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  1. won't be too much of an issue... he already gets heaps of weird stuff sent to him
  2. Rab

    Borderlands 3

    Armyd1llo invited - jizzflinger "not found" on the Epic users Was stuck on a boss last night til I got a decent shotty Now stuck on the next boss till I can get something that's good against it. Bloody RNG - can beat the boss a few levels higher with the right gear, no luck at same level with the wrong gear :S
  3. Lol - will be zero interest moving forward
  4. 2 pods in a mug and a dash of milk
  5. Some of us are from Melbourne - everything ends up being tossers discussing coffee
  6. Pods do far, far better than a crap cafe coffee - about 80% of cafe's are crap If they've got a "Vittoria" umbrella out the front or packs of the beans displayed behind the counter then you know to give them a miss. Always foul from a cafe - surprisingly the supermarket ones are decent in a pinch for home use. Kogan have decent, cheaper Nespresso versions of the pods Would prefer a cup of instant Nescafe than what most friends deliver from their "flash" machines. Didn't we have this discussion a while ago and k31th moved it to it's own coffee thread?
  7. Anyone up for some mayhem? "Rab And" on Epic (PC) Spewing they went Epic Exclusive on the PC, but it is what it is :S
  8. Been a long week - will be happy when it hits knock off time
  9. Well spotted Am tipping you know your gear Is that a launcher on the left of your safe?
  10. Yeah - am happy with the Tikka. Was tossing up between that or the Lithgow - went with the Tikka lite and not regretting it (yet) 150 and 180 Remington soft tip (core-lokt) on the 308 - both were dead on. Not sure on the 22 - I think they're 36gr hollow point Need to spend more time with the 22 to work it out better - half of us were shooting high and to the left, other half were low and to the right. They were grouping nicely though. Was just a cheap 2nd hand one with a cheap $100 scope on it, so aren't expecting too much out of it - more of a bit of fun for the kids and adults to plink with cheaply. edit: not going to make the hunting trip (today til weds) - bloody work - didn't realise it was mid week when I signed up for it
  11. 22 Bucket of bullets (1,400 rounds) 308 Went "lite" for the 308, it's smaller than the 22 Both are bolt action with mags (7 shot in the 22, 3 in the 308)
  12. Didn't take any - was muddy, cold and raining and didn't do any instagram shots posing with firearms lol Took a vid of the daughter having the shot that scored the hit and she's wrapped with that. Can hear the shot hit so it's a keeper. Not going to post the vid here though lol Had a fire of the 22 (about 100 shots), the 308 and also a 303 (mates dads?? service Lee-Enfield from WW1??) and a 45-70 (hard kicking lever action) Not my 1st time shooting, but they are my 1st rifles - definitely going to be heading out more. Heaps of fun

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