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  1. Nothing to do with your pic bcb but rgb can get in the bin where it belongs.
  2. Yeah me too man. Maybe there will be a decent AMD card in just over a month?
  3. Check the reviews mate, this card is only 10% better than the 3080 for the most part. It's got the apple tax lol.
  4. It's the fuel pump on it's way out for $50 Johnny? Can your mechanic replicate the issue?
  5. I'll post in there when it arrives. I'm going to see if I can correct a muscle imbalance in my left gastrocnemius.
  6. I ordered a tens machine from ebay today. Electric testicles here I come!
  7. Now that I think about it more, I reckon mine did have 2 springs. Fark knows where the other one went but the one in my pic is a 5psi spring. I found the spring. I've if the kids had got in the shed and put it under the parts washer basket.
  8. Heh I got through the 5x5 of squats so the rest is easy from here
  9. Pretty much. For some reason I woke up with a sore knee and it's still sore after warming up. Farken mother farker.
  10. Well time to go make some gains again.
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