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    I live in Tennant Creek NT, it's not the a## hole of the world, but you can see it from here. every day from October to April will see 40c+ As you can imagine my almost stock XR6T just didn't like it. There is no one here who knows anything about the XR6T, I actually own the only one in town, so I went on line looking for information and found this site. I was very fortunate to also find Aaron from JD TUNING ADELAIDE, with out his help and advice I could not have possibly done what I have, using a glass work bench ( wife claims it's her out door setting) and car ramps. Arron gave me advice on the fuel pump, fuel filter, injectors, spark plugs valve springs, oil, inter cooler, turbo, dump, cat. He also supplied the intercooler, piping and turbo which he modified, and posted me the dump, cat and valve springs, at a better price than I could find anywhere else, he then sent me his own valve spring tool to do the springs and would not take money for lending it to me. He answered my questions seven days a week helping me through each job. The nearest Dynos to where I live are either 1000 km to Darwin, or 2000 km to Adelaide and after installing everything except the injectors, I put her on the truck to Adelaide. Again Arron offered his help, he went to the trucking yard and picked up the car. He checked everything and recommended a new battery and cable, which he then fitted for me. He then went on to remove the turbo oil filter, custom tune the engine and service the auto, as well as tidying up and fixing some other small problems. I was originally trying to make 320 to 350 rwkw, probably a big ask for a shop keeper with a glass work bench in a out back town, but with a lot of help from a guy with seemingly unlimited patients, I got there. The car is home now, got back last night. I haven't had much chance to drive her yet, it was 8 pm 37 c when I picked her up, I gave her a bit of pedal, and she fish tailed up the road Thought of my friends with the flashy lights and backed off, a bit closer to home, I dropped her into 2nd at about 40 ks and stomped on the peddle, the ass tried to pass the front, going to have to relearn how to drive her I really appreciate all the help Arron gave me and the hours of his time he gave with out asking anything, this guy honestly does it for the love of it. I also Appreciate all the help I have had from this site, and members.
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    Before shot of engine bay After Shot all holes weld up, smooth out and painted
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    Ill try and chase them up. I do want to attend!
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    https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/outdoor/bikes/bike-accessories/turbospoke-bicycle-exhaust-v-2-0/p/151349 You can even fit 2.
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    Bought myself a bicycle last week (2020 Giant Contend SL1 Disc). Road to work for the first time this morning. Took me 40mins, so not really that much longer than it can take to drive if traffic is bad. Nice ride around the river for a decent section - nice way to start the day, definitely better than sitting in traffic.
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    Boot setup AI surge with 3x fuel pumps Nitrous Co2
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    About 4 years ago I got a reclining Bride replica off ebay and made up some brackets to suit stock sliders to keep electric adjustment. Massive improvement in feel even with 100% stock suspension back then. Had to pull it out eventually cos apparently it was made for 14yr old Asians with no shoulders to speak of, and couldn't sit back in the seat, anything more than a 10min trip was torture Still got it in the garage... Get a seat and I can make you some brackets piece of piss
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    Car packed, rifles loaded (into car), off to Mansfield to get dinner
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    Agree. I'll let you know in 650odd Kay's if fuel economy changes. Your on the wrong forum to worry about the koalas as well
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    Anyways, continuing from last night. After pondering on options and searching high and low for answers. A msg or post from longboost on Facebook stated they will better any price I can find on Garrett turbos plus a host off most of the popular brands people use. I stumbled across a gen 2 gtx3582r supercore for $2199 from Intunes website. I showed craig from longboost a screen shot of the advertised price and he bettered it. But once postage was factored in (~$60) it came in at $2200 anyway. Which I think was still pretty well priced delivered by someone reputable. I spoke to the Mrs some more and laid out a few options for her and she came to the party. Her ideas was it’s better to install a new turbo rather than getting something second hand. Admittedly I didn’t show her a standard Gt3582 cartridge or supercore and she didn’t pick up on the GT and GTX difference. But I told her it’s upgraded internally so won’t have anymore bearing problems 👀. invoice was emailed and she fixed up the bill for me 😬 So she knew about this package coming! My daughter got sent home from daycare the day before with temperature so she got to spend the day with me the next day when after 4 days of freight from qld to southern rural nsw I got a knock on the door. She was happy to help unpack and inspect the package 😁 she got upset when I packed it back up to put away so I think that means she approves. While waiting during the week for the freight I had been tagging the Mrs in memes found on Facebook or Instagram stating “I bought her rings, So she bought me a turbo” so she wanted to take photos of rings and turbo together. Have her some kicks out of it lol
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    If only I could look that far ahead, I'd love to and we dont have any surprising weddings.... yet
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    All fixed They even swept up, hosed down and disinfected the area where the spill was. That went a lot better than I was fearing. Apparently the blockage was 90m further down the main from my place and was a pretty big one - they were surprised it hadn't had an issue earlier. Just glad it wasn't in the middle of a hot summer day
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    Tunnel vision will be tuning it most likely
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    haha all a learning game, keep you guys posted
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    CSYJB/WDYDTYCT X-Over SpoilyBoi .88
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    I think that can be said for any nut/bolt/fitting/fastener/etc...
