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    Got the Ute back a few weeks ago from CPV but been away for work so havnt had time to enjoy it yet. Made 390kw on e85. Had a few problems and didn't quite make the power we were hoping for. He suspected the few year old atomic springs had seen better days and possibly the twin 2.5" exhaust holding it back a smidge. Just to much noise when trying to push it further. We decided against chasing the few possible issues for little kw gain and just leave it there where it was happy. I'm more than happy with the power. Comes on very strong and a night and day difference between the old 98 tune[emoji1360]
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    Alright here is the result. I may have cooked a bit too much as I didn't cook the rump and there is still food for dayzzz. After one flip...I couldn't fit everything on the bbq... Pretty much ready to go. The right plate is switched off and just waiting for the mushrooms... Who needs salad right?! M'plate...I ate about half... So many leftovers...
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    Went here yesterday for work. Looks nice and the restaurant is apparently pretty bloddy good. Right across the road is a small shopping complex and other flash pubs/food options. Gutted I'm down here for work a few months to early. Fly back to home tomorrow. Cracking roads but. Even a good drive in a truck. Bonus pick of Lake Jindabyne from yesterday. No snow but cold as
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    sounds delicious in other news, had this for lunch. Chopped brisket, pulled bbq pork, pork & fennel link, double cheddar, coleslaw, white bbq sauce, mild bbq sauce. All meats smoked for up to 12 hours Delicious
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    Had Nathaniel back in for some more mods as last time we had pushed the stock injectors to the end of their capacity and had to stop. Now I’ve installed a set of KPM street fighter 1000cc injectors, walbro 255 intank pump, full Venom turbo back exhaust in MS and put a new seal/gasket kit through the GT3576 as she was leaking a bit too much ! Meeting the owners requirements for a more top end style of tune it was a pleasure to work towards what he wanted and knocking out a solid result at the same time. One of the key areas is always the gain over last time and there’s gainzzz everywhere on this tune over the last with a good supply of mods to suit 333rwkw @ 14.8psi peak Plazmaman 800hp kit KPM1000’s walbro 255 Venom 4*Dump/cat full twin 2.5* system 38mm port & flapper modification Plazmaman 4* race intake battery relocation kit 98 fuel BP ultimate
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    Lol. Ok then, is this better? Always nice to have a box waiting for you when you get home.
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    5.5kg of rump marinated and ready to go on the weber in the morning
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    needed a new wireless mouse so I popped into MSY... needed something to cheer myself up and g sync is amazing
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    the cutting bed is about 3 x 4 meters
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    jeez... how many people are you feeding? looks like it's going to be delicious my girl just made this. blueberry and strawberry cobbler
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    way more daily friendly I had full slicks front runners and was about too screw a heap of boost into it and go for broke running a 9. would have done it easily. stock engine/box. lel but thought if it breaks something I dont have the cash to fix it so bailed out. so now I just enjoy it, still chops most things to 100 odd clicks which is enough. have already showed a few cocky 400 kw F6's how its done ahahahha
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    ill take crypo money/bitcoin etc 6 pack and ciggies or swap for interceptors
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    Alrighty then, I picked up some pork ribs, some beef ribs and a giant rump steak to share. It's gonna go with marinated chicken wings and boneless thighs, snags, lamb chops, bacon, huge mushrooms, seasoned zucchini and eggplant, tomatoes, eggs, balsamic onions, coleslaw and potato salad with homemade rolls. Should be pretty farken good. Brb making a few marinades
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    haha do love some quality long-cooked or smoked ribs also, remember to take pics and update the food thread
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    Farken oath. I forgot to buy some ribs the other day so I'd better head out and pick some up. Full of ribby goodness
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    Yeah the meth head needed cash right away. I was stuck at work doing night shift 200+km away. When somone asks to make an offer, who in their right mind would start at top dollar?
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    Thanks Adams355, off to get some Castrol edge 5W - 40 first thing in the morning (after a quick search, I see a lot of people on here use). Your advice has been a great help once again!
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    Lol some carnt just emailed me. They got hold of an old password and are trying to extort me for 3 grand. They can come over and I'll have the cash and a 5ft steel pole waiting
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    Could be a good strategy - buy it and within a week you'll be lying in the driveway fixing the BF!
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    Always nice to have a package waiting when you get home
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    sounds like a reasonable plan, mate https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/89601-bad-ecu-firmware/ https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/85458-xr6-2007-bf-mk2-engine-go-boom/ and there's more, but there's enough reading there to get you covered to start with. Make your own assessments based on what you read and who you talk to, imho.
