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  1. Yeah nah stuff that, it'd be the same price to buy the right part. Buy the right part and sell the other one. As always that's just my 2c and you can do whatever the FARRRRKKKK you wanna do
  2. A stock tensioner is fine for nearly everything. Just be sure to pry it with a bar and give it an extra click when you load up the chain. Not too much but a good click.
  3. Nason guides are $40 so go with them. Get an atomic chain cos it'll last forever and is fairly cheap. You can see a coloured ring around the teeth where the turbo one has been hardened. Realistically you could use whatever you want if you had to.
  4. Yeah makes sense but sometimes you gotta piss with the dick you got
  5. Eh better than nothing mate. Pushups Situps Chinups Squats with the missus on your shoulders You'll make all kindz of gainz...ALL KINDZZZZZ
  6. Doing weights. Weights are heavy. Bleh. Lift weights anyway.
  7. Why wouldn't you? It'd cost stuff all, get it done in a weekend and give you a hella upgrade.
  8. Not at all. Apparently I'm essential, so hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go.
  9. It's gotta be a pretty decent ride now with that power and a high stall
  10. Mate the only looks I saw on your face were "please don't break" and " thank fark it didn't break"
  11. They come out very easily with some pliers and will go back on without any tools at all.
  12. So yerp pulled the 6r80 down today. Nothing looks too rooted in it, not that I'm a seasoned trans builder or anything. All of the steels are in good condition and all of the shafts/gears etc look and feel alright too. I'll get to measuring later in the week to confirm stuff. The car that the trans came out of had a torque converter failure and had put some metal into the trans which is why I only paid $50 for it. I pulled the trans pump apart to have a look, as that will be where the metal starts it's journey into the trans. Sure enough the small inner gear has some damage and the
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