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    Hey guys, Tab is here... Oh i feel sick

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  1. Happy Birthday turbo.vixen!

  2. Happy Birthday turbo.vixen!

  3. Happy Birthday turbo.vixen!

  4. Happy Birthday turbo.vixen!

  5. Happy Birthday turbo.vixen!

  6. Im in for dinner, see you freaks there
  7. Hows uni going mate?

  8. You will have to head up to noosa for a charter, I dont think there are any still running out of mooloolaba LINK!!!
  9. Bit of an update. Sunday morning, the nasty disease we all hate finally won the battle, taking my mother in-law who inspired me to start this thread. Hopefully one day we will find a cure R.I.P to all the victims
  10. Must of forgot to lock the front hubs in, bloody doofus
  11. There use to be a xr6t meet up on alex hill sunday arvos, but all the cool kids either left or sold there cars
  12. I dont vote, simply because its impossible to choose from that list I will party hard when they do the count down on oz day
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