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  1. I regularly drive from Kalgoorlie to Kalbarri, about 11 hours.... Sent from my CPH2305 using Tapatalk
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  2. I just did a return trip to Kalbarri in the fg Ute fitted with kayhan v4 unit with 'Android auto' dongle with my aa wireless plugged in. Vehicle has upgraded door speakers and an under seat powered sub. Nothing too expensive. I must say I was pleasantly surprised, wireless Android auto worked fine and the integration with the fg is very good. The only bug is when you do a short stop the unit sometimes didn't recognise the dongle on power up, easily fixed with a reboot. I'm assuming it goes into sleep mode for a preset time, should be fixable in settings somewhere. The interesting thing is how they have inserted their app in between Android auto and the firmware. The hardware specs support wireless Android auto natively. I suspect the main reason is so they can charge for it... Flashing alternative firmware would enable Android auto but would lose the integration. Interestingly the app fixes one of the biggest bugs in Android auto, after a phone call you have to manually return to navigation or whatever screen you were using. With the kayhan an incoming call appears as an overlay on the current screen and navigation runs in the background and continues uninterrupted after the call ends. The hardware is probably worth half of what they charge, but the integration with the Ford canbus is what you are paying for. Ive been comparing it with the high end unit in my g6e, sound quality on the kayhan is not as good, but the integration is better... I'd have to say I'm pretty impressed all round, I suspect the V5 unit would be even better. Sent from my CPH2305 using Tapatalk
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  3. Mike Savage Custom Bonnets in Bargo NSW. I ordered it in January and he only finished it last week. Works on his own and is flat out. It's a steel XR8 bonnet with fiberglass vents and powder coated grills. As you said hopefully it will get some of the heat out.
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  4. Custom bonnet is finished. Respray next.
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  5. Vacuum cleaner sh*t the bed a few days back and the broom was getting a workout around the house. Pulled the finger out today to fix the vacuum cleaner, reflowed a bunch of solder on the board and the farken farker works again. Happy dayz
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  6. Wow mate what a fantastic result!!!! Looks the goods! Gotta be proud of that surely!
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