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  1. when we were doing our reno, my builder didn't show up for a month, said he was very busy with other jobs ended up getting rid of him and getting another one in
  2. this is awesome!!!!! I don't know of anybody who's been ahead of schedule on a home build 99% of the time the builder is making excuses why things are taking so long
  3. same as @Boosturd my weekly expenditure has lowered by one tank if fuel (over the past 7 months) so that is my savings for a new card
  4. did LMAO same same here except Jim Beam was my choice of poison
  5. he showed me his pay slip last week when I questioned how much coin he would be outlaying for this build 2.2k per fortnight!!!!!!!!!!! for a 16 yo paying no rent that's a lot of money! back in the day, my first weeks pay when I started my apprenticeship (16 yo also) was $95
  6. apparently the company she works for made a boo boo and ordered 2 many monitors she saw the error and whisked them away before anyone was on to it, and yes, 144Hz refresh rate his nanny and pop just bought him a Mitsubishi dual cab 2x4 (second hand, but still worth 9k)
  7. A new CNC operator started at work 16 yo kid Wants to build a kickass PC So far the build is up to 5k He wants RGB everything and a 3090 His mom got 2, 32inch 4k screens from her work and they are sitting in his bedroom waiting for a PC !!!
  8. Yeah, I Did read that the price per performance was sh#t compared to the 3080
  9. You're telling the story@k31th [emoji1787]
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