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  1. I still have not sorted this out. It's starting to annoy me a bit that there is a bit of movement. Let the wife drive my car for her golf trips and she says "now I know why you like driving your car!" but she also noted that there is a bit of movement in the driver seat. It's a FG 2010. I am wondering if it is a part fault from that time of manufacture?
  2. Work is getting on top of me for the moment and finances are a bit tight right now for me for another cruise. We lost a few people through redundancies. I was almost last man standing Then I had to pick up some extra responsibilities due to org changes ...
  3. Well, I think you deserve k31th! Thank you. Just needed 8mm spanner and this $7 pack of 12V 21/5W bayonet stop / tail lights from Repco (actually less with RACV membership) Replaced both blown globes and the DSC error and TC lights went away. Didn't have to touch the Brake Switch Indicator thank goodness (that would have cost a bit more and for me await for Ford to open). Goes to show how sensitive our Ford's are to these sort of things, that 2 stop/tail globes blown would cause DSC and TC errors to pop up But I also know why the bloke in this vid below had his gf do the job, her hands were smaller I didn't escape without any cuts, the metal inside the boot under the boot mat material is still bloody sharp in some places ... Hope this helps others though, as our cars age these sort of things are going to keep cropping up
  4. Thanks K31TH I'll try replacing both globes first as that's the less expensive path forward. Let you know what happens after doing that
  5. Not sure if someone in the know can help on this. My right rear brake light failed. Been meaning to replace the globe. FG F6 2010. But driving at night (so lights on last night) I got DSC error on dash and traction control TC light came up on dash. Checked when I got home and now both sides rear brakes lights don't come on. But the rear window light still works when I push the brake pedal. Do you think it's still the Brake Switch Indicator that needs replacing or the fact I may have 2 rear brake globes blown that's the problem? I don't think they are LEDs as I've not changed them since owning. Not sure if previous owner changed them to LEDs but I suspect not. So could 2 blown rear brake globes cause the DSC error and TC light to come on or you think it's still the Brake Indicator Switch still. Looks like it has enough wires to it that maybe the 2 wires connected to the rear tail brakes is broken and the rear window light may still work ... 🧐
  6. Ah yes I somehow forgot about you being unwell - I get the toilet reference now 😳 Looks like it might be another snowy cruise then as more people would be able to make it ...
  7. I think I'm going to have this sorted out because it's starting to worry me that the seat will start sliding on a cruise (with the higher G forces in side to side driving). So you reckon it's got something to do with the teeth in the seat rails bent or broken k31th? (I'm a fat bugger so no surprises it's coming loose ). I'll take a look under the seat at the rails. I initially thought it would be just a bolt loose and all that I'd have to do is tighten them but I felt by hand done of the bolts awhile ago and they all seemed tight to me under the seat.
  8. I seem to remember you showing us pics of the deck you made and saying you ended up using a brush rather than a oil mop to finish it off. I bought both but ended up using the brush more on my rear deck because I had the time to do it. The oil mop was way faster when I did use it though 😊
  9. Thanks k31th, Matt and Andrew. Also thanks Rab who responded as well on message. I'd like to do Tassie as well but funds are looking tight right now. I've got another overseas holiday coming up (using up some of my leave that I'd banked up past 3 years) that I'll need to fund.
  10. LOL I was thinking about that yesterday. Would there be some interest to do another Snowy Cruise in November later this year? Here's the vid from last year's. Sorry I took so long to do this one. Just so busy earlier this year with work and other things, and I also took a month's holiday as well overseas. I tried to represent 4 days of a fantastic fun and enjoyable trip with good and trusted mates in less than 7 mins But there is honestly no way I can do it justice - you have to be on the cruise to fully appreciate it My special thanks to Rab, k31th, YLD127 and El Andrew Anyway, hope you like it (see link below)
  11. Just saw this - the first segment about utes was hilarious 🤣 https://iview.abc.net.au/show/gruen/series/15/video/LE2327H001S00
  12. My FG drivers side front seat is starting to squeak now. Not sure if it's because the repair place removed it to replace my rear drivers door or not. Just that I only remember that I noticed the squeak after the replacement of the rear driver side door. I have had a quick look at the bolts underneath it and it all looks like the ones I could reach are tight. The squeak happens as I decelerate. Feels like something is giving more than it should and not holding in place firmly. Any suggestions guys?
  13. Just saw Keith on TV - Ch 10 The Project ... 🍻
  14. No worries Cro, you set the gold standard 🍻
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