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    Well... we are officially 3 months ahead of schedule.... *touch wood*... and I’m really happy. All internal first fix is now complete, I made some minor adjustments to some things on the fly and had the Chippy and Plumber back in. Aircon ducting, full first fix electrical, plumbing and now roof all done, with the exception of a few panels going on tomorrow. Then by the end of this week it’s insulation and linings going on. Gas install (new services) happening on the 1st and power is now connected. Had the retaining and fencing contractor out this afternoon to go over some things and excited to see render for on the ground facade in the next couple weeks also so we can get driveway & perimeter concrete (exposed ag) done and then fencing. My diary is only heaps full every day... but really loving it. 🥰
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    So yerp I got the correct fittings for the trans cooler today so I'll have fun fitting that later today. A few flanges arrived today as well, for future fun activities.
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    Good job. Haha I always get dirty looks at the kids school cos hectic turbo side intake. Doing 30 in the 40 zone the other day and got angry stares when I lifted off. My kids think it's cool so who cares.
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    Wmmfg today? I spoke to the council ages ago about moving the school zone signs and road markings so people would actually be going slow by the time they passed the school. Today there are road marking people out there adding new lines to the area that I had previously proposed. There is also a new sign up at the start of this zone with other signs being replaced. I thought I was banging my head against a brick wall trying to get people slowed down, but it looks like all that head banging has paid off.
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    Gettin there mate. I'm waiting on a couple of 3 into 1 merge collectors and then I can start planning/tacking it up. My goal is a low mount, t4 twin scroll manifold. Whether that is how it works out remains to be seen.
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    morning all, happy Saturday
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    AMD have their launch scheduled for mid-late october (forget the date). I can imagine Nvidia are saving the TI versions to stomp out that release if they come close! At the end of the day probably only need 10GB for the time being. By the time a nice 4k display is affordable their will definitely be newer cards
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    so you're saying I get nothing done?
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    Don't worry[mention=93594]biddie_fiddler[/mention] [mention=15147]k31th[/mention] is hardwired into the forum Like the Matrix, but different [emoji1787]
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    Ordered some Prado 150 calipers, rotors and pads for the Hilux. Turns out they're a straight swap, just have to drill the caliper mounting holes from 12mm to 14mm. Pads are a heap bigger and it'll go from a 319mm rotor to 338mm. Cheapest big brake kit ever, under 1k haha
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    looks like you got some nice flange with your pipe and helmet
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    I'm currently doing the ICF beginner program and I'm half way into the second week. This time around I've been training for about 7 weeks so far, with the first 2 being super light and the next 3 after that being an intermediate split program which doesn't work very well for beginners, there wasn't enough leg work. Previous to that I trained on and off for a while and made some reasonable gains. My bench was 120kg, squat was 3x150kg and deadlift was 200kg. Currently I'm not quite back there, but on Sunday I did 3x8 of 100kg for bench, 5x5 of 120kg for squat and 1x5 of 170kg for deadlift. Today I'll be adding 10kg to the squat and bench (5x5) and 10kg to the deadlift (1x5) on Thursday. Haha I just scraped in the 170 so I might not be able to do 180, but I'll soon find out! I can always do 170 again or 175 if I have to. This is about the weight where I need to start adjusting how big the jumps are, so soon I'll be adding 5kg per workout or even 2.5kg. Generally the squat and deadlift will handle 10kg jumps for much longer as they use much bigger muscle groups, but the bench will slow down to 5kg or less per workout, and accessory exercises such as curling in the squat rack or military presses can only go up by 5kg per week, give or take. You can make bigger jumps when first starting out, but after a while it will drop right down. I'm no Arnold that's for sure! I'm 115kg at 25% body fat, measured with calipers and referenced to online pics. Anyhow this is where I'm at and what I'm doing to make gains. If any of those number sound unobtainable to anyone passing through, I started everything at 60kg and realistically it doesn't matter if you start with an empty bar. Providing you keep eating enough, sleeping enough and staying consistent with progression, there is no reason you can't get very frigging strong and get a decent amount of size too. The best time to start is today. Go get some! Obligatory excuse: Due to wasting time doing that split program my squat is a bit lacking, but should be back up there in a few weeks after a few 10kg jumps. Obligatory excuse number 2: Yes I'm doing something to reduce how fat I am (I was 122kg), but it takes time and you can't hurry that.
