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  1. Just saw this, a cool $1.75M allegedly ... https://www.drive.com.au/news/ford-falcon-gtho-phase-iv-sets-new-price-record-for-an-australian-made-road-car/?utm_campaign=syndication&utm_source=smh.com.au&utm_content=article_1&utm_medium=partner
  2. Just saw that Sydney had over 900 new COVID-19 cases today. Hope you guys get it down soon. As it stands, with the State Government rules in place today, those of us in other States are not allowed to travel into NSW or ACT. Not sure if that will change much later this year. Here's hoping ...
  3. How's this for a nice return on money spent LOL https://www.drive.com.au/news/light-em-up-last-ford-falcon-xr6-turbo-highway-patrol-car-sells-for-record-94500/?utm_campaign=syndication&utm_source=smh.com.au&utm_content=article_1&utm_medium=partner
  4. Just drove around again and it was okay until I did a quick take off from the lights. MIL engine light came on momentarily as engine idled roughly at next lights. But it went out and drove okay after that. Checked DTCs again and saw P0306 and P1000 codes. Probably need to take it in for service after lockdown ends here.
  5. I got this after reading the DTC codes with my XCAL3. P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected. Sounds similar circumstances, gave a bit when taking off and Engine light came on and car was idling rough. I just cleared the DTC code today using my XCAL3 because I read on Internet that with OBD2 compliant cars merely disconnecting the battery may not clear the codes because they are stored somewhere possibly. Not sure. Anyways the MIL Check Engine Light didn't come back up. But I did see a message P1000 OBD Systems Readiness Test Not Complete. Hopefully that's not bad. Here's what I found about P1000 Trouble code P1000 DTC is a manufacturer specific trouble code, most commonly used by Ford, Jaguar, and Mazda. It simply means that the engine control computer (ECC) has not completed its emission systems testing. A vehicle's engine computer must complete multiple self-tests known as Readiness Monitors. What caused my vehicle to trigger a P1000 trouble code? If the ECC has not been able to check all the monitors since the last time the vehicle's battery may have been disconnected or any repairs made which required clearing of trouble codes, the ECC may set a P1000 trouble code How can I fix a P1000 problem and where should I start? In order to clear a P1000 trouble code the vehicle must be driven through a Drive Cycle until all monitors are completed or in ready status.
  6. Just got the same problem today. After foot down take off, engine was idling a bit rough then the engine light would not turn off, stayed hard on. Sounds like it could be an emissions sensor somewhere based on what some others have said above as my F6 is a 2010 and probably that part was due to break down soon or later just due to dirt and stuff clagging up. I will put the XCAL onto it at some stage and check for the error messages if any. Then try the battery disconnect for a period of time to see if it goes away. But its due for a general service anyways, so I plan to mention it when I take it in for a service. Any other ideas, I'd welcome hearing them. Thanks.
  7. Nice 👍 Hoping that Sydney recovers well soon as they are in hard lockdown now which makes NSW a red zone for VICs.
  8. Are there others potentially interested in this cruise? I know it's a bit unpredictable. Covid-19 restrictions may make it difficult to get over the border later in the year but hopefully a larger proportion of our population will have received vaccinations by then.
  9. Yep Rab, the "usual suspects". Even though they had hoodies/beanies and COVID masks on, they didn't cover their faces completely.
  10. Nice Updated Cruise List for November 1. EvilDaifu 2. k31th 3. El Andrew 4. Rab Maybe 1. civillian Oh, a group of about 4-5 teenagers attempted to steal my FPV F6 early this morning. One of them chased me around my front yard this morning demanding my car keys when I was outside in the drive-way. Then 2 chased me down the street as I didn't want to open my house door justin case they would barge into my home. They drove off in a stolen car the Police later told me.
  11. Updated Cruise List for November 1. EvilDaifu 2. k31th
  12. Anyone interested in clearing their pipes with some throaty turbo roar in November? I am Dates to be set, I just need to check out what is available in the way of accomodation then ...
  13. Ummm ... I want (based on 1965 Ford Mustang underpinnings) https://www.drive.com.au/news/-holy-smokes-batman-you-can-own-a-batmobile-for-under-40-000-125236.html?trackLink=SMH2
  14. Just watched this and apparently the Tesla featured in the vid can do 0-200km/h in 2.5 sec It dragged a HSV in the vid.
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