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    I joined this forum many years ago and enjoyed many discussions as a forum member and then as a forum advertiser, I made the decision to cease my support as an advertiser because I simply never had any spare time to monitor my page and contribute. This forum enjoyed huge growth in the early years with many friendships and business relationships forged, sure there were some stooges as in most forums but these people soon went by the wayside. Even now this is the first time that I have been on here in ages, I hope the forum stays and people can continue to discuss all facets of these remarkable vehicles. All the Best, Mal Wood
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    Aren't sure if the cat likes adminhamster or wants to put in a bid, but he's following the thread intently
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    The struggles never end lol
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    A few suggestions. Make donating membership an annual thing. To maintain status you donate each year on renewal day. I cant remember the amounts but Suggest. Platinum < $100 Gold $50 - $100 Silver $20 - $50 Bronze $20 And just "donating member" < $20 Hey some people may throw in $5 or $10 a year. YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE DONATION PAGE TO ACCEPT $5 $10. , EVEN BETTER, AMOUNTS PEOPLE CAN TYPE IN. My favorite number is 7 so I may wish to donate $77, cant do that now. And make milestones appear next to your avatar "15 year member" "10 year member" "5 year member" Just my 2c worth
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    Wow, been 18 months since my last visit- didn't realise it was so long. I think I just got over all the getting logged in as someone else crap that went on and on.. I assume its all fixored now, and agree with most of whats already been said, it would be a crying shame to loose the massive database of knowledge this site offers. I too have been involved in running a forum, and saw F.B. kill it as users just love the interface/ pokies style instant gratification bullsh1t that F.B. offers. Im sure we will come up with a solution, I think patreon would be great as we could set up a regular payment of whatever size and it just happens, Its really easy to forget with all the other pressures life brings us. For my sins of being AWOL from the forum I have chucked a hundy in the donations.
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    Turned out pretty farking decent. Will put the mesh grills in once they're dry.
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    We have sign off on the Flex Fuel for the Falcon We have also added table resize so now you can have higher resolution on things like Spark MBT and BLK. Of course they get "Flexed" so the dual map version is the same size. Will be released next week to customers. A big thank you to Danny at Springy Performance and Stathi at Independent Motor Sports. Danny will be offering kits and config files to allow you to install it on your car. Biggest win for me is the dual maps so that I can just switch between LPG and petrol and the PCM will use different, timing, fuel, ... This will be really handy for cars with NOS (wet or dry) Check out Danny's video here:
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    I am not sure if this is the correct part of the Forum, if it isn't please let me know where to move it. With that out of the way. I have a 1993 Mustang coupe affectionately known as the Red Stallion! Unfortunately its a 4 cylinder car so its more like a pony. But I'm about to fix that. This will be a long build, so be patient. I will try to keep updating it as often as possible. Motor: NA BF Barra motor that will be getting a set of forged H-beam rods and forged pistons made by Manley. Along with a set of upgraded valve springs and ARP head and main studs. Of course a nice turbo hanging off the side. My goal is 800 hp, so I could use a recommendation on a turbo. Transmission: Just to get the car running as fast as possible I'll start with a T5 manual. But I'll be using a 4R70W 4-speed auto with an adapter plate to make it work with the Barra. In the future I'll be using the 6R80 6-speed transmission found in the 2012-2012 Mustang. Suspension: In the front I'll be using a tubular front suspension from UPR, we can legally use tubular front ends on the street here. In the rear I'll be using UPR adjustable upper and lower control arms with solid bushings. Out with the old 2.3 4-cylinder. I couldn't resist dropping it into place to see what its going to look like. I've already arranged to have a FG front sump oil pan sent to me. Front suspension I'll be using. I bought this suspension almost 2 years ago. Its been in the box in my shed waiting all this time. Rear suspension I'll be using. Subframe connectors.
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    Well meet up with Rab and Paul this afternoon in Christchurch, was great to meet them and put a face to the name. I joined them for the drive towards Greymouth parting ways on the West Coast side of Otira Gorge. Was great fun through the twisty roads around the mountains and both vehicles got to stretch the legs a little. That AMG has got some go to it. Was an easy 1hr back home from where I left them and seem to have misplaced about 2/3 of a tank of 98 quite quickly today. Depending what the guys get up to will catch them later in the week possibly.
