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  1. PC finalised a few hours ago. Gave me a headache - wouldn't post, beep or anything, all fans and lights etc were working. Took me far too long to work out I needed to do a firmware update - had to strip it back to the bare board (only power, no ram, cpu, gpu etc) to do the update as it wouldn't even get to bios with the unsupported CPU No pics yet - cable management wasn't considered when I put it back together after pulling it apart to flash 😞 Will need to reseat the cooler - running warm at the moment
  2. I think it's because the menu is now centered vertically over the logo - previously it was top justified?? - the menu bar (notifications, messages, user etc) ended up in a light background part of the picture and was easy to read? Now it ends up over the blue car and hides in the background?
  3. Nothing looks different? Also - any chance of the "Return to Top" button/link under each post?
  4. Cheap - have got 3600 in my current setup with a waterblock on them - will be swapping them in when I get the kit for the new CPU/MB
  5. HX426C16FB4K2/32 32GB (16GB 2G x 64-Bit x 2 pcs.) DDR4-2666 CL16 288-Pin DIMM Kit Was just after something cheap quickly to get me in and out of the store
  6. Bit of building to do this weekend. Grabbed a 5800X (was about all that was available), X570 motherboard, 1TB nvme and a couple of 16gb sticks of ram. I've got the waterblock for the GPU already, but now need to order one for the CPU so will wait to plumb thus build - air-cooled for now.
  7. It's the extra salt in the water from it being reclaimed urine
  8. Plays ok on my lappy @1440p?? with a 1080
  9. Do you'll have 2 "dual purpose" bikes now?
  10. Hopefully not from the asparagus
  11. Prob a long shot, but leave the battery discconected overnight Has been a fix for many random issues
  12. Poor little fella - "worst xmas ever"
  13. Same to you and yours. Merry Christmas all
  14. Xmas shiopping all done Merry xmas eve everyone
  15. Bacon fried, butter basted ribeye. Even Homer would say "WTF"
  16. I thought we got rid of it Keith - fix please
  17. Bloody hell Keith - sh@t the bed this morning?
  18. If it's Windows 10 Start Settings Update & Security Recovery Reset this PC
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