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  1. https://forum.pcmtec.com/search/?&q=Whiteford&search_and_or=or I've seen him on Facebook, might have been a barra conversion page, I can't really remember.
  2. Look for a guy called Whiteford on the forums or Facebook
  3. 9am...peace and quiet 9:01am...Lamb of God turned up to 11
  4. Wife says to me as I stretch out across the bed: "excuse you, how far out to you want to stretch". Me: "that question has an entirely different meaning if I ask you that"
  5. You shot some varmints yet @k31th?
  6. There is a zf rev limiter that needs to be raised. I have mine set to 9000rpm from memory.
  7. Adelaide weather...25, 35 sunny, 22, 15 raining Yay Sunday
  8. I ain't no swapping expert but from what I've read the stuff you've listed will be all you need to have it work. You might need to swap the abs module as they need to be matched. You also need to check the diff ratio and wheel size settings are correct, maybe a couple more things in the vid block in the tune.
  9. $3450 maximum CCS cost after July this year, I'd just register the F6. Better yet put a new high CPI cat in it and you might end up paying stuff all.
  10. Summer like here too, 30c at 930am rn with a nice breeze, on track for 34 and sunny today. Haha also doing a workout rn, leg day, flies can ead
  11. Cheers to my farkwit neighbours for letting their dogs out and bark like a bunch of carnts to wake me up this morning. Yay Saturday
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