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  1. Apologies for missing my yearly Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Has been a tough year, with my mother not well in pallative care due to a brain tumour developing only three months ago, and on top of that losing my stepson exactly a year ago to epilepsy, so has been an emotional and difficult Christmas this year. This is a gentle reminder to all to be greatful to the family and friends around you. To cherish those dear to you, and to live each day with no regrets, as if it was your last. I hope this Christmas, was a beautiful one spent with those who
  2. Just wanted to call out and say thank you to Autotech for being a long time supporter of the site. To this day Spir, Joe and Genia, support the site on a monthly basis, which helps to keep the site up and running for all our members. Autotech has been an active supporter of the site for years, so thank you. If you are in Sydney, and looking for any modifications to your car, please feel free to check them out here - https://www.autotechengineering.com.au
  3. Thanks guys. This is great. Have managed to pay for the renewal, and also for a few of the plugins. Any left over, will be paid forward for the hosting for the next month or so.
  4. Thanks Guys. Great work. Truly appreciate it.
  5. Hi Guys, Hope all is well in this crazy time, especially to our VIC members who are under lockdown. A trying time for all. Our yearly renewals have come up for our software and plugins, and unfortunately our monthly income just covers the cost of the hosting costs per month. So thus our license will expire, and we will lose functionality of the forum. You can donate to the cause by clicking the following link - https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/clients/donations/ Thanks in advance License Expires in 4 days An active licens
  6. Thanks guys for the tremendous effort. We raised an additional $200 and managed to put this towards next months payment as well. Your support has been amazing!
  7. Thanks all. Great work! $177.49 so far, and a few payments awaiting clearance.
  8. Awesome work team. Sitting at $159.13.
  9. Sitting at $110.51 at the moment. Thanks for all the donations so far.
  10. Thanks all. We have $70 at the moment.
  11. Thanks Mate. Greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi All, Due to COVID-19, and restrictions put on businesses, some of our advertisers have been slow to pay and unresponsive and thus have put us in a position where we are now behind in our monthly server lease, and thus today received a disconnection notice. In order to get us over the line, we need to raise $250 in order to cover this months costs before the end of the month. If you can would be great in trying to raise the funds for this to get us over the line for this month. I hope you are all staying safe in this difficult time. You can
  13. Well 2018 is nearly done and dusted, and yes we are still here. Thanks to all the hard work of the moderating team who tirelessly day in and day out, ensure the site is kept in order, and operating as it should. Special thanks to the guys who put effort in to keep this place running. A shoutout to Keith for the upgrades, and ensuring the back end is running efficiently, and a special thanks to the few sponsors who keep the site above the line. And more so a special thanks to all the members who visit the site on a daily basis, who feel that site such as ours should still be around,
  14. Let me speak to the missus and see what we can do.... might be a worthwhile trip....
  15. Just wanted to say thank you to all who have responded to this thread. It actually means alot, that people who use the site regularly, and those who have been with us from the start feel so strongly that they needed to comment, or provide recommendations into the future state. It also opens our eyes into seeing that the site is not dead, and has life yet in it. Thank you to those as well, who have thrown some funds into donations which have enabled us to renew the IPB software for 6 months. It is actually nice to see some of our friends from day one @Dagabond@EvilDaif
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