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  1. And here I am stuck near Mansfield for the lockdown. Such a shame to be here in the country and not locked up at home 100+ odd acres that needs pest control on - beats being stuck at home lol. Foxes last night, bunnies tonight.
  2. Picked up a cheap air rifle today for some weekend plinking Am tipping the scope is pretty bad, so the sights will be the go
  3. Am cooking chilli for dinner tomorrow night so bound to be inadequate
  4. Off to Cowes with the boys for a long weekend. 6 of us in a unit - they go every year for the Superbowl on Monday - I'm not that fussed about the game but the weekend away should be good.
  5. Gigabyte Aorus AIO I got the 280 version
  6. I think 85 is pretty normal for the 5800 under long stress test? - fan/pump were on about 50%
  7. Looking great so far - steady 85deg at 100% utilisation
  8. Am sure there's an Alf Stewart r@pe dungeon in the basement
  9. Ryzen processors do run hotter than you might think Not anymore
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