exhaust manifold. Welcome to the forum.
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    I had this happen on my BF F6 the other day - twin porcelain clutch. I fixed at home using a threaded eyelet from a stationary tensioner like on a shadeclothe piece and a steel air hose fitting cut shorter to become a sheath. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8dPDLydgjEkfWqjs6
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    I purchased the vehicle 2 years ago with 90xxxkm on the clock, had been serviced at ford on the Gold Coast its whole life with previous owner. Since I've owned it, yes that is all I have run, has 182xxxkm on the clock now. I changed the oil about every 10,000km, The car lives to drive on the hi-way so that's all it ever does, hi-way K's, she gets serviced pretty much every 3 months
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    just remembering where we have come from ( approx) eg BA 170- 185 BF 200- 225 FG 230- 260 all depends on different trannies, dynos etc eg my BA 4 speed auto 175 rwkw BA 6 speed man 210 rwkw BF 6 speed auto 230 rwkw
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    Went roll racing tonight and the box stopped shifting into 3 quickly at high rpm and just looses boost instead
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