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  1. Have never read so much truth in one post on this site 🤣
  2. jet does a massive 39mm port. To do this im pretty sure you have to do some extra work to get it to set properly as the original seat will be completely gone. So if someone is thinking that big definitely pay a pro such as JET. 35mm is achievable by the well equipped DIY'er with a good eye and a steady hand and a 37mm ebay flapper. You can port and leave 1 mm of the original seat and not have to clearance the side of the housing/make a flush seat etc. Having said this, a 39mm port will flow 20% more than a 35mm port, and anyone that has ever tuned these things know the internal gate is a pain in the ass with gear changes. Bigger port better boost control and faster gear changes as the torque requestors are a lot happier. If anyone is doing this and reading this... make sure you open up the throat on the short side radius too. Think of it like head porting but you always have fast air coming in. just my 2c
  3. As soon as you've either replaced the stock air box or cut it open at the bottom you're gonna get so much more induction noise. If you've already done that then turbo-side is the next logical step for actual performance gains but yeh soooo much more induction noise without the muffler and and the stock air box. It's a trade off. Personal preference with how much 'noise' you want and if you wanna get that last 15-20hp out of ya setup.
  4. Seconded. Hit them up on fordforums. Gave me a super deal on brembo 6 pots for the front. Delivery was 4 days to perth.
  5. finnas

    Rattle noise

    If it doesn't increase or decrease with revs then hopefully its not rotating assembly. Loose header bolts, maybe? They will rattle the manifold at cold start coz of negative timing and disappear up in the revs. Harmonics etc. worth a look.
  6. Never a truer word spoken
  7. Stock, believe it or not. Sits really well.
  8. Hahaha... only way I found is to not drive it Nice setup. How do they go? I almost pulled the trigger on them but the got a great deal on the brembos from RBS.
  9. That came around quick... Maybe if the weather isn't sh*t(not looking good so far).
  10. Rims: Hussla 'Lit' Fronts: 20x8.5 +20 Rears: 20x10 +40 Wheels: Bridgestone R050 Fronts: R20/30/245 Rears: R20/30/275
  11. haha cheers, but I was talking about the brembos. I will do that now
  12. PCMtech have 2 step capability. If you have a look over there you might get some ideas around what you are trying to achieve within the Haltech system.
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