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    Loving it when customers choose me for the second time around and extremely humbling to know that I’ve looked after them well enough that they come back for seconds and this is exactly what @Roo32 has done since selling his previously modified octane FG that I had done for him to get into a WRX then back into another manual FG XR6T This one was semi modified already by a workshop here in Adelaide and needing some attention is an understatement, But picking it up for a bargain this is something you consider at the start as Karl did. In short there was some “interesting” modifications that needed rectification and on the top of that an even more comical “Cam-A-Like” tune that needed the bin. Stripping it down and going over the whole car was the starting point which included a full engine service,gearbox,diff,cooling system and then started the hardware swop out. Out came the monza spec intercooler for a brand new polished Plazmaman 800hp core , out came the Siemens 60lb ebay knock offs ( or whatever they were trying to pass as ) for brand new KPM 1000cc streetfighter injectors. The car already had a pipe kit, street air box,full X-Force twin 2.5* system,walbro 255, actuator and one crazy port and flapper modification that was only evident how poor that was once on the dyno and a very soft clutch that might be original and hanging on for dear life lol. All said and done she laid down a best of 324rwkw on basically 11psi with a slight increase to 12.7psi in the mid and the graph isn’t my normal clean looking as the port work was tricky to work with to generate a reasonable result but the drivability of the car is chalk n cheese now which is the main thing also fitted a new turbo badge as the previous owner had debadged it .. Before Derp lol ( yeh all just hanging in the breeze ) AFTER
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    Got a little bit done over the last few weeks. New bonnets on with the grills in now, I reckon it looks pretty decent. Fitted a set of 6/4 brembos, braided lines and DBA 5000 fronts with DBA 4000 rears. Threw in some 10mm rear spacers, because why not. Also put in some stiffer coil springs, 18kg fronts and 12kg rears. Actually does fairly well in traffic and daily driving, goes real well giving it a bit aswell. Some pics are a bit sh*t but I didn't get any others so here ya go.
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    my boss buying me a brand new 27inch monitor to replace the old 19inch 1950's lcd hahah.
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    Hey I think we should keep it free so anyone can access it. I'd never have joined if I had to pay I reckon. But I also know it costs money to run. I for one wouldn't mind donating once a year in a philanthropic fashion now that I know how valuable this site has been to my well-being (mates, good times, car passions) as I suspect some would on here (but not as an enforced membership so if I was having any hardship in donating I wouldn't have to.) I would also like to see the site running costs looked into by Chris and select few others who know this stuff well to see if there was a better way of hosting the site without need for advertisers and so we can just run off the philanthropic donations. Alot of good enthusiasts sites out there today are there due to the philanthropy of their owners and Chris is definitely one of those people in my mind. I want to help him out continue the good work because I am lucky enough to be able to afford to. But I do want to keep the site free to encourage people to benefit from it. Thanks
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    Could we maybe expand the forum to include vehicles that have Barra coversions? It would increase the knowledge base and expand the audience.
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    Lots of numbers quoted as to what the minimum cost could/should be to run a site like this and some pretty bold statements of it being a cash grab! I have no doubt that Chris has had an awful lot of enjoyment out of his cars and what this site has brought to that. However, if you look at all the hours that Chris has put in to this site v. the revenue stream, in anyone's eyes, it would have to be a pretty sh*tty business model. People tend not to do this to make money, they do it because it furthers the endeavours in motorsport, car development and a community of car freaks with the XR6T flavour. I would fully support the user pays monthly or 6 monthly fee to keep this afloat and to bring it back to a model that is financially sustainable.
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    Steak medium rare, perfect [emoji39]
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    Hello all, finally got to start working on my newest project. A Barra 182, planning on fitting to a Toyota Chassis. I have heard tons about these motors from mostly YouTube videos (MCM, skid factory) so decided to go ahead and see about getting my self one. Its not the cool 242 motor, but if everything gets fitted correctly on this motor, One would be easy to swap over too. I currently am waiting for the head to come back from the machine shop. But have ordered most of the parts required to rebuild the motor, being it was shipped separated, as parts, and a little bit of damage occurred in the shipping process. Just a small nick, in the head but an easy fix, and should have it back by the end of next week. Ill figure out how to get some pictures posted here on the site, and stay updated once I get more stuff coming. If this needs to be moved to a build specific thread, can a Mod please do so, Thank you.
