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  1. I had my BMC filter fail after about 12 years. Lucky I saw it real early before it disintegrated. I clean and re oil every year and when I lifted the air box cover some of the rubber seal tore off. The more I touched it the more it crumbled. Went in the bin and now have a K&N.
  2. I think the best option is to not install one at all. As Ford stopped installing them in the FG, the part was never needed I suppose. Like I and others have done just use extra length of hoses to use in its place.
  3. Not just installed on fpv's. I had one in my bf2 xr6t fail. Thermostat was stuck internally and not routing the coolant to the heater so I had no heater. For me it was the perfect opportunity to throw it and the heat exchanger in the bin and install the pwr heat exchanger and just used extra hose in its place.
  4. Here is some shots from under the car looking up. You can see the drops forming under the yellowish bracket of the pump. The high pressure line is completely dry and its never leaked. Im picking up a new genuine pump tomorrow so ill be changing it over the weekend.
  5. My pump has sprung a leak somewhere. Its not the famous o ring leak, my hose is dry. It seems it starts from under the pump. Ps fluid pools on the underside of the bracket that screws into the block. Then runs down the block and sump. Where could this leak be coming from? Is it time for a new pump? Car: 2006 bf2 xr6t
  6. Thanks, hell of a lot cheaper. Ill just have to take one out and measure it up.
  7. I noticed one of the rubber mounts have broken in half and the others are looking pretty bad. Ive searched around the forum and the topics on these are years old. So just wondering has anybody found cheaper replacements for these? or can get them cheaper at least. I call ford spare parts and they want $29 each. Part number: BAF9W680B
  8. Both shafts couldnt have broken at the same time. that's why I think its something else.
  9. After more reading in forums, it seems the thermostat connected to the zf heat exchanger could be the problem also. I'll have to get under the car and feel the hoses connected to it. Anybody on here come across this problem? Also anybody have one sitting in the shed after their pwr install I could use?
  10. Car is a 2006 BFII xr6t auto, dual zone. Driving to work this morning all I got was cold air through the vents on both sides. I've done some investigating at home. Coolant is normal and no leaks anywhere. I can hear the motors turning when I change temperature. All the air modes work fine. With the AC on and one side at 18 and other at 30 there is a slight temp change between the sides. (surely both mixer shafts couldn't have broken) Is there any way I can see or test of the HIM is working properly? (with out removing the dash) Is there anything else I could check? Thanks any help appreciated.
  11. Yep very common seal to replace. pan needs to come off so best do a service at the same time.
  13. Thanks Shyfrd. Good to know. I'll start using 40nm from now on.
  14. What are the specs for the BF? Never thought they would have changed. I've always used 27nm for the manifold bolts in my BF.
  15. Yes Motospecs do deliver, using toll. I just recieved a steel pan kit from them.
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