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  1. After the latest quote, I think I'll be shot if I spend another cent on the car before the wedding 😅🤣
  2. Very happy Wednesday! Basically a Friday today. No work tomorrow, took Friday off, and Monday is a P/H. Mint 👌 Also, work is currently filming their promotional video, so I'm doing basically FA all day. To top it off, its pay day!
  3. Taste better, probably. But you can't have a HSP and not have it be a doner, mixed meat ordeal after a hectic night on the p*ss
  4. Watching an American trying to make the classic Aussie HSP is very entertaining 🤣 Looks good, but if I was anal, I'd say its not a real HSP, its grilled chicken on chips. Needs more doner kebab 😂 *insert hectic VL dose here
  5. Yea can't say I've experienced that with the factory diff. The diff takes everything I throw its way, but that's been at low power (300ish kw), will be very interested to see how it goes after the next tune. I have heard stories of the factory LSDs breaking, but doesn't appear to a common occurrence. Not as much as breaking tail shafts anyway
  6. Not this time unfortunately. Playing with limited funds while I save for our wedding and house deposit I haven't had any issues with the factory diff so far, so I'm happy leaving it for now anyway. I've replaced the oil regularly so its well taken care of!
  7. .... But it intercepts the throttle input. Clearly I don't know how these work
  8. News just in, straight from reputable FB group, throttle controllers break fuel pumps
  9. I'd move to gtx purely because of the massive efficiency gains over the gt. Imo, way worth the upgrade! I reckon just fit a whole gtx turbo rather than just the core, more expensive but way worth it
  10. Got a date set, team at Monsta Torque defs very busy! Car will be going in on the 10th of Next month (10th Oct). Gives me some time to prepare myself for the silly amounts of money that's about to be thrown at it. Cars a great All seriousness though, the main expense is the ims diff hat. My diff housing thing for the main rear bush is fatigued and cracking, so while the cradle is removed it'd need to be repaired. Why repair when you can upgrade right. Interested to see if I notice a change in handling - hoping so hahaha. Assuming the work will take a couple days, should have some results and figures to show by that Friday, 14th Oct.
  11. @Slowxr6t did you end up taking pics and posting them somewhere? Curious to see it
  12. that's awesome @k31th!! How is the GPS holding up? My only annoyance with the kayhan head unit I have is that the GPS can take a long time to find satellites. I.e. it takes a while to find my location. Has this been an issue for you at all? On that topic, where did you mount the GPS antenna? That could play a role with my issue as mine is just under the ICC top hat
  13. This sounds so unlikely that I literally don't believe you
  14. Its odd that it appears to be mostly analogue... The gauge must have more of the smarts in it and this is just an interface board. Doesn't seem to be any smarts on that thing whatsoever
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