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    Well Results are in and what a great night out at Tailem Bend “The Bend” for Roll racing. Typical event of Drag style racing that incorporates a “Roll” start instead of the typical Christmas tree Launch of Drag racing. Side by side competitors take off together in a lead up area with the chance to get upto 40kmh ( or there a bouts ) and cross the start line ( together is the idea but some jump ahead ) which initiates the WOT aspect and race flat out together until crossing the finish line ( roughly a 1/4 mile ) This style event brings out all sorts of vehicles from Tuff street to full blown race spec vehicles and arguably the best vehicles Adelaide has to offer to stretch their legs and formed up in the Knock out style where winner of each race goes onto the next and the looser goes home ! The idea is that the fastest and most consistent vehicle will win and last night Alex from @boakesautomarine took out all competitors and finished by being knocked out in third place ( Trumped by a Mazda 808 ( iirc ) with a Spastic powered turbo rotary that obviously took second place. Outright winner was a Pro street HQ that didn’t have back seats as it had tubs so big and a full Andra Cage ( see pics of engine ) This meant Alex managed to pedal the FG turbo ute with 517rwkw against the vehicles from the elite workshop such as Powertech ( R35 GTR with 1000+ AWHP / Audi R8 V10 and their new Corvette ) Also handed it to some serious VL tubbed turbos with Glides, 34GTR’s array of Boosted VF’s GTS’s, Evo’s STI’s and everything in between !! Amazing result and clearly polished off all the other Turbo falcon workshops in Adelaide that had vehicles enter (Weeeee) Big collaborative effort between Alex, Myself and Dave from RVO as he was giving instructions on how much we Could abuse ( lol ) tune wise ( ZF tune ) on his built 6R80 6 speed Auto in the ute. To come out and take a podium on it’s first outing the ute is showing that it’s all set up perfectly and when done right you can literally biltz most things as long as you can drive and hook up and Alex did a flawless and repeatable job last night so big props to him and his abilities Looking forward to hopefully more events and some old style drag racing and grab a 9 second time slip which I have zero doubt it can do watching it last night in this picture you can see the Blue mazda 2nd and black HQ winner HQ engine
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    Ha Foyle is here... now it’s trouble Had old mate Dion @Mrpunk take some time on how he wanted to progress with his next round of mods and with some thought it was decided that he wanted to tackle not only gains but good quality preventive measures along the way So the mod list contains the following for this round Aeroflow 6662 Complete Turbocharger Plazmaman 800HP intercooler Polished Plazmaman UCST with Pierberg pump Plazmaman HD wiring kit Plazmaman Twin -6 feed Fuel rail Plazmaman HD valve springs Turbosmart FPR1200 Aeroflow series 300 lines Aeroflow Push lock fittings Pitlane Performance HD Flex plate Hardy Spicer HD Tailshaft with 1350’s & Unis, slip Joint and HD centre bearing New genuine Coil packs Engine service Full ZF service Diff service DBA T3 All round brake package with DBA SP Street Pads, Red painted calipers Catch can with -10 lines in black braid and AN fittings New window wipers - Silicone mono blades New Power steering pump HPtuners NGauge with 4 Tunes & ZF custom tune Fair Old package of parts but all very necessary. Set everything up so it has x4 Tunes of the 98 & E85 variety of Low & High boost for each, obviously there was no need to go bananas on the 98 tunes and being mindful that it’s still a stock engine and ZF we didn’t want to break anything as this beast started it’s life as a HYW Police chaser and since Dion’s owned it she’s not had an easy life lol 😂 98 Low boost - 357rwkw @ 14 PSI 98 High Boost - 363rwkw @ 15 PSI E85 Low boost - 395rwkw @ 15.5 PSI E85 High Boost - 416rwkw @ 18.5 PSI Now a bit of a trend that you can see but I was also seeing a trend on the datalogs and that trend was saying that the ZF wasn’t super happy with anything more than ~ 19 psi and the slip was glaringly obvious on the Dyno too with RPM limiter tag but Road speed finishing up quicker and quicker as boost went over 18 psi. Bit of a bugger as it was showing great indication of heading into the right places ( 395rwkw on 15.5 psi ) but that’s cars hey ! This is again a vital reason to Datalog, take time required to assess and watch for trends that change and ascertain what’s going on before pressing on and potentially damaging a customer vehicle because that’s not how tuning is done. Care and consideration is paramount when it’s somebody else’s property and not to mention if you catch a problem early it typically means they can usually still drive the car and know what’s about to happen and plan for it Anywhoo I’ll shut up now and get on with the pictures but despite the Big boost numbers being capped much lower than I wanted it’s still a mover on the street and easily turns tyres into smoke as @Mrpunk will probably concur haha Here’s the dead giveaway on this sheet and yes both runs tagged limiter but clearly the big boost compared to low boost 98 run ends quicker ( Blue 98 / Red E85 )
