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  1. About 35min in this bloke goes through it.
  2. After some more time and bashing she's done. Blowing smoke and there is a witness mark on the housing where the blade has contacted. Oh well, it's had a good run. I'm on the band wagon...
  3. Damn, yeah that'll do it. Nice job 👌
  4. Goodness, what are you doing with the ute to keep it from floating away at 240km/h+. Last time I got that fast in my ute it was all over the place. On the other hand my VF R8 sticks like glue up to it's max of 295km/h.
  5. Can the new style wastegates be pulled apart to service? Reason I ask is I have one of their new style FPR's and although it has a locking collar you will never get it off. They used the Loctite that needs heat to get it loose, thereby destroying the diaphragm and seals.
  6. Mk2 onwards BF with the 6 speed ZF. Higher k's you mentioned. Just need common sense on the inspection to make sure nothing's on the way out. A good mate of mine has an FG with 260,000 km on the clock at 390rwkw. He's good with the mechanical sympathy, lifts for shifts, still on original box, rarely winds it out past 5,500rpm.
  7. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=wrc+developments+napier 😄
  8. Far out. I'm flying back and starting my own business lol. That's crazy. Did you ring Graeme at WRC Developments?
  9. Can you get the tune file so we can look at it? It's been a few years since I've been back to the mother land so I'm not up to date, but WRC Devolpments in Napier did a lot of tuning work. Might pay to see if Graeme is still around and if he is willing to sort it for you. From memory he can sometimes be a little picky with what jobs he takes on. But like I said, it's been many years. If he takes your car I'd make sure its clean and looking its best before you turn up. No one likes working on a filthy smelly piece of sh*t. Spech if she gets a bit of paddock work over those cow paddies aye bro 🤣.
  10. I'd add some Aussie tuners to that list as well JET. Seen a doozy of a tune when I first started learning to muck around with Falcons. Check engine light disabled & overboost p1227 disabled lol.
  11. I'm with JET on this. Based on what you've said, desired boost = 20psi and actual = 15psi there is no way that p1227 can be set. Does the MAP sensor spike above 20psi in your data logs when it goes into limp mode? If it isn't then I think a fat finger has got involved by accident or someone didn't know what they were doing and changed the negative boost error numbers to positive which means you'll nearly always trip p1227 once you're 'on boost'. DTC's can be disabled, but this one you'll want to keep as it'll stop your motor grenading itself if the wastegate sticks shut.
  12. Simple test to rule a few things out. Plumb the turbo signal line straight to the wastegate. It will run off spring pressure and be fine if all ok. Log MAP with your phone and obd2 dongle. If it rises appreciably above spring pressure your wastegate actuator, linkage or flapper is at fault.
  13. Needs to go back to the tuner. They'll sort it. Just guessing games without data to look at.
  14. Hey if you have a scan tool. Log fuel trims and map and wastegate dc. Also scan for codes. Wouldn't be surprised if limp mode is over Boost.
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