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    Had Mark @Boosted Blu in for a set of Brembo 6 pot fronts and 4 pot rears with Series T3 5000’s up front and T3 4000’s on the rear Then some “Brake-safe” braided lines all round Why ? Well he had to fill the massive wheels that he’s just got on the ute and what better way to go about it than some stealth black units with the white decals. Still even though the Brembo 4 pot rears are big But nothing looks big with 11.5* x 20* Ferrada FR2 rims wrapped in 305/30 Michelin Pilot sport 4’s and all snuggled down on the Shockworks shocks and King spring HD SSL leafs With the MalWood Automotive Anti tramp control bars I installed last year Amazing, yeh it looks killer and what a excellent way to tie together not only the 500rwkw it makes but with stance, looks and now big stopping power to pull it all up, Have to hand it to Mark for piecing together a great combo and I’m stoked to have been the one to build this ute from stock to what it is now
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    Had Martin give me a call due to some “Hectic” noises coming from his FGX G6ET and without “to much” interrogation I managed to pin point beyond a doubt what it was and sure enough the flex plate had come loose. Bit devastated as he had been to another workshop previously to have a Pitlane Performance HD flex plate installed with ARP bolts, unfortunately the best parts can’t work correctly with less than correct installation methods in place ! To say he was beyond annoyed and zero chance of returning to said workshop I agreed to tackle the job but on only my way or the Flintstones highway as I’m not into doing things twice ! Nothing wrong with the Pitlane flex plates but I knew it would be “beaten” up after coming loose so it was onto Brad from Atomic for the best of the best with his full HD billet kit Whilst the ZF was coming out it was time to hit it up with a major Flush, new filter and gasket and fill with good mate Gulf Western SYN TS oil. Spent time re dressing all mating surfaces and blind threads ready for the new gear and a correct installation ! All said and done Martin is one happy camper again
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    Put it on the hubs at my mates shop and finally got to do some proper flex tuning with the haltech plug in in a controlled environment. Boost control is still being a little temperamental with the 50mm lite gate. The 60 will go on in due course with some head studs etc. Saw about 22-23psi and E60 in the end. Most of the benifits of ethanol are done by then anyway.
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    I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Had a new face in with Chris recently purchasing this BA turbo that had a short list of mods and accessories but he wanted me to check the car over, knock out a service and then check it on the Dyno with some data logging and a general opinion of the current tune performed by a company that’s located in SA’s mid north. Now this is what came out and obviously far from optimal for the weakest of all turbo engines but for the people with not so great eyes yes that’s 17psi on the hit on the up side the fuel was somewhat controlled but the fact the intercooler was a Ebay ( Wog cooler ) and IAT’s cracked 80*c by 6250rpm and over 12* of advanced timing the knock box was having a red hot spazz and getting way to excited for what should be delivered. All said and done there’s room for instant improvement even on the current list of mods !
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    Looking forward to seeing what you do there... still been on the cooking and baking trail myself with cookies and cakes... made a berry cheese cake for j@ tonight for after dinner.
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    So I’ve been off for nearly five weeks. Turns out my body hates me even more and after some spontaneous 95% blood urine, I have thrombocytopenia (low platelets) because my body is killing them so my bone marrow is working too hard. I’ve had 2 blood tests a week basically for 6 weeks, so many more specialists now added and also a CT to make sure I wasn’t dying. Anywho... on the mend *touch wood* so been doing some cooking of late. Made some baked goods, my secret recipe Cookies, a choc mud cake, banana caramel pies and also been playing around with dinners. My BFs wife is Vietnamese and she’s been showing me some tricks and tips so tonight made pork stir fry and everyone asked for seconds. Get yourself to an Asian grocery.... well worth it! These are the bomb! Here’s a birthday cake I made for my mum with left over sh*t in the cupboard lol
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    Slowly getting parts organised to convert over to a 2 speed Powerglide [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    it's bad when you pay someone to do a job and they can't follow simple instructions, a little bit of Loctite could have saved him some money
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    I don't know why you guys would give so much crap to J@ for having a hoist and the potential safety issues... you're all just clearly jealous of his setup (I know I am most certainly jealous of just one hoist let alone a 2 and 4 poster side-by-side). Obviously his concrete is fine as he's had that 2 poster for yonks
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    Can confirm the air temps are turbo-friendly
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    Had Eric back in after a near on 18 months of his beast sitting dormant in the shed while he’s been busy overseas and other general life pressing moments, but it was time to fire some life back into the beast ! Arrived on a tow truck as the battery had gone flat and a 1/2 tank of old fuel in her it was the best option to get her to me and for a fresh start to take place. Kicked everything off with new fluids front to back, filters, battery flushing of the fuel tank, surge tank and some other items with a full checkover, sitting pretty with sub 60,000kms on the clock and being Nov 2007 build it really is one of the very last BF mk2 turbo falcon’s Up and running it was off to the Dyno for a full checkover and delivering what was once almost identical numbers to when I first tuned it on 98 fuel over 4 years ago ( 360rwkw @ 15.5 psi ) to 356rwkw @ 15.5psi but now rocking the 20’s instead of the 18* rims so very well done indeed. Big love for the car we took from dead stock to what it is now and still in immaculate condition Anyway piks as always
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    Haha good work! I should probably clean and oil my filter too. This time last year we were driving in 4 degrees! I did an oil change, flushed the coolant, decommissioned the ZF heat exchanger, fitted braided brake lines, flushed the brake fluid, fitted a dash cam. Just need to wash it now!
