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  1. Missus: "We don't need any more than this do we?" Me: .... 😈 EDIT: She hasn't driven it yet, once she does... She'll get the bug 🤣
  2. Feels absolutely awesome!!! I can see how chasing power is addictive, it feels so different! Not to mention it sounds farrrking amazing now 🤤 Classic story for an xr6t, turbos maxed out. Next on the list I suppose, but I'm thinking about doing the driveline next before I chase any more power. I'd love to get a trutrac and the IMS diff hat, and maybe a built box... I know it can probably handle 300kw all day every day but I still feel like I'm gonna break it 🤣
  3. Sooooo, I made it into the 300+kw club yesterday 👀🎉 Huge thanks to everyone on the forums that's helped me with my build process thus far!! Ya'll amazing! Time for 400+kw now?? 😏😏😏
  4. So yesterday was the big day! I rocked up to MT (Monsta Torque) at 8am with a box of parts and a deep pocket 🤣 After all the trans cooling issues I've been having I decided to buy the PWR heat exchanger from Goleby's. We can debate about this another time, Rob recommends them and I trust him so I went with it. The cooler right on time before the tune, so along with that Rob installed the cooler and checked the oil. It has had a service and flush just over a year ago so another service wasn't planned, however I left it up to Rob to decide if I needed it done again (in t
  5. You're just full of advice @k31th! Morning all! Dropped my car off to Rob at Monsta Torque today. So begins the eager wait to see how its performs! He's installing the utlrex dump and high flow cat for me. I tried yesterday nut couldn't get the blasted O2 sensor off the stock dump! 🤬
  6. sooooooo that means the "end" goes to the bottom!? how did I not know this!
  7. Ohhhhh soo that's what the "home" button does on a keybaord! 🤣🤣
  8. This week has dragggggged! Probably because the tune is on monday and I've counting down the days 🤣
  9. Haven't had anything but good startups with mine thus far 🤷‍♂️
  10. Yea the last couple days have been stupid hot 🥵
  11. TGIF, first week back at work has been slow to say the least. But hey at least my office has A/C. Perth has been scorching this week 🥵 I was looking at their turbos recently!! Seem like fkn awesome budget turbos. Great to see one of them running on a barra for a long time. Here's the one I was looking at: EDIT, wrong link https://au.kinugawaturbosystems.com/products/kinugawa-gtx3582r-ba-bf-xr6?
  12. This issue happened to me a while back, I think I brought it up on the forums when it did. I'm yet to have the whole issue again. I do sometimes have text that I've written and posted still saved in the text box though. Just not the "jumping to the top of the page" thing. On a side note, I used to have an annoying issue where I'd click a link to a fourm thread from the homepage and no matter what it would always take me to the "new members thread". It was really annoying. If I navigated to the "activity" tab and do it through there it was fine. These are the links I'm t
  13. Was there a backend update you did or are you overhauling it yourself?
  14. @k31th first image, profile pics are all messed up. second image, a header bar thing goes across the entire page rather than stopping along the lines of the rest of the stuff on the page
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