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  1. Nice 👍 Hoping that Sydney recovers well soon as they are in hard lockdown now which makes NSW a red zone for VICs.
  2. Are there others potentially interested in this cruise? I know it's a bit unpredictable. Covid-19 restrictions may make it difficult to get over the border later in the year but hopefully a larger proportion of our population will have received vaccinations by then.
  3. Yep Rab, the "usual suspects". Even though they had hoodies/beanies and COVID masks on, they didn't cover their faces completely.
  4. Nice Updated Cruise List for November 1. EvilDaifu 2. k31th 3. El Andrew 4. Rab Maybe 1. civillian Oh, a group of about 4-5 teenagers attempted to steal my FPV F6 early this morning. One of them chased me around my front yard this morning demanding my car keys when I was outside in the drive-way. Then 2 chased me down the street as I didn't want to open my house door justin case they would barge into my home. They drove off in a stolen car the Police later told me.
  5. Updated Cruise List for November 1. EvilDaifu 2. k31th
  6. Anyone interested in clearing their pipes with some throaty turbo roar in November? I am Dates to be set, I just need to check out what is available in the way of accomodation then ...
  7. Ummm ... I want (based on 1965 Ford Mustang underpinnings) https://www.drive.com.au/news/-holy-smokes-batman-you-can-own-a-batmobile-for-under-40-000-125236.html?trackLink=SMH2
  8. Just watched this and apparently the Tesla featured in the vid can do 0-200km/h in 2.5 sec It dragged a HSV in the vid.
  9. Well, let's see how things pan out for later this year. It's only March and so by September/October, things may be looking up for a November Snowy's Cruise in my opinion
  10. Bought this back in December 2020 as was getting sick and tired of my eBay cheapies falling off where I mounted them and bits of plastic failing on them rendering them useless. This is a pic of my Ram Mount phone holder. I think they use them on motocycles as well (some who uses them could confirm) as I have seen them on them I think. It is soooo good. Bit expensive, but had I bought one in the first place, I actually would be ahead on spend now as I have gone through at least 4 cheapies RAM Twist-Lock Suction Mount w Large X-Grip (RAM-B-166-UN10U) P
  11. Thanks Reg. Do you think you can join us if we aim for November this year for the Snowy's Cruise?
  12. Just posting up an update on my FPV F6 air-conditioning issue that I mentioned back in August last year - got it resolved today thanks to Wishart Auto Tune in Kensington VIC. Stuart there did a great job, they specialise in auto air-conditioning and auto electrical repairs. It was a broken blender on the drivers side, apparently a common fault for our Fords and my car being 10 years old now it was probably due to happen sooner or later. Did not have to take the dash out - that would have been an expensive repair job. Turned out to be very reasonable cost to repair. They suggested it could
  13. Hey @El Andrew no worries. We may have to schedule this in the usual month of November later this year to give the vaccine a good run.
  14. With recent announcements of State border closures, just putting this on monitor for now so not gonna make any accommodation bookings just yet 😥
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