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  1. Lol - didn't even realise it was Friday And a public holiday at that. Me, 3 kids (20+yo's) and grandaughter in lockdown with me being the only one working (from home - 2 kids students, one let off during lockdown and other on disability) Gets a bit hard to keep track of what day it is. I need one of these to help me through the isolation
  2. Thought the quad trailer was hooked up to a ute with a blue tray Then saw it was a spa Then thought the blue ute had a spa for the tray Then thought "Damn, that's awesome" Now I want a ute spa
  3. >$1/l vs living in S.A. You guys had to cut down on stuff to the point where pets don't even come with hair. Could be worse I guess - could be in Tas where you're stuck in isolation where the misses and the sister is one and the same.
  4. It's our way of knowing that K31th hasn't succumbed to the virus yet. If it gets to 11:30 and he hasn't checked in we'll send the Hazmat team to his house
  5. Could even put it in the "Donating Members Lounge" so you need to be a donating member to get the "Good Morning" post. Would be a great incentive/bonus for new members to donate a couple of dollars
  6. Yep, I got it lol. Shall we all go and self isolate together?
  7. Not good Fluff 😞 Stubbiord bastards aren't they. My 85yo parents decided it'd be a good idea to go out for dinner at a crowded shopping center pancake parlour :S
  8. Looks like another great trip - am spewing I wasn't able to make it this round - hopefully next cruise
  9. They tame the angry bee sound. Similar volume when close, but lower pitched. Quieter at further distances Grab a set of mine to compare when in the neighbourhood
  10. Isn't that what you use car forums for anyway freaky?
  11. Bump to keep the forum ticking over
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