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  1. I wouldn't even bother mate whatever you put in that stupid holder gets baked by the sun and burns your face/hands when you take them out of it do yourself a favor and use the center console
  2. no flies on me mate but you can sure see where they've been
  3. yeah nah mate self praise is no recommendation
  4. Bastard [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji33][emoji12][emoji50][emoji179]
  5. The chicken strip comment was just a bit stir I know your bike is a cruiser And besides that, there's not many "corners" in WA [emoji1787]
  6. I just looked at the sticker on this one June 08
  7. this helmet is nearly 10 years old which is bloody amazing looking at it still looks reasonably new paint job is awesome I was going to buy another (Kabuto) but fell in love with the HJC carbon did make me laugh when I saw this on the back my longtime pillion Mrs BCB thought it was "appropriate" for some occasions
  8. my last helmet was one of these https://www.webbikeworld.com/ogk-ff-5-helmet-review/ they now go by the name KABUTO https://www.bikebiz.com.au/apparel/helmets/kabuto/road one of my mates just bought one for $400 and is very impressed with it
  9. plain white or black for 1K https://www.bikebiz.com.au/apparel/helmets/modular-helmets/shoei add $50 for plain red or blue and $150 for a pattern if you have a large bike clothing shop in WA, they might discount to get your business I got my HJC for $50 cheaper than the online store
  10. I was good at that waaaaaaay before I could bend pipe
  11. I would go with Shoei cos this quote from webbikeworld: "The Neotec II might be pricey, but you get what you pay for. It is a premium helmet and feels it. The integrated sun visor, chin bar, and levels of comfort are top-notch. It’s a helmet built not only for high levels of comfort and usability but also to protect your noggin in the event of an accident. " the other hat you speak of is only about the price quote: "While it might not feel like the most premium lid on your head (the interior could be softer and a tiny bit more padded, for its price, it’s a real winner." I paid $800 for my new HJC, but every time I pick it up (weighs 1.2 kilo) and put it on my head I have a real sense of comfort and safety
  12. I'm not out to impress other people (although all who have seen it in the flesh are impressed) the "look" is for me, and I enjoy looking cos carnt not look this is real but it does help you to become good at bending
  13. I'm not talking 5950 X it's the 5900 X I was looking at
  14. I may have been using Nvidia for over 8 years now, but I am waiting for the dust to settle and see which card/brand will be good for me but to be perfectly honest, gaming at 2560 x 1440 @ 144Hz and matching my framerate to 144 fps, my GTX 1080 is perfectly capable with the majority of games I play probably because I'm running water cooling and the card is overclocking beautifully I perceive that in the near future I will probably need to upgrade with games the likes of Cyberpunk becoming the norm I have now been rocking a Ryzen 3600 X for just over 12 months and it has absolutely never let me down no bottlenecking or failure of any kind it is also overclocked but only to it's max boost clock, it sits at 4.3 GHz all day every day I was looking at the 5900 X as an upgrade, but $860 is a lot of money for bragging rights but it would pair very nicely with my 32 GB of ram, and would slot straight into my X570 mobo Ryzen and the X570 platform is one decision I will not regret making
  15. Vodka rocks with a squeeze of lime [emoji106]
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