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  1. the young fellas will also like the RGB fans and RAM I'll make PC gamers out of them yet
  2. yes Keefy I made him a PC for web surfing and general home office use then he decided to use it for a 3D drawing program..............it crashed so this one is for his 3D program which can utilize a high number of cores and is RAM hungry A Quadro GPU probably would of helped but he has 2 young boys that will most defiantly benefit from the RTX 2070
  3. looks like Keefy has broken the front page again
  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............................home made pies
  5. my driver keeps "failing to start" and reverting to the windows standard one just did a fresh install of the Nvidia driver hope that works
  6. friday the girls will drop me and my mate there sat bus or maybe drive sun bus
  7. just purchased Saturday and Sunday paddock passes for Aus Moto Gp gunna be a great weekend
  8. bum state that plays ohmo footy
  9. Good idea Puff Going shopping hungry is never good for the budget
  10. same same, Miller----then Rins I was on the edge of my seat for most of it last couple of laps I was jumping around the lounge room yelling like an idiot
  11. Moto Gp @ Mugello [emoji3] Personal favourite for me and Mrs BCB We went there in 2006 Casey Stoner high-sided big time out of the race which was very disappointing but the atmosphere was like no other race I've ever been to. The Italians really know how to make you feel welcome, and boy can they party

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