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  1. Morning @k31th Ngl a lot of the times I see your name I always think its kief... Dunno whether that's funny or worrying on my part 🤣
  2. Picked up my rocker cover from Elite Powder Coaters yesterday arvo. Took a month of trial and error with this combo, no one that I've seen in Aus has done this and it was the first time Elite had ever tried it too. Still, super stoked with the results!! Got a mean discount being that they used my parts for "rnd" of this colour! 👌🔥
  3. I hope all this effort people have put in to doing this puts into perspective why the kayhan units are prices the way they are. Everyone always sh*tting on them without knowing how hard it is to do something like this Still a shame their customer service isn’t the best lol
  4. Morning all! changed the rear control blades for the superpro ones yesterday. Was a lot of wobble in the rear end! cant say it’s a night and day difference but it’s definitely better, no wobble at the lights and no hesitation anymore. The old rubber ones weren’t torn but they were close! had to Uber to the local auto parts store though cause I didn’t have a 18mm deep socket, my deep socket set has a 17 and 19 and skips 18. Wtf! was definitely a ride of shame in the Uber, should have been more prepared before I started tearing the car apart lol I need another car 🤣
  5. Just as I was about to buy one too 😭
  6. Damn I got worried, no morning message from @k31th 😥
  7. My mate bought a 6 cyl liberty spec b a few years back for a steal of a price, around the 8k mark if I’m not mistaken. One of my favourite sounding engines with a high flow cat exhaust system. Had less than 100k on the clock too. They have the 6 speed gearbox and sti center diff. It may not be turbo but it’s so much fun to drive and rip through the gears. Something about them flat 6’s that makes them so much fun. I’d definitely look at a manual if you can. My Impreza was a 4 speed auto 🤮
  8. As much as people sh*t on them, subies make for awesome first cars! My first car was a Subaru Impreza. Learnt a lot from that rig. I miss it every now and again. The awd system is extremely forgiving which is great for inexperienced drivers 😊 easy to work on, fun to drive. Aftermarket parts are extremely popular! What more could you want really. Only downside I had from it was the expensive mechanics bill when the timing belt needed replacing. Other than that it was sound 👌
  9. So I've been digging into the whole garret bankruptcy situation this morning to find out more about this asbestos situation. Turns out Honeywell own Bendix brakes and the asbestos is from the brakes made back in the day that used asbestos. "Garrett sought bankruptcy protection Sunday with a plan to sell itself to private equity firm KPS for $2.1 billion. The reimbursements Garrett owes to Honeywell relate to asbestos claims stemming from Honeywell’s old Bendix brake business." - Source: Yahoo Finance Article found here.
  10. Morning @k31th! Bought my spectator ticket for powercruise in Perth this morning! Friday to Sunday (2nd to the 4th), keen to go for the 3 days! Couple of mates from the car community with some serious rigs are going so I'm keen to hop in and ride along! One day the daily will enter but that's a long time coming - baby steps 😏
  11. Excuse the ignorance but wtf does asbestos have to do with turbos? 😋 How does a court case like that screw them. And Honeywell can suck a toe. All they do is try to buy their way into industries. Damn them and all their money!
  12. Morning @k31th! Out of interest, when did it become a thing to post in this thread every single morning? 😋
  13. I see your point, however on the flip side. Why not spend the time to reinforce it before it becomes another car added to the list of broken cradles 😋 Again, if all I pay for is a sheet of steel, carton of piss, and a can of spray paint then why not do it. For the amount of steel we'd use, I can likely get it from the scrap pile at my brothers work, as good as free!
  14. Don't get confused here mate, I'm an electronics engineer. Good with a keyboard not on the tools 🤣🤣🤣 (unless its a soldering station). Literally handballing this project to my brother with a carton and letting him go wild on the cradle 😋 Will definitely take some shots when we do this though!
  15. Definitely feel for you guys in Vic 😞 Hopefully restrictions will begin to ease soon and you can all start cruising again! 💪
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