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  1. I got seriously p1ssed off this morning and wrote into the West about the total cluster f*ck on the Kwinana and the apparent lack of any forethought whatsover, why the hell didn't they do this over the weekend? Why even risk it going over time, knowing the amount of traffic that goes through there - seriously there's 6 lanes in total at Canning bridge and the overpaid underperformers cut it down to 1- and then to see these w4nkers standing around chatting when there's no work trucks or anyone packing anything up, that would cause the traffic cones and signs to still need to be out. just reeks of either incompetence or greed if they just wanted some extra over time. Letters via wanews.onmicrosoft.com 8:29 AM (2 hours ago) to me Thank you for your email. Regards, Letters Editor WEST AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPERS LTD I have a few questions about the absolute mess that occured on the Kwinnana this morning near Canning bridge. Who is being fired over the disgustingly inept handling of this mornings traffic issue? After all if one of us real world workers had stuffed up this badly, we would have received our marching orders quicker than we could say What from WTF? Who do we or our eomployers send the bill to for the time we were stuck in traffic? Who do we or our eomployers send the bill to for the fuel we used whilst we were stuck in traffic? Why when I finally drove past at 7:05AM, were two men gasbagging beside the first ute, two more by the second ute and one was walking back towards Canning bridge, yet all the lanes were open right behind them, no other vehicles were present at all and none of the men even loooked like they were close to removing the trraffic cones etc? I left Mandurah at 5:00AM, I usually get to Subiaco by 6:00 - 6:15 depending on whether some poor sod has had a bingle and how many idiots slowed everyone down by rubbernecking, yet this morning I arrived at 7:25 thanks to this mornings mess. Last week I lost 1.5 hours in total thanks to roadworks that supposedly finished at 5:00AM yet they were still pulling down signs after 6:20AM. If anyone has dashcam footage I hope they post it up, because bad publicity appears to be the only way to get something done by any of the three levels of government in this country. I also cannot remember a single time since the Mandurah train line opened where there hasn't been road works, when are we going to be able to get from work to home or vice versa without continually having to slow down for another peice of road work? _______________________________________________________________________ BTW the Mandurah train line opened 23 December 2007 apparently, which seems abuot right as no time over the last decade at least have I not had to drive through some roadworks from Perth to down south.
  2. Ordered these for April fools day this year. I get to the office at 6ish, so no-one will be here to see me put them in all the dunnies on level 2 and 3 in our building https://www.redbubble.com/people/majesticeyesore/works/33339507-voice-activated-sticker-for-paper-towel-dispenser?kind=transparent_sticker&p=transparent-sticker&size=small https://www.redbubble.com/people/f7james/works/11114052-voice-activated-dry-hands-please-dont-forget-to-tweet-a-photo-video-dryhands?p=sticker
  3. Pressured washed the roof on Sunday, so I could see if any cement or tiles need replacing, prior to sorting out what I'm going to do for skylights and solar. In the before pick the neighbours roof colour just about matched mine. https://imgur.com/IO9TYpp https://imgur.com/sa6Rds6
  4. Was trying to remember which intercooler type was better for which reason, as haven't looked into it since 2015 when I was putting together a mods wish list, thought this would answer the question... Nope. Now if I remember correctly, there was something about the Process West units taking longer to heatsoak but once heat soaked, they took ages to cool down, whereas the Plazmaman's were the other way around. Does that about sum it up?
  5. Classic conversation in the kitchen this morning whilst some staff were getting coffees and I was finishing up breakfast. One of the ladies said to one of our male staff "What did you get up to on the weekend?" His reply was "Sunday I had port and S3x" - he recently split from his wife and after 3 months found someone new, so he's obviously taking advantage after years of being married 🙂 Well that certainly stopped all further conversation, whilst the female staff member's brain was trying to process what she just heard, I walked past and noticed he had the Superman "S" t-sirt, so I piped up with "Hence the t-shirt hey Kris?" Then I left whilst about 10 staff all looked in his direction to see the shirt he had on.
  6. I got mine pre-tuned by XFT and was told it was tuned for BP98 so I've stuck with BP98. There's usually only 2 cents difference between BP98 and most of the other decent fuel stations 98's so I've never thought to try anyone elses product. I remember ages ago K31th or someone mentioning E85 is great for cleaning out the fuel system, I've wondered that now I have an injectors only tune, would it be worthwhile running a tank or two and then changing the fuel filter? As the car is 10 years old this November, I'm definitely going to change the fule pump - I'm thinking Pierburg at this stage considering the number of people with noisy 044's - and the fuel sock, I remember speaking to UberXR a few years back at Racewars and he loved his Peirburg.
