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  1. ? Think you can just rip the piss and not get a negative response, grow up lad . Was asking for advice .you Got nothing better to do than try wid some one up ,, go work on your Flux compositor you mentioned , we call what you do here small man syndrome. 😇
  2. Roles eyes , who are you to judge how I feel? I wasn't offended atall until you decided to act like a school kid and rip the piss , blunt indeed I am guess it can be taken any way you'd like but your no help. Cheers.
  3. $30,000 yard ordiment , looking for advice on where I could potentially look. not a flux compositor , I'm 24 worked my ass of for this and feeling bretty sad about it , ripping the complete piss is pretty ugly , cheers for the help.
  4. Didn't really find a solution 😅 ended in not knowing what to do still haha got the best tuner around this area by far , had people tell me stay way clare of the other ones as they had nothing but issues till they went where I am now , this is coming from a good number of people and reviews , is there any sensors or electrical connections I can check that'd cause this ? Map sensor maybe ?
  5. What do you mean by that 😮
  6. , been trying to sort this for weeks , everything on log looks fine everything reading as it should bar this ... , so on the lap top logged a drive after flash and it showed a top boost of 15psi , my over boost is set to 20 pound yet the car it's self thinks I hit it , even though on the whole log we didn't get close to 20 pound 15 was the max we watched when it went into p1227 and it did it at 15 pound on the lap top even though it's set at 20 , so tried to turn it of all together see if it'd still throw the code and indeed it did , helpp hp tuners is the software I believe, central North Island New Zealand
  7. Sweet sweet will try that ,
  8. Hey had unhooked my battery to clean out throttle body , plugged it back in now my speedo isn't working .. so all the needles do not work , the revs the speed the temp or fule , but on digital screen is working and reading fine , have wof coming up in 2 weeks help.
  9. If you have the money bro probably can't get much better work here in nz , but bananas it costs to much , opend up the throttle body today coverd in suit , all over my map sensor was gunked up to the maximus, checked pcv valve and it's shot , new map and valve on the way. Fingers crossed for some issues solved
  10. He's the only one who charges obserdly bro that place is only for well of people 😭 I don't fit in that category haha , I couldn't find a contact on Facebook or Google for him , kept coming up with rc racing cars
  11. I've spoken to him before and price is way out of range he wants 15k for 300kw package ... just to much , he's a nice enough guy though , just can't afford his prices for what's done. He won't even look at the car unless it's been though an inspection witch costs 2000 odd
  12. Hey I'm in te awamutu, close to Hamilton 😄
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