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  1. Nah not really, gives me a reason to drive my hectic vn every day lol
  2. Dunno, all my kids came out of the left nut apparently
  3. My kid is dipping her pancake in tomato sauce. #leftnut
  4. Eh I might be wrong but that's ok. It's a thing I want to try so try I will! Haha at least the weather is nice so won't suck too bad to be reyanking the engine or dropping the subframe etc. This is a channel that I follow on youtube and he has some good info there. It's given me more confidence to do what I'm doing with the various parts and intended power output.
  5. Bearing clearance is only part of how much oil pressure a engine makes. Pump specs along with oil properties will vary pressure significantly. I've changed the oil pump specs for this rebuild and as such will be making approx 50% more pressure over stock. I think I'll be fine with what I'm doing and if not I'll swap the mains back to std. It's only $300 for another set of mains so not the end of the world
  6. Haha nvm mate, just forum things lol
  7. I might be 8 years too late but you aren't allowed to say that on this forum
  8. Yeah ring gapping is pretty straight forward but the beers certainly help when you're cleaning pistons for a couple of hours. These pistons are getting a skirt coating as well as a crown coating and as such need to be cleaner than clean. They aren't there yet but here's a progress pic. Don't mind the swirl marks on the pistons, they need something to hold the coating so don't matter at this stage. Also rings are gapped but I still need to go over them with a little file.
  9. I'm not 1 bar either but if I drink enough beer I might be one day
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