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  1. No, not any more. It's just a relief valve so easy fix. It's separate from the hws anyway. Still a pita at this time of night, hence the water and power off etc.
  2. Cold water pressure relief in the hws popped a seal out of the black bit and is pissing. Farker isn't that old either. Water and hws are off for now. Gonna replace it tomorrow. Bleh.
  3. That's fair enough. With the power you're running you really want the most amount of tunability and safety features possible.
  4. Yeah they'll be noisy at start up. When you're flogging the crap out of it, they'll be a perfect fit. That's what they're made for. Just take it easy until operating temp so they don't scuff the bore.
  5. Yes the crown clearance is normal. You don't measure a piston there.
  6. @rollex can field this one for the most part. In my experience the ZF file doesn't get changed much for stock hardware.
  7. Wife bought me muesli bars for evening snack
  8. Tune switching is available on the stock pcm which can have multiple tunes. The stock pcm can also tune the ZF transmission, which the haltech can't. If you run a plugin haltech you have to use another program to tune the ZF transmission, which will be PCMTec if you are going to a workshop. Stock pcm = good. Haltech = good. They're different things for different purposes but imho there would have to be a compelling reason to switch from the stock/custom os pcm to a haltech.
  9. Don't T into the fuel reg line though, they prefer to have their own uninterrupted manifold supply. Wouldn't be the end of the world if you did, but don't.
  10. Haha I might have been a little melodramatic there. School holidays here now and the wife has got next week off, so will have to arrange some countryside galavanting.
  11. Yerp. I really need a deck chair cos the camping chair ain't quite cutting it.
  12. Blue skies for days over here. I'm sitting in the backyard semi clad, while simultaneously getting a tan and freezing my balls off.
  13. Not sure. I did say dyno this weekend so should probably see about arranging that. The dude has got a back pressure sensor for the dump so we can see how much the exhaust is holding it back. That catch can kit needs installing. I haven't adjusted the cold start or much else for E85 so should do that. It takes 3 cranks to start and can't be driven for at least a minute until it warms up. I know how to fix it though. Wanna do an oil change again so there's that. Have got a steel pan for the auto with gasket and filter to go in, so just need some fluid to get that done. My foot is sore again to the point of not walking and have just developed a cough and cold, so realistically don't have to do anything if I don't want to. I might just sit here and look at it for the next month or two.
  14. Bro you've still got the blue car and are a decent dude on top. Winner in my book.
  15. Ha thanks mate, it's more of a novelty than anything. The keys are yours whenever the opportunity arises.
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