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  1. Sorry to hear. Fully understand though. Hope something comes up soon that you like.
  2. EvilDaifu

    What other cars have you got hidden away?

    Mazda SP23 hatch - handy hatch for my son on Ps ...
  3. Mental note for self - don't buy another sleeping bag - BRING ONE ALONG Also have booked into Strahan Village for 2 nights - Fri 8 Mar check in and Sun 10 Mar check out - thanks for checking which nights where
  4. Spirit of Tassie booked - farrkn left it a bit late so prices high. So I'll be bunking with Rab cos like his company and cash strapped ...
  5. Yep 2 nights Triabunna and 2 nights Strahan is good. Let's explore both East and West Coast better in my opinion. What's 98 like in Strahan again? I forgot.
  6. Bumped into Trentus in Brissie yesterday. Asked if he was interested in coming along but he has other plans at that time.
  7. Annual Leave is approved But hope work doesn't get in the way - like need me interstate or something. We have a few sales opportunities that may start to develop in March. I like 1 night in Strahan (quiet but roads fantastic) then spend 1 night maybe in main Hobart town (we will be buggered from memory that 2nd day and I like the pubs in Salamanca) then 2 nights in Triabunna to explore the East Coast?
  8. Annual Leave Request submitted ... Just checked on Spirit of Tassie sailing costs and its $816 return for 1 passenger, 1 car and 4 berth cabin for the dates of the cruise. From past experience, those who have just booked a recliner on the boat can stay in the 4 berth cabin as they provide enough linen and towels for 4 people even if 1 person is staying in the cabin. Cabin is $139 per night. Just to let people know - I snore something bad ... For 1 person with 1 car one way - it's probably $160 + $109 i.e. $269 one way or about $535 return. Not sure about accommodation costs as I don't think we've settled on where we will be over the days yet.
  9. Here are my opinions. We have an BMW X5 and I like its looks and the interior is very comfortable though its not my daily. Not as big inside as the Volvo XC90 we used to have. But smooth as to drive. I think its very true what they say about the X5 - feels like driving a sedan even though its a large wagon (just washed it this evening and takes me twice as long to wash as the F6 - but you know what they say about happy Wife ). Yeah its the misses car. But farrrk me the servicing costs However, no mechanical or electrical issues so far. I drove a Merc C250 rental in the UK 2 years ago and have come to the conclusion I dislike them to the point I'd never buy one or even rent one. My sis has a Merc C class and yeah it looks large on the outside but feels a bit to snug for me on the inside. But what I really don't like are their brakes. Long time ago - used to have a Audi A4. Really liked the look of it and had no mechanical or electrical issues with it. But once again as it got older the running costs (servicing, insurance and so on) just didn't make financial sense to me relative to the cost of the car. It was also a bit small and I needed something larger back then.
  10. EvilDaifu

    Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    I'm good for either Rab but prolly prefer steak - had an issue with brisket before ... couldn't finish all of it
  11. EvilDaifu

    Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Done - bought the set auto and handbrake leather ones with silver stitching (had to double check this afternoon) - both synthetic ones that come with the car were fraying. Thanks @El Andrew
  12. Ha ha ha - yeah that partially finished road on the map near Ben Lomond National Park ...
  13. EvilDaifu

    Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Thanks mate - yeah was goin down path of rubbing some leather conditioner into them but hadn't done anything yet cept buy the conditioner (for my work bag actually - Toowoomba is a real cowboy town - bought a genuine Akubra there as well as got my leather bag repaired twice there).
  14. EvilDaifu

    Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Thanks k31th - yeah its funny how I gravitate the similar footage each year to show case I had to look at the two on YouTube itself to pick up any difference. Anyways - I exported the vid at steady state 25 fps and I think there is marginally less distortion of faster moving scenes in my opinion when posted on YouTube. The actual mp4 files I don't notice any difference. But somehow I prefer Version 1 though - seems to be smoother with the Samsung S8+ vid footage. So I put it back up in an earlier post

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