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    Had a pretty productive day. @Camo86T is a bloody legend. Got the new turbo front cover and hot side pipe welded up with plazmaclamp flanges. Got home, pulled the old turbo out, the manifold, dump and all the studs. Made a mess getting the heat wrap off which pretty much crumbled. New exhaust gaskets and studs, new turbo gasket and studs, fitted the new dump studs. Fitted a new turbosmart actuator, 14 Psi spring, set the preload and bolted it up. Will bolt the dump in tomorrow and top the coolant up. Will give it a week or so before wrapping the manifold again to make sure the nuts are tight after a few heat cycles.
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    A week or so ago my little (19yo) brother was being a pain in the arse to middle brother. Now LB is always leaving his sh*t lying around, wallet, keys, shoes, whatever. An hour or so later MB sees LB's wallet out on a bench in the workshop and gives the licence photo a texta p3nis upgrade, bit of a giggle at the chance of a HWP officer looking at it next... Today LB did a first aid course, ID required, he hands over the licence to the trainer without looking at it.... 不不不不不
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    A teaser, of recent progress. It's 95% complete, I just have to install some micro switches for the hazard lights and the dimming switches for the dash/Icc illumination.. Then it will be permanently installed.
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    Got the ute together. Turns out if you weld a 90* on the outlet of a gtx3582 g2 it sounds like a t51. Awesome. Cold start and that spool at idle, unreal.
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    just got home from picking this up from gold coast- that was a long drive.... those brakes! got 8.1L/ 100. not bad for a twin turbo V8...
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    Dash with lens and fascia installed.
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    Just a quick update. He wanted to wait a few extra days to see if there was any more interest. I pushed to finalise the transaction and succeeded. Invoice has been paid and materials have been ordered.
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    Had a baking sesh with Hudson today... double choc brownies with strawberries as carrots on top and vanilla and chocolate Easter cupcakes for the fam tomorrow...
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    Yerp they hiss like a mofo. Do a skid
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    My stepdad has an XC60 and can confirm it is a really REALLY nice car. Could happily live with one I reckon.
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    First day of holidays I thought I'd get around to fixing my fuel sender problem as it's been sitting on dead empty for a few months. Easy fix once I removed all the fuel system and battery from the tray. Found the fuel sender arm in the bottom of the tank. Turns out the little brass retaining plug in my herrod fuel module was machined a little small so the arm just wiggles out. Put the brass piece in the vice and squished it. Made it about 0.1mm bigger and now it secures properly. Being Good Friday it was an extensive 10 beer job haha
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    The way this kid eats his hotdog reminded me of Keith and his Subway method. I blame the parents
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    Think about it ya turkey. 1000hp fuel system. 800hp fuel regulator. One would think if a regulator is smaller than a supply it's not going to regulate pressure properly is it. Your reg is undersized. Take it to a proper tune shop, pay them to fix it. You'll probably make it go bang. You and your car are both potatoes.
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    Alrighty so, Got the ute back a little over a week ago now. We decided to put a run in tune on it and drive it around for a week or so to see if any little issues develop regarding the manual swap as its a pretty big process. I have done over 1200km in it over the last week and love it. I dropped it back off to the shop to get some adjustments in the Clutch and to get the braided wastegate line and screamer adjusted. Its now booked in for the middle of next month to get its dyno tune. I will likely just park her up in the shed and use my daily for the next month. I have to say I am more than impressed with how the manual drives and feels compared to the auto. I haven't opened it up for obvious reasons (I don't want a visit from Rodney) and I won't until its tuned properly. Here are a few photos of the rig, the pic with the ladder racks was just before all the mods began Here are a few of the goodies that went into the uterus Few things I have noticed as well, Screamer is stupid loud, I totally get why they call it a screamer now tr6060 roll over noise is trash the 4" xforce is not overly loud or dronney for daily use more to come
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    The correct speed is WOT Anyone else to be shot
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    they should have snipers stationed at all the merge exits......if you dont merge properly or at the right speed......BAM KARNT! people will learn to do it properly pretty quick IMO or we will cull the numbers....win win me thinks
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    Well, the one near work means I can leave earlier for work - so traffic will be much lighter and I'll definitely get a preferred parking spot. Plus I can make coffee at home and drink it in the car on the way to the gym - which gives me a little more time to wake up and be less stiff before I get to the gym compared to the one near home. However, the downside is that their closest gym to my house is 10+mins drive away instead of 6. The gym that's closer to home is a standalone (ie not a club), I've been there before and doesn't tend to get many poser gym junkie types there. Both will be able to fit into my schedule, I guess it's more about how I want that schedule to look... Kinda both. Appreciate there's other ways to get fit, but if I decide to go running and then it rains all week that's less than ideal. Where as I can go to the gym, lift some heavy things and then do a few kms on the treadmill if the weather is terrible. I think it's mostly about actually setting a routine that includes exercise, as I haven't really done that regularly and definitely not since working in the city.
