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    It’s been a busy month but I still love every bit of what I get to do and this is another one that’s had a great end to a bumpy journey for a member who tracked me down after receiving a Refferal to come to me ( JD TUNING ADELAIDE ). After a far from professional outcome at another workshop which left his ute drinking +20ltrs/100kms on 98, feeling like a standard tune,ZF transmission tune that was flare city and a host of problematic issues that forced him to return the ute and demand it be “rectified” or returned to stock..... Stock it was and this is where I spent some time with Robby to go over exactly what I could do and how to get his ute up and running the way it should of been and what we should all expect when going through Professional workshops that trade as such !! The target wasn’t crazy and achievable with the mods so no reason I couldn’t deliver, Tuff street ute, least amount of Lag from the 82, use reasonable fuel, behave, transmission feel slightly firmer than factory and a Joy to drive ! ( Easy right 😎 ) All things a side we settled on the following to compliment some items that remained fitted and built this as a list of mods KPM 1000 injectors Plazmaman 800hp intercooler in Raw GT3582 Turbocharger Port & flapper modification, 7 psi actuator 4* race intake battery relocation kit Venom full Exhaust system in MS Walbro 255 in tank with E85 line JD TUNING Spec engine service JD TUNING Spec ZF full flush JD TUNING Full custom Tune JD TUNING ZF tune 98 fuel Finished up at 320rwkw with 16.5 psi on the hit and tapering too 15.2 psi in the deep end with commanded Lambda of 0.8 Returning initially mid 13’s per 100kms and 8’s on the HWY fuel consumption wise All I know is I think I nailed it from the txt message after pick up but hopefully Robby might come on to share his experience and thoughts on coming to see me with his beast Pictures as always !! Before intercooler ( Autotechnica ) After - Plazmaman 800hp core with pipe kit Start of the ZF love session Before ... After some love ....
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    First of all I would like to thank JETURBO for fixing my car after another shonky workshop had nearly ruined it. A Shonky brothers workshop had told me that I was getting 301rwkw, but after I being less that satisfied took it to a mates dyno it came in at 270rwkw. I was pissed. The troubles continued: constant check engine lights, terrible economy, awful transmission tune and worst of all the car would accelerate without any throttle. After talking with shonky brothers they said that there was nothing wrong. I demanded that it was put back to stock..... I drove it out of the workshop and it ran fine! It was a long 4 weeks putting around off boost until JETURBO could book it in. After many txt messages back and forth it was clear I needed a better turbo and way bigger intercooler (don’t skip on the intercooler we live in a hot country!) This would get the car where I wanted the car to be. Installed a ported FG F6 TURBO (GT3582) and I knew it would then have the top end power to make the car better balanced. Coming from an engineering background, I wasn’t after max power figure just a tuff Ute with a balance tune. After long the anticipated tune, I got a msg from JETURBO with a result of 320kw! At first I was worried, (oh dear that’s on the low end of power for the mods). However on pickup of the Ute JETURBO explained all and It was then I knew I took it to the right place! JETURBO was so confident in his tune he said he would eat his laptop if I didn’t like it... I don’t know what wizardry JETURBO knows but the Ute is mint perfectly tuned. It was exactly what I was after. Liner power delivery, snappy smooth midrange, excellent fuel economy and like a rocket in the top end! Also the transmission tuned is PERFECTLY!!!!! It’s like a limo off boost but firm and solid on boost! Truly a one of a kind tune. Thanks JETURBO! You are a tuna wizard [emoji3316] Your fine attention to detail I doubt will be matched by anyone!
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    FG Barra in my 65 XP Falcon.
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    Step one, stop driving your car until you find out what injectors you have. 10psi on a stock fuel system is out of fuel easily. my ba stock ute hit 8 psi before the afr's started heading for the moon. The injector near the thermostat housing should be easy to see, just take a photo of it and if there is no numbers maybe post it here for Identification. If you have aftermarket injectors then you have to have some sort of tune Your turbosmart wastegate actuator proberly has a 7.5psi spring in it if the pre-load is tighter than required, it will hold more boost as you have a free flowing exhaust its not uncommon to have your boost become uncontrollable. if you have your boost reference going directly into your actuator, this is your min boost - you cannot install a boost controller to make less boost than this. either fix you exhaust so it is more stock, or go get your wast-gate flap ported, or an external gate setup. These cars require SFA modifications to send them into over-boost territory. all my turbo barras run external wastegates, I have learnt my lesson dont worry about an external boost controller. the stock computer is more than capable boost controller - IF TUNED CORRECTLY. If you want to tune it yourself, get the required hardware and PCMTEC software, then you can change whatever you want. bbut id have to say, you may be better of finding a reptible tuner.
