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  1. Took the old boosted lounge suite for a quick burn today! Nothing like going for a drive on a nice day, sunroof open, windows down, and some good tunes! 330km later for what was meant to be a 60km trip and I was home again! God I love this car! it's the oldest, highest mileage car in the fleet (316,xxx on the shell) here but its also the #1 fave! Also got a seat base bracket for the a fire extinguisher too, since the car has had a boot fire before 😮 at AFF Drag nats in 2018.. And tucked up in the shed, sleeping with its enemy/stable mate, the mighty L77 6ltr V8 of course! best of both worlds. Going to put it into daily duties for a few weeks and keep a eye on a coupe of quirks and hopefully its all good now! Also put a optima yellow top D34 battery in it the other day too, so will see how that goes... Seems to start a bit easier but my old battery was about 4 or 5 years old and had been ran dead flat a few times.
  2. It'd be good to catch up with ya and have a chat, find out what options are etc etc.. I'm going to be at The Bend on the 18th dec, I'm guessing the terry will be running in a new engine then? I'm guessing at min you would of bent a few valves?
  3. Only spool rods, bf2 turbo pistons, head studs, XR6T Developments pump gears. From what I understand it's near its limits for stock pistons being relatively safe, 17psi 98 and 21psi e85. It does have a wind band in the innovate ECB-1 gauge Been looking online at the J2534 cables you can use with PCMtec but yeh it's all over my head. I'd be better off paying the tuner for their time and knowledge By the time I buy the cable, the credits, and the software. I was watching a mate play with the tune on his AU XR6T the other day with a haltech PCM, and that was way over my head. Might need to do some research/reading up.. One thing I would love is my car to do E85 cold starts as good as my VF Calais 6ltr does them! But that's a car tuned for it from the factory too I guess!
  4. If I tried to tune it myself I'd probably kill the poor old girl! It's a southern Adelaide built motor so need to be delicate with it or she'll go bang! 🤣 I wouldn't know where to begin with it!
  5. I've been told just changing to pcmtec it should pick-up some power. Alot more tables to modify or something, compared to the classic old xcal 3.. you tune the Territory yourself don't ya? Seen your post on the gears, holy hell that's far from ideal!
  6. The sh*t part is for the last 18 months I couldn't get it to my tuner because closed borders. Nobody here I trust with the car so its I buy a leak down test and have a look and I dont know WTF I am doing there, or wait... I like who tunes it, they are fantastic and have looked after me well and done me solids but with this border closure and uncertainty with how it will pan out with them staying open I dont know if its work when it gets a retune on pcmtec going to someone in SA.. here's hoping I can get it sorted and looked at early in the new year.. On one hand I want it sorted, on the other hand I'm starting to look at it as the 17 year old BA falcon it really is, and its starting to not be worth the effort/$$$
  7. Got this the other day, turns out I had no idea about tubos and the 1 way check valves in the rocker cover breather to the intake and I was still running the NA setup.. So will see how we go now - apparently the crank case would of being seeing a bit of boost and pushing oil whereever it wanted to? I dunno.. At the moment the car is in the sin bin... Got home from the bend 2 months ago and havent driven it since. I'll have to feed it to her now and see if this fixed it.. If it has - happy days I'll look into getting a flex tune.. If not - back to the sin bin.. Also, who is that Justme knob...
  8. Took the car roll racing, 700kms in 12 hours and that included 2.5 hours on the track. It really is great these cars, belt into on a track then drive 330km at midnight no questions asked in comfort, style, and reliability! Lost a few races, won a few and that was good, however I need to leakdown test this motor as it used the entire "ok" section of the dipstick on that trip unsure where though, as people who were behind me when I was getting up it said they could smell e85 but it wasn't blowing smoke... it does blow some on the first take off of the day.. that's why valve stem seals were done a few months ago, tuner is suggesting valve guides. However I did only just learn factory turbos have a check valve in the pvc breather line which I don't have, so unless the crank case is seeing boost and pushing oil somewhere? But once again it doesn't blow any smoke when cruising or under load..
  9. hmm, prepare for disappointment, but I may bring the town mayor or someone of importance along.. (does my ego count as someone of importance?) I've never really driven long distance on it, but doing my work trips (17km one way mostly at 80 and 100kmh with no traffic - the joys of country!) its sitting pretty well bang on double my NA BF! 22.4L per 100 vs 11.3 on the NA, but that's alot of cold starting too I guess, Might need a JD touch up once some things are sorted. Would be great to see your terry there, the videos and posts I've seen of it shes a unreal beast!
  10. Will be interesting to compare what mine is like Vs yours on juice to get there since we both have similar long distance highway trips to get to the bend. No where near as good as yours is my hot tip! Mind you; I'll be dong it in style, comfort, and in a slouch! 😂
  11. Some really great work here! Can't wait to see some of these cars in the flesh, really do enjoy jumping on this thread and seeing that SA actually has a tuner capable of doing fantastic work with no di*k measuring. Keep up the wicked work @JETURBO Wish I had that kind of economy on E85 that MCW quoted 😄 Going by the look of it I might see a couple of JD cars next weekend at the bend? Hope so!
  12. Hopefully you get that sorted, keen to see the territory out! So I preparation for roll racing I was talking to a mate about doing my timing chain guides and my tuner recommended doing the chain and sprocket too as its up around 220k old now, and silly me has been driving it with a broken exhaust side chain guide on the top where they all go.. Been rolling the dice I guess so far and I've been lucky.. Me mate had this sitting in his shed The atomic timing chain kit, just doing some research before I go ahead and fit it up as I'm hearing a couple of people say to run a brand new genuine ford chain tensioner as there was a bad batch of atomic ones.. Also I want to find out if the intake side chain guide with the atomic kit mean to be a atomic branded item of if its just a OEM one, as there no markings on it? Think my mate bought the kit off Facebook 12 months ago... I sort of half cant be bothered putting the kit thru it as its going to need engine work done soon enough, but I don't want to break it over ignorance for a afternoon job. The biggest paint in the arse will be trying to get the rocker cover to seal as the *trusted shop* who assembled my engine used sealant all over the sump and timing chain cover.. When I originally put the motor in I ran a BA sump as I wanted rubber gaskets over sealant.. What do ya do eh! Hopefully I dont balls this up and it makes it to Tailem Bend!
  13. Roll Racing ticket sorted... Now I hope I dont brake it as its a long walk home at 10pm! (330kms) Now we have e85 where I live I'll have to figure out either driving the whole way there on e85 (and use almost a full tank lol) or if I just leave with under half a tank of 98 and change over when it runs out on the way. Either way pretty keen to do something with the car this year since I havent been able to get over to heathote in 2 years
  14. Had bearings in the diff let go so sent it off to Melbourne for a freshen up, and it came back with a eaton trutrac fitted while it was apart. Happy days there.. Thinking about taking it roll racing at the bend next month, any blokes from here head out there?
  15. Got to get bearings and crush washer done on my M86, it had the flange changed when the GJ driveline tailshaft went in and now it's starting to whine and get a little noisy. The current theory from everyone is when the flange was changed the preload on the crush washer went up the sh*t, and it's chewed pinion bearings and hopefully the gears are ok... I'll get the lsd clutches replaced for good measure while in there.. Can anyone recommend a diff should they'll get it pretty well spot on in Adelaide or Melbourne? Was tossing up with boss diffs in Adelaide or Karl's diffs in Melbourne. Any other suggestions? I live half way between the 2 so travel isn't a issue, and the centres out of the car currently.
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