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  1. Yeh I know but my block is farked so I figure FG1 block is the way to do as its already drilled for the front dipstick for b series.. so who knows whatever may happen down the track it can go in anything really as it will take both sumps, and I want a FG1 ZF engine harness too. looks wise they are much nicer unlike the BF loom with the FG rockercover
  2. Got a quote back from Chris Miltons for doing my engine, looks like I'll be getting a FG mk1 block and sending in there to get built early in the year. Should be good to have a proper built motor. For me the egasser route isn't worth it as it'd be better off being a dedicated e85 car then and I do alot of highway miles so that rules out that for me, and a used FG turbo motor I can't justify their price for a motor that's 12 years old, tuned by who knows how many people and belted into for the last decade. Rather spend the extra on a fresh motor. I did put the car back to NA and think I'd possibly enjoy it, whilst it's nice to be driving it again it is also boring as!
  3. Well talking to a couple of your customers I was going to have a chat to you - keeping it a SA tuner when a drag strip is being built here and roll racing is here seems like a great idea! Just don't want to waste ya time
  4. Ok, so I need to try and figure out a plan for this engine and be realistic at the same time so I'm having a tough choice here.. The old setup was plazmaman spec 1 valve springs, XR6T Development oil pump gears, BF2 XR6T pistons, spool conrods (had a freshen up by a southern tuner when I bent and rod years ago and he recommended a rebuild with spool rods over a used XR6T motor)... I do have a couple of spare BF XR6T pistons here, and a complete BF NA motor here so I *could* rebuild that the same build this motor was - but along with atomic timing chain pivot bolt, crank sprocket, and pivot arm with genuine ford chain and tensioner and get a retune, or save up for 12 months and send it into the tuners for a full build.. The catch with a full build I am unsure if its worth it as to be fair I was happy with the car where it was power wise - and just maxxing out the current turbo which is a garrett gen1 GTX3582 I'm happy with, as that still keeps the rest of the driveline together, building that keeps the car going.. Then on the side build a motor with decent rods/pistons... Doing pistons aswell I guess means the tuner may lean into a bit harder on 98?
  5. This engine has had a oiling issue for a long time where it would drink oil, the whole "ok" part of the dipstick driving to The bend, a night of roll racing and then having to top it up before leaving to head home! so ~380km.. if I kept it off boost it was better but still horrible.. I had been told it could of possible had a crack ring land for a while, but honestly I dont know this is wayyyy out of my scope of knowledge! I still havent figured a plan of attack for it yet
  6. Yeh ive been told that (think a mate was discussing it with you actually). Spark plugs fine aside from being covered in oil, and yeh it also is missing a b small bit from the edge of the exhaust valve.
  7. Was driving it the other day, about 5,000 - 5,5000rpm in 3rd and it had a moment blew some smoke and well now were here! Guess I found what was wrong with it? I'm guessing it dropped a injector? I'll send them off to be tested and see what happens from there I guess.. This was on number 2.. Then there was this too which deff isn't good! All going to plan I'll be getting CP pistons and machined block to suit in the next few weeks.. Once its rebuilt I'll have to figure out which was to go with injectors.. I'm not sure if the bosch 1150's are FUBAR now, and even if they'll flow enough to make the best out of the gen 1 garrett gtx3582? When it gets retuned I might go to a SA tuner again as I need to switch over to PCMTEC, current tuner wont re-do it with the xcal and I've had some mates with some great results from a bloke in Adelaide who some here obviously know pretty well!