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    You pay for quality unfortunately with most things in the building game. We could have saved $300k if we went with a cheaper builder... would have taken double the time and be built from far less quality materials and have a pretty lame level of finish. Get what you pay for, glad it worked out in the end!
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    this is awesome!!!!! I don't know of anybody who's been ahead of schedule on a home build 99% of the time the builder is making excuses why things are taking so long
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    Yeah I think with a bit of heat shield it will look relatively inconspicuous. It will be a cross between a sinco twin scroll and a crg low mount and whatever else I need to do to it. I've opted for the 40mm id tube for all the flow. I don't know if the axles are different. I can jump under there tomorrow and have a look though. I have some sedan axles here too, that I can compare to.
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    End up settling for Kumho PS71 in 245/45/19 and 275/40/19 size F & R. Both the same rolling diameter.
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    then you're at minimum slightly delusional
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    cars are only worth what people are willing to pay, like most things. Just offer what you think it's worth (minus a bit) and then work your way up to what you actually think it's worth or maybe give a little ground on that... simple enough
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    then you clearly screwed some poor sod haha
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    yes, it's the same ZF... a ZF 6HP26 to be specific. It's the "stronger rods" engine, so yeah, roughly the same as FG except a few minor differences but none you'd consider as "strength of driveline" issues.
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    should have said "sedans" instead of "vehicles" but you win some you lose some.
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    Got off my ass and gave the garage a quick clean up to make room for the taxi for a few weeks. Turbo will be coming off to make way for the new unit. I have once again spoken to Nigel Rose (thanks adams355) and he gave me 2 options 1. Genuine Garrett replacement core. 2. Garrett core with modified front and rear wheels, front wheel being a larger 7 by 7 and rear being 1 less blade from memory. Said something about exhaust beck pressure. He said he has been using this setup for 5 years with great results and sounds like a good guy too if that means anything at all. Will be pulling the trigger on one this week either way and getting the ball rolling.
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    PISS OFF I WANT IT!!!! #nostalgia!!!! that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, not even kidding. j@ if you don’t let me buy it then you don’t love me!
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    That’s a bloody good buy, it’s basically a FG as Keith has said, BF Mk2 with inserts is literally the last of them, it’s exactly what the wife had 10 years ago ! I really like the BF 2 as an all rounder as it’s arguably the best look and interior is very nice for what it was Snap it up mate !
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    that's incredible coin for an apprentice and obviously an in demand trade to get into! Props to him then, if I had that sort of spare cash I can't say I wouldn't be excessive also haha. Better spent than my $100 bucks a week from Woolworths when I was 16 on weed and a bottle of wild turkey each weekend
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    Everything is coming up that kid haha! Unlike the myth that red is faster for cars. Rgb DOES make the computer go faster
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    Yeah, I Did read that the price per performance was sh#t compared to the 3080
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    Check the reviews mate, this card is only 10% better than the 3080 for the most part. It's got the apple tax lol.
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    Damn I got worried, no morning message from @k31th 😥
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    Oh wow, Friday already. Why didn't anyone tell me?
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    My mate bought a 6 cyl liberty spec b a few years back for a steal of a price, around the 8k mark if I’m not mistaken. One of my favourite sounding engines with a high flow cat exhaust system. Had less than 100k on the clock too. They have the 6 speed gearbox and sti center diff. It may not be turbo but it’s so much fun to drive and rip through the gears. Something about them flat 6’s that makes them so much fun. I’d definitely look at a manual if you can. My Impreza was a 4 speed auto 🤮
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    As much as people sh*t on them, subies make for awesome first cars! My first car was a Subaru Impreza. Learnt a lot from that rig. I miss it every now and again. The awd system is extremely forgiving which is great for inexperienced drivers 😊 easy to work on, fun to drive. Aftermarket parts are extremely popular! What more could you want really. Only downside I had from it was the expensive mechanics bill when the timing belt needed replacing. Other than that it was sound 👌
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    If you have a Bluetooth obd dongle or a access to a scan tool, you can read boost from the ECU. That will tell you whether there is a issue with the gauge/sender or associated hose or if you really do have low boost.
