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  1. Here we go again [emoji13] cos we have so many mangos it's frozen mango margarita time
  2. looks somewhat similar I never saw the front of it though
  3. after I made my pool cooler invention thingie, I wanted an accurate temperature monitoring system so good old eBay comes to the rescue again $29 wireless thermometer gives max/min/current water temp of transmitter and ambient air temp of receiver
  4. Im still getting new members thread Keefy
  5. fully synthetic oil since I bought her with 40K on the clock changed every 7.5K as per the service manual
  6. I did get chopped by an "M" car which was slightly embarrassing opps, off topic
  7. I have never polished it, just clay bar and wax
  8. I love my limmo It's been my dayly for 5 years now I've done over 100k and has never missed a beat [emoji106]
  9. I went to the dragstrip up here (Springmount raceway) and the commentator called it the "grocery getter"
  10. a true sleeper especially with an old bastard behind the wheel [emoji38]
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