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    As usual, Keify likes jackin' it
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    bought this a while back but forgot to post the pics enjoy using it after my previous 2T one got stolen at my old abode. '
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    I doubt it would be a stroker crank... that's just stupid on a car with a long stroke already in stock for (e.g. it would make it worse)... if anything it would be a de-stroke crank (super expensive upgrade) to 3.8 or 3.9L as you can then rev the engine higher safer. 25psi is NOT low boost for a GTX3582R on a Barra as that's about the top of it's efficiency range. 415rwkw on 25psi is suspect all on it's own as that much boost should be comfortably closer to 500rwkw (or over it) Buying a modified car means you may not be able to register it, depending on the state you're in? A manual conversion for 400-500rwkw is fine, but costs around 6K to do it properly. It costs about 6-10k to build the ZF to handle that sort of power (and more, depending on the package available).
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    Advice re: 10 inch rims on FG+ sedans (fitting within guard). I purchased the Superpro Rear Blade Control Arm Kit (Extra Clearance). It’s pricey, so my tip is to sign up as a trade member at supercheap and you should be able to get it around $850. The Superpro website suggests that wheels of the following specifications should be ordered to suit their kit: - 19 or 20 inch rims x 10 inch wide - with an offset between + 52 and + 55 - to fit a 295 or 305 tyre. Relying on the advice on the Superpro website I ordered my Work Emotion CR2P wheels to the following specifications: 19 x 10 + 55. As seen below when fitting the rim the distance between the shock and rim is a matter of a few mm - keep in mind this will increase as the suspension is compressed as the vehicle is lowered. So no need to worry about that. The main concern will be clearance from the shock mounting bolt as this is what will come closest to the wheels when the suspension is compressed. Upon reviewing the instructions in the packaging (which were in fact different to what is stated on the website) it was suggested a maximum offset of +51 should be used. As the wheels were a 16 week special order I couldn’t ring Stav from down the road and ask him to adjust the offset for me by a few mm. I had no choice but to order a 4mm spacer. I did so through BSA wheels in Sydney who custom machine spacers. The spacers are machined hub centric and with an extended spigot ring to locate the rim onto the hub. I was surprised by the quality and fitment of the product (~$120 for pair). Being 4mm in thickness I don’t have any safety concerns here. Also, the top shock bolt is now a few mm further away from the tyre when suspension is compressed. As seen below, rear blade control arm clearance of the control arm is no longer an issue with a wider rim. I decided on MT ET Street S/S tyres with 285/35 tyres. As to width. (mudguards since removed). As to guard clearance, the combination does not foul on the the guards whatsoever. There is a visible clearance of at least 4mm to the outer guard. In summary, I cannot offer advice on 20 inch rims. For 19 inch rims I would suggest the following when using the rear control arm shown above: 19 x 10 + 51 paired with a 285 tyre. If you want to use a 295 or 305 check how much wider that would be as compared to a M/T ET Street S/S as I feel this tyre is pushing the boundaries of what would fit next to the top shock mounting bolt. In terms of traction, this setup is a dream. Manual in excess of 500rwkw and it simply does not lose traction. Saying that I have a number of other suspension changes to assist (wavetrac, shockworks, full bush upgrade). Tyres at 20 psi when seeking maximum traction which I bump up to 30 psi for longer drives. hopefully this saves people a lot of ****ing around because getting this right drove me crazy. a lot of $$$ for 10mm extra width on both sides and that’s a valid point, but do not regret it whatsoever as I love the setup,
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    Sedan fuel tank is shaped like this So.....
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    Woohoo Maybe sometime in the next 18 months lol
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    there Are plenty of options. Have a read over this Or this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FORD-FALCON-BA-BF-XR6-TURBO-XR8-BRAKE-UPGRADE-TO-322mm-DISKS-SLOTTED-DRILLED-/262301973898 or this https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/gawler/brakes-suspension/ba-bf-pbr-upgrade-brake-calipers-pads-and-rotors/1225883940
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    I dont bother being competitive. I am already the best at everything...
