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  1. Rab and I accommodation all sorted - we are cabin buddies - but with the hindsight of Tassie Cruise - we will have separate bedrooms for added sound proofing C'mon guys - it's a great way to meet up face to face with some fellow forum members (even if its just at one of the pit stops), share a beer or more ( ) and talk about our cars and other things. Adds another dimension to when you post up and PM I reckon ... Getting new Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 3's put on tomorrow - wanted the 5's but for some reason no stock in Melbourne but sort of need the tyres on now as they are wearing a bit thin from the Snowy Cruise last year and Tassie Cruise earlier this year.
  2. I'll head home on Monday as well. I have not made any accomodation bookings yet - but if we're all staying at the Beachport Caravan Park - I'll book into that place so we are together
  3. Who's heading onto Port Augusta on Monday? (Sorry been away on holidays last 3 weeks in Japan - really great holiday, the place is so different to Australia.) I'm about to book accommodation. Thanks.
  4. About 2 months to go - great opportunity to meet some of the SA guys those from other States
  5. Yeah as you know just about every time I took the Mavic Air out something ummm breath-taking happened By the way - if anyone is interested at getting the DJI Mavic Air drone - let me know as my mate in the industry can sell one to you at mates rates - please PM me. I was thinking of doing a group buy but he said just use the code word I'll PM you. I don't make anything out of it by the way. It's a considerable savings. They are expensive toys though ...
  6. Well took a while so I apologise for that - work and such ... Hope you had a Happy and safe Easter and you enjoy the vid - Tassie is such a great place for a cruise
  7. Yep I'm in Guessing Rab and I'll will have our Mavic Airs ... 🚁
  8. Just drove a VFII SV6 sedan rental for 3 days in QLD for work - gonna have to wash my hands now But did like the HUD display. Thank goodness took the F6 to the airport rather than an uber - soooo good getting back into the F6 back home
  9. Hope all okay @bloodycrashboy
  10. Stay over then at the Rab Ponderosa on Philip Island (assuming Rab let's you and its available) then join us for the Snowy's ...
  11. hey @bloodycrashboy maybe you should try to make it for the Snowy's in Nov?
  12. Nice one @Rab DJI Mavic Air for those interested ...
  13. Some more pics Sunday Lake Burbury Bridge Monday Verona Sands Southport 1843 Colonial Barracks next to regularly frequented Spring Bay Pub in Triabunna Tuesday Spikey Bridge near Swansea

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