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  1. I read that a guy on reddit had shot his old fella off. Didn't look female afterwards though?!
  2. Oi @k31th everyone knows there's no such thing as girls on the internet.
  3. Comment just because... Sounds like piston slap. I'll trade the carton for a couple of goon bags
  4. Good result there, sounds about right for what it is. Gonna push it further or leave it there? I've run 700awkw/e85 on new stock bf coils and stock gas plugs gapped to 0.4mm. Gap down a little to 0.5mm and you should be fine. Be sure to post up a clip of it accelerating to "110"kph or a couple of rolls.
  5. Speaking of covid, kids are going back to school in a week or so. Looking forward to the whole family catching it within the next month
  6. Yerp. Hp Junkie have been shut due to covid and are only back at work on 17/01/2022. Shouldn't be too much longer.
  7. Yeah I'm not too fussed really but if I knew I'd have to wait 2 months+ I would have bought a different pump. Oh well
  8. Nah not shipped yet. They said 2 weeks on 25th nov when I ordered it cos they didn't have a high pressure spring for the oil pump. Rang after 3 weeks and hp junkie didn't have oil pump parts. Then someone sent me an email saying don't ring or email cos we'll send it when we get it. So I guess it'll turn up sometime this year
  9. My face when Goleby's emails me about their Australia day sale but I still haven't got my parts from the black friday sale...
  10. morning all, happy Sunday 👉👌
  11. Seems to me you need a new custard tank Look man you might have had a 5psi spring in there which would make sense why you were getting 10psi with a farked diaphragm. The 10psi spring may have been a 7psi spring which would make sense why it was making 15psi. Who knows?! At any rate it sounds like the gate needs some attention so there's a starting point. Make sure the boost reference is attached when you fix it or install a new one.
  12. With no boost control/ gate pressure, a split or leaking wg diaphragm will make more boost than the spring is rated for. From your earlier posts the car was making 15psi then started to only make 10psi. To me this is pointing to a pretty substantial boost leak. I don't know why the dsc is playing up or if it has anything to do with the boost related issue. Maybe someone has seen this exact situation before and is aware of something I'm not? You'd need to read the car with a scan tool or hp tuners to see what code is in there. It's possible that you were over the high boost threshold for long enough to throw a code there. I don't recommend driving around with no boost reference to the wastegate. There is a possibility that it could send the boost too high causing engine damage. Either have the boost solenoid plumbed in or run a line from the comp housing to the bottom port of the gate. If you are satisfied that there isn't an issue with the wastegate then my next suggestion is to smoke test the inlet tract. If you can log the timing at idle it can indicate whether or not there is a leak in the plenum. Random thought, is the stock recirc valve being used and if so does it have a boost reference and is it otherwise intact, aka not farked?
  13. He's already checked if it would boost to the moon. A failing boost solenoid will give you a range of minimum gate spring pressure aka boost, 10psi up to maximum boost of 20psi. So yeah nah Seems like the boost reference has been ruled out according to the given info. As always you can't rely on customer info, no offence @Slowxr6t, so we'll have to wait and see how this pans out.
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