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    Haha I went to play bf1 the other day and it had to download 4GB of updates. After it had finished, I jumped into an old campaign, got my ass handed to me, turned it off and haven't played since.
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    yep, as long as they don't bite, they can survive, I guess
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    that's a very expensive mouse. hope it makes you coffee. or gives bj's/wristys or both :/
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    hahah puff ute now makes 300 ish on 98, stock turbo. cooler, intake, injectors. grabbed a cat n dump from jetters, sold off the 4 inch xforce. love it
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    Thanks mate yep thank farrrk I posted up the right hotel name - the address was wrong I think. Thanks also bamk2f6tornado for checking it out I just booked direct with Lake Jindabyne Hotel for Saturday 24 November for $125 pn including cooked hot breakfast hash browns and so on - lass on the phone told me there would be parking where our hotel accomodation is located (guess its a popular venue)
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    Haha good one! Oh well, if the pub looks no good we can head somewhere else for dinner. The Jindabyne place is different to last year too isn't it?
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    Carton of 7% home brew and a carton of b&h extra mild? But housos impressions aside, where's your car at now/these days?
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    Haha my missus and I were engaged for stuff all and we've been married for over 7 years.
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    You want the stocker ay? Edit: It's twin 2.25 anyhow as has been mentioned on the forum before. I measured the OD just then and it is a touch over 2.25. I couldn't get a good read of the ID cos 1) it's dark af and awkward to hold a torch, exhaust and calipers at the same time and 2) the welds on the flanges step it down to very close to 2 inches.
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    Dancing the chocolate cha-cha
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    lol that has dried up the last while Fortunately you make up for it in legit advice and dedicated forum-ing so
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    I just read your thread again Sam, it's good stuff mate and I noticed that I didn't answer your question about the exhaust. I bought the dump, cat and y pipe through Garage7 and I then spoke to George from Venom who helped out with advice etc. Jeturbo supplied me with the matching catback at a good price. All up was a tad under $1600. You've probably got it all sorted by now but I figured a reply was in order anyway.
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    Also did the Front Upper Control Arm inner bushes and that with the rear centre diff and side bushes - just seem to feel the road better through the wheels and accelerator - just feel the road nuances more clearly on the foot pedal for some reason ... Put 2 new front tyres on today - yeah Goodyear Eagle Assymetrics IIIs 19" (people may know my thread on them ...) And submitted my leave request yesterday - see how that comes out (just that we are bit heavy on work at the moment) but hoping the rest of the guys can carry on without my help that weekend.
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    So the 2080ti has been out for a couple of days. I've watched the benchmark videos, live streams, butthurt rants and have seen the results. Check out jayz2cents, gamers nexus, pauls hardware and bitwit for info. In synthetic tests it goes freaking awesome and gaming results are right up there too. For non rt (ray tracing) gaming it kicks ass but has pcie based power limit issues which may reduce performance with the rt cores active. It is to 4k gaming what the 1080ti was to 1440p gaming. If we go back a generation the 980ti was hitting 55 to 60 fps all day long at 1440p on the AAA titles but was lacking that last 10%. The 1080ti is in the same boat with 4k. It smashes most titles at 4k but is just a tiny bit lacking when you crank the settings in some games. Is this a trend developing to sell high end cards to gamers using the highest mainstream resolution? Let's save that one for conspiracy cat to mull over. Now there's the price. It's 2 grand. It's double the price of a 1080ti with much less than double the performance. Forget whether you can go and buy one tomorrow. The question we should be asking ourselves is, is it reasonable to charge that much for a consumer graphics card? For me personally, I'll be sticking with my current rig for the foreseeable future because building a top tier pc has tripled in price over the past few years. What are ya thoughts boys? Anyone ordered one or thinking about it? Don't care about dropping 4 grand for an nv link upgrade? Lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below and as always, hit that like button, don't forget to subscribe and thanks for reading.
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    RAM looks impressive, but it's only 16GB processors are 4 core Xeons $490 each in 2007 now going for $125 for a pair on Ebay
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    Why? Why would you: a) Choose to listen to it b) Tell us?
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    Yeah, I source from Race Brakes Sydney. Good prices and lots of experience setting up falcons.
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    this one is the best.. love it..
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    just had my rocker cover, garnish and plenum painted the same color as the car...
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    Received my injectors yesterday thanks KPM for the speedy delivery wish everyone else is as quik as you guys lol will let everyone know how they are but should be all good
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