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    Stuck at home still so decided to get some dinners sorted for a few days... my birthday tomorrow so I’m prepping to not have to cook much since we can’t go out for dinner LAME... so tonight there was Roast Pork with Crackling, Crispy Butter Potatoes, Honey Carrots and Gravy. I also made a favourite of mine which is French Onion Potatoes for those who chose it instead. Then a 10 hour slow cooked pasta sauce made with T-bone and Whole chicken breast. Prepped everything to make a pulled chicken and beef pasta bake for tomorrow night which will have the sauce, bacon, egg and cheese. Then the night after is homemade Texas Burgers. unfortunately the pot lid dropped on my hand while mixing the sauce and I got a nasty second degree burn on the tops of my knuckles and fingers.... which is still killing me 4 hours later, but the vodka is helping LOL J@ has roast pork sammies for work tomorrow at least 😼
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    Some more progress.. First up fitted some speakers. When I had the parcel tray out I noticed the rear speakers were missing but wiring for them had been run. I had the door trims off to take the mirrors off and noticed the previous owner had some 6" speakers fitted with an adaptor. Opted for these Kenwoods, middle of the road type stuff. Sound is really good running off the Alpine deck that was fitted to the car. Great clarity and just enough bass to keep me happy. Won't be winning auto salon sound off any time soon though. Quick job fitting up the chrome door handles and re-re-re painting the dash and door inserts. I'll be a little more gentle on the wet sand this time.. Between doing that I went around the car about 100 times looking and feeling the paint looking for any defects that I might have missed, sanded a few areas and touched up a few other spots. Pulled off as much trim as I could get at also. Then I gave it a heavy duty wash. Dish soap and scouring pad was my weapon of choice. Stopping in between and focusing on specific areas with a detail brush and some APC to remove any dirty or build up crud. Went hard under the wheel arches as best as I could and all the little hard to get spots. Forecast for tomorrow is rain which I hope is not the case, if I see sun then I will be wiping down, masking up and spraying.
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    More work done today getting the carpet, center console and seats back in. Looking heaps better already. Head liner is really letting the interior down now so I will try get someone out this week to mend it.
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    Paint Day!! Well... Forecast was 80% chance of rain so I thought I would head into the shed an tidy up a few other hits and bobs.. Mainly painting the side mirrors, scuttle panel and a few brackets under the bonnet. I see a break in the clouds, sunshine. Screw it, now is my chance! First up I will show you my setup.. This is pretty much everything I used for the painting the car. I side the tubs and various bit of sand paper, sanding blocks, body fillers etc The materials and tools I had for painting the car is as low budget as you can get. Ozito electric sprayer, 4L of acrylic lacquer and 4L of thinners. That 20L drum you see if what I mixed the paint in and filled up the pot from.. Ghetto right? Then the usual stuff, masks, wax and grease remover and various masking tapes. Also some tac cloth for good measure. So I set the car up gave it a full wipe down with wax and grease remover and masked her up. I've the last few days I've been trying a few techniques of masking to try and hide the tape lines as best as possible. It helped a lot of masking was pretty straight forward. Once the car was masked and I was satisfied with it I gave the car another wipe down with wax and grease. Mowing through clean rags just wanting to be 100% that the surface was clean grease free. So I setup the spray gun, mix the paint in the big container and pour some in the pot. I have my busted up door here and I shoot against it to see how its coming out... Good I see so I hit the car with the first coat. Paints coming out fast, I'm sweating because I don't want to stuff it up but I get into a groove and get a light first coat on. Second coat and getting some decent coverage. Taking it easy as I don't want any runs and or paint drooping. By this stage, the plastic sheet around the wheels was coming off, wasn't too fussed as I'm not going to use these wheels I just kept on motoring on. With the second coat done, I felt like I had things under control and enjoyed the rest of the spraying. In the end I got on 4 coats and happy with the outcome. The electric sprayer puts out so much paint, I went through all 8 litres of paint to get the 4 coats on. Looming at the paint up close, it has a texture to it, not 'smooth as glass' like 2 pack clear coat. Its a fine line with this sprayer because if you are too close, it pours paint on and if you are a little too far away, the paint dries quick. Which I think is why my paint ended up a little textured. Nothing a wet sand and buff can't fix. Last few photos are with the masking paper! Car is painted!!
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    >$1/l vs living in S.A. You guys had to cut down on stuff to the point where pets don't even come with hair. Could be worse I guess - could be in Tas where you're stuck in isolation where the misses and the sister is one and the same.
