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    I'll be sorting out some cops over the xmas break - couple on the spit and a couple through the mincer edit: had to edit the pigs to cops because as a mod cunt it lets me post whatever the fuck I want and the auto edit/language filter doesn't fucking work.
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    Well if anyone cared I got 2 fps on the bf5 load screen and it wouldn't go further as it wouldn't let me click on the update thingo. Other games wouldn't load due to no dx12 or not enough gpu ram. It still horked out youtoob like a champ as you'd expect for 2xdp outputs. I guess I should have sold it for $50 when I had the chance 4 years ago.
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    Some more of my pics - Enjoy Sorry about the delay - was working on Telstra Investor Day demo in Sydney whole of last week ... Day 2 Kiandra Tumut Pond Reservoir Dam Wall Lake Khancoban BBQ On way to Thredbo Scammell's Lookout Jindabyne
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    first day with our new solar and pissing rain and cold still had a peak of 3.6KW at 2 in the arvo when the sun momentarily popped out from the clouds looking forward to a full sunny day to see the results probably be waiting for a few days for that pesky ex-tropical cyclone to piss off
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    My mate came through today with the solar Got home from work and his crew were just finishing off the installation Beers all round and hooked into the WiFi interface All sweet [emoji1787] Now overcast and raining but still pumping some free power
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    Feeling happier now - an ebay el cheapo ELM327 OBDII works perfectly with the head unit - will now have gauges available on the screen - just need to set them up. Will switch back to the Dual GPS and Scantools OBDLink units (they're both faster and more accurate) for any future track days (on the phone/tablet as neither work with the Kayhan unit) but for every day driving I'm more than happy. Don't really need to be timing laps on the public roads Am living with the (lack of) brightness - have gotten used to it. Wish the screen wasn't such a fingerprint magnet though :S Most of my trips are short ones during the week - by the time the unit's booted up (~45seconds) and it's gotten all the new notifications (email etc) I'm usually at my destination lol. Wrapt with being able to use my own sat nav choice (Tom Tom Go) and stream my own music (Google Play Music) while keeping my phone in my pocket/centre dash. Have tried some of the other launcher options - Agama and CarWebGuru both seem pretty decent and look excellent when running - look like they're meant to be there - just need the time to get them how I want them. Need to get my hands on a 3/4G USB dongle that will work with the unit - data is so cheap these days I may as well have the car connected online whenever it's turned on (shared mobile internet plans FTW. Have the family on my "business plan" with 150GB shared between all phones - I'm the only one who uses it lol) Amp and proper audio upgrade (maybe over the xmas break) are now probably on the cards - something I was never able to do with the stock head unit. Already sounds better than the stock unit did. Currently trying to get the unit to stay on for an hour after I turn off the key (there's a setting for it, but seems hit and miss at the moment) and getting the sat nav to start up with the unit (there's a setting for it, but seems hit and miss at the moment) So far - I'd be happy to recommend the upgrade from the FG MkII screen as long as you're aware of the limitations the android head units have (I thought it'd be basically an Android tablet, but they're locked down and utilise "work arounds" for a lot of the stuff). For anything older than the MkII or any without phone/bluetooth connectivity they're pretty much a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. Also worth looking at for other make/model cars you may have as well (if they have units for them) - am thinking of one for mums VW Golf - would totally bring the car up to date. That said though, there may be cheaper options on eBay/Aliexpress etc where Kayhan don't have the monopoly like they do on the Falcon/Territory head units.
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    Some of the smoked ones.
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    I am so happy im single this year. I always got something nice in return but the pressure to find my ex something nice was too intense....she was too materialistic. Overall I am not religious and I see it as a day to relax with family & friends. be careful what you wish for
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    Yeah I was very happy with the end result, but the development isn’t going to stop just there. Basically the difference between the last build and this one was a new cooler and intake, dry sump, but most of the power gains have to be attributed to the cylinder head. We are seeing well over 300CFM through the inlet side, and we made peak power at relatively low RPM to what I have seen people revving these engines too. The engine still retains a factory crank and standard stroke at this stage, and all the tuning is done via SCT with the standard ECU. Colin is a wizard with these cylinder heads and I’m stoked that he tells me he has heads coming in the door from all over. I will try and keep this a bit more up to date
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    Not if ya keep putting it in the pooper. Definitely like Christmas, my partners parents are heading down for a holiday and to spend Christmas with us. Love Christmas day feeds, the presents thing is okay. Got 3 weeks off over Christmas as well, so I always look forward to that every year. Gonna spend alot days swimming either at my mums swimming pool or down the local beaches.