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    look @DoubleCee33, you've got great help for an issue that's hard to diagnose on this forum... that's fact #1... fact #2 is that you're using the same information yourself and the mechanic have been able to surmise this whole time, with us trying to help based on your descriptions... fact #3 is that nizzy had to go from what you've said, we've said and what your mechanic said on the phone to diagnose it when a strange thing like this usually requires the vehicle in person to actually diagnose it (based on what you've recently said), so the stuff on the phone may lead nizzy in a different direction to what they would in person... so I think you using the phone call with nizzy as infallible evidence here has got people a little offside. No big deal, imho.
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    By the way Nizzy would have sorted it by process of elimination and I guarantee it due to them having the ability. Over the phone is vastly different to having a vehicle to play with that’s a hint and that’s all you're getting princess on the up side your knuckle dragger is getting closer 😘
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    ??? Darryl has never worked for HP. He was retired before I met him. Then I convinced him to come work long hours for free with me 😄
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    I've booked my accommodation as per above. 101 days to go.👍
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    Add me to the list, sorted work this morning, I’ll be there!
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    🤭 I’ve never ever seen a better time to apply Aloe vera ......
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    I'll get onto Hardy Spicer and see what kind of price they can do for a cv/cb kit. Thanks for your help mate
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    ^ yep +1 for the repco shafts
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    Why are you replacing it? Snap one? Busted cv? There is money to be saved here as far as pissing in the wind, at that power you prob don’t really need them over a set of genuine or replacement standards
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    While your doing those do the centre bearing and coupler etc. cheap enough to do and will save hassle later one
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    I've got the 322mm front and 328mm rear pbr upgrade, cheap and has excellent stopping power and can also keep the standard wheels. Just watch the rear brake hose clearance on the 17 inch wheels! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Here u go https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-FORD-BA-BF-FG-FGX-FALCON-SY-TERRITORY-GEARBOX-MOUNT-SEE-DESCRIPTION-/120927501972&ved=2ahUKEwjW8reRoIzkAhWz4HMBHcYIApYQjjgwAXoECAIQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0NG26yZ1UMwRPqMgTUP9Rz
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    That all looks better than average mate, I’ve seen some shockers that don’t make noises
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    Good. Done a full service on a Delica. What a strange vehicle.
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    I Taught Dani how to play golf, it’s my own fault 🤣 Nar she’s really good actually and clearly keeping me on my toes, keeps it interesting indeed and makes the game exciting
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    Mint day on the course also @bloodycrashboy
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    I have seen this once in all my time tuning Turbo falcons now that you’ve gone further into detail This was very unique and extremely frustrating to fix.... This was on a very early 2002 BA XT that was turbocharged with a full XR6T donor vehicle so it retained everything from a XR6T BA I have a unique way of fixing it but it 100% requires a Tune or Ford IDS factory tuning software, A Dyno and Time catch is it can come back out of nowhere but because I know how to fix it it’s no issues, the shortest period of time it was fixed was a full 18 months so not like it’s every other day but sporadically did come back...... I think the customer stuffed with it but he denied it so I have to assume it did flip out again I’m not going to tell you how to fix it, sorry I really am but you’re being a bit of a Jerk and haven’t donated a single cent to the forum so sharpen up and understand that the combined knowledge on this forum way out exceeds your mechanics ability....
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    Paperwork Make sure every single thing that's claimed is covered by paperwork that matches up. Ask me why.... Edit And as k31th said, numbers it's making look a bit wonky in any case...
