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  1. That kinda reminds me of this. Haha I'm only stirring mate but still, I have to wonder
  2. I swear you are on crack sometimes k31th OP, think about what's changed cos you probably farked it up yourself if it was fine before. Check that you haven't disturbed a sensor near where you were working.
  3. Gonna rip a skid when they're fitted?
  4. Nice. That's the next turbo in chucking on. It's worth a mention that aeroflow had advertised their 7675 as a 1450hp turbo or the g1450 equivalent but had since changed their advert to 1120hp.
  5. It's not only work ethic, a lot of people don't have a firm grasp on Ford tuning which is why results vary. Not every Ford tuna is as switched on a Jet. The factory calibrations are super easy (for some) to get power from, but to do it "properly" is another kettle of fish. As far as overheads and time constraints go, they are a real thing. A shop has to pay everyone, pay the rent and utilities as well as turn a profit. This runs into the tens of thousands per week, even for a small shop. They have to charge $100+ p/h, per customer. I'm sure Aaron is outlaying a significant part of
  6. The pcm was already licensed from another car, it shows it at the start of the clip. Old mate has a 600rwkw falcon too, so the channel is worth a look!
  7. Athena head gasket has been ordered. The trans is just gonna get seals and clutches for now, so I can see how it reacts to minimal changes. I should probably do the input shaft and converter while it's out but it's not really that big of a deal to pull it out twice. Looks like I've got a couple of fun weekends ahead before roll racing.
  8. I'm in Adelaide and I'm still gonna use myself but I don't know who everyone else is gonna use
  9. It has a centre muffler and a rear resonator.
  10. Yeah it's pretty good now. It's quiet enough to daily drive yet it flows enough for 1000hp.
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