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    Finally, feels like home again
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    Nice work gold finger Been prepping for a big presentation at work. Got hired to come in and shake things up, change strategies, change policies, maximise revenue, blah blah Did a presentation on how I feel our financial strategy should be for this year which is a complete opposite to their current strategies. Was packing it. CEO loved my presentation and wants to go for it and the CFO has already emailed me the budget forecast based on my strategies and numbers. Makes me feel good for spending the last three days and nights on it. Lol
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    Drove it hard on the way back from playing cricket tonight on some back roads, a brand-new-ish VW Golf R was following me through the roads and we had a lot of fun I'm sure he would have been surprised that he couldn't keep up with me. I wish I had video running during that run, as it was heaps of fun
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    7c in Perth this morning, car was mental... Only have this one I prepared earlier. Just leaving work on a Friday arvo.
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    Today I finally got the ball rolling with my engine rebuild/upgrade! Since I destroyed the oil pump and timing chain and associated parts, I have been a little bit cautious about where and how much $$$ to spend on my turned money pit.. And consequently it sat in Dad's garage with no motor gathering dust for the past month. But last week he asked me when I'm going to get it out of his way! So I started to price new pistons, timing chain kits and all the other goodies I needed to get it back together as cheap as possible. When I suddenly come across a set of new Spool pro drag conrods advertised, dirt cheap... So I ended up buying them, and started to dream about how much power I should build the bottom end to handle! So I took the block to get sonic tested and measured up to see what oversized pistons to order. And as soon as the machine shop called me to give the ok for a 20 thou rebore, and all cylinder walls were over 140 thou thick. I ordered a new set of Manley forged pistons with rings. Gotta take the crankshaft over tomorrow to get measured up, then I will order a full set of ACL race series bearings. Now I'm starting to get excited again!
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    transmission has a computer, computer knows whats going on, ask the trans computer not the forum, the computer knows more.
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    You need to de activate the front rollers and request rear only and let the front rollers free roll instead of looking for constant load when you have an uneven loading AWD system especially for just tuning purposes The mainline can derive torque split when looking for % and fault finding but not needed for tuning imagine a treadmill that’s a new style powered unit trying to keep up with you skipping along vs running against it your going to end up sore with bung knees quickly.... then an old style treadmill that’s literally just free rolling without any feedback or much adjustability in tension will accept your shenanigans all day long set the rear roller to new spec and front roller to old spec and you can run at the back and skip at the front #explainingexpertlevel9000
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    Getting wired. Not long now till we fire her up
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    Tried to wrap my head around this drag racing thing again today. Still haven't quite put my finger on it just yet. Nothing too special, but managed to pb squeezing into the 11's running 11.99 @128mph using 17" Bridgestone ecopia ep850 economy street tyres commonly found on ford territories lol. Note they only measured up at 27" and I was hard on the limiter. My calcs said a 235/60/17 would be 28" but I was wrong. Launching on a street tyre is knife edge compared to a radial. Soon as it spun the run was dusted. Radial is much more forgiving. On gate pressure off the line (about 15psi) I could get first gear to drive without huge wheelspin, and kept it on gate pressure through second as well. Bit more time I recon I could run full boost in second and probably drop that time a little more. Maybe 11.8ish. After that a slick and taller gears( or a taller tyre) will be needed to get down into the low 11's.
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    Made a burger with inspiration from Guga Foods (thanks @Rab ) Didn't have a brioche bun but it still tasted bloody awesome [emoji3] Made the sauce, 3 pattys , 3 slices of cheese
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    https://www.facebook.com/PCMTECAustralia/posts/1161251397411669 Cruise control map switching is now available.
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    not that exciting currently, picked up the micmol lights last night and set them up this morning. colours aren't tuned or anything as yet
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    you've got that the wrong way around, mate. hub dyno's read higher than roller ones.
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    Not sure ay. Imagine it would be loss of car though lol
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    Painted some 11's a good 100m long crusing home from work. Really makes a Friday that much better lol
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    Did a base dyno run today, 2015 fgx xr6t, 258rwkw with just a k&n in stock airbox, 9psi boost, dynapack hub dyno, tuner said fuelling looked perfect. I thought that was a pretty healthy result. Have I got a Wednesday engine?