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    Yep! It just went to Ford to get the timing cover seal etc done. When it does occasionally go to a mechanic, it is always spotless to hopefully encourage them to treat it nice!
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    that’s what I meant of course ... I just have a way with words LOLOLOL
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    Thanks again EL the above info is the exact stuff I was hoping to find out about. I will be posting with updates as they come though.
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    We're doing the Snowies Cruise in a couple of weeks - Fri night in Tumut if keen for the run or to catch up with us
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    Use these LED bulbs they are bright and dimmable . Get incandescent gauges and fit these bulbs. Boost, oil pressure and water temp are good option. Sports comp look good. https://aerpro.com/sites/default/files/product_images/T10PL1W.jpg
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    apologies if somebody has already posted this, found it hilarious.
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    Got my hands on a powerglide. Started stripping it today. Seems to be in good condition, not that many of the original parts are staying. Sending the case off the get cleaned. Will reassemble it after Christmas and get it ready for the falcon. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    at least pay someone to do it with all your millions
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    Millers Chill for me #8 and counting
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    I didn't know that was a thing!
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    I have a FG MKII NA Ute doing the same sort of sounds. Multiple clunks on acceleration and a single clunk -sometimes- on decel. Doesn't happen when car is cold, and happens a lot if I'm in traffic moving at 20-40kph. have 68k on the clock and have had the sound for a fair while now. Finally took it to a mechanic the other week to which they checked over the whole thing and didn't find an issue other than "it's your leaf springs". He didn't really have an idea as to why they were causing a sound in particular. When listening it definitely does seem like it's coming from the springs on drivers side, but at the same time the clunk on takeoff isn't just a single clunk, it will go sort of CLUNK-clunkclunkclunkclunk sometimes. Also noticed sometimes when pulling up to a light slowly, the closer I get to stopping I get a clunk..clunk...clunk.....clunk. It's really weird and hard to replicate. Also you can hear a thunk in the rear when going over a speed bump or a decent bump in the road, almost like something is bouncing in the tray. Haven't tried much yet apart from getting the diff oil changed, which did nothing. If anything the noise got slightly a bit worse in traffic. Maybe I'm thinking them having the springs fully unloaded on the lift made it worse somehow? I have no idea. I'm pretty useless with cars if I'm honest but I'm learning a hell of a lot in the process of trying to find the cause and solution to this. Going to check everything is tight underneath, despite the mechanics saying everything is tight and nothing is worn. Might try to put something between the springs or something. Bleh.
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    go and get an OEM o2 sensor to replace this one you put in.
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    @civillian confirmed he's a Definite (pending car readiness) so I've updated the Cruise List - please see below. CRUISE LIST: 1. @EvilDaifu VIC (4 days) 2. @Rab VIC 3. @YLD127 ACT (4 days) 4. @El Andrew ACT 5. @PookeyMaster NSW 6. @civillian ACT Maybes: 1. @k31th VIC 2. @demon1300 NSW
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    Not sure but if u put a jet pilot sticker on the back it’s good for 5kws or so.
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    Just did some checking and can't find any in Tumut or Jindabyne. A bootful of jerry cans might be the only way. Edit: hadn't refreshed and seen Keith's post. Haha yep you'd almost need a support car with a trailer full of jerry cans!
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    yeah... sometimes I get up early, sometimes I don't
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    Going to the Island tomorrow Picking up friends from Melbourne airport at midday Hopefully at our accommodation at Cowes by about 3 Leaving Cowes Tuesday morning about 10 or 11
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    it'll be fine with the 20's to pass a RWC (but best to call a RWC shop in your area to confirm - some states vary their limitations).