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    TBH it was worth the experiment. $700 after selling my broken gt3576. So if it had held in for any length of time, for the price of a secondhand stock turbo, it was pretty good. Just a pity about the reliability. Might have been a one off fail, but it failed. And now anyone googling Powerspirit GTX3576r Turbo will have a good rundown of what they are like and what the 'warranty' and service is like from those selling them. Yeah, no skin off my neck. Massive inconvenience but if it wasnt this it'd be something else. Still deciding what I'm going to do. Big price difference between anything and a genuine garrett 🤣. Could test out quite a few eBay turbos for you boys. hahaha. Picture just because
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    lesson learnt should have bought a turbo from jeturbo
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    The boys is pretty funny. Nice and messed up like hero sh*t really would be lol
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    Here are some photos to further explain what I have written above. FOUL FITMENT 19 x 8.5 inch + 35 with Pirelli P-Zero PZ4 (new model) - rim protector is huge! GOOD FITMENT 19 x 8.5 + 35 with Pirelli P-Zero Finally, here is a photo of the wheels fitted. Work Emotion CR2P gloss black dish and black rim. Here is a close up - I have since put the centre cap on. See below post for rear wheel fitment
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    Put me down as a maybe at this stage Gaz. Had a baby 3 weeks ago, so just need to make sure everything is settled before I can leave the wifey alone with bub for a few days. I'm keen as though as I've missed way to many and it was such a good drive a few years back. FYI, for the VIC guys, we have pump E85 at the United on the freeway just before Wodonga if your wanting to stock up further north of the journey. I should know, I'm there every 280kms [emoji1787][emoji23] Will let you know as soon as I know as I've also gotta rip the spooly boi back off and put the bigger gate on, change the pump setup again and retune. Lots to do!!!
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    https://steelblue.com/au/ Zoolander....blue steel to be precise k31th is a funny man...
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    To change must be less than half on gauge. 1/4 is better.
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    Accommodation booked for Tumut and Jindy! I had hoped to do Omeo too but having an overseas holiday I booked before I changed jobs, I will already be in massive negative leave territory. Will aim to at least do the morning of Sunday before heading home. If I get flogged at work before then I'll try and take a sneaky day in lieu on the Monday!
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    Keefy has been looking at Chinese porn again [emoji39]
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    so that it transfers the electricity to the pump without the other source (ignition) that allows the relay to transfer the electricity to the pump in normal circumstances.
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    you both SHOULD sell up and buy an XR6T. It's just easier (I've been there and done that)... if you're so adamant you absolutely want to get it done, read the pinned threads in this section from start to finish and be prepared for a lot of headaches.
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    Fantastic one - had me cheering on the final corner
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    Stock balancer is best placed in the bin
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    Found this super helpful so thought I should add my experience. bought an 08 FG xr6 turbo and it was running perfectly fine until I bought a new battery for it. Immediately it began hunting once warm, getting down around 250rpm and then recovering. Sometimes stalling. literally every stop sign It would stall if I didn’t put it in neutral quick enough. swapped the old battery back in and the issue remained. no fault codes coming up. found this thread and added the extra earth cables one at a time. It was the earth strap from the intake manifold to the chassis (air box bolt) that made all the difference. immediatly, the engine wasn’t stalling anymore. The hunting however had reduced to almost non existent. I then cleaned the throttle body with a good throttle body cleaner and put in new plugs and its completely fixed. hope this helps someone like it helped me!
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    Hotdogs [emoji3] Tex Chilli sausage from the local butcher Onion, cheese, mayo, tomato sauce and American mustard on a crusty roll
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    Hey buddy, good result indeed hope you’re happy with everything
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    Yep that's a rapid V2 U owe me a happy meal bitch hahahaha
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    It should get most new stuff fitted tomorrow. Tuning Tuesday or Wednesday. btw, I'm not paying for fkn postage for the benefits of others if this thread is treated like a joke. I've just read through the whole thing and it's retarded. I regret even bothering with it.
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    must be added that the time was run on race fuel, not sure what it would run on PULP. Impressive though whichever way you look at it! Lets not forget that Chris from Bluepower's Boss also ran a 10.05@136 unopened stock motor. So do I think Fords are quick? Yep!
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    Hmmm I should post some of the links to when you boys post yours cars on the LS forums.
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    yeah good article mate. can I suggest dropping the water from the radiator before you start to avoid getting coolant over everything.
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