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    Had old mate @Box stock T. in for some repair work due to his factory Diff bolt giving up on a “roll on” power blast down the road and the ol big bang happens so this is a decent indicator that the diff bushes have worn due to the excess movement and additional stress on the shaft of the bolt. Out with the old, in with the new Bushes, control blade bushes all in the Whiteline black series and at the same time gave the diff a bit of a birthday with new CV input seals & “O” rings, new diff hat and Bolt, when everything is out I can’t help but degrease and power wash then paint. Happened to give the T56 a good service at the same time to give the drive train a new lease on life Before ..... After ..... In other news I’m learning something new
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    Back to the turbo falcon today and one heck of a before and after this one ! came in for paint & panel repair as it was vandalised pretty full on for some reason so she copped a near on full respray in that beautiful sunburst colour and whilst it was in the customer wanted it checked up on the dyno as it had been modified at another SA tune shop, Apparently it had 308rwkw Yet still had factory injectors, intercooler, cat back and a bitza intake. Rolled her up and it was popping and banging and started to head past 12.5 AFR on 98 so I pulled the pin at about 1/2 run and just threw in the towel and said nup, not doing it as it already nosed over hardcore. Customer was kind of surprised but not really lol so he said make it right, Paint and panel got finished up and he took it back with a list of things it needed. He fitted up a HDI GT2 cooler kit ( sighhhh ) despite the list having Plazmaman intercooler on it as they’re not “great” the HDI. We fitted a set of KPM Streetfighter 1000’s and walbro 460 fuel module drop in kit, new Plugs and petrol filter and a fresh load of E85 .... Dialled her in and punched out 321rwkw on 14.5 psi and beautiful Torque production but couldn’t get any more flow as the Cat & muffler delete was done by a Blind man going for biggest restriction in a system method 🤨 All said and done it’s a massive improvement and now on E85 as the customer wanted, new exhaust and no doubt this would get into the 350 zone with the small turbo BEFORE.... This gives a better idea of how bad it was on the big layout AFTER ....
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    It's alive! Reversed her out of the shed, powerglide works. Just need to finish putting a few things back together and it'll be ready for a test drive. Haltech ECU is amazing, so many options and easy to use. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Gave the carpet a soak with water and sprayed on some generic carpet cleaner. Scrubbed it all over and rinsed it off... Left it for a few hours and came back and hit it again with the bissell spot clean. The machine is awesome by the way, works really well at extracting crud and dirt deep in the carpet. I started cleaning up the stock xr seats in prep for selling. They were dirty also and hit with the same treatment. Nothing like 200k worth of body juice... Yum Last but not least.. The fpv seats! Picked them up this morning! Overall good condition, happy with them. Because buying flash seats is just what you do when everyone is facing job losses and financial doom right?
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    these turned up today no rush to install, but I am excited
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    Took the Glitter sh*tter to work. It's be on hiatus for an engine freshen up
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    Arghhh been busy, very busy but some interesting stuff I’ve been doing lately and different indeed Been helping some good blokes out at a Particular workshop I do tuning for when they’ve been a man down with recent surgery on his neck & back and in the spirit of things I’m stepping in to help out wherever I can, this is leading to some cool stuff hitting the Dyno ! Today I did a Range Rover sport with the highest most expensive optioned Supercharged V8 5.0, laid down a baseline and adding on a Full custom Stainless exhaust, intake and a mind boggling body kit that retails for $7000 with a Vehicle price of $214,000 drive away I suppose it’s chump change for some Strapped down in all kinds of configurations to stop the big beast moving around it pumped out a best of 307rwkw And a tonne of torque across all 4 wheels ! Yesterday I did a 2009 BMW 135i with a 3.0TT ZF6 and it just had installed Stainless down pipes and a “Tuned Injen” intake in twin configuration in stainless. Went great with 190rwkw at 7500rpm ! Did another BMW 140i But a 2018 model this one was the new B58 engine ( Toyota supra ) 3.0 TT with a ZF8 gearbox. Rolled up a tidy 215rwkw then tuned it to make 245rwkw ! Solid gains for a tune only in a 1400kg vehicle and it’s fast, very fast for what it is ! Direct injection is a beautiful thing and can run them nice and lean without damage due to the precise atomisation of the fuel being delivered ! Very happy with the results on these little pocket rockets Then this for lol’s... It came in for a engineering certification and made 64kw !
