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  1. 😄 not wrong. should have bought as rs6
  2. TBH it was worth the experiment. $700 after selling my broken gt3576. So if it had held in for any length of time, for the price of a secondhand stock turbo, it was pretty good. Just a pity about the reliability. Might have been a one off fail, but it failed. And now anyone googling Powerspirit GTX3576r Turbo will have a good rundown of what they are like and what the 'warranty' and service is like from those selling them. Yeah, no skin off my neck. Massive inconvenience but if it wasnt this it'd be something else. Still deciding what I'm going to do. Big price difference between anything and a genuine garrett 🤣. Could test out quite a few eBay turbos for you boys. hahaha. Picture just because
  3. UPDATE 2: Not good news 😕 The power of the spirit has let me down. 5 weeks running. ~2000kms No indication of any issues before it died. Was running perfectly yesterday when I turned it off. Driving to work today, loud whirring noise and no boost. immediately parked it up pulled off the cold side piping and spun the wheel by hand. Spins like a really bad bush bearing turbo and clearly not around its axis. Compressor wheel is touching front housing but does not seem to be rubbing the rear as far as I can tell. At the moment seems like a complete and catastrophic bearing failure. Oil feed is fine and coolant fine too. I'll know more when I pull it off this weekend. Haven't been having much luck lately. Not gonna let it get me down . I've contacted the ebay seller to see what they are going to say. I'll keep everything updated here for anyone considering whether its worth trying an ebay turbo out. I was hoping for at least a year out of it before having to deal with this. So yeah, funtimes.
  4. xr6t with a rotary 🤣
  5. I'd be more worried about your oil pressure gauge. That ain't right
  6. Stock actuator is 3 or 5psi IIRC. Generally, "rule of thumb" is actuator spring is half of max boost. I.e. 14psi Max boost. 7psi actuator. Having said that a lot of people install 12psi Actuators. But doing this means lowest commandable boost level will be 12psi. Best to see what the tuner recommends. He might be able to tune it with the stock spring to your power level. Your biggest problem might end up being the stock wastegate port.
  7. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Harmonic-Balancer-Puller-for-Ford-Falcon-AU-BA-BF-FG-6-Cylinder-barra/113634196043?hash=item1a75203a4b:g:BrAAAOSwA1da5~dP&frcectupt=true
  8. I think you'll struggle getting the last two in, if you're doing the 'no head service' method and just switching the head bolts out. If you're putting the studs in and putting the head on over the top... well, just open your bonnet and try and visualize that hahaha. I did studs and am around that power atm. But I had to do a gasket anyways so I pulled the motor out to do everything. Plus I've found that you always want more so for the little extra effort and cost may as well do it now and not have to revisit later. As for the flex plate I believe the main issue is the bolts coming lose before it cracking. But im not sure at what power level this becomes an issue or if it is always an issue. I just made sure I did mine up properly. also if you pull the motor out you can do a sexy paint job
  9. Sorry, hadn't seen this. Yeah that's what I meant. Mine is installed into a sandwich plate on to the oil filter and a wire grounded to the back of the alternator. But the above should have the same effect if its all grounded correctly. Did you end up getting it going in the end?
  10. So been awhile, but I hate when people don't report back😂 I ended up with the Powerspirit gtx3576. As with most things it needed a bit of modding to fit it up. I think this is the case with all gtx's, don't quote me on that. Actuator bracket needed to be re-drilled and to line up properly with wastegate and stock turbine housing needed a tiny bit of 'machining' to not touch the turbine. But all went well and is installed. No power figures yet however it is amazing. I'm running 16psi atm. Not really wanting to turn it right up right now while weather isn't great. The spool on this turbo needs to be heard to be believed haha. Instant boost, no lag whatsoever. Still fine tuning the wastegate DC and getting the curve right for this turbo. Upgraded the intercooler to the PW stage2 cooler as well. So nice not having to battle with ignition retard. Thanks to everyone that gave advice and JET who came through with the atomic stuff making my life easier.
  11. I had the same issue with this exact same gauge. Im guessing that when the pressure sender that comes with the kit was installed, it has had some thread sealant put on it. Either that or oil has coated the thread in to the block. Either way the sender earths via that connection. To solve this I ran an extra wire from the bottom of the sender where it screws into the block to another bolt on the block. Just to make sure it earths properly. Fixed it straight away
  12. I got a ebay turbo in the mail. gtx3576 (power spirit) for 1k. I tossed up between the gt3582 journal bearing for 360 odd and the ball bearing on for 600 odd for awhile. My turbo was making the same noise yours is while it was spinning down. So I decided replace it. Baseline was a used gt3582 for around 600-800 depending on condition. But that was pot luck same as trying an ebay turbo. I guess we will see how it turns out.
  13. I had this in mine about 3 years in to having it from new. Ended up being a new centre being replaced under warranty. The funny thing is that if I hadn't being doing freeway driving everyday I wouldn't have even noticed it as it only happened between 80-100. 110+ it would disappear again.
  14. @JETURBO, I think your mailbox is full. "cannot receive mail". Either that or @k31th has blocked you 😄

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