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    Headphone Magic

    Note: this thread is a split from another thread - the discussion seems to start from nowhere I can freely admit - I've got a slight problem with headphones lol It started when the house had me, the misses and 4 kids (baby up to late teen) leaving bugger all space or time for me to kick back and relax with some tunes or play games at a decent level. I had a very good 5.1 setup for the TV/lounge and a great 5.1 setup for the PC, but it wasn't until the kids had gone to bed that I could finally get a chance to put my feet up and have some "me time" After much research (and finding this thread in a different forum https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-10-25-2018-creative-aurvana-trio-added.534479/) Looking for something that'd be great with both movies, games and music I bit the bullet, spent what I thought at the time to be a stupid amount of cash and got myself a set of Sennheiser HD598 headphones and an Astro Mixamp (makes the 5.1 audio from movies/games into a processed stereo signal that creates virtual surround in the headphones, giving front, left, right and rear cues - makes the sound appear to be coming from all around you, instead of just from the 2 speakers on your ears.) It was crazy - the way it opened up the audio and the virtual surround it processed was unbelievable. I was hooked. Enemy sneaking up on me behind my left shoulder? their footsteps now came from behind my left shoulder. Explosion happens 100m over to the right? it now sounds like it's happening 100m to the right, not at my ear. Lord of the Rings DVD - bloody hell, that sounds better than it ever did on my decent (for the time) 5.1 setup in the loungeroom. With music I wasn't using the Mixamp, just onboard sound, but with a decent pair of headphones, a decent copy or CD of the songs and I was hearing stuff in music that I had no idea was there before. Backup vocalists I had never heard before in songs that were played everyday, separation of instruments, vocals and performers that blew me away etc From there I was happy with the HD598's and Mixamp for gaming/movies etc, but just knew I had to get something better for the music listening. Next stupid amount of money later (how little did I know back then lol) and I had Sennheiser HD650 headphones and a separate Dac/Amp to use them with (the HD650's need more power than onboard or the Mixamp would supply and onboard audio is usually pretty mediocre to begin with) With that I was well and truly hooked - both on the idea of headphones for music and headphones for gaming. Since then I've collected probably about 20 sets of headphones (open, closed, wireless, noise cancelling, IEM's, portable etc) and a half dozen or so Amps/Dacs etc Have even got myself an expensive tube amp that I've still got to put together from it's components - soldering etc (it's on the to-do list) Last purchase was a STAX L500 with it's energiser (electrostatic headphone - uses a different form of amplification than normal headphones) - I think I'm done for a long time now (other than the Smyth Realiser A16 mentioned below in the thread) Next step up that I'd want to head would be the higher end STAX - about $6K for the headphones and $10k for the amp/energiser - maybe one day :S Current main setups are: Gaming: Creative X7 DAC/Amp for VSS using the HD700 or HD800S headphones Music: Sennheiser HDVD800 DAC/Amp or Woo Audio WA7 tube DAC/Amp with either the HD800S or Audeze LCD2 headphones or the STAX L500 and the 353X energiser. Travelling: Audeze iSine 20 IEM's, Sony 1000XM2 (bluetooth noise cancelling headphones) and an XDUOO XD-05 dac/amp Wandering around home: Sennheiser RS185 wireless Laptop gaming: Audeze Mobius (new fantastic headphone that has inbuilt VSS and headtracking - the sound continues to come from the screen even when you move your head) Each (or any) of the above setups and also take the VSS processing from the Creative X7 and feed it into whatever dac or amp I want. As mentioned later - I'm awaiting the delivery of the Smyth Realiser A16. Once that turns up and I've tried all the headphones with it I'll be free to offload a great percentage of them. The gear I sell off may give me enough cash to look at the $15k STAX setup I lust after I know I've spent far too much money on headphones and but most were bought either 2nd hand, from overseas or during deep sales/clearances - most of what I paid will be recoverable when I go to sell. Either way - I'm more than happy - am getting fantastic sounds for a fraction of the price I would have had to spend getting a full room setup to sound nearly as good for me - and don't need the dedicated space or room. Pfft - go headphones
  2. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