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    Am bored tonight and feel like tinkering so might have a play. Here's one I prepared earlier https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/5312106/spy/2066647#
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    Get laid multiple times a day. RTX2080Ti 4K 144hz G-sync monitor. Then I woke up and smelt the coffee.
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    haha that is not a likely outcome.
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    This thread in 12 months... k31th: What's the best thing to get a 3 month old baby for it's first xmas?
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    Another link from the same site if no one found it. http://www.furitech.com.au/index.php/category/zf-friedrichshafen-ag/6hp26/
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    http://www.furitech.com.au/index.php/zf6hp26-transmission-introduction/ Don't put new fluid etc into a water damaged trans. Get a second hand trans that isn't stuffed, get a new radiator and a new heat exchanger. Clean and dry the oil lines to the heat exchanger then change the filter and fluid etc. If you do it yourself you should be able to get it done for under $1500 all up. You won't be fixing a water damaged zf transmission with a flush. Even if you stripped it and cleaned it there could already be enough damage to warrant binning or rebuilding it. Just my 2c.
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    Puff. I am only sh*tting you. I do not have either of those products. There is no way, I would be able to afford that sh*t. I can only dream. I barely survived getting my car modified, How could I afford that? lol Do you guys use discord by any chance?
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    feeling excited solar installation starts 7:00 am tomorrow inverter will be in my bike shed/workshop (perfect) and the inverter has a interface that connects via my WiFi so I can monitor my free power on my PC weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    I used to be an ectomorph, then I ate and lifted weights properly and became a mesomorph, then I drank beer properly and now I'm a fatcarntomorph. Nice cruise pics btw Edit: Ya did good though.
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    Put the car on the dyno and get the tunes checked. The tuner will tell you each tune location, PSI and if the car is running lean etc. Maybe one of the tunes will be adequate. that's what I did when I got a car with a CAPA Box.. Cant retune but maybe the tune is OK...
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    Just make sure you switch it off on the day Ergon come through to inspect and approve the install. Legally it's to be left off until they approve it to be fed back into the grid but no one does it....
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    tried to be drift king....180 degree into a kerb [emoji23] expensive lesson....but now I have sexier rims and nitto invos lol probs sell again in 6months cause now I want 19s again (3-4 month wait) and need satin black in my life again [emoji13] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    69ing ay? Nothing like a butthole to the nose to say merry xmas and happy new year.
  27. 1 point is the address of the camera I installed
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    And gave up - CBF spending the night rebooting, tweaking, checking stability, rebooting, x100 etc
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    Solar bitches [emoji1787]
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    When I was complaining about it last night I did a fast.com test and it was going 33Mbit so maybe it's been sorted in that regard? It drops out all the farken time though which is annoying. I'm on fixed wireless and there is fark all chance of any fibre here in the next 10 years. A town 18km away has got it but fark me though rite?! In other news; I oc'd my computer like a mofo today with a portable aircon sealed up with cardboard and tape. I managed 4.9Ghz on the cpu and 2164Mhz on the gpu!!! I went for 5Ghz and 2176Mhz but something shat itself, killed the bios again (it was flashing and had snow through it), killed the ethernet adapter and long story short had to remove the gpu, ram, nvme drive and get it all booted in different slots to get it working again... then set up the everyday oc again. Fml it took ages to fix lol. I got a pretty decent score on timespy though Haha 9420
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    Saweeettt! I'll send you some dollarydoos for postage etc when the time comes.
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    Done. Seriously though, your advice has saved me plenty along the way, so happy to chuck the old one in the post. I'll PM when it's off. Will be a late Xmas present though cos I won't get to this until early Jan. Fark me, I bought the trans cooler last February for a different car! Has been a busy year.
