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  1. Yeh I had it in my mind that there were more. I saw 3 last month if you include the 29th of April 😂 Still, it would be higher on my list than a power spirit ebay turbo
  2. Checkout maxperformance's instagram. They use them quite often.
  3. VW Passat R-Line Wagon for me. Kept the falcon thou. But yeah something completely different.
  4. Holy sh*t, what a roller coaster. Hope this guy is ok. 😬 This is why I do as much as I can. Anything goes wrong nobody to blame but myself. Not always practical but good for metal health haha.
  5. Day 2 of diff bushes. Thought I’d post up a couple more for those who might attempt this abortion. Replace tranny donut and diff bushes with Superpro comfort bush kit. Wanted to do uni and center bearing but can’t do it without a press and there are no circlips like on ba-bfs. Anyways, have had terrible vibration getting worse with the centre console feeling like it’s going to explode 1500-2500rpm 😩. So happy now it’s all gone and the diff clunk gone too obviously 😋
  6. Finally got around to replacing these. Highly recommend paying someone to do it 😂. And no I don’t have a hoist. And yes it’s a massive PITA lol.
  7. Oooooooooooooooooooooo. Pics please!
  8. Nice work so far. How's your boost holding. flat to redline, dropping off? Where did you start losing power with spark? There's a point it will rollover but wont knock on E85. Anywhere between 13-17*. Just interested to compare a built motor to a stock one :)
  9. Think you're on to something there. Maybe it was another 'typo'. Maybe it is a 82 *shrug* Here is a nizpro setup on E85 more in line with what I had in mind when buying the GTX (twice 😄 ). Obviously depending on other mods this could come up (battery relocate, head work, cams etc.) Maybe that's what the precision car has.... Maybe I'll pull the die grinder out. @JETURBO is that 500kw with a hit of NOS :P
  10. 489kw 😲 surely not?? is this what your seeing on your dyno @JETURBO
  11. So looking back over the journey it all comes down to goals and expectations. Do do you want a car with a 10sec timeslip? Do you just want a car that’s fast up to legal speeds? Etc etc The baby GTX still going strong. Recently pulled it all down to see how the shaft play is etc. Still none like new. The car has never been on a dyno. Results from running it at the motorplex: on 98 - 11.78 @ 121mph 1.96 60ft on e85 - 11.86 @ 124mph 2.1 60ft Biggest issue you’ll have is traction as you can see. As soon as I got the gtx in I bought new rims to fit 275s on the rear. With out them the car was dangerous. With e85 the car is still dangerous. But it’s all good fun. I digress. If you wanna run a 10 get a 3582 gtx. If your car doesn’t do it on 98 it definitely will on e85. For me, my goal was to have a decent street car, it’s my daily, had it from new. It does 0-100 in 4.4secs and 100-200 in another 7.4. Trying to max this thing out to run a 10 is gonna end up in 1000s with either busted shafts or in driveline and tyres to get a 1.6 60ft. For those interested in boost and timing. I was fairly conservative. 98: 16->12psi and 8* -> 11* e85: 18->15psi and 15*->17* What I’ve ended up with is a pretty mental daily and pretty much what I wanted out of it. Not gonna lie, a low 11 would have been nice but the traction is there at the motorplex and I ain’t buying ETs to run a time 😂
  12. Sounds normal to me. 40psi @ 1500-2000 60-75psi higher in the revs
  13. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Garrett-GTX3576r/174103292833?hash=item28895d6ba1:g:S2EAAOSwa7RchynZ Cant believe this guys turbo still up on here. I bought his other one that is a GEN2 76. Highly recommend.
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