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  1. Yeah for sure, I'll sus them out.
  2. That's handy info. I'm in South Australia, North of Adelaide. There is a Supagas distributor not too far from me.
  3. Yeah I have used BOC for my initial gas cylinders. Balloon grade is $481.44 for a size g. Laser grade is $1308.36 and there are a couple of grades in between. Mate if you can sort me out a better price, sign me up! I'll have a look around anyway, now that you mention it.
  4. Believe me I was welding my dick to the bench a few days ago. I burnt my arm on the filler rod, stabbed the red hot tungsten through my work pants into my leg and heat the fark out of my fingers through the gloves regularly. I need a welding bench cos the current (no pun intended) one is wooden. All will happen in time, there's no shortcuts to practice.
  5. Unlikely when I've had all of 4 hours practice on aluminium Here's a few runs I just did on an old ali pipe
  6. Cheers @bloodycrashboy. Rab I'll post a pic later. No need to see the sh*t stuff while I worked out the machine settings and welding techniques.
  7. More like everyone's huffing it to make squeaky voices. Balloon grade is fairly cheap, I wonder what my toddler would sound like?!
  8. $1300 for a 8m3 bottle of helium if anyone's counting. Only $220 for 10m3 of argon.
  9. I have a gasless steel mig and it's ok for its intended use. This "new" welder is decent and I want to become proficient at using it. I'm only moaning about the gas cos I had no idea how much it would use and I'm still learning. I'll get a size g2 bottle next time, I currently have a d2. It's given me new perspective about the cost of tig welded products.
  10. Fml I've used about $50 worth of gas in 3 hours. At least I'm getting better at it...but still have a ways to go before perfection.
  11. I've been practicing my tig welding lately with aluminium and apparently my t shirt yesterday was a bit thin cos I'm burnt to fark on my chest.
  12. Second hand na box? The current one lasted a fair while and another one should last until you swap to a built whatever.
  13. With Holley hydramat? How long before giant turbo etc or still to early to tell?
  14. Stop at a petrol station and buy a beanie and gloves.

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