  7. Injector only tune at the moment. Rob put it on the XCAL so I can test without the old tune, to try figure out what's causing the rough idle issue.
  8. For a 4 litre Turbo 6 the old Falcon sure gets awesome fuel economy on the freeway. Doing 110 and sitting on between 7.1 to 8.3 then in the 80 zone doing 5.1 - 5.8. It sure beats driving a boring Camry too. Went up to 10.1 accelerating from 90 to the 110 zone though but hey, it was fun, so who cares.
  9. First full working week of the year and it's funny watching the CBF'ed looks of people. At least our coffee machine hasn't broken down for once....boy would that cause a mutiny.
  10. If they do it, as per usual the official Fraud line neither confirms nor denies it...but every company does that these days. How about giving one to Benny and Al as a special project to take to Drag Week 😀
  11. I always work thorugh Christmas and the New Year, as it's the best time to get access to staff members machines for patching etc. It's also awesome for the lack of cars on the road, unfortunately it also proves how many d*ckhead drivers there are out there normally.
  12. Sometimes I think Thanos had the right idea. The last two weeks have been absolute heaven driving to and from work, SFA cars on the road, those that are drive to the limit and keep a space, so travel times are much lower and we don;t get stuck intraffic snarls. Yesterday 3 times as many cars, idiots pulling in front and braking because the F*cktards are F*cktards who don't understand keeping a safe distance or that if you spread out, traffic flows better instead of being stop start, because some F*cktards did what their old man should have done originally...pulled out.
  13. Some poor bugger in the last cubicle of the mens has fallen asleep and snoring their head off It took some effort not to piss myself laughing and wake them up.
  14. Yep it's a PITA to sort out, that's for sure. I'm wondering that considering the car will be 10 years old in November 2020, is it worthwhile getting a spare ECU for if it ever fails? One other thing as part of the troubleshooting, for quite a while there was feedback - not coming through the speakers though - which was noticeable when accelerating, if I took my foot off the accelerator, it stopped. It was very low but still audible and the best way of describing it is like a sewing machine, when you would accelerate the pitch would go up. This was after the service where the throttle body was cleaned/ After I removed the bluetooth dongle I had connected to the ODBII port, the problem went away. It wasn't one of the el cheapo eBay specials either, I got the ODBLink unit https://www.obdlink.com/mxbt/ It seems so many things can contribute to a rough idle issue, ground problems, hell one person asked me what the temps were either side of the cat in case the material was clogging it, I haven't done that yet either.
  15. Yeah the hard part is deciding what to buy for the budget, I've set aside $10K for upgrades (I can go higher but I have plans for solar and a car hoist which are definite to do's), I'm thinking the Monsta Torque stage II gear box for one thing and the rest depends on if I ever get to sort out this rough idle I have. It's bloody weird. The tuner hooked up his diagnostics machine and it showed cylinder 3 is down around 20% on power. He did a compression test and it was fine. I had the injectors tested and they were fine. I swapped the fuel filter as I had it replaced 6 months prior but thought I might as well try as it's cheap and something I can do myself, no change. Swapped the plugs and coils as it was around 125K's on the clock....and it ran perfectly for 4 days....then started acting up again, almost like the computer had learned...I was pretty p1ssed when that happened. Then dad passed and I've been lucky to drive it about 20 times on weekends since March. Driving around at speed and accelerating you don't notice it at all, in fact even though the tuner loaded an injector only tune for troubleshooting, the car acts perfectly except for this idle. One thing that he did find weird though, is that after the injectors only tune was uploaded, it's now out by 4KPH, which he said shouldn't happen as the tune doesn't affect that setting. So I'm wondering if the ECU might be the problem. What made troubleshooting that much harder, was that I had the battery relocated to the boot, a new third party car alarm, and a service including throttle body clean all done within weeks of each other. I swapped the alarm out for another brand 3 months ago because if I left the car 2 days or sometimes even overnight, it would have problems cranking over or the BT module would turn off due to not enough power, since then none of those issues even if I leave the car for 5 days straight. I tested the battery (Optima Yellow top) before and after turning the engine on and the voltage was perfect. Here's the other head scratcher, sometimes it idles rougher or smoother depending on the fuel level, I find if the needle is just under the half way mark, it starts idling smoother, the same when it's under 100K's left. Luckily I decided before he passed, to get a daily for the 150K's a day to get to and from work, so I can keep the Falcon long term and keep the K's down on it. so then I can take more time sorting it out.
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