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    There is no shortcutting this. The ECU, with its boost and map pressure sensors, is already effectively an electronic boost controller. If you had a way to trick the ECU you would be adding boost without the required fuel and timing map changes. This will very likely break your motor. The only safe way to add boost is to get the car properly tuned which will update all if the required maps in the ECU. While you can do this on stock hardware, it would make sense to also make any supporting hardware changes (especially exhaust and injectors) you are planning at the same time, so you don't have to pay for another tune later.
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    R888R's Wow They just keep gripping.
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    Straight from the camera. Not touched. that's the real size....
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    Had the family over today for our youngest’s third birthday.... Had antipasto, arrancini balls, pastitsies, Italian pizzas and mini quiches with cheese cake and Italian coffee for desert. I was so busy cooking that I forgot to take pics of the whole thing but I did get the antipasto platters before I put them out, I was fairly happy with how they turned out.
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    Changed my mind. What was I thinking. Now its time for a project car. My favorite car for over 40 years. Time to build a kit car. Have to see what powerful engine will fit. Must be quick. Doesnt need to be killa. Just faster than the original.
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    it’s only a car carrier both ways wouldn’t be the first and doubtful the last
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    I used these ones and they have been great. Can get in different stitch colours to match the rest of your trim. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153746665225 That link is the handbrake boot for the FG, but they do auto shifter boots too and different models.
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    I could name them but I am new to the forums and not sure on the rules. Also I didn’t want to detract from JETURBOs awesome tuning by mentioning them.
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    as always your attention to detail is exemplary not only are you a great tuna, you stand out from the crowd as a man who lives his passion for the sake of others
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    That sounds boring. He should get it tuned to the limit on 98 and do a big fat limiter bashing skid which will also test out the engine oil pump.
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    91 unleaded. I'm impressed, Perth has come a long way.
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    Most people dont have gauges or sensors that show ethanol content. Like me, I just fill up United e85, get tune, go fast, fill up. Do skids, fill up. Blow something up, blame skids. Not fuel. But hopefully United hasn't got slack and dropped their ethanol content. Does ethanol content change if it sits for a long time?
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    Soft tops are for soft co*ks
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    Bought a Nikon P900. Now I can take images of the Bee's dick... (see second video)
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    Pumps been modified, new turbo 400 stator tube pressed in, billet gears and PTFE bush. Parts from Summit showed up so it's ready to bolt together as soon as the bellhousing rocks up. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    because Haltech ECU`s dont have built in ignition igniters like the Ford ecu has. It was either the choice of an external igniter or 6x Nissan coils which have the igniters built in. 6 Nissan coils are cheaper.
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    Try D&R Diffs at Chipping Norton, Sydney Built my diff, know their stuff and are easy to deal with. 3 old fellas called Glen, Glen and Bob, you know you're in good hands lol https://www.drdifferentials.com
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    Nah sorry not me either! After that shonky brothers experience I had to track don’t JETURBO. So glad I did! I haven’t stopped smiling yet!
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    Firstly watched a few youtube vids. Bought cheap ELM327 reader on Ebay, downloaded and opened torque app on phone, turned on wifi to pair etc etc. Will upgrade to Torque pro soon to access more info such as trans temp.
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    Another fab result and happy XR6T owner. Big fan of your ability to safely get a lot of torque into your tunes. IMO torque is where it's at in the driving experience. Shame Cairns is 3000 K's from Adelaide.
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    that's right at the end of the day remove the VCT and an engine is only a 4 stroke air pump like any other engine. so long as the ecu has a crank and cam reference signal in order to fire the injectors and coils. the car 54 years old, no its not the original paint. I repainted it in 96.
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    yeah sure. its a FG engine, BA sump, oil pump gears, head studs, valve springs, Atomic VCT delete and vernier gears locking the timing. Quicktime bellhousing, 2500 stall, reverse pattern manualised C4 auto. water to air intercooler, Davies Craig EWP150 pump for the intercooler. Haltech Elite 750, holley low pressure pump, 2x 044 pumps. the 2nd 044 is triggered at 10psi. Holset turbo, 50mm wastegate, aftermarket LS 102mm throttle body, 440cc injectors.