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    Evening all! First day of the new job tomorrow...hopefully I don't tank on day one haha!
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    Working on a boat with four 627 HP V8 supercharged outboards Approx 130k each !!!!! It's basically a very long shark cat type hull A very fast fishing toy
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    My old iPhone I used to play stotify in the ute died so I've ordered one of the kayhan units today. From the sounds of it you retain your fascia and most of the base, the cd player and upper section are replaced. Got their reversing camera too, apparently better quality, plug n play and it was only $40 extra. Will get a few pics of the install when it shows up.
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    Just checked into Queenstown. Not a bad view from the room
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    Let me speak to the missus and see what we can do.... might be a worthwhile trip....
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    Sliding door snib snapped on me today...while I was outside...and my keys were inside. Thank fark I had my phone on me and could call my folks to come let me in...and order pizza for lunch while I waited. Meanwhile the dog was inside, mocking me...
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    Yeah, I know I'm a little late into the game, but had to chance to get my self one over here, and decided to run with it. Waiting on parts is a bummer. But what can you do. Mace performance from AU has been a huge help with ordering parts.
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    Solar install all done and dusted and busy making power.
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    I'm going to have a fun night! Time to start my electrical work. Probably won't drop it all in until warranty is over in a few weeks. Plan is to have a single Deutch connector at the firewall which handles everything. Am wiring oil pressure gauge, boost gauge, wideband, extra USB power for dashcam, thermo switch and fan for trans cooler (plus a light in the cabin to indicate fan status).
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    Stopped on the way home at the "do it yourself" car wash Turned off the traction control when I left. Wet and maybe soapy tires spun up as I got on the gas weeeeeeeeeee Ended up doing a 360 with smoke pouring out from under the guards Did laugh as the other punters at the car wash gave me some strange looks
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    @CJF077 First suggestion is to ditch that dedicated server. Don't need something that powerful. Here is one suggestion https://www.binarylane.com.au/vps-hosting/linux-vps (no affiliation, but I've used mammoth vps's and they also run/host ausgamers community.. Binary Lane are a spin off sister company). They have a $60AU/month VPS, 4core, 8gb of ram, 120gb SSD, and 2500GB monthly transfer. (there is a cpanel one for $20 more if you prefer using cpanel, but I dont recommend running a management layer as doing performance optimisations may not be supported, ie mysql tuning) MySQL performance tuning can be optimised to use more memory, because it currently sounds like its not using much at all (it should retain the memory even if the site is quiet) Certainly there is a number of providers in this space in australia, but that's just one example.
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    Gee , for me its pretty simple, if you enjoy the forum, just contribute a few bucks. Who cant afford $20 once in a while....
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    with that attitude, there's absolutely no way we'd want this forum in your hands.
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    I don't want to sound negative here, but being in the hosting business I've got a fair idea on what sort of costs are associated to run a high volume site. Moreso that over the last 15 years, that price has significantly dropped due to massive competition. If you take into account the renewal cost of the Invision forum software with all features, 6 monthly renewals of "all invision" features is less than $20AU a month. Given that the volume of traffic to this site has considerably dropped over the years, you could potentially run this site on a shared web host (like crazydomains) that provides php and mysql with unlimited disk space for less than the license renewal monthly costs. Even if you needed more grunt with a VPS server to run it all would be well and truly under $150/M, which is the asking monthly price of a single Advertiser, it feels to me a little like a cash grab. Even the Invision cloud based plans are quite cheap, and can be scaled to suit the active users. As a bonus, they do all patching/upgrades for you. Sure there is other costs like domain name, ssl certificate (https/ssl is broken by the way), but none the less, costs associated can be compared to a couple of coffees If this forum's running cost are over $500 a year, you're certainly doing something wrong.