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    The only bucket my cats will ever see if they wanna try and cost me that much
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    just stick with what you've got as you were raving over the increase when you switched... just remember what it was like before the switch and remember how good it actually is
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    Couple of days and a couple of updates does wonders
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    Fit a fan, ull be a fan! Not much air behind a fog light, trust me I know I remove my fog light for track days. For the cost of a good cooler and fan compared to the trans it’s really not that much money. Do it once do it right.
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    Cheers, that reminds me, she has a thing through her work with getting Dell computers at a discount. I completely forgot about that. I was gonna head down and pick it up today for her but I'll put it off for now and see if we can work something else out.
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    I always check out the Dell Outlet store https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet Sometimes have some great discounts on great products (2nd's, refurbs etc) Have also been happy with Dells service/warranty for retail customers.
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    I'll grab 2 - memory and bandwidth scaling ftw
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    You did it the right way in attacking the stock ZF heat-exchanger, as that's the only point where the transmission oil and the coolant meet each other very closely. The metal that transfers the heat between the transmission oil and the coolant is quite thin and is susceptible to corrosion, especially if the coolant is not "clean" or not maintained often. Even the ethyl-glycol slowly wears through the metal over time, even with perfect maintenance of coolant. The only way to be sure that this issue is avoided is to replace the heat-exchanger with a transmission oil cooler that uses a radiator instead. A way to be "safer" is to replace the heat-exchanger periodically as an "insurance" policy (as the stock heat-exchanger is considerably cheaper than a ZF replacement, many many times over) The fact that your ZF has coolant in it and your coolant had transmission oil in it is usually the lights-out for the clutches, tight metal contacts etc in your gearbox. But if it only briefly happened, flushing both the coolant and the transmission fluid until all milkiness is removed may have saved your gearbox and engine coolant galleries.
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    This seems to be two issues here, or indeed with any vehicle that will tow a heavy load. The first one is getting the car to handle towing without destroying the driveline and brakes and the second is getting the car stable while towing. A BA falcon has a very long first gear and isn't suited for towing. A lowered car isn't suitable for towing. Using a vehicle that weighs less than the trailer is a bad idea. You can get around some of this but using a falcon for towing a heavy caravan isn't the best idea. Sure you can do it, but a heavy 4x4 will handle it a lot better. Depending on what kind of towing you want to do, you could fit a trans cooler, swap the diff ratio, raise the rear suspension or fit airbags and tune the engine and gearbox. You might wanna swap the wheels over to 17's to make it more comfortable. There are towing stabilizer thingies and have a look into ball weight and van balance etc. Work out what you need to do for stopping your van. Do you need a better brake controller? Does your caravan need better brakes? Does your car need a brake upgrade? Have you got a runaway system in place in the van? This is something that you need to understand for yourself so get googling! Getting towing advice from a primarily performance oriented forum might yield some results but a caravan forum would have better results I reckon. Anyhow, hopefully that gives you some direction.
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    SA reprasent! https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/babies/aussie-couple-slammed-after-bogan-gender-reveal-goes-wrong/news-story/c98385ed0887d51707559640a0f3e1bb
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    There was a driver update yesterday meant to improve ray tracing performance by 50% - allowing 60fps in BF V Probably on low setting through :S
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    Nah nothing exciting. Just sitting around waiting for my roof and solar to be done so I can resume wasting money on my car again.
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    Had Dwayn back in after dealing with the power side of things for the first round of mods so this time it’s all about reliability and that comes first and foremost with removing the chance of the dreaded “Milkshake” from the ZF transmission Out with the old and in with the new and at the same time a major flush and filters replacement as always This ones done well and factory fill with 170,000kms on the clock so very overdue for some love, on the upside it wasn’t too bad! Now it’s silky smooth and Dwayne never has to worry about the painfully crappy situation many of the ZF owners have had to go through. BEFORE AFTER
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    BUY A DAMN XR6 TURBO I put a turbo on my n/a, the time, effort, car off the road, getting someone to tune it properly and the fact the engine may or may not hold on for long, it just ain't worth it mate.
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