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  1. Yeah its F2P and cross-platform. I'm on a PS4 and there are heaps of others on PC/MAC I think. Managed to build up my weapons and armour but it's pretty hard once you reach +10 armour and +11 weapons to make progress. The stuff you pay for is cosmetic only - you can't pay to win - moving ahead depends on skill, knowledge and team co-operation I think. Though I hear of some slayers who go solo and slay some tough behemoths on Reddit. The weapon selection has expanded since I started playing back in Aug. Swords, Axes, Hammers, Pikes (or spears), Repeaters (or guns) and just recently Gloves (as in boxing gloves - they are called Strikers in Dauntless). Plus you can load-out with missiles that are firey, icey or increase your slayers' health after they hit the behemoth. It has a bit of complexitity in how what I would call you add to your skills - this is through cells that can do things like make you move faster, give you faster rezzing (of other dead slayers) and better shielding (reduce damage to yourself). So far it's been pretty engrossing. Added a keyboard to my PS4 so I could chat faster in-world with the other PC players. Though there is in-world VoIP for voice chatting. I'd recommend a look if you have not tried it yet - could get pretty big as it was beta up to recent - just went Version 1.0 back in end of Sep I think.
  2. LOL anyways this is the latest cruise list I am aware of. Anybody else coming along? CRUISE LIST: 1. @EvilDaifu VIC (4 days) 2. @Rab VIC 3. @YLD127 ACT (4 days) 4. @El Andrew ACT 5. @PookeyMaster NSW Maybes: 1. @k31th VIC 2. @demon1300 NSW I'm still in for the 4 days with overnight stay in Omeo. What are others planning?
  3. About a month away now - no to late join as sure there will be somewhere someone to bunk with if accommodation is tight 👍🏻
  4. Just on 2 months away guys - anybody have any questions - please post up
  5. Only started playing a few weeks ago - it's easy to start. But as I get into it more and learn about ways to kill the Behemoths with the weapons and augmentations available for the weapons and the Behemoths' attack modes - it's pretty engaging. So much so that when I wake up in the morning but still have my eyes closed - my mind sees what I see on the screen ... I reckon Epic Games are onto another winner. Only launched on PS4 back in May 2019 though its been available out on PC for about a year now.
  6. Anyone playing Dauntless? I think I've got a problem - seem to be spending 3 hrs a day playing it ... 😂
  7. Good one - they're not so expensive now and Fathers Day sales means some specials on
  8. Year is going by fast - almost end of August ... Almost 3 months to the day - anyone have any questions either post up or feel free to PM me
  9. @demon1300 @Wilko16 any thoughts about this cruise? Looks like they are going to get the road cleared by 22 Aug.
  10. Thanks for the alert Pookey - looks like it may have happened today. It's a major road into NSW snowfields so they should have it sorted out quickly as a lot of ski field businesses would depend on having that access from Hume Highway as well as the access from Jindy side. Just hope other spots along that section stay okay for us!
  11. Great Pookey My Leave approved and just reserved my accommodation - used Expedia for Amaroo and Banjo and called Golden Age direct Yep - as YLD says better get a move on with the accommodation - seems to be less rooms available today than when I checked on Saturday. Might be cos of the other events happening on the weekends either side?
  12. Just added the 2011 Snowy Cruise vid into the first post and O M G - seems to go on forever Felt a little bit like watching those old 80s re-runs on TV ...
  13. Rab and YLD127 Nov 2 has some motorbike cruise happening and Nov 29 has bicycle L'Tape so thought the weekend in-between would be better. Booked accomodation near (walking distance) to breweries this year

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