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  1. I might be the same if I actually went to a gym Getting hyped up by myself in the backyard make me feel like a weirdo lol
  2. Will be interesting to see if there's a standard with Olympic style equipment, I'd assume there would be. My strength program has deadlifts, the bodybuilding program doesn't. I'll keep doing them while the weight is increasing, then probably swap for a while. Haha I always get so hyped up and excited talking about it here, then I actually have to lift the weights
  3. I've got a 1 inch thick bar that weighs 10 kg. The 20kg plates that fit it mustn't be as high as Olympic plates. Fun fact, I permanently run a 5kg plate each side so I get a 20kg "bar".
  4. Ordered some deadlift straps today, will be interesting to see how much easier the deadlift becomes. Also you're supposed to pull from 9 inches from the ground and I've been pulling from 7.8 inches from the ground. I might try getting the bar to the right height and see how much that changes things. I can easily lift 270kg from the rack with no straps but nowhere near that much from the ground. Haha it's all in good fun anyway
  5. Here's another one...bitches be like eeeeee ooooooooohhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhh and quack. Just shutup and take the damn selfie already
  6. Haha...pull a stat out my butt, wash it off and there you have it. 100% true 99% of the time
  7. Being shirtless outside in the cold wind has it's benefits but that ain't one of them
  8. Yay for frozen nipples
  9. But yeah a deep growl is a false fold movement, which isn't what I posted above. Still gives you a clear idea of the progression used in the voice for extreme sounds Also slept in like a mofo today, woke up with more energy than usual, which will be used on the weights in about 45 minutes or so. Yay Wednesday
  10. Haha Chris Rock special on Netflix.
  11. Haha probably, singing is kinda fun when you practice enough and growling is a form of singing
  12. Sorry to go off topic but I'm just here to say if I get up to sneeze number 3 it gets followed up with a death growl
  13. Yeah nah no traffic for this cat 🐈
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