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  1. Rab

    Ceika brake kit

    I think you need to swap the mounting brackets over and the pipes? FG calipers fit at the back of the wheel, BA/F at the front
  2. Rab

    Ceika brake kit

    Ask if they have a profile sweep of the units - something you can print out and test on your rims. example of the Harrop one here: https://www.harrop.com.au/shop/system/download/PROF_SWEPT_CALIPERS_FRT_BA_FG_ULTIMATE.pdf Also ask if they require any other hardware to fit (adapters, brackets, lines etc) or if the standard hardware and plumbing bolt straight up.
  3. We're doing the Snowies Cruise in a couple of weeks - Fri night in Tumut if keen for the run or to catch up with us
  4. Any suggestions for the soundtrack for @EvilDaifu cruise video? @MattyP - 3 weeks to join us
  5. Blow Cannon and Snow Job? Did it come with Helmet Buffing pads and Pearl Drops to really polish it off?
  6. I get the click the 1st time I try to start after a flash
  7. Millers Chill for me #8 and counting
  8. Think a hamster fell off the wheel again "resource limit reached"
  9. Yeah, trust that as much as I'd trust a one armed sailor Nil should = 0% Low <25% etc That said though - looking good
  10. Where abouts are you? Maybe some people with a known working scanner nearby that could offer to let you try?
  11. Must be cold - they usually wear a fair bit less

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