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    it won't have vacuum, for one... two, it's not the same boost that reaches the manifold.
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    sounds like a productive workout haha
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    Did weights, can't reach face in the shower cos arm pump. Cook steak sammich, drop steak on floor, eat it anyway cos. Doing 5x5 now cos what I was doing last time after many months of working out, doesn't work for a freaking noob. Something something gains
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    This 100% our 2007 would throw an oil light on and off very so often and the oil was always fine, no leaks etc. Got our local mechanic to look at it and after some research came across the issue mainly on turbo Falcons where the small inline filter gets clogged and stops oil flow to the turbo and it goes 😲 Luckily the Terra T seems to be routed differently as it sets off the warning light whereas from reading about the Falcon issues the 1st you know is when your turbo dies 😰
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    I had a similar issue with a mount on the thermo fans - only happened when warm because that was when the thermo's kicked in Was hard to diagnose due to the randomness of when the fans would turn on
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    Finally got the car back to Rob's after changing the mid section of the exhaust and connecting the RPM pickup for the Eboost controller. Power went up from 356rwkw previously to it's current output of 403rwkw. Both changes were necessary, too much back pressure in the exhaust and boost not holding before. Nice flames on trailing throttle, quite the sight at night when rolling on and off the throttle under boost in 3rd and 4th gear. Next mod will be the fuel system, an external surge tank with twin pump setup to run E85. Couldn't get the 275/45/19's to fit on the front, too much positive ET so I'll run a staggered setup with 255/50/19's at the front an 275/45/19's at the rear. Only 1% difference in height so that should keep the ABS module from having a fit.
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    Sad day this week when I said goodbye to the F6 after 7 long years. Thanks to everyone for there input and help over the years. Special thanks to Wiggum if he's still on here and Jet. Picked up the new ute yesterday. Loving it so far Sent from my SM-G9750 using Tapatalk
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    If you put the PCM from the manual car you will need someone to marry the ecm to all your components. they can then tell the ECM to change speedo input back to ABS. now you might run into issues with talking to the ABS module, for this reason id suggest using your existing PCM. Get someone to change it to a manual setup, hookup the reverse switch to the T5 and bypass the P/starter circuit. t5 will be fine on a NA car, just avoid clutch kicks. if you plan on adding a turbo, plan on changing to a t56/tr6060
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    So I've been using the car daily for work and back, grocery getter and tranporting my daughter. Ive been on a few weekend drives too. Its been working perfectly, smooth and enjoyable to drive, power when you need it and I've continued to upset a few 'performance' cars. I have been sourcing some more parts. China oil catch cans have finally rocked up and recently picked up a plaz stage 2 cold side piping kit and an intercooler. The cooler is an Ebay job! Flame away lol! Curious to see how it goes though. It has the same measurements as the plaz cooler so should be an ok fit up. I found a guy on facebook and claims he made good power and consistent with this same cooler. Intake temps won't lie. I have yet to get some alloy flat bar to mount the cooler and catch can and still mulling over what to do with the turbo. At this stage I'm still leaning towards just dropping in a new core into my 3582.
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    Figured I'd be different form other workshops ....
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    After initially lurking in this thread, I have found myself sitting here for hours fascinated. Well done on your success and effort JETURBO. You are filling a void in South Australia, that many states across the country need. It seems that with the popularity of the Barra powered cars, many tune workshops have become complacent in their tuning and work ethic, thinking "we can get away with this, there's plenty out there to keep the ball rolling", some offering a good tune, but not a great tune, because they can (for now). There are many owners/modifiers of these cars that will pay whatever the tuner asks, providing they get attention to detail in the tune and workmanship that is delivered, and personalised service, all of which it seems you offer and then some. Once again, well done.
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