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    Im like all or nothing with motor racing. Either it bores the crap out of me (sober) or I love it like I total bogan and vocalise aa such (plastered) hahaha
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    Good to see Whincup not on the podium
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    I waited a few days for my tail shaft to get made and fitted and got all itchy feet waiting just for that
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    A big congratulations to Scott McLaughlin on winning your first Bathurst
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    Nice, I Hate where the power steering reservoir sits. I have sueded the A pillars will get a photo and post later. Most mods are on hold till we purchase the Trackhawk in the new year.
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    that is one monsta snail you've got there my friend!
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    Got a new addition to the M12 Milwaukee range today, she’s one tuff bastard ! 330nm of nut busting torque apparently smashed wheel nuts with ease
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    that's just sad... in both respects
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    On special https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/century-century-car-battery---67efmf-640cca/517327.html?vid=aNACHoNxi0rGJAP%2B9pv7uQ%3D%3D&cgid=SCA01060101#vid=aNACHoNxi0rGJAP%2B9pv7uQ%3D%3D&start=2
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    I’m hoping to see Ford conquer mountain this year
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    Yeh that job takes a big breath to even start
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    Set up electric power steering pump today, new hydraulic line to the rack and made a wiring harness for it. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Oh. I thought he was asking about my E85 commodore.
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    7 months later............... Triffid has flowered and now growing hundreds of baby triffids [emoji33]
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    snap. I took mine out the garage for the first time in about 9 months... doesnt need any tlc though, as my lad clay barred it before it got put away under a car cover..
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    that's why slow cars can be good full throttle and you're not over the limit but try that in your 400rwkw E85 daily FG
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    even if you swap the entire engine, there's still a bunch of electrics, transmission, tailshaft, diff etc that are different in a turbo variant.
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    Would be useful to know what the codes are - just cos you have lots doesn't mean everything is cooked. Sometimes minor issues cause lots of codes. Have you checked all of your other fuses? If they are cooked have a look for a car being wrecked of the same model. When I wrecked my previous car, I sold the BCM, PCM, ignition barrel, drivers door lock and keys as a set so they could just be transplanted into another car. Probably cheaper than buying individual PCM and BEM and then getting a tow to Ford.
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    Dont need a $200 tool anymore , go to bunnings get 3 × 8mm d shackles $1.44 and 3 x 8mm x50mm long galv bolts .with the y type old school harmonic balancer tool youve already got (40$ at supers) , Slip the shackle between the 3 spokes ( with the thread at the back )with the crank bolt out . Then with tools adjuster bolt in (use some flat sheet metal or ply to protect the air con radiator) adjust the adjuster bolt so the tool fits flat , put your 8mm bolts in ( a little fidgetty but quick enough , having all shackles facing the same way do up all bolts loosely then when sure the main adjuster is centred tighten att 3 bolts , Then with a big spanner turn turn turn , sure the shackles may take up the slack for a few minuted then it will get harder hit the balancer with some shock ( can help breck the tention bond) keep going till off .. easy as. Notes:: Just removed snorket fan plug and the 2 x 8mm bolts for the fans , keep close in the holes in the top cross bar (radiator support bar). No radiator removal no damaged nuckles , just asked bro to help with the main bolt , he used plumbers wrench to secure the balancer and an extention pipe on the 22mmx1/2 5 sided socket ) I recomend 5 sided to multi socket so as not to round it or your really stuffed,,,,.also 8mmx40mm bolts were too short stripped thread and bent shackle so did 2nd trip to bunnings so 8mmx50mm gets thread all the way into the shackle,,, dont need the $2:48 hardened one .looked too short anyway the galv ones worked fine For me this solves the expensive tool problem as kennards ect dont have them to hire, and lube mobile wont even quote on what they rule , half a job, ( no removing it is the job , its the whole job) I even spoke to the sydney call centre supervisor. They didnt want even $80 for a 5 minute job ..All other solutions involved buying the $200 to $300 tool this is max $50 ,,,, thanks for this forum for hints ive used in the past .happy 98ron to you all I've been trying to post these pics for my post , to show that I did do it and then say that the new one from repco (rac member discount came to $185 plus $12 for steel epoxy putty has 3 thredded holes )TA,
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    Go talk to your tuner. He will tell you what he did and why he did it. Didn't you discuss power goals with the tuner before the work Didn't he tell you what he expected it to make with your mods. Is the tuner not a well known shop.
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    You didn’t pay for numbers. Money doesn’t equal power. The package you have now would be more efficient, better in the mid range, more reliable and have a heap less strain on your engine to make that power. that's about what a Bf makes on 98 fuel at 14 pound when working efficiently. Sounds about right to me. The fact of the matter is you can give someone two cars with two different tunes and the better tune will feel faster, doesn’t mean it’s reflected on Rwkw necessarily on your dyno sheet. Worry about how it feels not the numbers, unless you’re building a dyno queen car, in which case I suggest you change your entire approach mods wise. To make more power on those mods on that turbo it needs more boost... which your tuner may have chosen not to do due to a bunch of factors, condition etc.
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    Dislike mustangs with a passion and I’m trying to like them to get on board with everyone else 😜
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    sH0uLd hAvE uS3d sEmi sYnThEtiC
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    Pretty sure the harrop ultimate is the biggest bolt on kit you'll find
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    Sewer backed up. Got the plumber round - he manged to poke the snake through to the mains. Now instead of a trickle of crap coming out there's a steady stream of it draining into my back yard. Got to wait now for the crew to come and clear the main. My house now smells like when I was in Pattaya 😞
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