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    Ok soo where do I start....coz honestly there is zero words to express how truly greatful I am to have my pride and joy in the hands of literally the best tuner in SA, but here goes. I dont trust anyone with my car coz im sooo ocd about it as many of you are but to me there was nothing more satisfying than dropping my beast off to azza nearly 7 weeks ago for my final round of mods knowing full well that she was in the most capable hands yet again! And there is a VERY good reason that I have stayed with azza/jdtuning over the past 4+ years. This is a big thing for me as again I want my pride and joy to be looked after. After many txts with the main man we agreed that 480-500rwkw was a realisitc goal, and yes he did give me "unbuilt engine,trans,diff" speech for which I was a little bit worried but at the same time very greatful for. So we pressed on and prayed that all would go smoothly. However, it didnt go as planned. But hey that's cars and that's the beauty of the good ol ZF. we only made 420ish on 85 and 370 on 98, was I little disappointed on these numbers? Yea sure, BUT!!! as azza is true to form he explained to me in full detail why the car couldnt take any more boost coz of clutch slip and thus couldnt make the desired power levels. Was I disappointed with the results?? Yea a little at the the time, that's because im still a rank amateur to these barra motors and to me numbers=gold, however, as azza always says its not about the numbers but how it performs on the street!! And I truly grasp the concept in its entirety now, FACT!!! am I ridiculously happy with how my beast perfoms on the street??? OMFG!!!! You better belive I am!! even on 370 on 98 it is STOOOPID quick, not to mention 420 on 85....well.....that's just another ball park of stoooopid quick that its actually quite frightening that puts a HUUUGE smile on my face every time I drive and for azz to reward me with that is truly somethn else I tell ya!!! BUT, what I would really love to point out is that yea@JETURBO makes our cars stooopid fast but that is not the be all and end all its the tireless efforts that he goes through to make sure his customers cars are exactly where they want them and this is a trait that you will not find from any other tuner in SA. the lenghts that aaron goes through for customer satisfaction.....can I say....is F'N stoooooopid craaaaaazy good!! PERIOD!! Thankyoooo soooo much for finally making my beast to what I have desired after all these looong years!! Literally can not thank you enough for all your efforts!!! As always love ya work, dion. Aka@mrpunk. Ya F'N LEGEND [emoji869][emoji869][emoji869][emoji869] I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    With 400rwkw on the street you can't and still be quick. Boost by gear or a low boost tune will be faster on the street every time. I've set up boost by gear and flatshifting on my manual BF with ~380rwkw. I can pin the throttle from 1st to 4th without lifting and basically no wheel spin. Press of a button and I get full boost in all gears to do skids all day if I want.
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    I wasn't so thrilled with how the dash looked, tried some rejuvenation products which didn't really last and wasn't happy with the dash cover, just didn't sit right over the aftermarket gauges.. So I looked at some options, remembered I used vinyl paint to paint a motor bike seat a while back with decent results and yes, I used sand paper to line the front window... Heres my attempt at a dash.
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    So I'm going the G35-900 also. Will post results on stock bottom end in a few months. There's a fair wait on 6 boost manifolds at the moment. Mine won't be about peak hp because of the stock rods, but should give an indication of comparable response to a standard GT3582. I'll send it with build motor, which will be in the pipeline.
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    Think I'll be grabbing this one $5k, 3 months rego 280k's, 120k's on new engine Should leave me enough under budget for roady and a few accessories/safety gear etc
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    You seriously are a di3k head hey Yes Nathan
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    Few pics of the new Sprint. New plates coming in about a week, once it's registered in NSW.
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    Trick question... the answer is neither
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    I suggested he turn it off and on again
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    A walbro 460 requires a bigger positive feed cable & Relay to power it for one, yes many people just throw them in but they can and do melt the connector clip harness due to excess load on the factory underside cables There is two different Walbro pumps in nearly every range, Low pressure and High pressure, You want the high pressure model in any option A walbro 450/460 High pressure can typically flow enough for 440-450rwkw on E85 and crap loads on 98 fuel but just a single in tank pump doesn’t counteract the surge possibility that a correctly fitted Anti Surge tank does.... Something to think about If you go a Walbro 460 option go a drop in pot/module with one already fitted with return Venturi Modifications done ID & KPM take Raw Bosh injectors and make them much better, this is why they’re worth more You will need electrical adaptors for Bosch EV14 injectors on top of purchase price, KPM have them listed Yes the GFB Drop in reg with Glass Gauge is a great option, remember the single feed rail becomes a restriction in the Flow of fuel too Going a Twin feed rail and Stand alone Turbosmart Reg is a good option to maximise any fuel system and stretch legs further due to less restrictive area
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    So yerp may as well let the cat out the bag, unless he's got a couple of them there, that one will be mine. Jeturbo hooked me up with a great price and I'm looking forward to tuning it, once it's fitted. Also keen to see how good the antilag works
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    Update.... just a photo coz I CBF doing much of a write up... but basically finished upper story render, more stuff happening on first fix, mouldings on for upper level and staff is about to come down.