  3. Rab

    Looking for race track Melbourne

    Have done days at Sandown and Phillip Island - will do another one soon
  4. Rab

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Can still smell the diff oil from 30 years ago
  5. Just popped up on my facebook. Replacement ICC for the FG's (in the comments he says both MK's of the FG and also the FGX) Have been looking for options to upgrade the audio in mine - this may come close. Will wait for some reviews from around, but could be a goer with the SatNav, android and more powerful AMP etc Anyone else heard of this or "Kayhan Audio"?
  6. @camo86T had that last night
  7. Told him not to try the drone underwater
  8. The guys lucky enough to attend the recent Snowies cruise decided we should do another cruise through the Apple Isle early next year Mainlanders would be looking at going over on the boat Thursday night 7th March, returning on the boat Tuesday night 12th March. With the Labour Day long weekend this would mean taking only the Friday and the Tuesday as holidays/leave etc (for Victoria - other states YMMV) As per usual on the interstate cruises you're always welcome to join up and leave as your time/plans permit. This would give us an extra day than we've taken previously (5 full days total) with the idea of maybe 2 nights at one location. We'll most probably be attacking the Island clockwise this time and making sure we take in the North East properly (it's been rushed on previous cruises) Possible places for the 2 nights, 1 bed are around Freycinet, Port Arthur or Strahan - depending on the wishes of the group and fitting in with people who want to join us, leave us, extend their stay further and for "tourist" activities people wish to experience. Depending on feedback here it will change or even be forgotten about, with a new destination each night. Either way - I'll be going for a spurt round the Island on the dates given and am hoping some of you guys are keen to join me. Route, sights and stopovers are extremely fluid at this stage. Quick "doodle" idea of a possible route: https://www.whereis.com/directions?na=Devonport%2C TAS 7310&str=&su=Devonport&lat=-41.1783532&lon=146.3609534&na2=Scottsdale%2C TAS 7260&str2=&su2=Scottsdale&lat2=-41.1607553&lon2=147.5169048&na3=Bicheno%2C TAS 7215&str3=&su3=Bicheno&lat3=-41.8748377&lon3=148.3042876&na4=Taranna%2C TAS 7180&str4=&su4=Taranna&lat4=-43.0631315&lon4=147.8643801&na5=Strathgordon%2C TAS 7139&str5=&su5=Strathgordon&lat5=-42.7669319&lon5=146.0451358&na6=Strahan%2C TAS 7468&str6=&su6=Strahan&lat6=-42.1516765&lon6=145.3298912&ena=Devonport%2C TAS 7310&estr=&esu=Devonport&elat=-41.1783532&elon=146.3609534&rt=fastest_tolls&tp1lon=145.301418&tp1lat=-40.765114&tp1leg=6&tp1part=7&tp2lon=148.233549&tp2lat=-41.311567&tp2leg=2&tp2part=2&tpcount=2 Previous Tassie cruises: Please feel free to jump in and be part of this fantastic long weekend of driving, company, adventure and sights. KEEN: @Rab @EvilDaifu @YLD127 MAYBE: @k31th @MBAF @demon1300 @Psshhhht Note: This post will become the official cruise thread as we get closer to the date and will be edited accordingly with extra info and details. And we having a pre-meet up at the Pier Port Melbourne Hotel 1 Bay St, Port Melbourne at 4pm for anyone interested to drop by for a few beers or so ... We're planning on stocking up on snacks for the trip over
  9. Rab

    Headphone Magic

    Shield is fantastic
  10. Rab

    Headphone Magic

    Pfft No toilet telly?
  11. Doesn't make a difference
  12. Nup. Ask keef, he'll agree with me. Zero difference
  13. Order of pipes doesn't matter.
  14. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    He was getting personal with attacks, posting his drivel in other threads (not just off topic) and adding nothing of value in the way of conversation anywhere. He was suspended previously, warned on his return, warned after his last (self imposed) break from the forum and too much of a headache to keep on top of. His response to the "suggestion" that he learns to play nicely was basically a "F-you" Not a grenade we needed ticking here.
  15. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Agreed. Zero value and he had his warnings. Bye
  16. Repco or Supercheap are the closest I'd say
  17. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Still up for me. Set DNS to and bypass most ISP blacklists
  18. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Fluff put in a good word for you and said she'd vouch so we held off
  19. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    You were so close to being put in a "Kittens thoughts" thread when you hit the scene
  20. Would I be the only one that would love a "safe" place to post after a few stubbies? Sometimes after a late lunch, irish breakfast or drunken night of debauchery I feel an overwhelming need to jump online and start posting. It isn't until I get back on the forum in the daylight that I realise what a rambling, incoherent, dribbling mess I've been (yep - am feeling as if I'm going to wake up tomorrow and find tonight has been one of those nights) Anyway - I'm going to try and limit my philosophical, beer addled postings to this thread. If I ever start speaking crap in a forum topic, I'm probably drunk and should be sent straight back to this one. Hopefully I won't be alone
  21. Rab

    Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Dropped into JB-HiFi to get a cheap phone for the daughter after I got home from the Tassie trip. @EvilDaifu had an unbelievable drone on the cruise. Yeah, I should have sent her to the shop alone.

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