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  1. Assuming rocker cover leak, perhaps a quick sanity check of your breather as well just to make sure it's not blocked. I.e. pressuring the rocker cover and blowing out seals when on boost.
  2. Hey, not sure on the credits. I haven't looked into it but a quick support email to PCMtec will answer that for me if the need arose... Can get the air compressor out and make some notes whilst adjusting half a turn at a time. Will be a good learning exercise for me. I'll also get some better logs of the MAP and a few other bits and will update the thread.
  3. Back on track. Normally I'd use HP or Forscan to log; just used the phone on this occasion as it was an opportunistic data capture. @Puffwagon a quick education please. The little spike showing on the graph, this is the bit the actuator preload can help with right? This is the current setup with factory dump.
  4. Yeah, on the pcmtec forums it's described as a soft lock. Need the worskhop version to set it and the professional or workshop versions can unset it. Don't how strong it is. If it's just a case of flipping a bit in the offline file then someone will bypass it no time. The software appears to make a 'call back to base' everytime it's opened so I'm leaning towards something a lot more complex than just bit flipping.... Just theories....
  5. Roland at Pcmtec certainly missed out on a guaranteed sale. Would have been more than happy to buy the professional version along with the 5 or whatever it was credits for the custom OS mods that the car has. About $1200 or something like that when including a cable. Hell, I was more than happy to pay the $800 odd it cost me to get control of my VF with HP Tuners to sort out some driveability issues. Better than going back and forward with the tuner 3 or 7 times to get the little sh*t dialled in. At least APS looked after me with getting me in the tune so I could f@ck around with the VE table
  6. I bought the car already tuned. So it's my fault for not doing due diligence prior to purchase to see if the tune could be read and edited. Hoping my experience might help others. It might not seem a big deal at the time accepting a locked tune, but down the road when circumstances change such as taking job opportunities and moving away for one example, or a potential purchaser of your car pulls out of the sale as another example. Attractive re-sale is important too. As mods happen in the future you're up for a start again tune from someone else and the sour taste tha
  7. Maxx performance. I can't complain with the tune he's done. Its very good. There is only some minor personality stuff I would change to suit my own taste. As a seat of the pants comparison I have a 470rwkw VF tuned by APS and the xr6 drives better than the tune in that. So for that I rate his tune. But... Just can't stand it that he won't unlock it so I ask everyone to please stay away.
  8. And a crash course on preload, I found a thread you helped a fellow member with. Will be suitable for me to. Thanks puff
  9. Excellent, I'll try that. I'll post up before and after MAP logs in due course. Thanks.
  10. He kept it very simple for me. Its proprietary and he won't do it. Kept my cool throughout the discussion and pleeded every angle. He had the face of a stone. Kinda of like a cops face when you're giving it back to them. Emotionless. The only concession he gave was a remote tune, and that was with conditions that I had to hire a dyno and buy the pcmtec software. Refused to entertain the idea of 4th gear pulls on a back road. Dont know why, he only has to adjust the boost controller. Fuelling and spark shouldnt change. Anyway, dyno hire cost plus software puts me close to retune do
  11. Hp only locks out other hp users. Its pretty archaic and easily bypassed if you know who to talk to. Or just a quick Google, there are plenty on eBay offering to unlock for around $90. Would happily pay 3x more once someone cracks the pcmtec unlock.
  12. Tuner was very clear with their response. Couldn't have cried any poorer even if I was on centrelink. He wouldn't budge. Pcmtec didn't have to implement it. Hp tuners doesn't for example. $2k, I would have thought is ball park. He said $700 just for your basic single fuel tune with no custom OS mods. This is a flex tune so there is a fair bit of dyno time getting the maps set for the blending of fuels. Also running boost per gear so if you're familiar with pcmtec there is a fair amount of credits involved in that cost also. And extra cold start time to get the e85 right. I've done
  13. I have already. No dice. Have to flash back to stock. Local tuner gave an estimate of $2k for a new flex tune. Pretty sh*t I have to pay this and am filthy with Pcmtec about this unfair feature. Logging with Forscan or any other tool gives the timing, fuel injector, boost profile, wideband logging for air fuel ratios also. They havent done anything special that any other decemt tuner couldn't do. Dont understand why it would be locked except to f%ck over customers. If it was a competition tune running against other workshops at the track or drags then fair enough, but for a canned 'stage
  14. Don't want to mention. If you know someone who can unlock without losing the tune please pm me.
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