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  1. Going to be re-doing the loom for the surge pump after seeing my existing one is melted. Anyway, my current one gets its power source from the back of the starter motor and I have the relay bolted to the PCM bracket, but I am hearing alot of people say to have it all at the fuse box.. Is there any location that is better out of the two?
  2. Great thread! bit of a sleeper 10/10 im a fan!
  3. I'm not upto spec on FG's, but I know with B-series cars with a premium sound floor loom also has the wiring to the a pillar connector for the mirror.
  4. having a dig around today at my surge wiring and a discovered that the wiring from the fuse holder is melted which isn't exactly ideal. Seems when my loom was made (back in the day it had a single 044 not the peirburgh) it had some thinner wire coming from the fuse holder, then went to some thicker gauge stuff.. I'm not too sure if this would be enough to of upset the apple cart and made the car be a complete pain in the arse to start.. I've also had my tuner and another shop tell me to have the power for the surge from the fuse box.. Currently it comes off the back of the starter, which works
  5. yeh unsure mate, I was talking to my tuner and it had me stuffed, they haven't seen one fail either.. I figured I'd by-pass the surge as 1 last attempt to to fault find before the 3000km headache of getting it into the shop.. If I let it sit overnight with the connected the next day it was a total dog to try and start - even sitting for a few hours it would be a pain.. I went back to stock tune, stock injectors and it was the same.. I left it for 5 days without touching it on just the in tank pump and it was like a normal car to do a cold start on again.. Tuner said it did sound like maybe the
  6. Had to make a new account, I'm not sure what went on there.. I think I had logged in via facebook some how last time and can't anymore? Anyways... This poor car is starting to look pretty sad and sorry for itself.. Bought a new car last year (don't shoot me! 2014 VF Calais V V8 sportswagon) and the fairlane and put in the shed and forgotten about.. Did take it roll racing in october last year at the bend, that was a cracker night, but car was slow and was only on 98... While it spend 7 months parked up it devolved a starting issue where it was a real *beep* to start like a 1974 vi
  7. To use the BF PCM there will need to be a loom swap for starters, and possible ABS module replacement, which ill mean a AC regas as you gotta swap a AC line to swap the module.. Is it a auto or manual PCM /ECU you got?
  8. Small world hey! It's not that bad of a place down here, can get boring easily though!
  9. Cheers mate!, yeah this year at the drags we had some twins. I didn't mention that but during the build I fitted a BF Turbo 2.73 M86 LSD, and complete rebushed the car with superpro front to rear.. When I picked it up at the tuner I asked why did I drop all this coin into a old B series hah! truth be told if I bought a FGX which I really want I wouldn't be able to afford to mod it and this is faster so meh! and sedate/sleeper
  10. Cheers mate! Yeah its done as it would of been from the factory using a facotry BF turbo computer, hell even down to the cluster its a 270kmh turbo territory brushed look cluster since turbos generally go to 270 as apposed to the NA 220 clusters! Bluepower was surprised how well the car was put together when they go it it, was great hearing that from a tuner actually.
  11. Though I'd do a quick introduction to myself and my car there. 2005 BA2 Fairlane Ghia ZF 6HP26, freshed up by JRM Transmissions in adelaide with exceedy 1000hp clutches and new bushes BF2 XR6T motor with spool H beam rods, head studs, plazmaman valve springs, XR6T Developments oil pump gears, assembled by henrich in adelaide Gen 1 GTX3582 plazmaman 1200hp cooler, 4" turbo side intake bosch 1150cc injectors, plazzy surge tank with peirburgh pump, walbro 255lph in tank pump FG Turbo intake manifold xforce 4" dump 3.5" cat twin 2.
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