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  1. Mine are in my shed. I reckon they're the best looking of all the OEM rims, but don't fit the bigger brakes 😞 Will be going back on the car whenever I take it back to stock to sell.
  2. Am so sorry guys that I had to pull the pin. Still recovering from flu/chest infection - no way I'd be up for the trip.
  3. Yep - had to happen the busiest time of year for me too (EOFY) I can usually get the folks to drop in and give me a hand at this time of year if needed (parcels, mail, collating etc) but couldn't risk it - both are in their 80's - if they caught this one I'd probably be burying the both of them lol
  4. Have upgraded to the "living dead"
  5. Hey all, Back after the flu, just getting rid of the last of a chest infection that decided to jump aboard. Been bedbound for the best part of the last month - lucky it was just the real flu and not the man-flu :S Had to pull the pin on Adelaide/Great Ocean Road cruise - still not quite stable or aware enough 😞 Did I miss much?
  6. He's good isn't he? Seen his sous vide channel? American cheese slices from Costco FTW
  7. Argh. 4yo has been crook been off kinda since last thurs so a full week Ate (asked for food) for the 1st time tonight so hopefully on the way up. Went for a nap yesterday arvo (had been feeling average myself all week) and woke up freezing, shaking so bqad it hurt, couldn't talk above a whisper and all the usual aches and pains - dry cough that hurts each time Sux
  8. I got this one https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kitchenaid-artisan-slow-cooker-stainless-steel-5ksc6222ass-kitchenaid/ Lift up doors is very handy and decent size Easy to use temp and time controls edit: review here of the fixed lid version
  9. They're doing ok - and having fun trying it Next time will be better Am now doing a loaf of bread myself, with a recipe that I know works 100% Both the kids tries at the buns weren't as good as they should have been and I can't tell why. If mine is similar I'll blame the water - if mine is fine, I'll blame the kids.
  10. They're doing ok - and having fun trying it Next time will be better Has been a full day event for them lol I've got a thermomix and a kitchenaid unit - both of which can do awesome bread dough - they decided to do it all by hand lol Both times :S
  11. Am getting the kids to make burgers for dinner..... from scratch Baking buns, mincing beef, making sauce etc Two goes at buns - 1st try was burnt outside, dough inside (we're now having sliders - burger buns are toddler fist size) Patties are now on the skillet - will report back later
  12. @Bizkets is Drunk? - can we put you down for a visit/partake or will you also be going your hair? @BenDoCo is keen to drop in

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