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  1. Day 7 Wednesday Some stats for my whole trip Total Round Trip Distance approx 2900km Total Time in Saddle approx 45 hrs Average Speed 65km/h Average Economy 11.4 l/100km (yeah yeah @YLD127 and his average economy ... ) Total fuel used approx 340 litres Total beer / port / cider consumed ... anyone's guess Low Head lighthouse near George Town Jacob's Ladder in Ben Lomond National Park Pardoe Beach Devonport waiting to board the Spirit of Tassie Hope you enjoyed the pics Will post up about Snowy's Cruise later for Nov 2020 ... hopefully some of you guys can come along
  2. I'm leaving Tassie now. Fantastic week driving some of the best roads in the world in my own FPV F6 !!! Thanks @YLD127 for a great time Have poor Internet right now on the boat so will post up some more pics later - suffice to say Jacobs Ladder was spectacular today ... 👍
  3. Day 6 Tuesday Both @YLD127 and I agree - best cornish pasties ever at Bicheno Bakery ... We then hugged the coast up East through Scamander then over the top past Tomahawk finally setting up camp in luxury in George Town
  4. Day 5 Monday Thanks to @k31th apparently thongs no longer allowed on the trail up to Wine Glass Bay lookout - one to many blowouts some say (thanks @YLD127 )... We made it up there again all the same ... Then ended up here after some sweeping long roads
  5. Yeah everywhere in Wine glass Bay today was drone no fly zone ...
  6. @Rab think I shud try the stealth rotors - are they good? Do they make the Mavic less noisy?
  7. Day 4 Sunday We decided to do the Tahune tree top walk and it also helps with tourism into the area that was devastated by bushfires in 2019 Then we did the cider run paddling our way through Franks Ciders (excellent burgers there) and then hitting up Pagans to try some strawberry and quince ciders ... Distances are misleading in Tassie and we barely had time to do the southern coast but managed to fit in Verona Sands with the Mavic
  8. Day 3 Saturday Getting brekky by the boats in Strahan ... On the Tassie Targa route near Queenstown Now that's a big tree in Mt Fields National Park ... Ended the day with a run up to Strathgordon Dam - so much beautiful panorama
  9. Similar - great views always up the hill from Strahan Some fantastic roads again today - luv Tassie's West coast - we managed to fit in Strathgordon today - swear it gets shorter and shorter every year Anyways @YLD127and I bunking together tonight - everything's booked out ...
  10. Day 2 Friday Raspberry brekky except no pancakes on the menu this morning so had waffles instead ... Oliver's Hill near Liena - WOT a view Then after a day of twisties - time to relax in Strahan with James Boag in hand and another fantastic waterfront view from our balcony
  11. Day 1 Thursday Breakfast Tassie Salmon looking out to Stanley's knob Crossing Arthur's River in Tarkine Stopped to look at one of many Sink Holes in the Tarkine (underground rock dissolves and earth on top collapses into sink hole) Huge Tree Ferns in Tarkine near Rapid River View out to sea right outside my motel door at the Pier Hotel George Town
  12. Ended up doing a short walk in the Tarkine just south of Stanley after a Tassie Salmon brekky. Will post some pics soon. @YLD127 I'll meet you at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm cafe at 7am (when they open) as its shorter time to there if okay (need my beauty sleep ). So this cruise is definitely ON (for YLD127 and me)
  13. All good. Weather looks okay next week. Will prolly be driving along the top of the island and visit Stanley's Nob for lobster lunch on Thursday and also visit the Gorge near Launceston time permitting
  14. So less than a week - anybody else interested. Can share rooms potentially if accommodation is scarce at our designated night stays
  15. My sis recommends Bruny Island - potentially an option when we do the cider run maybe? She said it's very beautiful there and it does look scenic from Google maps 🍻
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