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    Day 7 Wednesday Some stats for my whole trip Total Round Trip Distance approx 2900km Total Time in Saddle approx 45 hrs Average Speed 65km/h Average Economy 11.4 l/100km (yeah yeah @YLD127 and his average economy ... ) Total fuel used approx 340 litres Total beer / port / cider consumed ... anyone's guess Low Head lighthouse near George Town Jacob's Ladder in Ben Lomond National Park Pardoe Beach Devonport waiting to board the Spirit of Tassie Hope you enjoyed the pics Will post up about Snowy's Cruise later for Nov 2020 ... hopefully some of you guys can come along
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    More work done today getting the carpet, center console and seats back in. Looking heaps better already. Head liner is really letting the interior down now so I will try get someone out this week to mend it.
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    So it's officially the end of my second full week of WFH and I'm loving it. Of course it's funny watching peoples faces in Zoom meetings when they see me lying back ont the lounge with my snacks and drinks next to me watching everything on the 60" TV whilst they look to be sitting in uncomfortable chairs, plus the bathroom and kitchen are both about 10 steps away from me, so it's pretty cruisey for myself. That being said, back in February we could see where things were going, so we planned for staff being WFH for at least 3 months, which is fine by me, I've been looking at CCTV cameras in between work and sorting out dads taxes, so I'll see about hitting up a certain forum member who I believe does cabling etc. down Mandurah way, as I'm a little too large to be getting up in the roof cavity laying ethernet cable etc. plus I really CBF doing it myself. I've got a 48-port Cisco PoE switch to go into the linen cupboard of the granny flat with a small PC and a UPS to keep it going for a while if anyone decides to flick the switch in the meter box to cut power. So WFH has been particularly productive for me.
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    ugly bastard seems an accurate name
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    Productive morning! So one of the goals with this car is to get the interior tidy and up to scratch. It was a smokers car and even after weeks of leaving the windows open, it still just didn't smell nice. Manky, dirty and just musky. Almost like 200,000km of peoples body juice has just soaked into every part of the interior. Sit in it and it just feel gross. Started with getting the seats, parcel shelf and most of the interior plastic trims bits. The plastic trim bits I plan to clean up and paint in black. Nothing special just want everything to blend in nice and look factory but clean. I gave the carpet a mini vacuum and them pulled it out and vacuumed the floor. I think I'll hit it with a rag and some wax and grease to really lift some of the crud. Seat belts off for a mega clean up too. There's a guy on marketplace flogging fpv interior and a f6 interior. Im tempted, very tempted..
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    Built motor will allow you to make way more power lower in the rpm range, then a stock FG motor. Think 25psi+ in the mid. Gregorys manual has all clearances on there and is a good start point for bearings etc. Pistons come sized to the bore. Ring end gap will be on the bit of paper with the pistons. If your skilled you can't really I <3 Bananas up following the Gregory manual. As for parts. Spool for value, atomic for good stuff. Look at there different levels of engines, and go from there. Pistons, rods, studs, pump gears, valve springs, timing chain and sprockets.
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    thank you @k31th, the puller worked like a dream and yes @JETURBO, handbrake was off as I did read up about this job and watch a few videos, cos not mechanic I even sanded the hubs and wheel so there was no rust or corrosion The lovely Mrs BCB made me some lunch, BLT sangga
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    Day 6 Tuesday Both @YLD127 and I agree - best cornish pasties ever at Bicheno Bakery ... We then hugged the coast up East through Scamander then over the top past Tomahawk finally setting up camp in luxury in George Town
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    Well I have had my ute (2014 MkII) for 6 months now and done 40K on some of the best roads in NSW, so I thought I would give a bit of a review on its performance as a work horse. The main reason for buying this ute was 1 - Barra Longevity - I just sold a Triton MQ with 140k on it as it scared the crap out of me with possible motor problems and the price tag for replacement. 2 - Power - Down here we don't have a great deal of overtaking lanes so overtaking is the name of the game. All the farmers and tourist just potter along and when they do get to an overtaking lane its on for young and old. So to have something that cracks from 70kph to 150kph in no time is imperative. The only car that came close was a worked 850R Volvo I had as my service crate 15yrs ago which really was a weapon. Loved putting those SS's to shame with a volvo with ladders on top. 3 - Handling - Something that is predictable and you know what its going to do in all situation as well as the wet. 4 - Comfort - Sit back - listen to the favourite music on a 4 hr drive to a job and don't fell as though your crippled with arthritis when you get out. The cars review after the 6 Months: Extra Load So the Car at present has about 500Kg on the back with the canopy (tray/aluminium with lots of wind drag), tools and ladders (lots of humming). The car handles the extra load fairly well although beefing up the bloody poor rear suspension for a Ute is mandatory. Extra spring and air bags sorted that. Had to also