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    my mechanic said buy a range rover if you like spending all your money on maintenance....
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    It's cruising time and this will be a good one. We're looking at a Great Ocean Road cruise, plus a little extra, up to mid north S.A, for the folks who have extra time. We're looking to head to Anglesea to meet up Friday afternoon/evening with the Vic crew. Saturday Great Ocean Road and stay Mt Gambier. Sunday Limestone Coast to finish up somewhere in Adelaide Hills for dinner. 嚜 Then VIC/ACT crew head home from Adelaide Monday morning. Monday cruise to Port Augusta and return to South of Adelaide, via inland, to a spot to be chosen, for heading home. Sightseeing location and food stops suggestions along the way are welcomed, as are any other suggestions. I'm keen for Naracoorte caves. Who's coming? I'll update this post as it grows. I'll post more info as needed. Everyone is welcome Note: date is during school holidays for SA and Vic - accomodation will be subject to vacancies In @Puffwagon @EvilDaifu @Rab Maybe? @k31th @bloodycrashboy @MBAF? @Box stock T. @Panda Eyes @MattyP
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    maybe. I need to dig the panda out and do a couple things if I get chance- prob should do the power steering high pressure hose as its getting a bit juttery... if nothing else I can bring the new R line.... bear in mind weather may not be great that time, but you might get lucky.
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    sH0uLd hAvE uS3d sEmi sYnThEtiC
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    Neg first one is always the brand new $1000 special as all the kids have had one but unless he takes to it then Ill invest in a better platform later on so far he has been the most involved in bikes whereas the other kids have shown minimal interest and the bikes then just sit there, been looking at this set up next for him
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    just the zook 450 and in other news, this cat is as stupid as it comes...
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    Let the boy loose with this and he been killing flies for the past half an hour. We both stuck our fingers in it beforehand so he knew not to be silly with it.
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    Well Camos speedy after hours weld job it is haha Sent from my SM-T385 using Tapatalk
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    know that feeling, havent had my bike(s) out since last august. Going out in 2 weeks though for 5 days, camping
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    hahaha now that I would love to see
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    I run Bilstein B8 shocks all round, rear re-valved to V8 Brute Ute spec by Bilstein. King Spring SSL on the front and Rear, Superpro control arm bushes, Steel leaf spring saddles, rear 20mm Whiteline sway bar and traction bars made by Jayson Scott. Handles damn well for a ute. Utes get a lot a spring wind up so stiffening the front half of the spring added with traction bars/caltracs will go a long way and save you smashing CV's and blowing your diff (I learnt the hard way). Just a word of advice, once you lower it you start playing with driveline angles and prematurely wear parts from excessive pinion angle and can cause all sorts of strange clunks and noises (I used diff shims to counter this). Looks good though
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    bfv worth getting? you played apex yet?
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    It's a fair assumption at face value lol. Gotta have them sick references bro.
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    just googled lupus faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark
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    The kitten crop dusted the fark out of my bedroom, the rancid little fluffball. I'd try to blow the fart back at it, but that involves taking a deep breath. I won't make that mistake again.
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    Not over or under, just whelmed?
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    If only there was a warm coat included Yeah but it takes a grumpy bastard to know a grumpy bastard
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    That plug isn't seated properly. It will go in further. Gotta push it stupid hard and fast.
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    Yeh don't take any chances with those, especially with 4 kids around Our old house was right beside the bush and we saw them every now and then, found one on the front verandah once which freaked out the wife no end. Caught it and put it in an ice cream container, pretty aggressive...move anywhere near it and it would rear up and lunge forward with great enthusiasm. Made a few phone calls since I'd heard they were short on antivenin, got shunted from reptile park to royal north shore hospital to a few other places and no one really had a clue about what to do or where I could drop it off. Ended up just dropping a brick on it.
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    can't push that too far... WPMOT: too many games of NHL and NBA to watch as I watch the entirety of the NHL/NBA finals series', and not enough time to watch them in oh well... #firstworldproblems
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    Dood, the plug. The plug seems like it's plugged in but it isn't properly.
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    That little boy looks very content and look at those chubby cheeks! You kinda breathe a sigh of relief when they start packing the rolls on.
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    My two lads. Jr 2.0 was 7 weeks early and now 4 months and becoming a little budda. First nice photo I have of the big bro holding the little bro.[emoji8]
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