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  1. "The skid factory" is my favorite thing on youtube now (and has been since I discovered it). Barra into bedford is great!
  2. xr6tForMe

    True trac/ upgrade transcooler

    Thanks for the detailed post serbxr6t!
  3. xr6tForMe

    Boot Lip Spoiler

    I think my spoiler and yours might have come from the same batch. Looks like they curl up at the ends, but on mine the ends stayed attached, so they snapped off instead of just curl up. Mine has been snapped for quite a while, but maybe this will motivate me to fix it. For yours, can you get double sided tape under it with the backing mostly on, and then peel off the backing while the tape is pretty much in place?
  4. xr6tForMe

    Boot Lip Spoiler

    Mine has cracked through in 2 places. I need to take it off and repair
  5. xr6tForMe

    Mayweather/McGregor BBQ Sunday August 27

    Way too far from me, so I wont be there, Its a nice gesture!
  6. xr6tForMe

    Possible headgasket

    I should have said before: Sorry to hear about the problems. I hope the end result is great. Thanks for posting.
  7. xr6tForMe

    Possible headgasket

    When you had the head off, did you check how high each of the pistons came up the bore. ie no short/bent rods
  8. xr6tForMe

    Peppy can tune?

    Hi Joe, I just saw the "FG top 50" list. 2 cars in the top 50 and 1 right near the top! Well done!!
  9. xr6tForMe

    Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Sounds like it would have been pretty satisfying to get all that sorted out.
  10. xr6tForMe

    G6Et Finished.... For Now

    Could fuel pressure be too high? That would also lead to higher consumption than the ECU is reporting.
  11. xr6tForMe

    Surge tank pumps and pump pressure

    It's nice to see problems getting sorted and the support of the xr6t forum. ☺
  12. xr6tForMe

    G6Et Finished.... For Now

    If ypu think its suckling air, replace the air with something else that will change how it behaves. I have used butane from a camping stove canister, directed with a small clear hose to diagnose an intake manifold leak. Spray a bit where you are testing for a leak and listen for changes in how the engine runs. Obviously - be careful not to set anything on fire. Do it in the open. Let it dissipate. Make sure there is nothing to ignite the gas.
  13. xr6tForMe

    My F6 sh*t itself

    "Out of warranty" does NOT automatically mean it should not be fixed by the manufacturer.... Have a read of http://www.caradvice.com.au/345004/what-is-the-australian-consumer-law-is-my-car-still-covered-outside-of-the-manufacturer-warranty/
  14. xr6tForMe


    That sucks. Sorry to hear that. I hope it is recovered in perfect order.

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