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    Finally dropped the exhaust on the dyno today. With no tune changes it went from 350 to 385awkw and picked up nearly 3 seconds of spool time. That is probably more to do with having more wg preload, rather than the lack of back pressure. Also the wgdc dropped from 100% to 75%. I added a couple of pounds in the tune from 4500rpm onward for a total of about 22psi and it went 409awkw on 98 octane...from Ampol... I think it made 965nm torque which you can see in the graph below. I deliberately brought the boost in "slower" (in the tune) to take care of the driveline and this can be seen in the red boost line, although it ended up coming in heaps quicker anyway. I stopped there and will do the same with e85 some other time. I spose I'll see about filling in the gap in the torque curve (when the converter locks?) but meh, that's for another day. Haha I literally only did 2 runs then packed up and went home. Here's a couple of pics for the pic lovers, although I did manage to chop off the left hand axis...oh well, it was scaled from 0 to 500kw if anyone is interested, so every horizontal line is 50kw.
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    New fence down one side of my place done, took a week to do solo, not including the 2yrs of putting it off. Still 6 or so truck loads of clearing the other side of the block till I can do it too. Sent from my fancy pansy touchy screeny phoney
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    In exactly 3 months I've dropped my weight from 122kg to 107.9kg. There's still plenty of fat to lose but I'm getting there
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    get an electric bypass valve, take the output for the butterflys from the pcm to control the exhaust...or just leave it.. will open at like 4300 rpms and close again at like 4
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    This thread suffers from a lack of dyno sheets, videos and pictures
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    couple of barra r31s floating around, I just killed the rb30 in my r31 a couple weeks ago. last week I picked up a bf mk2 setup, so the NA motor and ZF combo. Orderd the rbfactory mount kit, waiting for that to arrive. spoke to a bloke who has a turbo zf r31, he used the t56 mounts but just changed the mount pattern for the zf box, he reckons it was super close. this is not a go fast car, so a na barra and zf will be way more lively than the rb30 ever was. pretty keen to get started.
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    As silly as it might sound based upon my previous posts, I want to minimize the airflow restrictions in this build. I could have had a xforce varex system on the car months ago to get more out of this turbo, but the main reason I kept the stock exhaust for so long is that I didn't want to do things twice. I've always planned to run a bigger turbo than the gen2 gtx3582r but it's just taken a while to get sorted. At any rate I'll be injector limited for a little while, but one step at a time hey Long story short, 4 inch pipe and mufflers are what's getting ordered and delivered this week.
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    Beef and pork ribs. 9hrs on the beef and a 3-2-1 on them think pork ribs [emoji869][emoji482] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    I know they are expensive but what price would you put on your "partner in crime" ? edit: this should be a bit of help https://www.webbikeworld.com/wbw-recommend-best-modular-helmets/
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    Just goes to show how restrictive the factory rear section is. I picked up 40rwkw by changing the system I had built for my car, I reckon there's still another 10-20rwkw when I change the rear muffler. Currently it's a single 3.5" inlet and twin 2.25" outlet. You can hear the hissing in the tailpipe under WOT.
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    https://www.betootaadvocate.com/headlines/adelaide-streets-completely-deserted-due-to-them-being-located-in-adelaide/?fbclid=IwAR1wYuGJgI1uKTF2eoCjSI0H3Mobw2c_PEB51Pnx-NjXOfLe20Zdwb6V2_A 😄
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    Manifold arrived today. It came with a stud set as well as a T4 gasket.
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    Should reward everyone's good work to get things under control by allowing a three day road rule amnesty and so you can all blow off some steam. Have it as a two hour window each day so anyone who doesn't like it can keep off the roads [emoji16]
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    The chicken strip comment was just a bit stir I know your bike is a cruiser And besides that, there's not many "corners" in WA [emoji1787]
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    I don't know how I missed this post. That is much better. Chicken strip you say.... I beg to differ mate. I bought the bike with 1180km on the clock. she has 5k on the clock now. The rear tire still had dem nibs on them. the tire wear was only in the middle. I have pushed that almost all the way out to the outer tire. I can't go the last cm or so cause I am scrapping on the exhaust..... 😞 on one side and the foot peg on the other side......
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    Opened his own shop called HOON Tune, has since merged with Aaron from Precision Automotive Racing and they are now called Precision Racing https://precisionracing.com.au/
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    I'm pretty sure the 3.5" system with a 4" dump pipe will flow just over 600rwkw (620?) with all supporting mods. Exhaust manifold like your 6 boost was the go and a built engine. That's what Zane from Maxx Performance said and posted it up on Faceboobs a while ago now... 4" will be drone central I reckon, unless you can build a helmhotz resonator targeting that frequency although I've never heard of someone doing it!
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    Scream!!! hahaha that is when you know you riding it like it is stolen. The helmet my wife has, is from 2004, so it is outdated and has to be replaced. However since I was made redundant last year and then only finding contract work here and there, money has been scarce. Now that I am doing FIFO, things are a bit different. Only been here since August and have been able to catch up on bills and repayments..... Time to find some nice gear. Shoei has always been my favorite, but the price has changed so much. There is a lot to be desired.
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    I was good at that waaaaaaay before I could bend pipe
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    so you are good at bending hey??? hey hey hey, Bending her over I assume. I ordered 3 because I wanted a 5900, my brother wanted one and his step son wanted one. Once I get the parts, including RGB memory, I will let you know how I go.
