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  1. It's just hit 185,000 so timing chain etc in the next 3 - 6 months, so I'd get oil pump gears and springs whilst they are at it. Although to be honest I'm tossing up about going a new engine instead and stage 3 gearbox from MT. That should well and truly last me. I'd be more than happy with around 400kw's. Not sure about going E85, my nearest station is an hours drive away and everytime the tanks need replacing United seems to decide it's not worth selling E85 at that station anymore.
  2. I was looking forward to going for a long drive one day over the weekend but had to leave the car at the mechanics when after changing the brake pads and installing braided lines, they couldn't find out why now - even with the original lines being put back in - it takes ages to now stop. I took it for a test drive and my foot went straigfht to the floor and it took about 3 car lengths to stop from 60km/h. I noticed no feel through the peddle, almost like the ABS wasn;t kicking in at all, so they were calling a specialist brake company they deal with and hopefully I'll find out before lunch time how they went. In the past 6 weeks I've paid $1,700 for new ball joints, control arms and shocks for both fronts, another $470 for them to replace the motor and regulator on the passenger door and replace the master switch and this time because somethng in the passenger door was scratching the window tint and they put a non illuminatoed master switch in, I asked them to do a service, fir the pads, klines, swap the switch for an illuminated once and fix the whatever was scratching the film on the glass. They've also said the brake fluid reservoir was leaking, so they replaced that, they said the booster is fine.
  3. Have the car going in Monday to have the ball joints replaced, I was going to get new brake pads and braided lines installed at the same time but Project Mu fronts are backordered for three weeks. Which is fine because my next service will be due up around then anyway. I have a question though, apparently the bleed nipples are mostly rounded off - a symptom of having the company that fitted the pads and discs when I first got it I expect - and I'm wondering if there's a specific part number I need or if there's some better ones I should get instead.
  4. Bought mine on Friday, hopefully will get here before this weekend and I'll fit it whilst I vacuum and clean the interior.
  5. I love this time of the year, two short weeks in a row.
  6. So it's officially the end of my second full week of WFH and I'm loving it. Of course it's funny watching peoples faces in Zoom meetings when they see me lying back ont the lounge with my snacks and drinks next to me watching everything on the 60" TV whilst they look to be sitting in uncomfortable chairs, plus the bathroom and kitchen are both about 10 steps away from me, so it's pretty cruisey for myself. That being said, back in February we could see where things were going, so we planned for staff being WFH for at least 3 months, which is fine by me, I've been looking at CCTV cameras in between work and sorting out dads taxes, so I'll see about hitting up a certain forum member who I believe does cabling etc. down Mandurah way, as I'm a little too large to be getting up in the roof cavity laying ethernet cable etc. plus I really CBF doing it myself. I've got a 48-port Cisco PoE switch to go into the linen cupboard of the granny flat with a small PC and a UPS to keep it going for a while if anyone decides to flick the switch in the meter box to cut power. So WFH has been particularly productive for me.
  7. To be honest and I'm guessing someones already mentioned this as a possible name to Mrs. Jet, my first thought was Mr. Bigglesworth prior to his being frozen, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118655/mediaviewer/rm4272784897
  8. 1 just moved home and is waiting to be connected. The rest only have mobile phone plans and considering we use a VPN as opposed to our Citrix connection, the amount of data used is vastly different. Two of the mobile plan people are late 50's to early 60's, so you can sort of understand them not needing it, as they are also not that good with computers.
  9. Bloody hell it's been a busy week. We had to make sure all 135 staff, more than half of which had never worked from home before, had headsets, laptop bags and power adapter's so they could work from home as of Wednesday, after HR sent an email to all staff advising that we are ALL working from home as of the end of this week, until April 10 on Monday night after 8PM. The best news is ICT showed Manglement that we are the most organised section by a long shot, we managed everything including doubling our internet connection, organising extra VPN licenses and everything else in less than a days notice. Also we had to organise internet connections for 5 staff that have NO internet at home whatsoever.
  10. I knew I needed new tyres but I didn't know just how much I needed them until I decided to floor it and ended up going across three lanes when I lost traction and did a nice little slide with the brake pedal to the floor this morning The good news is I got the letter from the courts stating I now have probate - 1 year and 10 days after he died - for dad's estate on Tuesday, so I'm busy sorting out bank stuff today and can get back the money I've had to outlay paying his bills, insurance etc for the last year. So now I just had to decide what are a good tyre to go for, I've currently got Pirelli P-Zero Corsa's which aren't bad but I did notice heaps of road noise compared to what were on there before, whci was a brand I hadn't heard of before.
