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  1. Spam reply 1/3 I had a 'banging' issue a looong time ago on an FG XR8 I owned. It turned out to be a hairline crack in the valve body. 3 brand new transmissions later. They were re-installing the faulty valve body before they found the fault because they didn't want to muck around with the software. Once they fitted a brand new valve body and updated the software she was mint. All under warranty thank goodness. But check your diff bushes and centre bearing first lol.
  2. Usually can't go wrong if you go rural. Cash talks out there. Turn the journey into a nice day trip.
  3. aeropro do a plate and cooler. Would want to use AN8 lines and keep line run short. Derale make a thermostat block to help with warmup.
  4. If it were me, I'd install it dodgy as fark just for your track day then rip it all out when you're done.
  5. ouch. Yeah, too hot fella. Bigger disc pad combo will help a little, but you got to get rid of that heat man. Not much fun doing a cool down lap every 3rd lap. Get some 4" heater duct from bunnings and cable tie it where required to get some fresh air to those calipers. I would also flush that brake fluid out, she would have been toasty az
  6. Just to throw in some extra things to consider. Mark your discs with heat paint to see what temps your hitting? Could justify a cooling duct mod. Knowing and controlling disc / calliper temps, speaking with a specialist race pad supplier for instance. Race rated brake fluid (and a flush if you haven't done one recently). With your brake upgrade, you using same size pad? If yes, nothing is free, the pad is still exposed to the same amount of work in stopping the car. Work is joules. Presuming same tyre, the car won't in less distance (assuming you weren't braking like a pussy and were braking like a real man ). Joules over seconds is watts. Watts is heat. Things to ponder is all.
  7. Horny boy. Kids back at School right
  8. Any things to try / test come up in your searches?
  9. Comes back to budget. I run a 21inch self propelled Honda on the thick stuff I have. Couch, how anal are you? Wanna go golf course spec? Cylinder mower.
  10. Love a good piece of lawn. What's your budget? This ones right in the middle of an Aussie summer. Love a bit of the budgo Kikuyu.
  11. You can't easily adjust the caster. It is considered non adjustable. Would need a sledgehammer lol. Tell the muppets to put the lasers back on it to get the front wheels straight and hop up into the drivers seat to check the steering wheel position.
  12. Good thing it's stamped on the side of the box. You checked it's the same case? (bell housing, I don't know puff what else to call it ) And you were going to swap in your mechatronics?
  13. I presumed that was a given. OP, I presume you're talking about a 6hp19 or 21 box?
  14. Converter wouldn't have be been drained. If you're wanting to be sure, take it for a decent drive to get it all warmed up and settled down, then check the fluid level again when it's all cooled down. Search up on the dampers. They're in the valve body. But maybe next time by the sounds of your progress.
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