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    perhaps it does... it might be more than that now, but I'm OK with it
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    Big fat fillet steak [emoji3]
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    Super busy times lately but striving to help everyone I possibly can Had @The Red Baron after some performance parts for his upcoming build of his FG XR6T and obviously where else do you go but the local forum guy who can help out .... some KPM 1000’s ,walbro 255, Full Plazmaman 800hp kit,Venom 4* Dump and cat combo and a PWR ZF heat exchanger kit, organised everything including postage to the other side of the country and helped out with great price on it all, hopefully one happy camper Had @gazman bring his BA turbo in for a set of Atomic performance valvesprings as the old 250,000kms stockers were floating really bad around 3000rpm, all said and done the open engine surgery went flawlessly and I even threw in a set of genuine Ford iridium spark plugs for nothing as I just couldn’t bring myself to install the crappers that came out ! It’s all about the love FINALLY @hopper8‘s turn it was and from a stock standard FG turbo we’ve turned it into literally a bang for buck V8 killer.... ( well anything NA killer lol ) In went a set of Genuine FPV 42lb injectors,Intune motorsports pipe kit, @Roo32‘s old intercooler ( the same Ebay spec cooler that just went 350rwkw’s on Dion’s FG two weeks ago ) a Euro 4 Higher flowing cat section with “De ring”, centre muffler delete to 3* single pipe, Plazmaman intake muffler delete, Plazmaman street airbox and one custom Tune from yours truly lol settled in at a tidy 290rwkw on 11.8psi and had to keep it “extra fat” to compensate from the rapid IAT’s the Ebay heater was dishing out hahah, all said and done it goes bloody well for what’s been spent and obviously Josh looks after his beast very well
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    Just popped up on my facebook. Replacement ICC for the FG's (in the comments he says both MK's of the FG and also the FGX) Have been looking for options to upgrade the audio in mine - this may come close. Will wait for some reviews from around, but could be a goer with the SatNav, android and more powerful AMP etc Anyone else heard of this or "Kayhan Audio"?
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    This is such a great solution. I've been chatting to the guy on his FB site. Excellent responses from him. I only have three concerns: the screen is too big. There is no need to have it that big. it sits too high and too far forward. It will make my gauges look sh*t. it appears that to get it to fit the factory reversing camera and phone mic, you have to cut into it (I could be wrong), that part is no plug and play if using the OEM stuff, see my attached pic It would be great if it had an internal sim otherwise it seems perfect
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    Its still progress. Use the left and right preouts into a processor - then convert to whatever you want. Are you guys wanting 5.1 for music or movies on the screen? Cant picture watching a movie in the car? I still rate the guy - that he could come up with a workable solution when all others failed.
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    . . . . . . . . , , , , , , , , A few full stops and comma's to use for the next post. Box, engine, brakes, turbo, wheels and extras. 25-30K...
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    It's officially a forum cruise now. Wow - fantastic country over here.
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    @k31th do you react better to the carrot or the stick ie. should we give money and encouragement or throw eggs at your house until you start work on the F6
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    Believe it or not, after all these years, I still have my highly modified 2002 Gold BA XR6T (purchased from new in 2002. Being Acid Rush in colour and kept in good condition, these early XR6T's are becoming rarer, and though my car is now mostly in safe storage, the site has been an increadible source of help and inspiration, so for that reason I would be happy to pay an annual fee, just to keep my membership alive and help the site push on into the future.
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    Mrs BCB had barramundi MIL (Mrs BCB senior) had tuna poke bowl And eye fillet for me[emoji3]
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    Not specifically but I Will be there this year, no weddings, nothing planned. I have to make it!
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    I bought some MSG a few weeks ago. Fark me it makes a good rib sauce. I don't think it'd work with tortillas though. I bought some other cool stuff today. It was second hand but still in great condition and I also got some weight with it. It's also got a few extra attachments than is shown in the picture.
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    Had to chip in here. The site hosting costs it is on a dedicated server costs over $300 a month without any upgrades, modifications, add ons. I can assure you this is no cash grab. If it cost $500 a year we would not be having this conversation as advertising would cover the costs more than enough. But we are not. I think we need to be factual here and not detract from the purpose. I have had offers in the past (in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the site) in which I refused due to the fact that I wanted to keep the community intact. But when it’s coming out of my pocket monthly to keep it afloat, whilst as others have other expenses I need to entertain the option of keeping it running and whether it is indeed worth it. Thanks all for your comments, it was purely a way to look at the sustainability of the site moving forward.
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    Finally installed the screen. Needs some calibration but tonight will be beer, F1's and movies
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