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    Well... we are officially 3 months ahead of schedule.... *touch wood*... and I’m really happy. All internal first fix is now complete, I made some minor adjustments to some things on the fly and had the Chippy and Plumber back in. Aircon ducting, full first fix electrical, plumbing and now roof all done, with the exception of a few panels going on tomorrow. Then by the end of this week it’s insulation and linings going on. Gas install (new services) happening on the 1st and power is now connected. Had the retaining and fencing contractor out this afternoon to go over some things and excited to see render for on the ground facade in the next couple weeks also so we can get driveway & perimeter concrete (exposed ag) done and then fencing. My diary is only heaps full every day... but really loving it. 🥰
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    So yerp I got the correct fittings for the trans cooler today so I'll have fun fitting that later today. A few flanges arrived today as well, for future fun activities.
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    Some tinkering over the weekend.. Rear knuckles have new bearings in and ready to be fitted, second catch can is plumbed and bolted up and finally some dark window tint for a bit of privacy. Turbo will come out this weekend which should motivate me to figure out exactly what turbo option I will go with. At this stage I'm still leaning towards fitting a new core to my 3582 and calling it a day. Not sure if its worth putting a bigger wheel but I'm curious about it. Mark over at CMS suggested it as an option.
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    double cheese burger had a blood test this week Doctor said my cholesterol was slightly elevated......................can't figure out why
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    Will probably pick one up when Cyberpunk is released - til then the 1080's will keep me happy
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    its whoever has the most kw's automatically wins
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    It’s super common for that arrangement cold side to pop off, don’t go nuts with T clamps get a good Breeze clamp on it clamp the silicone to the throttle body first, then insert the pipe into the silicone that way you know it’s sitting on the TB perfectly first without tension fighting it
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    Been chaos lately with Covid putting the brakes on the supply chains for performance parts and good things come to those who wait. Anyway been a bit behind with updates but plenty going on Had Craig bring in his very tidy G6ET For a Major going over service wise and along the way I found some very interesting things that needed attention. Lucky for Craig I had found these things because it wouldn’t of been much longer before failures would set in. Big one was a previous workshop had installed a ZF Air-Air transmission cooler but failed on doing it correctly and in service coated the whole front end in ZF oil from top of engine to nearly end of transmission. The wrong lines had been used and needed replacement, This required not only a full relocation and done to my spec but a big old degrease and pressure wash all over a few times ! Engine temps were being effected due to low radiator performance, the ZF oil was super low causing all sorts of operational problems. Leaking rocker cover gasket, Spark plug gaskets, swollen coil packs, coolant shot, oil thick and black ... the list went on but that’s right behind Craig now ! What went into it was a Major Engine service, Major cooling system service, Diff service, ZF full flush, New thermostat, new oil pressure switch, new top end gaskets, New ZF lines & relocation, new Idler & Tensioner pulleys Big Birthday for this one before even looking for power modifications !! Before .... After ..... Been helping @Regany out all the way from N.Z with an array of top end quality performance parts ready for him to step up his next round of mods in a big way. Including a Genuine Garrett GTX G2 3582 but with a 1.06 T3 Vband housing ready for his high mount 6 boost manifold with mirror polished compressor housing Full Atomic timing assembly catalogue, studs, Girdle, Balancer, Valve springs with Luxurious Titanium retainers, coil packs, plugs, HD pump assembly, silicone joiners and odds n sods to get these things in
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    Nawww Dude ! Stay around it’s been great helping you out over the years and if you want to ever Barra swop the Rok we got ya back
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    Yes Arron, we are all aware, we read the same forum I’m taking a company on what they have done for us, well aware what others have had to say Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I’m being transparent on the positive experience... Things can go both ways, bit like your sexuality 😜
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    Well there was no exhaust dropping today. Instead I spent the entire day on the dyno, steady state tuning. I basically dialled in the timing under 3000rpm and made some surprising gains. I did a bunch of power runs as well to smooth out the timing curve and overall the car didn't make any more power, but I got it to a better state of tune. It did make a couple of kw more on a couple of runs, but that's nothing really. I learnt a bunch about the dyno and overall just gained a bit more experience. I suppose next time I'll do the cam timing and see if I can smooth it out in the midrange. Heh who knows, I might end up doing something else. Happy days
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    Stock ba/bf comp size, gt35 comp size (opened up for gtx35 wheel) and whatever size the aeroflow unit is, gtx42. Tim tam for scale
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    Met up with @JETURBO this morning to pick up a turbo. For a bloke who was just about to start work he sure was cheerful Thanks again mate and hopefully catch up next weekend. Will post pics in a little while.
