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  1. Presentation is spot on Fluff [emoji106] These are the type of nibbles I love [emoji3531] Nice selection of crackers and bread to go with the cheeses and dips [emoji3]
  2. as always your attention to detail is exemplary not only are you a great tuna, you stand out from the crowd as a man who lives his passion for the sake of others
  3. Hired a convertible for my birthday Mrs BCB prepared a 5 star picnic and we drove up the coast and had our picnic on the beach Halfway home we stopped and put the top back on Convertibles look cool, but they actually suck when driving in them
  4. here is a couple of pics of the "second chamber" or the space behind the motherboard which is traditionally only about 30 to 40 mm hope this helps with your decision looking at the pic below, you can see the provision for a second power supply, Lian Li have thought of everything
  5. Hard tubing is a little bit difficult but the struggle is totally worth it I never used soft tube Started with hard tube and in my opinion it looks soooooooooo much better [emoji13]
  6. I bought this one https://www.pccasegear.com/products/43082/lian-li-pc-o11-dynamic-tempered-glass-case-white You can put up to 3 fans on the floor of the case blowing air up So plenty of airflow over the mother board I mounted my thick radiator inside the front chamber, with the fans in the back chamber blowing hot air out of the case I don't think you will fit a thick radiator in the second chamber Check out the video in the link above Bottom line for me I love how this case looks and accommodates everything you can throw at it [emoji3] Function and form
  7. this forum has been on a slippery slide to obscurity since the demise of the domestic car manufacturing
  8. John D. Rockefeller, the worlds first billionaire, was asked by a reporter how much money is enough. His answer, “Just a little bit more.”
  9. why does everyone think that lots of money will solve all their problems?
  10. are you spending your billions @arronm
  11. Sorry That job has already been finished and delivered Didn't take any other pics
  12. if you buy this case then you need this!!!!!! https://www.pccasegear.com/products/48297/ek-classic-distro-plate-front-pc-o11d-d-rgb-with-spc-pwm
  13. That case is awesome Very similar to mine I loved the extra space at the rear of the motherboard Cable management was a breeze You definitely need more RGB Ram [emoji106] My mobo is a ROG Strix [emoji3]

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