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  1. Am looking at heading up the high country - maybe watch the race in the Dargo Pub
  2. Somewhere - not sure where I'll be then
  3. Grabbed my 1st real Leatherman. Bloody impressive piece of kit. Got the extra bit kit for it so should come in very handy.
  4. That's obviously a One-Pot-Dinner Saves on dishes that way
  5. So much to unpack there Puffwagon. Best backyard pool is someone else's Unless you want it for the instagram pics or not going to be there for more than a few years they end up wasted space. Once you add in the fences to your plan you end up losing 1/3rd of your backyard 😞
  6. Pools aren't as fun as they sound - get a hoist instead.
  7. I thought you were recovering from dodgey burrito, not ice from the sky
  8. Rab


    Slight "hangover" feeling after 1st shot of Astra the next day, no reaction to 2nd.
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