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    So it's officially the end of my second full week of WFH and I'm loving it. Of course it's funny watching peoples faces in Zoom meetings when they see me lying back ont the lounge with my snacks and drinks next to me watching everything on the 60" TV whilst they look to be sitting in uncomfortable chairs, plus the bathroom and kitchen are both about 10 steps away from me, so it's pretty cruisey for myself. That being said, back in February we could see where things were going, so we planned for staff being WFH for at least 3 months, which is fine by me, I've been looking at CCTV cameras in between work and sorting out dads taxes, so I'll see about hitting up a certain forum member who I believe does cabling etc. down Mandurah way, as I'm a little too large to be getting up in the roof cavity laying ethernet cable etc. plus I really CBF doing it myself. I've got a 48-port Cisco PoE switch to go into the linen cupboard of the granny flat with a small PC and a UPS to keep it going for a while if anyone decides to flick the switch in the meter box to cut power. So WFH has been particularly productive for me.
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    It's such a art painting acrylic, and from what I have read and spoke to a lot of old school painters is you need a good quality gun. The fan needs to be smooth and consistent from one side to the other. I've attempted to paint a few things (guards, Bonnets, doors, tailgates back in the minitruck days) plus a triton repair and only once I got the paint to go on smooth. I was using a cheapish gun and I could never stop the edges being dry spray. Everything but that one guard required a fair wack of wet sanding and polishing. Always turned out good but really takes some extra time
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    Yeah everyone’s a moron at the moment. In other news I’ve officially lost the plot and become a fully fledged cat lady. sphynx need to be bathed once a week or so... turns out the cat likes showers better... so I now shower with my hairless pussy 🤣
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    I didn't mean lining up was an issue it was going to the shop early just so I could buy some toilet paper was the issue Like I said, people are just a bunch of selfish pricks
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    you can never post too many pics or not enough detail keep it up bro
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    More work carried out tonight. Let me know if the pics are too much and I will reel it in! First up was to trim the parcel tray to get the high mount light to fit. I picked up the high mount out of a taxi the other day. I was under the impression that every car was fitted with a high mount but no globe fitted for the xr's but in this case the plug was run but the parcel tray had no cut out for the light. Little trim and its working good. I could even trim it a further 10mm but I'll see what the inspector says when I go for a blue slip. Next up was refitting the cluster and surround. I picked up the surround again from a taxi. The previous owner snapped the tab for the trip button and it wouldn't clip in properly, sh*t me to tears so I ended up getting a surround and all working buttons. Clean up and paint then all the buttons refitted. While I was at it, I pulled the plastic cover over the cluster and gave it a careful clean to get any dust that might have worked its way in over the years. It looks like new now very happy with it. Moved onto the steering wheel next. Picked up a second hand xr6 wheel which was in 8/10 condition with minimal wear. Mine was thrashed! Once I had the wheel off I cleaned the wiper and blinker arms with a rag and some APC and got the years of cruddy oily finger build up. Super satisfied to get all the 'touch' surfaces clean. Final pic is the end result, cluster, wheel - everything clean and tidy.
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    Yes the Plazmaman 4* race intake fits with the ITMS aftermarket alloy black pipe kit Yes the Plazmaman 4* race intake is far superior in fitment and quality vs the other two mentioned Be mindful that going from a complete stock arrangement to a full battery relocation kit and race intake is somewhat of a reasonable job and a decent level of mechanical skill is required to install this modification. cheers
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    Mate... The number 1 cause of turbocharger failure in B-F-series falcons is the in-line oil filter getting blocked and preventing any oil getting to the turbocharger. There's no point blocking a small hole with a bunch of even smaller holes to save it from potential debris.
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    Doesn't the pump run flat out regardless of the power? Just means more fuel coming back via the return. So a 460 is working just as hard in a 300kw car as a 400kw car?