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    Yeah 😞 I think Monday’s should just be a weekend day tbh. It would solve a lot of the worlds problems LOL
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    Started it, let it warm up, turned it off and went back inside. Fun times.
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    Hotdogs [emoji3] Tex Chilli sausage from the local butcher Onion, cheese, mayo, tomato sauce and American mustard on a crusty roll
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    @HSVKILR Cutting a rectangular hole in the base of the tub (directly above the tank) makes it a piece of piss, since you obviously don't have to remove the tub, only the liner. You just need a replacement panel that's slightly larger so you can screw it down, easy to make. Takes me less than 10min to get the side rails off, liner out, panel off and fuel pump out. Edit Great minds something something....
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    did the removal of the territory top mount intercooler, for the super china 600x400 intercooler and custom pipe.
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    Quality products just the ziptie is a little temporary. Is mint though. When you squeeze it I have low boost, and also stays on low boost for a number of seconds. Just did a fake launch on the street and had grip most of first and all of second, then flipped to high boost as I plucked third.
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    100% better to be in front. When he followed me onto the start of the road as I booted it up to "just slightly" above the speed limit (not enough for a fine, of course ) and he was on my tail pretty hard (a bit before the twisty section), so I thought I'd test him out and he stayed within visibility for the main-er roads but once we got to the twisty bit he had nothing
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    ^This sort of a jog always makes the drive home from work entertaining, especially when it's with something that handles well Much prefer to be in front... I was chasing an STI (the Subaru type ok) through some twisties a while back and nearly re-shaped his bumper & boot when he braked a fair bit earlier and harder than expected into a tight-ish left hander.
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    It's only money Keith. I have worked my arse off in Construction for 40 years. This ute is going to be the best I can make it.
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    wrap it put a NA motor in it swap rims plus cash my way? how do I remove my dash to paint it blue? WTB xr8 bonnet
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    Ummmm it looks like a light saber when disconnected from the bonnet mount... so of course it’s worth it!!!! Hahah
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    Elusive tax time so had to buy some odds n sods to upgrade from cord to cordless also a bonza spesh on Geardrive stuff
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    WMMFG. First week of the new job done and dusted... flat out the whole time, so much to do and so many areas of focus. Absolutely love it. I love the challenge and I love being busy, but more than anything I already love everyone I work with. Friday everyone said it felt like I’d been there forever and it does, totally like home. Finally feeling challenged and productive has made me feel 100x better within myself mentally and I can tell it’s reflecting directly onto my physical health as well, which is huge atm Also had my first round of treatment with no major side effects, which is ASSOME
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    Sorry mate, no pics. Just imagine an elliptical serving dish with 4 toasts in it with the eggs on the toasts, the beans in the gaps and tomato sauce, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of dried basil over it all.
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    yep, as long as you keep the stock turbocharger exhaust housing then it's still fine up to power you would probably not bother to aim for
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    I looked into this for my RTV but decided against it in favour of spraying water directly into the piping after the intercooler. Have a read up on water injection of you're interested, by the time your done messing with a set up to spray your cooler you might be better off doing injection. No need to plan ahead and get your cooler temp down before nailing it, water injection set up on a boost switch is on demand and pretty much set and forget.
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    it's certainly not a common thing... but it does do the job. nothing wrong with those 5 year old threads that display information about it try this search: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/search/?q=intercooler water spray&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
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    Look fake! Stop being a cheap karnt aaron
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    Bought something you need like once or twice but when you do need it it’ll save hours and hours of time ! The elusive right angle drill now resides with my toolbox lol 😂 also bought a kick arse tool bag- backpack style as my back doesn’t like carting the regular tool bag around on the shoulder on site anymore #Genericpiksastoolazytotakepiks #inbeforeEFY
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    yeah, it's a BA XR6T with a couple of minor mods
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    lel @ paying $2700 for ANY level of interior work aside from a roll-cage lol
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    They're nice kit. Do well for the early morning starts.
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    Oh yeh no issues., It just means it will have to reach the same temp as the stock thermostat before the fans come. that's the factory settings. Who is your tuner?
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    Rab and I are sharing a surfside apartment (2 separate bedrooms for us snore-aramas) so looks like we will be next to each other there
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    Dash with lens and fascia installed.
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