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  1. I don't think it makes sense to hold the Snowys Cruise in Nov 2020 this year unfortunately. My work reckons it won't be until Mar next year before I'll be allowed to fly anywhere or to visit customers face to face ...
  2. Wonder if my FPV FG 2010 has a similar issue of faulty Evaporator Temperature Sensor. Been really cold in Melbourne in June/July and after getting my car back from the hail storm repairers (yeah several farrkn big hail stones in Jan got me before I could drive the car under cover) it started to make a thumping noise in the air con system piping under the dash closest to the driver side. Happens when I first start up the car on cold mornings so whilst the temp is getting up. I noticed if I have it on full blast for maybe 10 mins or so, the thumping stops as if the temp has stabilized at some steady state (maybe temp I dialed up - usually sits around 20.5 deg C but on cold mornings I crank it up to 23.5 deg C). I know its the air con causing the thumping noise, like some flap controlling air flow getting stuck or jammed, because as soon as I turn off the air con, the thumping noise stops. Anyone else had this issue with their FGs? If so, how did they get it resolved? I am thinking of taking it to an automative coolings place to get my air con serviced. Are there in recommendations in Melbourne? Probably have to wait until after Stage 4 lockdown though to get it serviced. Thanks for any help
  3. Ha ha ha thanks BCB and K31th Here's the vid from a few nights ago with guild members ...
  4. Thanks @espoig There is a new Ramsgate community Hub in-game and here is one of the look outs ... For those looking for a great cross-platform (PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch) FREE on-line game, let me know, I am in The Evil Waifus Guild. My in-game name is EvilDaifu Here is our discord invite www.evilwaifu.com
  5. Finally did Dauntless Trials solo yesterday ... Hope you enjoy the vid Also met Rab in-game for a some hunts one evening - he's pretty good
  6. Okay guys a real blast from the past - can't believe it was almost 8 years ago we did this cruise above - @Rockatansky you did a fantastic job taking us through hellava lot of film locations in one day What's more - we re-lived those places for reel (you saw what I did there ) Anyways - was perusing YouTube today and came across this vid below which gives the address details of some of the locations and it immediately brought me back to that fantastic iconic cruise we did as a forum back in 2012
  7. Saw this review of the Mustang R-Spec today - looks pretty good https://www.drive.com.au/new-car-review/2020-ford-mustang-r-spec-review-123704.html?trackLink=SMH0
  8. Yeah @El Andrew thankfully the missus was out that day so as soon as I heard the heavier than usual hail (sounded like golf balls hitting windows and roof of the house) I ran out to the car and drove it into the garage - but farrrk totally forgot about the Mazda 3 parked down the street in all the panic ... Saw the hail storms in Canberra - still can't get that image of people having a beer under an umbrella in some beer garden when suddenly they got caught in the maelstrom They did good repairs as far as I could tell @k31th - it was annoying me every time I walked out to the car and saw the dents on the bonnet and roof ...
  9. Back on the 19th Jan this year had 2 cars damaged by hail. My son's Mazda 3 was a write off - just dents everywhere and in some places didn't even know could get dented However - finally got my FPV repaired today and got to say - am impressed at the technology they have nowadays to repair paintless. They even pushed back out some trolley war scars ... I did a search and didn't find any posts about hail damage so surprised nobody posted up about it so far - especially with the shocker of a hail storm we had back in Jan in Melbourne. Literally the size of mini tennis balls as in this pic where I saved some in my freezer ... I used Bears in Bayswater to repair my car - I only saw a handful of dents but they reckon there were 60 dents they repaired in my bonnet alone Apparently my car was a Category 1 which is least damage but they claim it would have cost me around $5k to repair - not sure if I heard right though. I heard separately through RACV Insurance that the threshold for write off is about $8.5k damage (where they deem it is not cost effective to repair the dents).
  10. Well thought this was educational and entertaining at the same time ... esp when the test driver gets in to go down the hill
  11. No worries BCB - its not everyone's cup of tea. Here's a trailer for their Switch launch late last year which I thought was a good vid ...
  12. Anyone here play Dauntless now - especially since alot of us are restricted to staying at home all the time? It's a really easy to pick up F2P cross-platform (PC PS4 XBox and Switch) on-line game and I like play every night regularly with the bunch of guys I've met in-game. Gives me an adrenline rush beating the Behemoth when you thibk you may not make it. Pretty therapeutic as well - helps take your mind of other things that may be worrying you 👍 Have a Discord happening as well - here's our Discord invite if interested www.evilwaifu.com Here's a vid of my Guild The Evil Waifus having fun - IGN EvilDaifu if you want to send me a friend invite in-game (let me know though here so I know your from this Forum) 🍻
  13. How ya goin Rockatansky - you ever coming back over East again?
  14. Day 7 Wednesday Some stats for my whole trip Total Round Trip Distance approx 2900km Total Time in Saddle approx 45 hrs Average Speed 65km/h Average Economy 11.4 l/100km (yeah yeah @YLD127 and his average economy ... ) Total fuel used approx 340 litres Total beer / port / cider consumed ... anyone's guess Low Head lighthouse near George Town Jacob's Ladder in Ben Lomond National Park Pardoe Beach Devonport waiting to board the Spirit of Tassie Hope you enjoyed the pics Will post up about Snowy's Cruise later for Nov 2020 ... hopefully some of you guys can come along
  15. I'm leaving Tassie now. Fantastic week driving some of the best roads in the world in my own FPV F6 !!! Thanks @YLD127 for a great time Have poor Internet right now on the boat so will post up some more pics later - suffice to say Jacobs Ladder was spectacular today ... 👍
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