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    The partner has a Shoei so she is well protected. These two have my attention: Shoei Neotec II Scorpion EXO AT950 I like the fact that there is also a sun visor.
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    Everyone says the same thing, but I CBF. Too much effort for hard tubing. No one gets to see the beast that often so MEH. Also the fitting I have are not for hard tubing. The other thing that comes to mind is that each time you change your motherboard, then the CPU and GPU locations may change. This means you got to redo the hard tubing. Screw that hey. Well those prices from PLE are pretty much wholesale price. I have NFI how PLE do it. At least I know that through the wholesale, I have a better change of getting parts and don't have to join the long queue to wait for items to come in. I already had ordered 3 5900X and received 1 of them. I allowed my brother to have it as he already is using an AMD mother board. I am waiting for all of the items to arrive before I put my system together.
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    I am glad to hear that I am making the right decision to move to AMD. My system has been struggling when playing GTA 5 and Frames are only at 60fps, while I have a 120hz screen. I really don't know why I haven't thought about over clocking the EVGA 1080Ti that I have. Where are you getting it at that price? That is wholesale price right? My I5 4760k was a bottle neck up until March, then I managed to score a I7 4770, which helped a bit. Haven't had any significant upgrades to my system for a while. now is the time for me hey. Hope you like the Green Machine..... soon to become the RED Machine.
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    Would I be the only one that would love a "safe" place to post after a few stubbies? Sometimes after a late lunch, irish breakfast or drunken night of debauchery I feel an overwhelming need to jump online and start posting. It isn't until I get back on the forum in the daylight that I realise what a rambling, incoherent, dribbling mess I've been (yep - am feeling as if I'm going to wake up tomorrow and find tonight has been one of those nights) Anyway - I'm going to try and limit my philosophical, beer addled postings to this thread. If I ever start speaking crap in a forum topic, I'm probably drunk and should be sent straight back to this one. Hopefully I won't be alone
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    I have done the same, drilled out the spot welds and torqued down with the windage tray on top of the girdle but the studs are missing by a thread to the nut. I torqued it back down without the windage tray and the nut sat dead even with the stud. Clearances etc have already been checked and are good. I may look into machining the caps down or possibly not running the windage tray
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    Vodka rocks with a squeeze of lime [emoji106]
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    I need a new hat. the one I got was cheap and nasty for the time. starting to get nasty headaches from it due to be being to tight. bitch said it would stretch out over time..... I am still waiting.
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    oh you not talking to yourself. there are some of us that are lurkers watching
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    No, this was a custom HiTech Muffler I had built at my request. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I now realise I should have gone with 3.5" over the diff, then 3.5" inlet and either 3.5 or 4" outlet. I went twin 2.25" outlets to try and keep it quiet, but will change this at some point and go bigger.
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    Yerp there will be smoke soon enough
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    haha well, it either transfers to the road or to smoke... either one is fun
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    looks like it comes on bloody hard still
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    As the saying goes, pics or it didn't happen
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    Same here - I've got lots of painting and floor laying to finish before Christmas. But March could be good!
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    Well in brighter news. I finished my exams for the semester AND have booked the car in for a stage 1 package at monsta torque! Assuming all goes well, next year I'll have 300+ kw and it'll be my final year at uni. Can't wait to be able to work ft at my work and get a phat pay raise so I can turn my daily into a mad project car/weekender 🤣
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    Earls oil filter and maybe heat exchanger for the auto for peace of mind?
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    yeah, all good movin' on up.
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    255lph drop-in replacement will do the job for mid 300's (and beyond if you just use it as a "lift pump" for a surge-tank setup which you'll need around mid 300's).
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    Wife: I'm going to bed, you coming? Me: Nah, I'm gonna stay up a bit. Also me: you don't wanna stay up and talk about turbos? Wife: No, not even remotely, goodnight! Pfft who doesn't wanna talk about turbos?
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    I just looked at the ebay title and posted the link. It may well be the wrong ones I've got a bunch here that op can have for free if he wants. Just pm me the address and I'll post a couple tomorrow.
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    weird description on that ebay item, if you go through the platform selector it says it's not compatible: but it has "Barra" listed in the item haha they look like they're the right collets, though.
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    Went out for a drive today with the missus to spend some money in country Victoria who have been locked down and out of business for months. Standard drive up to Healesville to see some places where she used to live and a bit of a hike up around Badger Weir to do some mushroom hunting (she loves it), then out through the Black Spur out and out to Marysville for some lunch. Decided to take the long way back instead of going back through the Black Spur or Archeron Way (possibly unsealed for part of the way) and went back towards Lake Mountain direction and turned off onto the Reefton Spur through to Warburton and back home. Reefton Spur was signficantly less populated and really fun. Saw some nice exotics out there, too: Lambo's, Lotus', Corvette, Maserati etc. Had a really good stretch of the car's legs Had a lot of fun in the twisties Lunch: The hike Finally hit some traffic at Warburton... oh well. Busy country towns and all. The missus took the photos so I didn't get any except that last one of the car haha
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    This is a good thread, for sure. There's heaps more like it throughout the forum in terms of quality
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    what do you expect? people to just ask you questions and you answer them? it's mostly just an information show-and-tell and a few thumbs up etc to say how well you're doing. the updates are sincerely appreciated by many people irrelevant of whether a discussion specific to those latest posts happens to continue onwards from the sporadic posting of the OP
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    Challenge Accepted I'll do ya one better, though... a GIF:
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    Had same issue... ended up being engine mount... Ona side note... check your golve box... could have left your *beep* switched on
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