  8. Went to heathcote on the weekend with the car. Was pretty happy all in all it survived the drive there and back, about 1,100kms all up. Car PB'd at 11.70 @ 121mph with a 1.8 60'... that's on its current E85 tune that was 413rwk when tuned 4 years ago, going by the content gauge it was around E71 (filled up with 64L of E85 at united at heathcote) I dont really know if the car has much more than that to give.. I tried to launch off the footbrake and handbrake and had troubles getting it to 6psi, did see 7 a couple of times but it'd drop off to 4 so unsure if it has a boost leak somewhere? I noticed during a run it would hit 19psi and back off to 14.. I'll pull the front bar off and look at the joiners.. The best 60' I got from the day was 1.78 also having a stock input shaft and repco M86 CV's im not too sure how much abuse they can take.. Also, heres one of my half decent skids of the day.. Guess I need to sort out some shocks/springs soon as I'm sure it shouldn't launch like that for factory gear? Dunno but was good to enjoy the car and forget about its issues for a day... Heres a video of me trying to finish off the MT's, they are past their use by date but had a little tread to go so tried to send them off on their way, great break foot it stepped out more than I was expecting, forgot what the right line at heefy was all about - Lance has done great work there, alot better than it was when I was last there 3 years ago.. And my mates BA Ghia Turbo, good quick car that it's going to be quick once its been to the track a few more times.
  9. Still got this car.. Still having issues with it.. Or I might shut the roller door and forget I own it for another 6 months.. Thinking about taking it to a tuner that's in the same state as me, since to get the tunes touched up alone is $1700ish and I've already laid out 2500 at the same shop when it was originally tuned with the xcal.. Thinking about getting PCMtec software and seeing what it's all about, then on the other hand I don't want to break it lol.. my AFR's at full noise and currently at 10.0-10.4 so a couple of people are suggesting if that's got anything do with my oiling issue and and its washing bores.. Sold my VF calais V8 so now I wanna get this car sorted 110%
  10. The crappy part living 500km from my tuner is, if I could I'd drop it off to them to do a leak down test on and some investigation.. I dont know what kit to buy and would rather just pay them for their experience and knowing how to read/understand results and dig deeper.. This sh*t issue really does take enjoyment out of the car.. The fact its still smokey on startups im banking on something up top is fuky but who knows at this point in time I spouse... I mean if I was my VF I would write it off as "ahh LS things ya get that!" lol.
  11. Initially they were done thinking it was a valve stem seal issue that was causing problems.. Burning from the rear breather? I replaced the rear PVC a few weeks ago when I put the FG turbo hoses on.. No catch can - just a stock.. If ya dont mind maybe some time when ya free would ya shot me a inbox maybe with ya digits and have a quick chat, prob easier than over a forum.. This thing really does wreck the passion!
  12. Thought I was on a winner with this oil consumption issue... But nope - still shocking.. half the OK section for 600km with a bit of a flogging in there.. But once again from all accounts of people around me it doesn't blow smoke.. Although it does occasionally on startup and first take off of the day, valve stem seals were done back in January over this; unless I ballsed up and I ❤️ Bananased them... Does anyone have a rough idea how much oil the "ok" part of the stick is? As in 800ml-1L? For what it's worth the turbo intake is pretty well dry and the intake manifold is nice and dry too so IDK
  13. Took the old boosted lounge suite for a quick burn today! Nothing like going for a drive on a nice day, sunroof open, windows down, and some good tunes! 330km later for what was meant to be a 60km trip and I was home again! God I love this car! it's the oldest, highest mileage car in the fleet (316,xxx on the shell) here but its also the #1 fave! Also got a seat base bracket for the a fire extinguisher too, since the car has had a boot fire before 😮 at AFF Drag nats in 2018.. And tucked up in the shed, sleeping with its enemy/stable mate, the mighty L77 6ltr V8 of course! best of both worlds. Going to put it into daily duties for a few weeks and keep a eye on a coupe of quirks and hopefully its all good now! Also put a optima yellow top D34 battery in it the other day too, so will see how that goes... Seems to start a bit easier but my old battery was about 4 or 5 years old and had been ran dead flat a few times.
  14. It'd be good to catch up with ya and have a chat, find out what options are etc etc.. I'm going to be at The Bend on the 18th dec, I'm guessing the terry will be running in a new engine then? I'm guessing at min you would of bent a few valves?
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