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    Aren't sure if the cat likes adminhamster or wants to put in a bid, but he's following the thread intently
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    Alright well it's nowhere near ready but it's gettin there
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    Steak medium rare, perfect [emoji39]
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    Big fat fillet steak [emoji3]
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    Racecat approves this post
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    *** Update *** Span up 304.6rwKw today ! KPM 1000cc injectors Walbro 255 Venom dump and cat Plazmaman 800hp cooler kit Also, DBA T3 rotors all round, with PMu ns400 pads Full service of ZF, and installed PWR heat exchanger Really happy with the results Special thanks to @JETURBO for sourcing and arranging parts for me at a great rate, organizing postage etc etc, and even giving Plaz the hurry up after some delays lol - thanks mate!
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    Hell yeah, great idea. Slammers or cowboys?
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    Mine arrived yesterday. Did a dumb and didn't push the rear socket in properly. So I only got it going today. If anyone gets one you really need to lean into it to get it to seat properly. Asides from that it's a little fiddly to get it to sit right. They have just put some new videos up saying to redrill the factory side brackets. This is to allow some clearance for the power socket at the rear of the cd player. Pics not great and it's not bolted in yet but seems pretty decent so far.
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    Big enough lol, went on the Dyno today, made 876hp SAE on E85 at 23lbs. We are changing WG springs tomorrow and changing to the 110 ignite. :D wish us luck, hopefully going to be one of the fastest 10 speed cars at a local event coming up. FL2K18 here in FL. cant wait.
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    heaps clear... heaps don't. Only way to be sure is to trial fit.
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    Wobble bit and uni are 2 different tools., you tool.
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    Got lazy, cbf driving around for an hour or more, so I went with the gas bbq instead. Chucked the 2.5kg pork shoulder (with a home made rub) in a pan on one side of the bbq and chucked a piece of lemon tree on the other side with a flame going sorta under it. Pork side of the bbq is about 140c so it should be ready by dinner time. Pics will come after when the rub has melted a bit and it's more cooked looking.
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    I accidentally added 60 litres too much fuel so farked the balance of the car. Oh well. I still got pole and the quickest lap of the race fwiw...heh Haha I shouldn't give you a tip cos then you'll beat me but use more of the track at every corner cos you'll pick up time there. Anyhow I'm gonna watch some tv with the missus. Gg.
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    Apparently she's selling bags of herbs out the back of hers :S
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    Sue made butter chicken, we have curry every weekend. Lamb/beef rogan josh or chicken Korma. Sometimes tikka. She is an awesome cook. Can make anything. I make spag bog and apricot chicken.
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    Yep It should be reversed - mostly vacation with 4 weeks of work a year and the occasional public work day thrown in. The occasional "personal day" would be OK too for those who needed to put in a bit more away from home
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    that's the fastest lap I've ever done at Bathurst @Puffwagon must bring out the best in me
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    Bathurst looks pretty slick. Surface wise and graphics wise haha nice 2.05 on that quali lap, Andy
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    Haha yeah I was wondering that. Seems a bit boom boom shake the room.
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    me and Puff "https://player.twitch.tv/?autoplay=false&video=v312415723"
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    Ute has tow bar. Will drive down to assist and tow racecar with raceute for Rab if bids are successful. Cheers.
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    Got the live stream thing happening [emoji3] Just have to sort out my web cam to record the wheel action and we'll be set for a showdown@Puffwagon
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    OK so the bf typhoon did not turn out well. That was to be expected though. Getting frustrated, I decided to go drive an FG even though I didnt think they looked as nice as the BF. I loved it. Started looking more seriously into FG and there were much more available than BF's with the boxes I wanted ticked. I pulled the trigger on an FG 50th anniversary that ticked all the boxes: 1 Owner (57 year old) Full serivce history with not one service missed (heaps of cars I saw claimed full service history but had some missing here and there) all the options I wanted (minus sunroof but I will get that done pretty quickly) and my favourite, completely unmodified and in fantastic condition both paint and interior Will post some pics soon. Thanks for the insight so far guys.
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    Thanks so much for working your magic mate!!! Absolutely stoked with the results, it pulls hard and feels so much better through the midrange... And then the top end from about 4800rpm is hectic! Running perfectly and I don't want to hop out of it after driving, I love it haha. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail! Ps. Ebay 'heater'... Hahahah
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    @k31th do you react better to the carrot or the stick ie. should we give money and encouragement or throw eggs at your house until you start work on the F6
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    11:45 so close enough. Haha if that won't make ya fat, I don't know what will.
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    A quick question, The cars about to hit 130,000 and I'm going to replace the coils and plugs, now I believe they haven't used ignition leads since 2000 or so, so is there anything else I should change? I've been off most of the last two weeks getting kidney stones blasted, which has given me some time to order various bits and pieces I've been meaning to sort out for ages and swapping the coils and spark plugs is one of those things.
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    The $59 kettle would be the cheapest, easiest to setup and use. The $260? Fornetto bullet would be the next step up, but needs a bit of practice. Keep an eye out for run out models, there were some "egg" or kamado style ones some bunnings are getting rid of cheap
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    Gorgonzola piccante today@Rab [emoji3]
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    That's where the groceries go.
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    I found them once, after ages of searching - in the boot of the 2yo's car. Not sure why she put them there and not sure why I looked there
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    Bikes dont run to good without petrol.
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    Stop. I've made the kids dinner but not mine or the missus yet. You're making me hungry and right now I cbf cooking.
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    Read this. https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/43162-removal-of-turbo-in-preperation-of-porting-and-valve-mod/
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    Thank you! I was getting mad haha. It's holding up fine. I remote mounted the pimp under my car port. I was afraid of the rain damaging the motor/pump or get water in the hydraulic reservoir.
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    I haven't watched yet bcb. Let's do it again though where we have a good clean race. Maybe let's do a Ford Escort race around Brands Hatch?
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    I was literally just watching this when I got the notification of a comment on this thread. Great minds think alike haha. Thanks
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    Hey buddy, good result indeed hope you’re happy with everything
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    11% increase, 1080 - 2080 23% increase, 1080 ti - 2080 ti All depends who does the testing https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-rtx-2080-tested/
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    Haha this describes me a couple of months ago. And yep finding a good FG only took a few days! If you aren't looking for bulk top end power, that baby turbo comes on pretty nice on the street. Good work! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    It's an economic write off so unless he eats a huge loss it probably isn't for sale. Hey Keith, fixed ya car yet?
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    Let me speak to the missus and see what we can do.... might be a worthwhile trip....
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    @bloodycrashboy 5kW inverter and 6.6kW worth of panels.
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    If we all had this attitude there would be NO forum.... GO ROSSI....
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