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  1. OMG gonna buy up big on the Tumut River Brewery beers next year - just polished off a Ginger Ninja tonight with pizza at home tonite - farrk me its good Anyways - woke up next morning Saturday and saw Pookey's car parked out front next to my room After doing the BBQ shopping we all briefly got together for the regular Tumut Station photo opp (anyone see that Tumut spelt backwards is Tumut ) Having finished kitting up the GoPro's/Sony Action Cams we all headed off - here we are just near the Kiandra turn-off to Cabramurra ... Let's just say there at that turn off - having launched the drone - spent 1 hr more there than anticipated looking for a *cough* black hawk down black hawk down *cough* "drone in a haystack" - yeah see that paddock to the right in the pic above - it goes on forever Big thanks to El Andrew though for finding my expensive toy So then we came to the Tumut Pond dam which was blue-as in the right light ... Being an hour behind thanks to my little drone episode (everytime I take it out something happens - my drone that is ) - we were all suitably famished for late BBQ lunch in beside pristine Lake Khancoban whilst doin the Aussie wave ... Finally got into Jindy early afternoon (yeah that section went by quickly ) And it was soon time to settle down for beers and dinner again - this time at the place we have not tried before - Banjo's but would like to stay there again - classic front bar pub with patio facing Lake Jindabyne
  2. The stats for me on this cruise according to my Ford trip computer! Total distance travelled 1666km (includes rolling stops into Omeo with 46km range left and Bright with 35km range left - mental note - if it's going to be hot bring 10 litre and 5 litre jerry cans of 98RON ) Average fuel economy for me at the end of the cruise (after zero'ing leaving home) 12.1 l/100km Arriving into Tumut though on Friday afternoon my average was only 8.7 l/100km which I thought pretty good (not good enough according to YLD who was running of the smell of 7.something l/100 km ) Time in the saddle 20 hrs Fuel used 203 litre So most of us arrived into Tumut on Friday cept Pookey who rocked up at about 10:30pm cos had exam and Sydney Friday arvo traffic and here are some pics from Friday. Was sooooo hot the road was melting outside our hotel ... Found this nice spot by the Tumut River courtesy of a Holden GTS guy at the Tumut car wash (well I figured being a local he'd know where to take pics of his car ...) And civillian was showing us his neat wielding skills for all his jerry cans of E85 he meticuluously calculated he'd need for this cruise Then it was off to the Tumut Brewery for their famous Ginger Ninja beer and other boutiques plus their farrrkn fantastic MOFO Cheese Burgers 😋
  3. Just starting to review some footage and this is a still from a vid at Mt Hotham
  4. Just got home around 5pm. I'll post up more later but just want to say thanks to the guys for a great long weekend
  5. Luv the smell of gums trees in the morning - beautiful chilly day this morning ... in the shade Last night @YLD127 and I debating how we gonna get to the next 98RON servo as there is none here at Omeo ... I just made it in last night with 46km range to spare Good thing brought along the spare jerry can of 98RON - reckon it was the heat and air-con yesterday plus sitting behind 2 cars some of the way - and the distance between Jindy and Omeo ...
  6. A beautiful morning here in Jindy - here the birds and lake is smooth - it's actually a bit chilly outside this morning! Going to show civillian's friend my DJI Mavic Air (let's just say we were literally looking in a haystack yesterday for it huge thanks to @El Andrew who found it after a thousand cuts ... ) Also for those travelling back to Canberra via Cooma - Hartly bicycle challenge is on this weekend - so sharing road with cyclists. Details on https://www.livetraffic.com/desktop.html
  7. 8pm @PookeyMaster We at the front bar inside now (starting to get chilly outside)
  8. Just rang Snowy Hydro and they are in the process of merging with NSW National Parks for the tours so the powerstation is not open for visitors or tours right now until that merger is complete. So will we bypass it today. Sorry about that @civillian I'm running a bit late so how about we gather together at 9:15am at Amaroo this morning (had some work to do on email this morning).
  9. Rise and shine fellas - saying to @YLD127 smells so fresh this morning Heard @PookeyMaster arrive about 10:30pm last nite into room next to me
  10. For those within range - my hotspot is FordXR6Turbo and 12345678 👍
  11. Well hear the birds tweeting and see some blue skies amongst the Melbourne clouds this morning - so this cruise is ON Good luck @PookeyMaster in your exams today. Hope the alignment gets done okay in time this afternoon @civillian Looking forward to some technical advice over some beers this evening @El Andrew And checking out the new beard growth since last cruise @YLD127 Mate @Rab will miss you - yeah like everybody - was looking forward to catching up with you again. Sounds like things will sort themselves out. See ya in Tumut - drive safely guys
  12. I just realised tonight that the place I've been buying camping gear from online Tom's Outdoors is actually in Tumut - so gonna try to get there before closing time to have a browse. Heading to Wilson Prom in December
  13. Gonna start packing today and wash the car. Pookey all packed. We should do a Tumut train station photo opp with him before we leave Sat morning. He won't get in until way late due to Sydney peak hour traffic so just us for dinner. If the lighting is good I wouldn't mind doing a photo opp by the train station Fri afternoon before we head out to dinner as well. Not sure if there is something else scenic there we can do a photo opp by (suggestions from those who know Tumut welcomed). I'll bring an esky but I guess play it by ear on Sat - hopefully no Total Fire Ban on Sat for our BBQ.
  14. Yeah 39 deg C on my dash temp readout today in Melbourne. I think it will get cooler on the weekend.

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