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  1. Yeah nah that's too hot. Start the car from cold, put it in drive and fill the bastard asap.
  2. This one. If the zf was stronger you wouldn't swap would ya?!
  3. It has an external trans cooler and a tune. You swap the input shaft, pump, E drum etc. Haha I've been using the antilag in 3rd. It's freaking mental.
  4. Yeah for all the talk I thought it would break straight away but here we are. It ain't happy now for sure, but a set of exedy clutches and a 3500 converter will get it sorted. It might not last forever but I don't expect trans clutches to last when it's turned up. I'll do the 6r80 input shaft etc when the rest gets done.
  5. Haha my stock 1993 Honda Integra would chop it to at least 45kph. Nothing a hectic converter won't take care of! It comes on boost at 50kph in 1st and sends it straight to limiter in second. Even a second gear launch will take off slowly then smash the limiter. You can build 30psi with antilag at 90kph in 3rd and it turns the tyres at about 110kph before it hooks. Third gear holds the power but 4th wont when it comes on, you have to wait until it's after peak power to properly nail it. I'll try some more line pressure but I'm already at 255psi so I don't think there is
  6. I live half an hour from anywhere so a beer will suffice
  7. Not so much for the ford stuff but the haltech and delco live tuning on the road, I tell her the afr needed and she does the rest. To be fair it's not that hard when you know how.
  8. Oh she knows her sh*t as she's had to listen to me and help me tune for years. But yeah, she's happy with her 150hp lancer.
  9. No not really. She doesn't gaf.
  10. Took the missus for a drive for mothers day. Her words: "This thing is freaking mental man".
  11. I'll have to look through the dyno graphs again. I went up incrementally in boost so I have 5 or 6 different power level graphs to compare. I think it started dropping the top end at 550awkw or so.
  12. I had a look through the logs just now and it reaches peak power at 5900rpm then falls over from there. I reckon the cam timing is affecting it a fair bit. From what I've found out recently, a zero zero cam gear setting is miles off what it should be. This will be fixed next weekend and retuned after. I still have the stock lower half of the intake manifold in there and I also have a venom 5 inch cat as well. Both of these could be holding it back a bit and all of this can be tested. I can make up a decat pipe fairly easily to see how much difference it makes.
  13. The dyno is in 4x4 traction stability mode. I ramped it at 170. I could have ramped it in a lot slower I reckon. I was a bit worried about the trans but even on the road it is ok. It reaches 24ish psi by 3950 on the road and is about 1000rpm later on the dyno. Iats were a lot higher on the dyno than the road which doesn't help much. Also cheap silicone couplers swell up like balloons with 30+psi in them
  14. Cheers, I did assemble the motor in my lounge room, but after I made about 420awkw the rest was done on the dyno. I reckon anyone could achieve what I've done with about 30k, if they did the work and tuning themselves. I did an oil and filter change too this morning before I tuned it, as it was definitely due! But yerp 953awhp ain't 1000awhp so gonna have to see what the turbo has left in it...
  15. So it turns out that the weird looking sh*t in the middle of the graphs before was the screamer pipe farking with the dyno, cos I shielded the computer today and it helped out a fair bit. This is the wg on full send the whole run, 100% duty from start to finish. I think there will be some low end gains to be had when I sort out the cam timing but this is where it's at for now. Here's the graph anyway...
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