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  1. So did this on the 12th, a couple of weeks ago. Pulled 210kg and also pulled my left trap muscle which is still sore. Recently managed a 180kg squat for a single, was hoping to get to 200 by the end of the year but doesn't seem likely. Bench is nothing crazy, managed 140kg for a single this year, right now can go out and do my bodyweight for 10 reps @115kg. Just like making power with the car, it is never enough in the weight room either. Here's to ever increasing gains lol
  2. Cheers. It's a little late for keeping track of money saved but a very conservative saving is $50k. I did get some help from others; various advice here and there, an Adelaide workshop staying open for me on weekends and late nights to use the workshop and letting me put over 150 runs on their dyno without charge, an Adelaide machine shop coming through for me where others failed and last but not least the missus who puts up with it all. Yes I do most of it myself but wouldn't be here without other people helping.
  3. Twas a burst feed line from one of the pumps. Just fixing it up now and should be back in the car and running in a bit.
  4. Territory Crazy is where you'll find a replacement.
  5. Go back and look for the scoop, you'll pay $350 for an aftermarket copy.
  6. Yeah nah I'm plenty patient, the compressor is just not big enough for decent hobby use. 5 hp and 100 litre is probably the bare minimum.
  7. I've got a 50 litre/3.5hp rig now that just doesn't cut it for working on cars. It's workable but frequently gets overloaded when I get hectic with drying parts or using my air ratchet. To answer the question, yes it should service a medium size workshop, whenever I get the huge shed on the back
  8. Haha fark me I forgot I even bought that tool above, I'd better attach something tomorrow lol. Any whoozle, onto my latest purchase...I took me beer cans up to the recycle yard yesterday and noticed a medium giant compressor in the yard. I asked how much he wanted and it was 30c per kg. I told him I'd pick it up today and $80 later this beauty was mine! It just needs a motor, apparently it works fine otherwise. Before I get asked, it ain't getting turned into a turbo burn barrel, although I am pretty damn tempted lol. I wanted a bigger compressor for the shed and this is what I've got.
  9. Plugged in a gauge to check fuel pressure, have got 10psi and won't go higher even when I block the return. Looks like the tank is coming out again tomorrow.
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