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  1. https://www.betootaadvocate.com/headlines/adelaide-streets-completely-deserted-due-to-them-being-located-in-adelaide/?fbclid=IwAR1wYuGJgI1uKTF2eoCjSI0H3Mobw2c_PEB51Pnx-NjXOfLe20Zdwb6V2_A 😄
  2. I like that Sort of like The Purge, but for road rash 😄
  3. I'll probably be taking things on a week by week with the covid still kicking around What's happening in S.A. now could basically pop up anywhere and ruin any longish term plans. Might try to get a weekend coffee meetup or overnight cruise going on the spur of the moment for anyone around over the Xmas break Isn't much fun in Vic on the roads at the moment - all the extra cops they had doing covid roadblocks and ISO enforcement seem to have been put on traffic duty and been upgraded to fun police status. Hopefully by next year things will be a lot more stable and we can make plans, but there are some stupid people about who can totally derail that :S
  4. Earls oil filter and maybe heat exchanger for the auto for peace of mind?
  5. All good - was just grumpy because he was up before 10am
  6. Nah, that was one prepared earlier by previous owner. Has more scratches now but no new dings
  7. Couldn't get the tractor everywhere - had to collect some firewood by hand Beautiful country Son got his first stag last night I think he'll definitely be on more trips
  8. Now feel like lockdowns over
  9. Get a cat or frog or whatever predator that eats geckos
  10. Camp stew from the backstaps tonight
  11. Very nice princess Where's that?
  12. Just me in it this trip - few other vehicles coming though
  13. That's it Should be a pretty comfy base setup once plonked Less ghey than a caravan Will post a pic over the weekend of the bush home (if it makes it and doesn't break down getting there lol - 1st trip, a little nervous)
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