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  1. Yeah it went fine. I found the limit of the actuator and or stock exhaust manifold. It made just over 500awkw at about 24psi.
  2. Well it didn't blow up today so I call that a win
  3. I'm putting it on e85 and heading down to the dyno later today. I get the feeling that it's gonna be pretty rowdy
  4. Just did a bit of road tuning to check for knock. Was a touch there at 4 grand so pulled over and pulled timing out. Apparently the exhaust is working cos it makes 20psi by 3080rpm and creeps up to 23psi by 5700rpm...at 0% wgdc. It touched overboost at 5900 and 24.5psi and went blblblblblbl as they do. I'll address this in the tune and it'll be fine. Good news is no knock while any of this shenanigans was going on so I'll just have to live with it for now.
  5. Ahaha maybe not, I still have a sore neck from looking up all day! I reckon you could drive in, drive out for $2000 with what I've done here. If you wanted a muffler then there would be another $400 to $600 roughly. The v-bands were $130 delivered for 4 of them, I bought 4 x 45's, 4 x 90's, 3 metres of straight and the resonator for $660. I used all the 45's, 1650mm of straight and none of the 90's. The 90's and some of the remaining straight will be used to make the dump for the big turbo and I made sure to have some spare bends in case. I already had the dump and cat but with them included, I spose all up the system cost around the $1000 mark.
  6. It was 8 hours total to remove the old exhaust and make the new one etc. I reckon I could do the same in 6 hours next time I put a 45 over the cradle, after the small kick up from the straight pipe. Then I used a couple of 45s to finish it off to the resonator.
  7. Cheers mate, it doesn't leak and it doesn't bang on anything so I'm calling that a win lol. It's kinda off it's tits really. It definitely is a 10/10 performance system and a 3/10 comfort system.
  8. Yep it sure is. I think I'll chuck a muffler in the middle soonish.
  9. I've got a couple... The dump is the 4 inch venom and the cat is the same except cut off to 4 inch with a vband welded to it. No pics of the dump though. Also you'll have to imagine the rear section fully welded lol.
  10. So yerp, 8 hours of cutting and welding later I have a turbo back 4inch exhaust system, with one high flow cat and one resonator at the end. I used 4 v-band clamps through it so it can actually be removed quickly, unlike the stock system. When I get more time I'll sort out some dyno tuning and then some e85 tuning. I pulled the tune back to 20psi and pulled a degree out for good measure today, and will do some road tuning tomorrow to check for knock. All the fun
  11. That's what I tell the missus I guess it's just one of those things hey. They would have picked it last time if it was missing. Chuck some loctite on it and it will stay there this time.
  12. Yeah nah you don't need that nut, it's one of the optional ones. It's a good example of why taking it to the mechanics for a service or at least a look over once in a whiles is a good idea.
  13. Unbolt cat, bash cat out, bolt in cat. Problem solvered
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