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  1. Oh wow, Friday already. Why didn't anyone tell me?
  2. Don't neglect left arm day
  3. Sounds to me like Garret was bought from Honeywell a couple of years ago including all good will and also a 28yo court case exepmtion from further presecution that was about to expire. Exemption from extensive damages expired and some of the problems are still problems that are bankrupting them. Honeywell call BS and say the current owners only have themselves to blame. Nothing says it was in NZ that they filed for bankruptcy - Chapter 11 isn't anything unusual in the US - maybe a strategy to counter any other claims coming forward
  4. I had a similar issue with a mount on the thermo fans - only happened when warm because that was when the thermo's kicked in Was hard to diagnose due to the randomness of when the fans would turn on
  5. 2 hours exercise each day (up from 1 hour) - can be broken up into 2 sessions Allowed to drive to exercise place (weren't previously) Curfew at 9pm Must stay within 5km of home
  6. Will probably pick one up when Cyberpunk is released - til then the 1080's will keep me happy
  7. Yeah, have got a few deliveries due from them. In for RWC tomorrow, fingers crossed there's nothing unexpected
  8. Watching x files and window shopping for 4x4 accessories here
  9. Well done. Must be a huge relief
  10. Sounds similar issue to @Puffwagon Just this forum?
  11. I jump on this thread every morning to find out what day it is - if it wasn't for K31th's "Happy xxxday" post I'd be lost. Can anyone tell me what month it is? Pretty sure it's still 2020?
  12. Think I'll be grabbing this one $5k, 3 months rego 280k's, 120k's on new engine Should leave me enough under budget for roady and a few accessories/safety gear etc
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