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  1. My wg pipe is 2.5 inch/63mm, so it might be a bit tighter than yours. I'd already hammered the fark out of the dump years ago to get clearance. I have a 3 piece dump, one small bit from the turbo (3 inch) to the 4 inch top part (90 degree), then there is a second lower part that has the wg tube receiver (also 90), then the cat goes onto that, then intermediate muffler section, then up section, then the over the cradle section, then rear section with resonator. It's all vbands and can be difficult to line up perfectly the first or even third try. Just gotta put it together and adjust it as needed. Nothing is banging or rubbing now so we'll see how long that lasts.
  2. Well it was today. My dump pipe goes down one side of the steering column and the wg dump tube goes down the other. Because it is tightly packaged and if you don't line sh*t up perfectly, the dump or the wg pipe will touch the steering column. Because I was in there yesterday frigging around with it all, the wg tube was touching the steering column. I pulled the wg tube off today, gave it a squish in the press and put it back in, problem solvered.
  3. Indeed. Did some car fixing today, 2 steps forward, one step back. Oh well I'll have another go at it tomorrow and it'll be sorted.
  4. More work means more fun ultimately
  5. Sounds like burning the candle at both ends lol
  6. I would be busy too if I'd just moved into a new place with my wife
  7. I have a built ZF from RVO with a Dominator modified stock converter, and it has handled over 1000hp at the wheels through my awd territory. I'm currently using the same box at a bit over 500awkw and it shifts great. It all comes down to the tune with a ZF, as the wrong tune can quickly destroy a built box in no time. Apparently the boost solenoid can get a bit sticky with age and some wd up it's guts will loosen it up. You can replace it with a Mac valve, although you may require a tune touch up, especially if you decide to use a 4 port version.
  8. Yay Monday Last day of the school holidays for my kids, first day back doing stuff for me. Might take the boat out by myself tomorrow if the weather holds up and I have time
  9. They are 100% aftermarket springs. The car has a tunable electronic boost controller in the pcm and has a boost solenoid from factory. Check to see where the vacuum line from the turbo goes, it should be going to a boost solenoid that is under the fuse box. On 98 you will be making at least 20psi to have 400rwkw. That's the end of that then lol. Search the forum to see what people have done for upgrades. Call a workshop for current pricing.
  10. They send them out to dry the track. It didn't work. There wasn't any racing involved and most of the lap except the front straight was sedate.
  11. It got rained out but I got a few wet laps in. AWD is good but the car still doesn't hook under 100kph when it's wet. I think they are having it on again next weekend, so I'll get back there and hand out the chop.
  12. My car is making a bit over 700hp at the wheels, it's on boost instantly, straight to peak torque thanks to the converter and will hook up from a 50 roll. I give it a solid maybe/10
  13. Yeah they are up there, but not in the last post. We all see the same thing once stuff is posted anyway.
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