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  1. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    We'll most likely be at a pub at 5pm because that's the way we are We'll let you know which pub we all end up at about that time before you head off to night shift on Friday if you are not joining us for the cruise
  2. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    We'll probably do a photo opp at the old train station about 5pm or so on Friday depending on arrival times of guys. Maybe join us for that? We haven't tried the Woolpack Hotel yet. It's walking distance from Commercial Hotel (1 block). Are you able to join us for dinner on Friday nite? Be good if you could join us for the cruise
  3. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Just updated first post about accommodation and cruise list. CRUISE LIST: 1. @EvilDaifuVIC (4 days - including accommodation) 2. @Rab VIC (? days) 3. @El Andrew ACT (? days - including accommodation) 4. @YLD127 ACT (? days) Maybes: 1. @k31th VIC (? days) 2. @demon1300 VIC (? days) 3. @SIMBAD NSW (? days) 4. @bad inferno VIC (? days) Getting close now - any others interested in coming along?
  4. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Thanks mate yep thank farrrk I posted up the right hotel name - the address was wrong I think. Thanks also bamk2f6tornado for checking it out I just booked direct with Lake Jindabyne Hotel for Saturday 24 November for $125 pn including cooked hot breakfast hash browns and so on - lass on the phone told me there would be parking where our hotel accomodation is located (guess its a popular venue)
  5. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Thanks for the handy hint mate! Okay all I have to own up to something here. So never post up whilst drunk, tired or both ... I cut and pasted the wrong details but I'm happy to try out this hotel in Tumut as it s like almost half the price of the motel we stayed at last year. Just don't know what the parking is like at the Commercial Hotel Tumut - says its free and all but not sure how it is layed out. Guess we'll soon find out in about a month's time ! It does have a pub and if we don't like it - always heaps of other place to have a beer and dinner. So I have also booked directly on their Commercial Hotel Tumut website (for Friday 23 November) cos $75 including a light breakfast is a no brainer
  6. Should I Buy This Xr6T (Merged Topic)

    I think the FG suspension is great - I thought better than on my BA. Very sturdy in a straight line at pace
  7. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    ah well next time then
  8. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Hi mate - yes - you're right - the traditional pub style rooms with shared bathrooms are $50 pn including brekky. LOL - I prefer the luxurious larger rooms to ummm entice everyone in with port
  9. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Just updated first post with accomodation suggestions. Be good if we could stick together but as always shall leave it up to individuals if they have a different preference to stay the night (could be budgetary - could just don't like noise i.e. snoring ). I've tried to choose places with enough rooms left and has integrated pub/restuarant so nobody has any sobriety issues getting back to their rooms ... ACCOMODATION: Friday Night 23 November Commercial Hotel Tumut (has pub) 103 Wynyard Street, 2720 Tumut, Australia $75 pn (3 rooms left - book directly on their website for best deal - thanks El Andrew ) Saturday Night 24 November Lake Jindabyne Hotel (has pub and walk across road for brekky) - We've never tried this place so if anyone has any opinions on it please post up! I just like how it is close to where main town action is ... (thank farrrk I got the hotel name right on this one - updated the address though once again thanks El Andrew ) 21 McLure Circuit, Jindabyne NSW 2627 Phone: (02) 6456 2203 or 1800 646 818 $125 pn Sunday Night 25 November (optional for those doing VIC Alpines on Monday) Golden Age Hotel (has pub) 189 Day Ave, Omeo VIC 3898 Phone: (03) 5159 1344 $110 pn
  10. Snowy Cruise 2018 (Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November)

    Ah farrk - well work is work. Shall miss you on this cruise mate - been awhile ...
  11. Tyre Comparo - Which Ones Are Good?

    Just bought another pair of Goodyear Eagle Assymetric IIIs 245/35R19 from Beaurepaires - paid $310 each - new fronts for my F6. I like their performance and the slightly wider side wall rib that can help protect my rims from curb rash. Made in Germany. I usually have to buy a new pair to rotate around front to back every 12 months. My F6 is a daily driver as well as the occasional cruise. I used them all the time in my BA T before I sold it.
  12. Engine rattle

    I had an engine rattle in my F6 recently. Pitlane thought it might be timing guide as they are plastic and can break so took timing cover off and nope was all okay. My rattle was front passenger side of engine as well. Was worse in mornings starting cold. Turned out to be idle pulley and rubber belt tensioner causing the rattle (had to change out idle pulley on my BA T as well when I had one). Replaced them brand new as well as new rubber belt and was all good! Hope that helps
  13. Intercoolers

    Welcome Jet can source the products for you at a keen price. Have you contacted him yet via PM? Maybe also contact some forum members in FNQ for handy hints on what they do to help their cars handle the humidity. There's quite a few active on this forum! You can find them in QLD chat section here.
  14. Importing my car to USA

    It would be a pain in the arse being right hand drive over there though ... One thing though is at least your gear lever will be in the "right" spot Farrkn always have trouble working out where to put my left hand driving in the States - just feels unnatural using your right hand to move the shifter. Guess that's why barely anyone drives stick over there Anyways - you should turn quite a few heads I'd say
  15. F6 bad fuel consumption

    I'm getting about 18 litres/100km city cycle on just an edit in my F6 - gives me a range of about 365km currently. Time for another cruise to stretch the legs and get that average fuel consumption down If you only get 250km from a full tank - sounds like something wrong in my opinion. I guess it depends on your tuner - did you tell them about the high fuel consumption at the time of getting the edit to see if they could do something about it?

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