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  1. that is one monsta snail you've got there my friend!
  2. as far as I'm concerned, you can stick the diesel and any battery powered POS where the sun aint shinin
  3. 7 months later............... Triffid has flowered and now growing hundreds of baby triffids [emoji33]
  4. One week to go and it's holiday time [emoji38] Looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous (@Rab ) and other motorcycle enthusiasts down at the Island [emoji3]
  5. if you read the internet scuttlebutt, it is definitely a hot chip people running the stock coolers are getting ridiculously high temps used the Grizzly thermal paste that came with the velocity EK water block
  6. all finished (for now) added a white LED strip and red LED's to the base of the pump temps are good, though the Ryzen chip definitely runs hotter than the I7 I had thanks Keefy, needed a change and the old rig was looking pretty dated maybe need to do some cable management to appease my OCD
  7. had a day off today went for a squirt up the tablelands lunch at https://www.jaquescoffee.com.au/cafe.html had a waygu burger, very yummy then across the top to Mt Molloy and the obligatory stop at the pub then home down the Rex range and along the coast road
  8. red was going to go with white but then realized all my compression fittings were red
  9. done and dusted just need to add the dye and it's all good
  10. put it there for a joke, going to use my 1080 comes in top CPU for gaming in 2019 (3600 X) parting it out on eBay

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