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  1. Just wanted to reach out to all our members, moderators, donating members, and all those who continue to support the site, and keep us still around. For someone who has gone through immense tragedy the last few years, losing both my stepson (who was 15), my mum (to brain cancer) and then most recently my beloved dog Dakota of 13yrs. It should remind us all of how precious life is, how quickly it can be taken away from you, and how times like Christmas should be times spend creating memories with loved ones to last a life time. May you all create moments, and memories, that you can look back on with a smile. Thank you all for your support through the year, and as mentioned for keeping the site going. If you would like to make a donation to the site, this will go towards paying for its monthly hosting & fees, as every dollar is appreciated. A link to the donating page is here - https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/clients/donations/ I wish you all happiness, health, love and prosperity for 2022. All the best
  2. Needing to relook at this again, as Autotech recently dropped off due to "more bang for their buck" from the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Your thoughts on running a Patreon or subscription based system for non donating members? Maybe per year to access? Keen to explore other opportunities to keep the site alive.
  3. Hi All, As you notice once a year, we drive our members to try and help with the dues of running the website and keeping things upgraded, and operational. In addition to this we rely on our advertiser's to help us cover the costs of the web server in which we host the site on every month. This is paid for by our advertiser's and in addition our google ads, and advertising which run on the site. Together combined allows us to offer this website to our members monthly with no problems. Unfortunately today we were informed that our current (and only) advertiser Autotech Engineering will no longer be continuing advertising on our site. This leaves the website in a deficit of $250 per month, and thus causes us to relook at the future of the site. Thus we are reaching out to all our current members, and visitors, that if you do know of a current tuner, or you are a business that would like to advertise on the site, please let us know. Our rates start at $100 a month, and go up to $250 per month for advertising - These are still the same rates from when we started, so happy to keep the same to keep the site afloat. A small price to pay for a website that has been around for such a long time! Please contact me directly to discuss, but would appreciate to keep the feelers out! Thanks again for your support!
  4. Thanks guys truly appreciated. Allows us to update the site and plugins as needed.
  5. Hi Mate It usually ends up being close to $400 or so when you include all the plugins and software licenses. Thanks to those donated so far, truly appreciated.
  6. Hi Guys, Hope you are all well in this crazy time we now live in. Time once again for the yearly upgrades and costs to keep the forum running, to update the software to the latest version, and pay for all the licenses that keep the features you use and love active! Would appreciate if you do have any spare $$ to throw our way to keep the site running optimally. Our licenses run out in about 6 days, so time is of the essence! FYI our advertising only covers the cost of the server monthly (just barely), so these donations really help! Link to donate is here - You can donate to the cause by clicking the following link - https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/clients/donations/ Lots of thanks as always to our amazing team and members for not only digging deep, but allowing us to still be around (and yes we have been around for over 18 yrs! - talk about making me feel old!)
  7. Apologies for missing my yearly Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Has been a tough year, with my mother not well in pallative care due to a brain tumour developing only three months ago, and on top of that losing my stepson exactly a year ago to epilepsy, so has been an emotional and difficult Christmas this year. This is a gentle reminder to all to be greatful to the family and friends around you. To cherish those dear to you, and to live each day with no regrets, as if it was your last. I hope this Christmas, was a beautiful one spent with those who mean the world to you, and I hope and pray that 2021 is a much better year for all especially with this COVID pandemic, job losses, and stress put on families due to gathering limitations. I want to thank all of you for being such wonderful members again. A special thanks to the mods, to @k31th for the constant forum updates, and modifications, and to our sponsor Autotech who continues to advertise on the site, assisting in the monthly hosting costs. Special thanks to all our donating members, who managed to throw a few dollars in over the year as well. This helps immensely and goes towards keeping the site operational on a monthly basis. We truly appreciate it! May you all have a wonderful NY in 2021, and keep on loving the XR6 Turbo! Thanks for all your support
  8. Thanks guys. This is great. Have managed to pay for the renewal, and also for a few of the plugins. Any left over, will be paid forward for the hosting for the next month or so.
  9. Thanks Guys. Great work. Truly appreciate it.
  10. Hi Guys, Hope all is well in this crazy time, especially to our VIC members who are under lockdown. A trying time for all. Our yearly renewals have come up for our software and plugins, and unfortunately our monthly income just covers the cost of the hosting costs per month. So thus our license will expire, and we will lose functionality of the forum. You can donate to the cause by clicking the following link - https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/clients/donations/ Thanks in advance License Expires in 4 days An active license opens up access to many more services and offerings, including our Spam Defense service, and technical support and updates.
  11. Thanks guys for the tremendous effort. We raised an additional $200 and managed to put this towards next months payment as well. Your support has been amazing!
  12. Thanks all. Great work! $177.49 so far, and a few payments awaiting clearance.
  13. Awesome work team. Sitting at $159.13.
  14. Sitting at $110.51 at the moment. Thanks for all the donations so far.
  15. Thanks all. We have $70 at the moment.
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