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  1. Jus a couple of dudes repeating the same same day in, day out [emoji20]
  2. not that I built it, but nearly finished cleaning it shed is 24x11 meters we got our farm cheap because old mate had hoarded 19 years of crap including old building materials when he built the farm house and sheds in 2006 we bought in August 2022 and we cleaned up the house first so we could rent it, then we started on this shed which is about 150 meters from the house been a slow process cos farm is nearly 2 hours drive from Clifton Beach, and are up there once a fortnight before after
  3. my AOC 32" monitor died, so I bought one of these .............
  4. I got some crappy photos 2 [emoji23]
  5. Nice to see you got to see a solar eclipse. We had one here in Cairns about 10 years ago
  6. Cole's chicken samich [emoji1786]
  7. What made me feel good today, got my tractor stuck well above the axle so had to get the neighbour to help get unstuck people here are a different level, wanting to help and very friendly felt like a bit of a dickhead cos got seriously stuck, but as it turns out, they've done it all before themslelves I feel as though I've made 2 new quality freindships today had lunch at a spot that Mrs BCB has coined "the picnic area" totaly isolated from the world at large so tranquil, could have sat here for hours Stuck!!!!!! the hole All safe and sound back in the shed looking down to the picnic spot Lunch time
  8. put together this monster at work today 16 core 32 thread processor with 64 GB of RAM and the cheapest 3090 ti I could get my hands on (2k) its all previous gen stuf, ie: DDR4, Ryzen 5000 series and Nvidia 3000 series so saved a heap of cash right there its all a bit over kill for the 3D software aplication we have bought, but my boss loves the bling 🤣 running 2, 2K monitors and the 3090 smashes out over 200 fps at that resolution and hardly brakes into a sweat
  9. I just built a buget PC for a freind last week We used a RX 6700 XT for the video card and I was very impressed Im still rocking a GTX 1080 which is fine for me as I hardly game at all these days I did a quick furmark bench and at the 1080p preset it punched out 195 FPS, my old 1080 could only manage 120 FPS the RX 6700 XT was $599 at PC Case Gear
  10. we just dropped 2k on a RTX 3090 ti for a new build at work running a Ryzen 9 5950X as well, total cost of build 6k big savings using previous gen hardware as everything is discounted to get rid of stock I'll post some pics when the parts get here
  11. that screen looks awesome you have it mounted to the wall? nice cable management BTW 👍
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