change the rims to 17" with tyres to match, the original rims just kept blowing tyres. Petrol I like to drive a car and with the mountain passes, lots of good very quick flowing roads the ute gobbles up the K's. I have tried all the different petrols on a weeks basis and the best bang for buck is 95. E10 will give me 14.7 L/100K, 95 - 13.4 L/100K, 98 - 13.1 L/100K. E10 certainly cuts the power by about 10% at least from my experience, although I have noticed the any pinging as others do. Handling When you are pushing it the Traction Control needs to be turned off (not recommended if you don't know what your doing), it takes the predictability out of the car when braking. This brings me to another point - the brakes. Who in hell's name put these brakes on a car like this. My BF service car's brakes are way better than this. Anyway this will be my next improvement. Apart from that, the car handles well and once you get use to the what the power does to the chasis not many cars can keep up to you. One thing that did take me by surprise was the whip motion when going from full thottle to braking and turning at the same time as the body movement/roll can get you into trouble. Sliding in the wet is predictable - Not like the previous Triton MQ. Car operation Bluetooth has a hissy once and a while and you need to delete and reconnect your phone. Manual Gearbox is very tight and you have to be on your game when changing quickly. For a service vehicle I like a manual verses an auto due to weight. General Maintenance is fairly easy, except I have had a heater core leak the last few days and not looking forward to pulling that out. Good storage behind the seat for those expensive test tools and computers. Cabin is noisy. No two ways about it. From 110 - 160 you have to turn the radio up and people find it hard to hear you on your phone. Two many buttons on the console - BF is easy, you can remember where the buttons and dials are without looking - Good luck with a FG. Best part is the progressive power and ease at which it comes on. From 90kph onwards, 4th does a grand job of smooth overtaking/accelerating. 6th is good for cruising and at just over 2000rpm (bit over the limit) gets most gentle hills under its belt but 5th is really better and give decent acceleration. Overall I find the ute probably the best car for what I do and gives that driver in you some release to embarrass some of those BMW would be's. All thumbs up.
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    BEFORE - Stock engine bay (Only put the growler induction kit on) AFTER - A couple of modifications..... Still more to come. Chasing 750HP next :D
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    Recently upgraded my PC late last year. Waiting for the next gen of nvidia cards to upgrade my aging 1080. https://I.imgur.com/9KjnyHj.jpg Bonus picture of my old custom watercooling setup featuring my cat that likes to keep warm. https://I.imgur.com/3t2mqt6.jpg
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    Day 2 Friday Raspberry brekky except no pancakes on the menu this morning so had waffles instead ... Oliver's Hill near Liena - WOT a view Then after a day of twisties - time to relax in Strahan with James Boag in hand and another fantastic waterfront view from our balcony
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    Day 1 Thursday Breakfast Tassie Salmon looking out to Stanley's knob Crossing Arthur's River in Tarkine Stopped to look at one of many Sink Holes in the Tarkine (underground rock dissolves and earth on top collapses into sink hole) Huge Tree Ferns in Tarkine near Rapid River View out to sea right outside my motel door at the Pier Hotel George Town
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    Just checked my ebay records, I paid $135 for it which isnt too bad. The stuff I saw from ryda and other car audio shops was much more. I helped my cousin years ago do his Brocky and he used dynamat, cost him a bomb from memory. Its about 2.5mm with the rubber butyl and alloy layer. The ebay store I got it from dont sell them anymore but have a new listing up for the same stuff but I comes in a roll and is 2.2mm thick and claim to weigh 16kg !!! sh*t, im making the car slower... lol https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-2mm-Thick-Sound-Deadener-Roll-Butyl-Rubber-Car-8m-Heat-Insulation-Deadener-OZ/123904450941?hash=item1cd947e17d:g:DLcAAOSwaEldeeAp
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    You can drill out the standard reg, works fine for me[emoji106]
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    yeh if you’re trying to get the ECU out to do springs you’re further in the chit than you think ...... Seriously stand back and think for a moment caption pelican tits but plus 1 for setting up the GO-PRO in HD
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    It's our way of knowing that K31th hasn't succumbed to the virus yet. If it gets to 11:30 and he hasn't checked in we'll send the Hazmat team to his house
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    Could even put it in the "Donating Members Lounge" so you need to be a donating member to get the "Good Morning" post. Would be a great incentive/bonus for new members to donate a couple of dollars
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    @k31th can I suggest a good morning thread all by itself?
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    No fancy serve ups tonight but old fashioned steak and buttery mash.... medium rare porterhouse for me from the local butcher... not so shabby.
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    got my new handle gotta love being able to open the door from the inside
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    Really liking this thread and the effort gone into the car. Good stuff mate, the forum needs more of it.
