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  1. Yep I'm in Guessing Rab and I'll will have our Mavic Airs ... 🚁
  2. Just drove a VFII SV6 sedan rental for 3 days in QLD for work - gonna have to wash my hands now But did like the HUD display. Thank goodness took the F6 to the airport rather than an uber - soooo good getting back into the F6 back home
  3. Hope all okay @bloodycrashboy
  4. Stay over then at the Rab Ponderosa on Philip Island (assuming Rab let's you and its available) then join us for the Snowy's ...
  5. hey @bloodycrashboy maybe you should try to make it for the Snowy's in Nov?
  6. Nice one @Rab DJI Mavic Air for those interested ...
  7. Some more pics Sunday Lake Burbury Bridge Monday Verona Sands Southport 1843 Colonial Barracks next to regularly frequented Spring Bay Pub in Triabunna Tuesday Spikey Bridge near Swansea
  8. Some of pics for your enjoyment Thursday Boarding Spirit of Tasmania in Port Melbourne Friday Brekky at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm (good one YLD127 ) Near Liena Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain Saturday Queenstown More to come later
  9. I'm not 100% sure but think we did about 860km around Tassie (forgot to reset my trip counter) over the 5 days or 26 hrs in the saddle. The farrkn freak of YLD127 car prolly used a LOT less fuel - but I used 240 litres ... Definitely need to book something like Room 2111 again at Strahan Village - just so we can retire in the evenings to a bit of Bortelli Old Boys or Gallway whilst watching the sunset over Strahan Harbour Think we all agreed we'd bring fishing rods next time - ate a lot of Glad we did some more sight-seeing this trip - side trip to Spikey Bridge (apparently spikes put there to stop livestock from going over the sides). Can still see the sea shells embedded in the concrete guessing from the local sand used. We did a bit of cider run on Monday down the SW coast - stopped off at Pagan's and Frank's local apple (and other fruits) cider farms - looking forward to sipping a few this week.
  10. See ya Tassie - thanks for a fantastic 5 days driving Rab and YLD127 Thanks Rab for letting me hole up in your cabin, the chunky delish steaks and leading some of the way through the awesome twisties Thanks YLD127 for letting us stay in your cabin by the seaside again, saving my drone up the tree that threatened to give it a dunk in the ocean and being our "local" here showing us the way I think it was a really good move to base ourselves 2 nights in 2 places - great move Rab We're thinking of doing this again next year during SuperV8s Simmons Plains prolly early April we're guessing then similar route 2 days West Coast and 2 days East Coast - keep a look out for the thread when it posts up
  11. Another near Southport - water sooo aquamarine
  12. Nice spot to let the cars cool down ... And then we came upon this spot - almost the most southern tip of Tassie

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