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  1. I got one of the autotecnica covers in 2015 and it's been great (apparently Repco do them but I got them from another site at the time https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/autotecnica/c/1379177829?q=%3Arelevance%3Alevel2Category%3A1862918247) The only issue I have is the soft inner liner tends to attract the pine needles from the next door's tree's like the proverbial on a bunnies fur.
  2. I had a Truetrack fitted on my last Falcon and the new one also has one, every so often - usually after an hours driving - when turning I hear dragging type of sound which I was told was normal for them by a few other Falcon owners at a Cars and Coffee, that I spoke too.
  3. Hi All, Well after an accident in late November totaled the previous G6ET I had, I found another one which I managed to pickup as an early Christmas present the Saturday before Christmas weekend. The previous owner has done many mods to it, most of which I was looking at doing anyway, such as the fuel system upgrades, exhaust. Below is a YouTube video the previous owner posted in the Failbook ad: Some pics of the car: The Mods so far: As this is my new daily and due to working over the Christmas/New Years break and the proverbial hitting the fan each week so far this year, I've not had the time to really do much to it except a full service and coolant flush plus having the mechanic reattach the front bar on the two sides when I parked up the Sunday after I got it and not realizing how low the front is, pulling the front bar off a little and hearing a god almighty cracking sound when I reversed out later, which obviously had me swearing at my own stupidity. The only cons with it so far, is the battery is in the wheel well, so I need to organize moving that to the drivers side in the boot. It's too low at the front for me, in fact I cannot even get my head in to see anything at the front, I do know the stone guard is shredded and has pulled away from the front bar in sections, it's also in some areas split so that bits are hanging down and catching on even the smaller stripped rubber stoppers in car parks. The front tyers have shredded the inner guards. The firs thing I am doing is getting the battery relocated, then 5 new wheels and tyres, I'm going 18's as I've had 20's and 19's on the previous Falcon but as other family members will use my car and they curb rashed the 20's and 19's but not the 18's - even after having them for 2 years - I'll stick with 18's, plus I noticed a hell of a lot less road noise with 18's. I get brake shudder, the front pads were replaced a year and 10,000K's ago according to the seller, but I don't know, as he did like to take it to the drags, if it wasn't allowed to cool down properly and heat warped something or the discs just need shimming, so I will get that looked at too. Other than that, it has none of the usual land barge floatiness thanks to the sway bars etc. and I quite like the sound from the turbo, the young fella that is my offsider has a 2015 WRX non ST-I, which the rest of the team and myself always tease him about being slow -you know the usual Aussie stirring - plus everyone loves the flake in the Ego paint. Once I hit the 195,000 mark - currently at 186,600 - it's off to Rob for oil pump gears, backing plate and timing chain, then a freshen of the 98 tune and ZF service. Then after Rob tells me what I should do for running it on e85, I'll put the e85 tune in and have Rob freshen that up too. I've put this in the 300KW club because until I see a 400KW+ sheet, I know it at least feels much stronger than the 270KW at the wheels I had in the old car - which had ID1000's and a stage 1 tune.
  4. Hi All, Buying a new dashcam and the wiring kit has 4 options: ATS Fuse Kit ATC Fuse Kit Mini Fuse Kit MICRO2 Fuse Kit What is the correct fuse type I should order, as I think in 30+ years I've replaced one fuse and that was the old round cylindrical type from an X series Falcon. Thanks.
  5. Right in front of the Mandurah train station, heading north to the freeway.
  6. Well with the COVID tax, it goes from mid 20's-30's and then jumps up to mid 40's and most of the advertised cars in that price range are stock. Most don't say after they hit 22K's whether they've done the timing chain either, which is a cost I don't want to do again if I can help it. I would prefer to put that money back into mods. Whatever happens, the first thing I will be doing is taking it to Rob for a service and if it comes tuned and with stuff done to it, have him re-tune it so he knows it's at least got a safe tune before anything else gets done to it.
  7. Yeah but as everyone said, the car was really well looked after and most of the stuff I've seen of the same age or younger is a bit meh to say the least. I also looked at other options, such as Chrysler 300C's but then I looked at problems they have and thought it best to stick to Falcon's, plus you can't get better performance out of just about anything else, like you can with Turbo Falcon's.
  8. Yep, what's worse is the night before I took the dashcam out as it was getting in my way putting a new dash mat in, with all the wires hanging down, so when it all happened I didn't get the plate as I was trying to get over to the left without hitting anyone.
  9. Well I need to get a replacement for the Falcon. Was leaving the lights near the local train station Friday morning and an idiot in a red Getz decided - this happens all the time at that intersection - to do a Player 2 has entered the game and shoot into the road from the side street totally ignoring the traffic on the main street and going over the centre line a bit, by then I was well and truly in line with him just before he crossed over, so I swerved and hit the kerb, which I then bounced off of and hit again. So I pulled over and thought it was just the two rims that made the loud crack I heard, because there was just a faint scuff on the front near the fog light. Nope I did a good job, the front right wheel pushed the front shock upwards and the chassis rails were all bent front and back, so they would have had to replace so much that with current labour and parts costs, it was cheaper to right it off. So I started hitting up Scumtree and Carssales etc. yesterday to get an idea what was out there. What sucks is 4 months ago, I got Atomic timing chain, valve springs, two new cams, oil pump gears 460 fuel pump and engine mounts all done as the car was at 230K's, so that with a few other things cost just over $8K, which is all down the drain now.
  10. Still the funniest warning I've seen is a Chef's knife with a "Do not put in Children" sticker on the box.
  11. I went the default plate design, most people are too busy looking at their phones to notice anything going on around them but eagle eyed people will spot them. They are Perspex, I was hoping to get the stock aluminum ones but they've stopped giving you that option for the 9 character plates.
  12. Booked and paid for a ticket for next Wednesday's Whoop Ass Wednesday at the Plex. First time I've ever driven at the drag strip, I'm only doing it to get a base line before upgrades. I'm sure they used to say the helmet had to be less than two years old but I can only see it needs to meet the Aus/NZ standard.
  13. Yeah well I'll see what Rob can do about the pics for the intercooler install. Next thing is number plates, which I've ordered.
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