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  1. My sis recommends Bruny Island - potentially an option when we do the cider run maybe? She said it's very beautiful there and it does look scenic from Google maps 🍻
  2. Just updating where accomodation has been booked for anyone else thinking of joining us Wed 4 Mar Catch 7:30pm ship Thu 5 Mar Stay George Town Comfort Inn The Pier, Georgetown $131 - RESERVED EvilDaifu Fri 6 Mar Stay Strahan Strahan Village $206 - RESERVED EvilDaifu, YLD127 Sat 7 Mar Stay Rosetta Riverfront Motel & Villas, Rosetta $99 - RESERVED EvilDaifu Sun 8 Mar Stay Triabunna Stay Triabunna at YLD127 Place (BYO sleeping bag!) Mon 9 Mar Stay Bicheno Tidelines of Bicheno $169 - RESERVED EvilDaifu, YLD127 Tue 10 Mar Stay George Town York Cove Holiday Hotel, George Town $169 - RESERVED EvilDaifu, YLD127 Wed 11 Mar Catch 7:30pm ship @YLD127 I have booked a twin room at Rosetta so you are welcome to bunk in with me there as you have not booked that night's accomodation yet. I also took liberty of bunking at your place in Triabunna if okay with you and your relatives
  3. Just proposing some places to stay. Your thoughts guys? Wed 4 Mar Catch 7:30 ship Thu 5 Mar Stay George Town York Cove Holiday Hotel $169 Fri 6 Mar Stay Strahan Bushman's Cafe $180 (only 1) Strahan Village $206 Sat 7 Mar Stay Pontville Brighton Hotel Motel $108 Sun 8 Mar Orford Orford Blue Waters Hotel $134 Mon 9 Mar Stay Bicheno Beachfront Bicheno $166 Tue 10 Mar Stay George Town York Cove Holiday Hotel $169 Wed 11 Mar Catch 7:30 ship Who's coming as well? 1. YLD127 2. Rab 3. EvilDaifu (possibly another passenger) Anyone else?
  4. So when I wrote the guide had a BA T back in 2011. Have a FG F6 now and I can reach into the socket from behind through the Growler airbox (Left Hand Light) but buggered if I can get the AMP connector off the metal tines of the globe easily. Anyone know if there is a tool that squeezes the AMP connector so it comes off easily for the H4 globe which is the main globe I am trying to replace? Or if there is a certain technique to it - please share. On the BA might have just been a bit looser or I had easier access to it.
  5. Booked Spirit of Tassie for Melbourne-Devonport Wed 4 Mar 7:30pm and coming back on Devonport-Melbourne Wed 11 Mar 7:30pm Discussed with @YLD127 and @Rab I also booked a 4 bed cabin each way - so Rab is going to share that with me. Leaves 2 other beds available if anyone going across and coming back same dates. I chose those dates cos they were the least expensive fares - either side the fares are more (varies differently). That means if you want to book on those dates and there's still room left in the cabin - just book the recliner option which is $0 as your "seat" on the boat over. There will be linen and towels enough for 4 people in the cabin. Just beware though - both Rab and I are chronic snorers - so bring your ear plugs Just need to sort out the itinerary now so we know where to book the accomodation! Thinking Rab and I will spend some time around Launceston and the gorge area on the first day Thursday - that way we can be nearby to meet YLD127 on Friday morning Anyone else interested in those dates?
  6. Yep I have my annual leave booked for the Friday 6 March and Tuesday 10 March at the moment. But I have some days owing in-lieu so I just had a look at the Spirit of Tassie bookings and cheapest cost fares are if we go take the boat Wednesday night 4 March $279 (with car) and come back on Wednesday 11 March $279 (with car). I'll be booking a cabin both ways 4 berth sleeper at $139 per trip - no way am I gonna sleep in a recliner (I remember last time when I booked a chair - Rab saved me with his cabin ) Total boat cost return for me leaving Wednesday night 4 March and coming back Wednesday night 11 March (back in Melbourne Thursday 12 March) would be $836 @YLD127 I won't be booking the Thursday night boat cos right now its a whopping $439 for the boat alone (no cabin) Everyone else's thoughts?
  7. So here are 2 vids I made yesterday about Dauntless. Had a few people ask me on Reddit about my looks so made a vid showing how I did that. Then also did a vid of one my fights in an arena called Trials within Dauntless (which is different from regular hunts in the biomes - its a timed trial to see how fast you can kill the Behemoth). If anyone plays Dauntless on here I'd like to meet up with them in-game. My IGN is EvilDaifu My looks - enjoy My Trials Normal fight against a Behemoth called Shockjaw Nayzaga
  8. EvilDaifu

    Tassie Chat

    We should start booking the boat and accommodation soon otherwise our choices will be limited and potentially more expensive.
  9. EvilDaifu

    Tassie Chat

    I was thinking leave Thu night and return Tue night (arrive back in Melb Wed morning and straight into work for me ) But I'm am flexible - I would like to stay longer if any of you guys wanted to stay longer and say come back on Wed night (I just need to put in for an additional day or days which should be okay ...)
  10. EvilDaifu

    Tassie Chat

    I just submitted my Annual Leave request for Fri 6 Mar to Tue 10 Mar @YLD127 what's the plan? I can add on more days if we decide to stay longer or leave earlier. We should really start looking around for accomodation and booking the boat over now otherwise will be mega $$$ if we leave it to late ...
  11. Soz this vid took so long to put together and post up - hope you enjoy it Special thanks to @YLD127 (additonal footage), @El Andrew (who also saved my drone ), @PookeyMaster and @civillian (additional footage - luv that Hero8 Black 🎥 ) - you guys made this cruise Looking forward to the Tassie Cruise in March next year For Your Enjoyment!
  12. Been playing Dauntless lately on PS4 - its a cross platform monster hunter that's free to play. Recommend it as its helping me lose weight i.e. don't eat much lately
  13. Merry Christmas guys! Got a red PS4 dual shock controller for Christmas -
  14. Went up to Mt Hotham and did a short day walk around Mt Loch last weekend with my mate from the UK - we then drove down the road from Omeo (stayed at Golden Age again) to Buchan Caves - wow I had forgotten how good that road is as it follows the river closely - but it is quite brief He was impressed when he took to the wheel of the FPV F6 - had the cabin dash running and shud have seen his expression (and swearing) over-taking a Mustang ... Buchan Caves is pretty good by the way
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