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    Picked up a set of Fairmont wheels. Always really liked this design over any of the xr6 wheels. 3 of them are pretty mint and one need some attention. Tyres will pass a rego check but a 8+ year old no name garbage. So new tyres needed. Good grippy tyres is what I want re003 or similar. Also picked up a Bissell Spot Clean with the plan to deep clean the carpets and seats. Hoping it will work well on the seat belts also. I think I mentioned before, the interior is flirty and needs a mega mega detail. Some more progress with the car too. I painted a test panel (my old boot) with quite good results. I used a cheap ozito elctric sprayer from bunnings. It shoots out a ton of paint so your strokes have to be quick but smooth. It left a fair amount of orange peel though but after letting it dry and wet sanding it down from 1000,1500,2000 and a quick hand cut and polish, it came up very good. Was hard to capture a clean up close photo of the panel but I got a few. I used repco gloss white acrylic lacquer mixed 50/50 with thinners. Being such a large change from blue to white, I have started getting some paint on the car with good old repco acrylic rattle cans especially in those tricky areas around door gaps and edges etc. This will also make the car much easier to paint with the electric spray gun. In other news I checked out a wrecker last week who has a bunch of seats.. I really want a nice interior and everything clean and today inside. He has a set of f6e seats which I can make fit in the bf but also keeping my eye out a full fpv interior as time goes on.
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    Why do you think that section of the car is so clean #overun4Dayzzzz its got major clearance issues so it can’t have anything really as it already scrapes on the module
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    Do this, 4* full single with the electronic Varex cut out to Atmo... it’s in my Shed and it’s hectic loud with massive cams !!
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    There's guys out there that do this but way better use of your coin to change rims imho. Not only that, all widening is done to the inside, whereas FG utes are begging for a lower offset, factory offset / wheels are tucked ridiculously far inside the guard
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    found some I can afford, what do you recon https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4x-3D-Brembo-Style-Race-Brake-Caliper-Cover-Disc-Red-Car-Front-Rear/223946038111?epid=1590921605&hash=item3424395b5f:g:6aMAAOSwl6Rdznuj
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    You need some 6/4’s to go with them
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    A friend said to me the other day.... it won’t be us who breaks the isolation if required it will be the baby boomers or the elderly coz they’re stubborn as chit LOLOL. I think it’s hard for some people to fathom... then there’s the other end of the scale that are doomsday prepping for an apocalypse with shelters made from toilet paper and rice.
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    Bloody hell it's been a busy week. We had to make sure all 135 staff, more than half of which had never worked from home before, had headsets, laptop bags and power adapter's so they could work from home as of Wednesday, after HR sent an email to all staff advising that we are ALL working from home as of the end of this week, until April 10 on Monday night after 8PM. The best news is ICT showed Manglement that we are the most organised section by a long shot, we managed everything including doubling our internet connection, organising extra VPN licenses and everything else in less than a days notice. Also we had to organise internet connections for 5 staff that have NO internet at home whatsoever.
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    The handle fits over the (yellowish) plastic studs and the factory melts them down to make a plastic rivet thingy holding in the handle. What I did on a mates fg is use pointy nose pliers to snap off the melted bits holding the handle on. Then to reattach the new handle, drilled and used pan head screws in the remains of the plastic studs. Sent from my fancy pansy touchy screeny phoney
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    Pulled the trigger on some more goodies tonight.
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    keeping with the seafood theme, tonight is Barramundi poached in the stock from the chili mudcrab we had last night
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    chili mud crab, with prawns
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    I'm leaving Tassie now. Fantastic week driving some of the best roads in the world in my own FPV F6 !!! Thanks @YLD127 for a great time Have poor Internet right now on the boat so will post up some more pics later - suffice to say Jacobs Ladder was spectacular today ... 👍
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    Day 4 Sunday We decided to do the Tahune tree top walk and it also helps with tourism into the area that was devastated by bushfires in 2019 Then we did the cider run paddling our way through Franks Ciders (excellent burgers there) and then hitting up Pagans to try some strawberry and quince ciders ... Distances are misleading in Tassie and we barely had time to do the southern coast but managed to fit in Verona Sands with the Mavic
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    Isn't that what you use car forums for anyway freaky?
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    Havent really done much lately, been busy with work. Decided to buy the Haltech ECU Will try and start her up this week but will be another 3 or 4 weeks before she sees the hub dyno at Corsa Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    doing a refurb on my boss's old PC when I opened it up........... (a) I immediately thought of @Rab and his PC that has cobwebs on the cobwebs with dust on top of the cobwebs that are on top of the cobwebs (b) an IT professional built this machine (wot a fu@ken mess)
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    NPC’s Clutch kits only come with a replacement plastic CSC this is where I add in the MalWood Alloy unit, braided lines and remote bleeder on all my “NPC” clutch kits to make them what a customer really needs.
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