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    It’s the tow pack option had the car how long and only noticed it now 😜 P.S FG’s don’t need oil feed replacement lines, just bin the filter
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    @OZYWALKER is Caucasian as they come, what do do u.... oh wait Just type "black nob" and see where Google takes u lol If that don't work, try www.core-shifters.com
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    Haven't had much time to work on the old girl, been away for a few weeks. Took her for a test drive, got up the main road and thought it was revving a bit hard to get going but still went pretty good. Got home and realised the shifter wasn't engaging 1st so was driving in 2nd haha. Got a new shifter hooked up today and tested it with the car on stands and all good. Also got the new Haltech ic7 dash Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Just checked my ebay records, I paid $135 for it which isnt too bad. The stuff I saw from ryda and other car audio shops was much more. I helped my cousin years ago do his Brocky and he used dynamat, cost him a bomb from memory. Its about 2.5mm with the rubber butyl and alloy layer. The ebay store I got it from dont sell them anymore but have a new listing up for the same stuff but I comes in a roll and is 2.2mm thick and claim to weigh 16kg !!! sh*t, im making the car slower... lol https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-2mm-Thick-Sound-Deadener-Roll-Butyl-Rubber-Car-8m-Heat-Insulation-Deadener-OZ/123904450941?hash=item1cd947e17d:g:DLcAAOSwaEldeeAp
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    You can drill out the standard reg, works fine for me[emoji106]
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    Plenty of crap in there as well lol
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    aren't you lucky to have a hairless pussy that doesn't get hairy
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    yeah, that part is definitely true haha
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    Ready for dirt bike season.
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    weird to have two different tail-lights, but an interesting situation nonetheless. good update
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    morning all, happy Tuesday
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    never ever has someone posted to many pics we are all illiterate here so pics are da bomb
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    A factory AFL 101 oil filter will remove more particles than any inline oil filter cartridge as per when above just said True story is true ....
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    you mean like nearly every other turbo car ever made? truck knows why ford put one in + why they put it in such a stupid location is also beyond me. If you doing your regular serving you wont ever need a turbo oil filter. if your being a Muppet and leaving your servicing for once in a blue moon then your turbo filter will clog and you will lose your turbo, but your motor will still chug on till the oil gets to thick to move around the bearings. Sure a braided line with a filter in a serviceable location makes more sense then whats ford did, but also you dont really need a filter.
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    yes, and you'll find the size of that filter is huge in comparison to the one that's sandwiched into the oil feed line itself which means it's almost impossible to block the entirety of the flow (unless something far more catastrophic happens), which is fine, but it's essentially useless in that position, still.
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    making some solid progress
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    What do you think your oil filter does .......
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    Not fairly safe mate. Not good at all, stock wiring is pissweak and will melt with decent pumps. Not even worth saying it is ok. I've seen aftermarket harnesses melt when they're rated for these replacement pumps. Size your wiring for the pumps full load and allow for the meterage that's required. It's not worth skimping out on.
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    So their body temperature is naturally 4 degrees higher than an average cat and they can’t moderate that well in cooler weather due to no coat... so yes they require clothes. I spent a bunch of time the other day sewing
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    got no fluff so needs clothes LMAO
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    Wants a 1000hp but needs a cheap box to suit sureeeeeeeee
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    Ill probably create another one. It will look like this when finished
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    Can't see a scenario where we will need two cars for a while, so pulled the FG off the road to do everything single thing I can think of on my list. Is nice to rip off all piping, heat shielding etc and get some easy access. Ordered a turbo oil feed kit and a turbo side intake and battery relo while I was at it. Just noticed the car has an oil cooler behind the oil filter, plumbed into the cooling system. My BA didn't - is this an FG thing? I thought it was FPV only but maybe someone added it at some stage.
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    Yep, they blow holes in the piston....
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    get it tuned, or do a few other mods and tune it just baby it until then
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    that's some thick sound deadening... nice work did that cost you a fair bit for that stuff?
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    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Garrett-GTX3576r/174103292833?hash=item28895d6ba1:g:S2EAAOSwa7RchynZ Cant believe this guys turbo still up on here. I bought his other one that is a GEN2 76. Highly recommend.
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    Well if their fittings are anything to go by I would not touch them. Speedflow for fittings Garret for turbos.
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    No one here is really going to be able to help you. I have messaged Tony berlett (tbre) engines before through Facebook and he was somewhat helpful. Give that a try. Or even give Brad from atomic a call. He is good over the phone. If you have bought parts through him he is pretty helpful. When I built my engine I followed the Gregory manual, but it appears to have the same spec as what your listing. I never machined my crank or anything cause tight ass, but I did fit thou undersized mains which put me bang on bottom tolerance, which has been fine to this day. (I don't have a oil pressure gauge or have any validation to this) it was definitely tight though, and gave my old man some pain as he thought the specs were way to tight as well. I went standard size bearings on the rod, which put me on the top side of spec, but below allowable.
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    I'm also curious. Autotech recently tuned a Subaru that made 450rwks with a GTX3584RS, customer wasn't happy with the slow spool (Circuit car), so they tried a G35 (900 I think) It made just under the 446rwkws but came on a hell of a lot earlier. Customer was very happy. I'd love to see a G35-900 on a falcon
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    totally awesome Ducatis were made to be loud
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