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    Spent all day reducing some steak and mushrooms and a hand full of this and that.... to make home made pies for tea.
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    transmission has a computer, computer knows whats going on, ask the trans computer not the forum, the computer knows more.
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    430 Kay's over yesterday and today. Smoked a set of tyres in the second session, then did another 5 sessions on my 20" tyres. Car never missed a beat. Built Ford tough. #Barralyf Powercruise was absolutely mint today. Did 7 sessions, could have done more, and it flowed real well. Highly recommend
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    Cool man. Also good job at getting it sorted so quick In other news the optus tech came out to check what's going on. I explained everything to him, he straight away saw there was an issue and will be getting nbn to come out and repair/replace my nbn hardware. Happy days
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    Started to fix a combination of 2 things. 1, I got a new toolbox for the tray because dumb me didn't realise my existing toolbox would foul on the sports bar arms. 2, Mounted and wired a fuse box with relays and a seperate enclosed buss bar in the toolbox so it's ready to put in one weekend when I can be bothered. The new fuse box is for all the fuel pumps so I'll be able to remove the PW style loom that has already melted once. Will be mounting the battery and isolator switch in the right side of this box when I swap it in.
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    Almost ready to put the power down!
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    What did you break this time @k31th?
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    Morning everyone When your day sucks balls, just remember if it actually sucks balls, it's a pretty great day!
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    https://www.facebook.com/PCMTECAustralia/posts/1161251397411669 Cruise control map switching is now available.
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    morning all, happy Wednesday yep, of course I came around and broke it... it's what I do
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    Did Keefy come around and break it ?
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    That's a lot of caffeine in one hit 🤨
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    Woop should have the internet fixed this morning! Dudes gonna be here in half an hour!
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    Rab and I accommodation all sorted - we are cabin buddies - but with the hindsight of Tassie Cruise - we will have separate bedrooms for added sound proofing C'mon guys - it's a great way to meet up face to face with some fellow forum members (even if its just at one of the pit stops), share a beer or more ( ) and talk about our cars and other things. Adds another dimension to when you post up and PM I reckon ... Getting new Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 3's put on tomorrow - wanted the 5's but for some reason no stock in Melbourne but sort of need the tyres on now as they are wearing a bit thin from the Snowy Cruise last year and Tassie Cruise earlier this year.
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    If you want to weld something to a piece of intercooler pipe, just buy a piece of aluminium square or flat bar, cut it to length and drill and tap it. You'll only need a small bit and your local steel yard should give you a bit of offcut for free.
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    Take it to a mechanic. Or maybe actually have a look under the thing and see if things are as they should be before starting pointless threads about it.
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    Annnnnnd happy Tuesday. Fun for dayz
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    Hey guys here is the details for the Beachport Caravan Park. I requested this info for Saturday the 13th and it was current as of Sunday evening. Any other SA members want to come? It's still 3 and a half weeks to go and is mostly over the weekend, just take the Friday off to get over East for a Saturday morning start. We're finishing in SA too if anyone has to get back to work on Monday. I'll be staying with the group until Monday morning but we'll be back in SA by midday or so on Sunday. @Bizkets is Drunk? @Box stock T. @Panda Eyes @FormulaFG @Breeny
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    Down and across is when you know you done farked up.
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    My Mondays' a barrel roll 😵 Also - buy the lego! You'll regret it later if ya dont - I just found and won, after a years searching, an old double deck cassette player on ebay the exact same as the very first one I bought in 1984. I don't have any cassettes but I don't care. Nostalgia FTW.
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    That’s bea......... utiful 🤘
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    Ok I've done some planning and I think we'll leave Mannum on the itinerary. From Beachport we'll cruise up the Coorong, around the Fleurieu Peninsula and then stay at Mannum on Sunday evening as planned. I'll find a winery to stop for lunch and maybe a couple of others to visit along the way. From there it is easy for you blokes to get home and it's not too much of a hike for me either. Sorted.
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    looks like Keefy has broken the front page again
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    nice work, big fella smash them tyres looking forward to when you show the videos
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    Haha haha haha heh. Why wouldn't we want half a dozen kids on site? I'm bald and I'd rather be washing my hair too lol.
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    Am taking the passenger and rear seats out for the cruise, so will need to be Gaz who grabs the kids - sorry
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    Or if they do book one you can just grab a double - they get the kids for the night
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    delete fkn stance sh*t on falcons go buy a rice burner cheers admin
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    Hahahahahaha I know that feeling. Good reason to keep the thing for weekends.
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    Drove it in peak Sydney traffic. Damn it was hard to keep my cool
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    Anyone got some shed porn happening? This is my progress
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    sh*t be fuhked, time for alcohols
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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............................home made pies
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    Bit of an old thread here but I did find the coils assisted in fixing the issues. I had also found a ground wire around the front of the bay which wasn't secured correctly, so after cleaning it & torquing it back down all has been well ever since.
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    I reckon it works out cheaper. You get about 500 serves at 400mg of caffeine for about $20, about 75 5g serves of creatine for about $20 and about 70 15g serves of gatorade for about $25. It'll vary slightly depending on what brand of creatine you buy etc. You can add other crap if you feel like it but this is the barebones pwo that actually works. I like beta alanine and citrulline malate for endurance and pump respectively but the beta alanine only really helps for long workouts plus it itches the fark out of you and the citrulline malate is too expensive. Also my strength is coming back much quicker than expected. I thought I'd be back at the beginning from slacking for so long but apparently not.
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    No gasket. Just sealant. Give it a decent bit of time to cure before driving it. The last thing you want is for it to leak after all that labour.
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    had a smart bar on it when I got it, but I think there ugly af. Im still tossing up my options, but its on the list to change. just toward the bottom of the list for now.
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    None of the gaskets work well enough imho and a properly prepared timing chain cover and sump with correct silicone liquid sealant works best
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    Try again... The name of the original thread included the word "motivation". You're already motivated. You're thinking about it and you asked a question. That's all motivation is. You want it therefore you're motivated. Discipline is a choice. Choices are easy to make. Make your choice and then do what you chose/want, not what you feel. This is the single most important piece of information. Wanting and feeling are 2 different things. Example: you want to give up smoking but you feel like smoking a cigar. Ignore what you feel and do what you want. It'll suck at times and may be hard but the choice is always there. The rest of it is easy. Just google it for bmr, macros, 5x5 programs etc. Here's a tip, losing weight is 100% diet. Exercise helps a fair bit but isn't needed.
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    Far out man, stick it in dry why doncha? No gday, no please, no thanks, just bend over carnts. Just kidding though, get the codes read and you'll have a much better idea.
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    I could be wrong but I thought it was the evaporation that cools the cooler down therefore temp if water irrelevant???
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    I'm guessing you don't realise how an intercooler works then.. as the CO2 would not enter the engine unless the spray goes up into your airbox/filter. Otherwise wouldnt see people spraying their intercoolers with fire extinguishers or water bottles at Dyno comps. ← I do know how they work and I was imagining that it did go through the inlet indirectly. It is a possibility that it could happen if you are spraying enough to cool the intercooler externally.
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