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  1. Did a google search for "Boost Cow" Got this far
  2. Yeah mate - the big 5-0 Was going to have a bbq this weekend (was allowed up to 5 visitors) but todays new lockdown won't even let me do that :S Ah well - at least I can still drop in on the folks with the kids tonight for dinner - wouldn't even be allowed to do that after tomorrow.
  3. Not too sure on the answers to those For music I just use google music on the unit with it hot spotted to my mobile. I got the apple play and google thing adapter, but never bothered using them
  4. Looks like your internet is working OK again
  5. throw the VIN into here and see what it comes up with: https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/FORD AUSTRALIA
  6. Comes up every time fees come due Was usually @k31th querying the costs
  7. Change your dns to etc?
  8. Fire up a vpn next time it's not working
  9. https://www.productsafety.gov.au/recalls/browse-all-recalls?f[0]=field_accc_psa_product_category%3A5035
  10. Or take your own butcher with you when you head away
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