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  1. Yeah, pretty much. They come with a "bulb" that slides on the shaft of the flapper that you can weld on. That may be a little too large of a gap to not worry about. You may as well get a flapper and take it out to the max while you have it off. Leave a 1mm seat like me. Cost you all of $30-60 depending on where you get it from eBay.
  2. Here's min. I did replace the flapper with a 37 or 38mm of ebay too thou.
  3. They came with a picnic blanket as well... I have 2 sets still in their boxes. dont know why I've held on to them for 11 years :D
  4. The beauty of flex fuel is that if I want more power with out going full e85 can do e40-e60 and still get a decent chunk of kms while the tune sprinkles some more timing over the map :P
  5. Think atm of the top of my head, with an avg speed of 35kph im averaging around 15L/100. When I was doing longer freeway driving with average 40kph closer to 12L/100. And on longer country trips, still the same as stock as it's mostly off boost and cruising instantaneous sits at 7-8 when doing between 100-110. But the thing is, once you mod, you stop caring about fuel consumption. it is going to be one of your lower costs on this journey even if you're paying $2/L for E85 like us over here in WA
  6. I get around 23L/100 on e85 @ ~420kw Anything over 350kw(maybe even lower) you struggle for grip. Even with 275 Bridgestone RE050 and soft rear MCA coilovers setup, I struggle. I dont know what people are considering fast these days (assuming 10s w/ slicks @ 135+mph from the comments above)... But in street trim, 300rwkw should get you a low 12s at 115ish, 400rwkw will be a mid 11 in the 120s. On the street one of these will be hookup better than the other. and unless you regularly drive over 130kph you wont miss the extra power. I drive mine as a daily,
  7. You swap from the ZF to the 6R80 or the other way? If it's too the 6R80 I thought the 6R80 input shaft was supposed to be stronger? Not that im going to do it. I'm a long way off the power, ~400kw. But just curious. If it does go bang at some stage its something I'd look at. PS this thing is off chops. good work man!
  8. Is this just a matter of switching your ZF TCM to the 6R80 or more to it?
  9. that's only if the wastegate DC table isn't aligned with the Desired boost table. Puff isn't an amateur like arron
  10. If you have hassles with 3-4 shift hanging/torque reduction issues hit me up. I can help you out with the zf tune. also it's reasonable that you've not tried this as its about a 170kph shift 😄
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