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  1. I got a ebay turbo in the mail. gtx3576 (power spirit) for 1k. I tossed up between the gt3582 journal bearing for 360 odd and the ball bearing on for 600 odd for awhile. My turbo was making the same noise yours is while it was spinning down. So I decided replace it. Baseline was a used gt3582 for around 600-800 depending on condition. But that was pot luck same as trying an ebay turbo. I guess we will see how it turns out.
  2. I had this in mine about 3 years in to having it from new. Ended up being a new centre being replaced under warranty. The funny thing is that if I hadn't being doing freeway driving everyday I wouldn't have even noticed it as it only happened between 80-100. 110+ it would disappear again.
  3. @JETURBO, I think your mailbox is full. "cannot receive mail". Either that or @k31th has blocked you 😄
  4. hahaha oh wow. I watched that the other day didn't realise I follow brent and PFI. Good valve entertainment Yeah, fingers crossed it fits in my rear housing all fine. I've ported mine to 36mm. I hope that's big enough for the gtx.
  5. So true... but I'm a sucker for punishment You missed the POWER SPIRIT 😄
  6. Fair price for him 2.5k, fair price for you 1.8k But yeah you will definitely need different rims. The only thing stopping me doing the same.
  7. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/POWER-SPIRIT-BALL-BEARING-GTX3576R-650HP-TURBOCHARGER-T3-VBAND-UNIVERSAL/362557752378?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 there you go @MattyP One way or another there will be lessons learnt haha. Pulled off the turbo the other day and looks like I've got coolant in the exhaust and the rear housing of the turbo is green. I'm thinking this is because my head my have been lifting when it was boost spiking.. (22-23psi on gear changes.) I havent been losing any water since. However, im going to get headstuds. Which now has sent me down the next stage rabbit hole. If im doing headstuds... I assume that I have to pull the head off and do the gasket and get the head faced? If im doing that, I may as well do the valve springs and the oil pump gears at the same time? Are my assumptions correct 😬 And if all that is correct, can I send @JETURBO a shopping list 😄. Or any good suppliers recommend for atomic/arp stuff for price and service? This thing is going to be off the road a bit longer than I expected haha. Always the way. I really should do a build thread. Its been a bumpy but fun road so far
  8. Thanks for the help guys... So I might have done something silly 😬 Drank a little too much the other night and bought a "Power Spirit" GTX3576 off ebay... Time will tell if it was a good buy or not. Might end up having to buy genuine one later 😅
  9. Welp... she finally succumbed to age and abuse. 140k is not bad I guess. Forcing my hand to go for a gtx3576 instead of modding this one 😅 . Does anyone know what these are going for these days.
  10. Any comparison data? Before and after I mean. I’m assuming spool would be the same but did you get any better top end?
  11. Yep... seems to be the go. Either that or secondhand GT3582. Looks to be quite a few floating around over here at a reasonable price.
  12. Ahh, cheers. I figured that this would be the case. I'll give them a yell to see if this is worth doing. So further info on doing this, Keith is right housing needs to be machined. GTX3576 wheel will fit the shaft and the bearing housing relief. Still not too sure if a 3rd party(kinagawa/mamba) frount housing will go on the garrett turbo or whether the GTX3576 one will fit. But from what im seeing it looks likely. Ideally was hoping to get away with just needing a balancing and just smash a billet wheel and GTX housing on and be done with for 500-600.
  13. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows some good shops in Perth that would be able to balance and port the stock front housing of a gt3576 to fit the gtx3576 wheel. Or whether its possible to use a gtx3576 front housing to save having to port the stock one. I've trying to find info on whether the seal plate of the stock turbo will work with the gtx wheel but struggling to find answers. Obviously would still need to get balanced. I can thank @MattyP for putting me on to this path. Seems like really good bang for buck. Any pointers are appreciated
  14. finnas

    Plugs and gap

    stock factory ford plugs gapped to 0.8mm

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