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  1. I won't be doing it now Labour Day long weekend as well. Work just took priority I found out today. We have a customer project deadline to meet.
  2. Oh yeah, those farrkn pot holes on country roads. I hope NSW Roads have had time to patch a lot of them up by now. Don't want to another diff problem again. Happy to stay Merimbula first night and Eden second? Just that I know a good place to buy smoked salmon and crays in Eden (being a fishing town) and would like to bring some back with me on last day. Merimbula has some good beaches so if it's still warm maybe go for a swim (hold on I'm a Victorian so everywhere north of St Kilda beach is swimmable so long as it's sunny ) I'll start a new thread if it looks worthwhile
  3. I was just looking at maps. I didn't see any interesting routes from Cooma back to east coast and I do recall that road being nice and open ... We could stay at Pambula or Merimbula instead. I was only thinking from point of view of having to carry our stuff and setting up the 10 hundred plug packs and stuff again It's not a big deal about staying at different spots and I am open to that as well. I am also open to taking a day off on Tuesday and giving us an extra day. For VICs anyway, if we arent to bothered about driving 2 sections of dirt road (10km and 6km) we could come home via Delegate. I have driven that in the all wheel drive Telstra car a long time ago and thats a good farrkn road. The route is Eden - Bombala - Delegate - Orbost
  4. I was looking at March and when I priced up the Tassie Cruise just to get there (not having done any driving yet) was going to be over a grand just to take the car over on the boat and back (plus have to drive to Geelong now for departure). So may be not as I am saving up for another overseas holiday later in the year. However, I'd be keen to do a small long weekend cruise around Eden, Bombala, Candelo if anyone is interested around VIC Labour Day long weekend? I have a possible route in mind. I wanted to avoid the Jindabyne area though to try to keep the cruises separate from the Snowy Cruise (and that way keep myself fresh for the Snowy Cruise experience again later in November). VIC Labour Day is Monday 13 March. So proposed schedule could look like: Sat 11 Mar - Home to Eden and base ourselves from Eden (stay at Half Way Motel Eden for 2 nights total $218 for room 2 nights) Sun 12 Mar - Circuit Eden - Bombala - Cooma - Candelo - Eden Mon 13 Mar - drive home. What do you guys think? Any interest?
  5. Great vid k31th, very informational. I learnt alot out of that as well. See snow on road, time to say no go Another key take away for me was low gear keeping revs around 2000 rpm up that last slippery hill back to security of black top was the way to handle it - credit to Matt for that.
  6. Same, drove home from APS in Frankston over a grand lighter but at least no clunk in the rear as I stop or take off
  7. Having my control arms replaced. Guess hit just that little bit more pot holes than I anticipated 😥
  8. Serious Andrew! I knew I took at least 4 direct hits, just some bad choices in last minute direction changes. Wondering if mine are buckled as well - I have my suspicions. Don't feel any difference in driving though. I was hoping we were going fast enough to skim across the top of most of the ones I couldn't avoid but some were like 80cm wide craters ...
  9. Who's still driving with an eagle eye out for pot holes - 4 days of them I can't quite stop doing it
  10. Really good weather except one little spot just before Hotham so we decided to go Plan B route
  11. Great you got home okay mate Beautiful morning after light rain last night. Some snow predicted this morning so will see how we go
  12. Sooo good to relax with a port night cap ... 😆
  13. Slightly windy today but I think for our direction roughly heading westwards hopefully means most of the rainfall will be behind us Going to give one of Rab's Insta360 cameras in-car today. Good thing will be wearing trousers in-car, wouldn't want anything to pop out inadvertently during the twisties Just took a peak outside again and I see blue skies
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