  11. I got seriously p1ssed off this morning and wrote into the West about the total cluster f*ck on the Kwinana and the apparent lack of any forethought whatsover, why the hell didn't they do this over the weekend? Why even risk it going over time, knowing the amount of traffic that goes through there - seriously there's 6 lanes in total at Canning bridge and the overpaid underperformers cut it down to 1- and then to see these w4nkers standing around chatting when there's no work trucks or anyone packing anything up, that would cause the traffic cones and signs to still need to be out. just reeks of either incompetence or greed if they just wanted some extra over time. Letters via wanews.onmicrosoft.com 8:29 AM (2 hours ago) to me Thank you for your email. Regards, Letters Editor WEST AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPERS LTD I have a few questions about the absolute mess that occured on the Kwinnana this morning near Canning bridge. Who is being fired over the disgustingly inept handling of this mornings traffic issue? After all if one of us real world workers had stuffed up this badly, we would have received our marching orders quicker than we could say What from WTF? Who do we or our eomployers send the bill to for the time we were stuck in traffic? Who do we or our eomployers send the bill to for the fuel we used whilst we were stuck in traffic? Why when I finally drove past at 7:05AM, were two men gasbagging beside the first ute, two more by the second ute and one was walking back towards Canning bridge, yet all the lanes were open right behind them, no other vehicles were present at all and none of the men even loooked like they were close to removing the trraffic cones etc? I left Mandurah at 5:00AM, I usually get to Subiaco by 6:00 - 6:15 depending on whether some poor sod has had a bingle and how many idiots slowed everyone down by rubbernecking, yet this morning I arrived at 7:25 thanks to this mornings mess. Last week I lost 1.5 hours in total thanks to roadworks that supposedly finished at 5:00AM yet they were still pulling down signs after 6:20AM. If anyone has dashcam footage I hope they post it up, because bad publicity appears to be the only way to get something done by any of the three levels of government in this country. I also cannot remember a single time since the Mandurah train line opened where there hasn't been road works, when are we going to be able to get from work to home or vice versa without continually having to slow down for another peice of road work? _______________________________________________________________________ BTW the Mandurah train line opened 23 December 2007 apparently, which seems abuot right as no time over the last decade at least have I not had to drive through some roadworks from Perth to down south.
  12. Ordered these for April fools day this year. I get to the office at 6ish, so no-one will be here to see me put them in all the dunnies on level 2 and 3 in our building https://www.redbubble.com/people/majesticeyesore/works/33339507-voice-activated-sticker-for-paper-towel-dispenser?kind=transparent_sticker&p=transparent-sticker&size=small https://www.redbubble.com/people/f7james/works/11114052-voice-activated-dry-hands-please-dont-forget-to-tweet-a-photo-video-dryhands?p=sticker
  13. Pressured washed the roof on Sunday, so I could see if any cement or tiles need replacing, prior to sorting out what I'm going to do for skylights and solar. In the before pick the neighbours roof colour just about matched mine. https://imgur.com/IO9TYpp https://imgur.com/sa6Rds6
  14. Was trying to remember which intercooler type was better for which reason, as haven't looked into it since 2015 when I was putting together a mods wish list, thought this would answer the question... Nope. Now if I remember correctly, there was something about the Process West units taking longer to heatsoak but once heat soaked, they took ages to cool down, whereas the Plazmaman's were the other way around. Does that about sum it up?
  15. Classic conversation in the kitchen this morning whilst some staff were getting coffees and I was finishing up breakfast. One of the ladies said to one of our male staff "What did you get up to on the weekend?" His reply was "Sunday I had port and S3x" - he recently split from his wife and after 3 months found someone new, so he's obviously taking advantage after years of being married 🙂 Well that certainly stopped all further conversation, whilst the female staff member's brain was trying to process what she just heard, I walked past and noticed he had the Superman "S" t-sirt, so I piped up with "Hence the t-shirt hey Kris?" Then I left whilst about 10 staff all looked in his direction to see the shirt he had on.
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