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  1. It pretty much touches 18 then drops to 14. I know how I can fix that, I'll give it an exhaust, it'll fall over less up top.
  2. Yeah man, 80/20 is the bare minimum for us too. Hopefully we get fibre over the next 10 years or less.
  3. Righto I did my thing and here's an update. I did a comp test and one of the cylinders was low with others being out of spec too. Turns out the head was leaking like a mofo out of the exhaust valves...so I rebuilt the engine. I used stock turbo pistons, Spool I beam rods, upgraded piston pins, Cometic 3 layer MLS, ARP head studs with OS washers, new hx bearings with 360 thrust, inconel high pressure oil pump spring with adjustable relief, oil pump gears and backing plate, Ross balancer, Plazmaman intake and maybe more I forgot. I got hectic with the valve grinding paste and the head is passable. I relocated my trans cooler under the car and wired in the fan with a relay and a switch. I painted the rocker cover with Black Velvet Cerakote, it was sh*t before and now is a bit less sh*t. Haha I still gotta fit the catch can, I'll do that later I suppose. I've had a successful test drive or 3 today, no leaks etc so happy days. It still runs the same boost, it makes 300awkw on about 14.7psi. This should tide me over until I can afford to rebuilt the actual turbo territory. The only thing I really want to do with it now is to have electronic boost control, the na pcm doesn't have that so I'm in the gutter using a boost tee. Here's a pic, hard to believe I did it all in the span of 1 week, in the driveway, while still having family commitments.
  4. Indeed. We have fixed wireless here which is ok at 80/20 but I would certainly have it faster if it was available.
  5. Yay Friday Buying a house that has your internet requirements is probably a major factor in decision making.
  6. What areas are you thinking of, city and country?
  7. You'd have a big yard for the doggos, lots more disposable income for a home gym and it might be more scenic. Could have less road noise at night, be darker for better sleeping and closer to the twisties for that extra ease of hooning cruising. Big yard means swimming pool too which is pretty much mandatory in summer.
  8. Yes it is a sticky situation and not the good kind
  9. Yay Thursday Yeah nah ain't nobody got time for interest. Even if you get a place for $200k you'll still be around $300 per week interest. Fark that with a rusty spoon.
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