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    That gauge is in inches of mercury, not psi. 20 in/HG is about 10 PSI.
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    yes, that should limit the boost to what the actuator is rated to and get there as slowly as the turbo can build the boost, so that'll bypass the tune's boost control and allow you to diagnose it mechanically instead of electronically, in the first instance.
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    Haha no. It's the 4 in 1. Boost, AFR/Lambda, fuel temp and ethanol % Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    That won't really change anything. It's just a different sized vessel with some branding on it. The concept is exactly the same. The issue above is not with calculating the ethanol % (that's pretty easy to do). Just wondering if I shook it for too long? Or not long enough? Or maybe I need to leave it for longer? It just felt weird standing around a petrol station forecourt to 10 minutes staring at a glass tube so I called it quits. I think the Indian bloke behind the counter thought I was making a bomb haha
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    I had to put over 1500ks on my ceramic twin plate before the shuddering went away. I hated it. Thought I made a mistake. That was 9 years ago. All good since. Is it sprung or a solid centre. Surly no-one would fit a solid to a street car
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    probably something that DCS can tell you... it probably will, but I don't know how much it'll reduce the clamping force and whether it's enough for your power level.
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    We rented a soft top when we went to the US. Pretty sure I'm gay now
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    Hope the little one went okay today kittens. Had my appt at the Haematology and Oncology clinic this morning to assess my blood. I’ve been off all meds for 8 weeks trying to raise my platelet count which was a quarter of minimum range, with no avail for the last 12 weeks. So basically our theory at this point is my body’s killing my skeletal and muscular system with no medical intervention now (the disease I already have been diagnosed with) and is also now *we think* killing my blood cells and possibly stopping me from being able to absorb B12... so I’m dizzy and pasty all day as well as being in super pain. Hopefully tomorrow’s 12 vile blood test reveals a bigger picture or else it’s a bone marrow biopsy. No treatment other than platelet transfusions basically so we will see. Luckily my rheumatologist, gastroenterologist, haematologist, physio and GP are now working mostly in sync for a treatment plan and assessment ongoing. I’ve been stretching and yoga morning and night and walking at least 10,000-15,000 steps per day, gym as many days as possible, along with mass water intake and no booze to try and get inflammation down. But with the new job being so mentally taxing I’m pretty tired. So Uber and pyjamas it is tonight. On the positive note, new jobs cool, council job (Local gvt) so all the perks and keeping me busy and my little mans turning 3 this Saturday! Yay! Gotta look at the positives.
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    that reminds me of when Kath and Kim did an episode about Kel hiring a yellow dihatsu drop top for his 50th birthday hahahahaha
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    Hard tubing is a little bit difficult but the struggle is totally worth it I never used soft tube Started with hard tube and in my opinion it looks soooooooooo much better [emoji13]
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    Had Rich back in for the next round of mods and this was a long time coming as he’s been very happy with the first round of mods for quite some time. Eventually it gets everyone though as power is addictive ! Out with the factory intercooler and in with a Plazmaman 800hp Polished core, new silicone joiners to suit his already fitted alloy pipe kit Out with the factory cat back exhaust and in with a X-Force 409 SS un polished cat back system in 3.5* Major service Major cooling system service Differential service Re tune on 98 fuel Finished up at a comfortable 321rwkw @ 15 psi flat Goes really well and smokes the Nitto Invos hard in the first three gears My Office
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    Got my hands on a powerglide. Started stripping it today. Seems to be in good condition, not that many of the original parts are staying. Sending the case off the get cleaned. Will reassemble it after Christmas and get it ready for the falcon. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    If you ring Gulf Western direct, they will supply 20L delivered to your door for about $150. Bargain! After doing that for the trans oil, I get all my oil direct from them now.
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    So, if my diff goes, all I need to do is purchase this and get it fitted, and I'm good to go? (let's ignore diff bushings for the purpose of this question, as they would get done too, or may have been upgraded by previous owner) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/EATON-TRUE-TRAC-M86-BA-BF-FG-FORD-FALCON-XR6-TURBO-DETROIT-TRUTRAC-DIFF-LSD-/200912172575
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    I used to as well. But we thought it was a short term thing on those occasions. Still doesn’t help my platelets though fml
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    If that's the case you need to supplement B12 shots (injections). My wife gets them every 3 months.
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