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    Ready for lockdown to end now
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    We raced the gold 35, his intercooler piping blew off so we went to the pits afterwards and asked if they where keen for a re match. Only to find Donnon using cable ties to try n fix it. Should see the look I got when I mentioned we figured only our cars used cable ties 😂😂😂
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    It’s the beauty about Roll Racing, you can out Fox others aslong as you play fair, I learnt this the hard way in my own Rotor last time against the White Datsun Supercar. This time we where prepared and win or loose , the idea is to have fun in a safe manner and be a good sport. For anyone that hasn’t been or taken part, think off it as having some roll ons with randoms , winner takes nothing else but bragging rights, in a controlled environment and no cops around. The going ons of last week is a good example of why we should really try n stick to these events in controlled environments to enjoy our cars. No matter if you have 200 or 800 Killawasps. Weve all done it, still do, but we do have options, the more we support, the more we may get, A drag strip maybe?
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    There’s so much room up there you can basically have your own style pit area if you needed too. loads of carport style shelters with concrete floor, under roof Plasma screen’s, Power outlets, comms outlets main pit facilities, It’s all new and set for big pit crews so it really is a world class facility as it was built to be.
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    cos @Rab came through with the goods fish fajitas
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    Yerp that will give you part of a stock rebuild. I looked at this option and then I thought well fark if I'm going to spend $500 on pistons I may as well spend enough and get some forged pistons, then I thought well fark it, I'll get upgraded pins too then I thought fark it and got I beam rods too. While it's out and apart; You'll want better rods too, so they'll need sizing and the crank will need linnishing, then you may as well get oil pump gears, then you may as well get main studs which will mean line honing, and if you're getting it line honed then you may as well get a girdle and get the main caps machined to suit, then you may as well do the flex plate cos you may as well while it's out, then you'll want to at least deck the head, then you may as well get the seats re cut while you're there and get a decent set of springs in it, so you may as well get a full atomic timing kit, and of course you'll be forking out for a full vrs kit which will mean that you may as well get a better head gasket, then you may as well get head studs too cos it's only an extra $250, then you may as well get a balancer cos the stock ones are sh*te, then for all that bullsh*t you may as well buy a giant turbo and if you've got a giant turbo then you'll need a beastly fuel system and then you'll put the whole lot together, break your transmission, replace that, break the diff, replace that, go through a set of tyres and axles every 2 weeks and eventually wish that you'd just bought a honda civic and paid off the mortgage instead. But yeah, nothing wrong with a stock rebuild
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    Gettin there mate. I'm waiting on a couple of 3 into 1 merge collectors and then I can start planning/tacking it up. My goal is a low mount, t4 twin scroll manifold. Whether that is how it works out remains to be seen.
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    morning all, happy Saturday
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    Ordered some Prado 150 calipers, rotors and pads for the Hilux. Turns out they're a straight swap, just have to drill the caliper mounting holes from 12mm to 14mm. Pads are a heap bigger and it'll go from a 319mm rotor to 338mm. Cheapest big brake kit ever, under 1k haha
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    looks like you got some nice flange with your pipe and helmet
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    Heh I just had a read. I don't think having a flattened curve counts if sh*tloads more people die. In other news, I'm going pipe and helmet shopping tomorrow. Haha sounds like night out at k31ths favourite bar
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    Don't ever do it again .... Sprint stuffs for sprints
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    Afternoon ohmos.... Feeling like a winner this afternoon. Been fair freaking out the last few weeks as my surgery has been pushed back three times... but had it this morning and I’m home, alive and only in moderate crap pain this arvo. Nothing like surgery to make you grateful for being alive!
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    Would you be happy with 40% for a maths test. 100% where its at........
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    Here we go bla bla bla 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ With the rvo story’s Dave has been building me transmissions for a fair while now and he’s been nothing but amazing to me in supply and quality , long story short first time being able to do a wot shift 3-4 ( with traction) causing the clutch to glaze slightly exedy clutches , sh*t happens right ? . As to old mate that said I torched my trans dude your soooo far of the mark . I could easily drive the car home and 4 gear still drove fine just under wot with the torque it generates . And pressure slightly below what it could have been it slipped , Aaron had nothing to do with the trans / tuning it was between myself and Dave . And I didn’t give him the right feedback on what was going on so it’s 100% my fault . So quit the stupid Ohhh we have herd about rvo here we go .
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    That’s not what she said ..... 👊
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    Or if you over/under thresholds are too low in both I would like to see Arronm tune a digital radio with auto seek .... 🤪
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    Hey Eric I have installed stacks of these, buzz me a PM and let me know what you’re after and I can probably send photos and walk you through it
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