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    yeah, that's what I meant with regard to the combo question. all good. I just remember it being quite low
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    Hey, after a long time away I'm back in a Turbo Falcon, a 2010 G6ET. Searching online for some info this site kept coming up so I decided to share my purchase with you guys. I bought the car as is, with all the work done and I intend to add some personal touches. Ok so the the important stuff, mods, here goes... Borg Warner turbo Nizpro intercooler, 4" exhaust, over boost valve, 4" intake/relocated Valve springs 1000cc injectors Billet oil pump gears true track diff IMS twin diff bush/hat PW surge, twin pumps, fuel reg, hi flow in tank pump GJ tailshaft, billet CV PBR brakes, braided lines, pads,rotors etc.. More mods but that's basically it. Also had a Nizpro stage 2 ZF with billet input shaft, but that went bye bye. Made 480rwkw on e85. But now I had it detuned and it's now on 98 with a super super soft tune with the farts to keep this ZF alive. Tuned by APS and he said the turbo is barely spinning haha. Now makes 375rwkw on 98
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    for both weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee They are Chinese but Treadwear 300, traction A , temperature A
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    Alex Marquez does a Mamola. Only difference Marquez did not remount Awesome save. Sad thing is. I watched both as they happened = old bugger
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    Hey mate well done with the pictures but you have potential x2 problems one is cheaper than the other to fix Problem 1 Turbosmart actuators are sometimes difficult to set up and there is a possibility the tuner has wound the actuator right out so it has no preload and the flapper arm has a “stub” on it that the actuator hole goes over to join the arrangement. If this has no preload the stub can rattle against the actuator hole Problem 2 I see you have bought a complete GCG GTX G2 3582 with one of their junk 1.15 rear housings see post #4784 and I go over the exact problem one of my customers had when he took off to buy hardware without asking first both problems cause laggy turbo operation and if you want to fix it with a new 1.06 housing hit me up on P.M as I can sell you one of my spec units
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    Had the day off yesterday with Mrs BCB Went out for lunch The food was exceptional Tha Fish at the Pier if anyone is up and around Cairns Soft shell crab Seafood paella Tandoori coral trout
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    Ba bf. Straight swap. No programming. Just match high or low series. Don't worry about Keith he doesn't even work on cars.
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    No, I went to Ford , but they have sold out. In fact when I said Falcon, they all just shrugged their shoulders. The young salesman said she had never heard of a "Falcon", then continued to apply her nail polish while facebooking.
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    helps to remove the exhaust from the cat to rear muffler, too.
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    I am writing this to let members know about a very common problem that affects the Turbo Falcons. The electronic boost solenoid gets sticky after about 10,000km. I did this maintenance on my car last Saturday night after reading about it on another forum. My car felt sluggish going onto boost. While the car still pulled like a freight train, it did not come onto power like it used to, so I thought I would try out the procedure. The difference was noticeable on the Bathurst Christmas cruise as the boost came on like it used to without the lag that I was experiencing before the maintenance. Now I have tried to write this for anyone with the right tools and a very basic mechanical knowledge. If you do not feel at ease under the bonnet, you may be best to get your friendly mechanic or mate to do it. Firstly the parts: Can of WD40 or similar (I used Nulon spray) 10 and 12mm spanner Long nose pliers 10 minutes of your time. Now this work can be done with the battery installed, but is easiest if the battery is removed. 1. Open the bonnet and locate the battery and remove it using the 12mm spanner, removing both terminals and then the battery clamp. The arrow is pointing to where the boost solenoid is located 2. With the battery removed, locate the boost solenoid pic has a circle around it 3. You can either grab the hose with the long nose pliers or undo the 10mm bolt to make removing the hose easier. Once you have removed the solenoid, remove the top black hose adjacent to the plug with the long nose pliers. It is important that you do this carefully and pull the hose straight off, do not wiggle it off or you could break the plastic tube. The hose can be grabbed above the metal clamp and pulled straight off with a little force. Once the hose is removed, spray a liberal amount of lubricant (WD40) into the plastic tube and also up the rubber hose. Reverse the whole procedure and go for a drive. You should notice a significant improvement in the way your car comes on boost. This should be done every 10,000km for optimal results
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    Hmm wonder if that was registered in Victoria as WHA166? You should call FPV and find out.
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    Hey guys, just letting everyone know that the Speco brand, Part#547-53 oil filter adaptor is compatible with the FG T engine oil filter. Mods, you can close this thread now. Thanks.
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