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  1. blasphemy, without being wedded?! that's at least 7 hail marry's
  2. No, the cloud save data hadn't been syncing properly. Had issues with it from the start. Maybe a bug, I dunno. Been years since I played it so it'd be like a fresh start, don't remember much of the game lol
  3. I finished the first game (stick of truth) and nearly finished the second (fractured but whole), when I upgraded my PC I lost my save data and have never bothered starting again. I really should though cause it was a really fun game!
  4. Swap the front and back, then finish them off. The local tyre place I went to used to tell me to go finish the rear tyres when I came in for new ones lol. He's selling the business though, I drive past it every day to work and there's a "for sale" in front of it 😞
  5. Whats better than a single turbo? Two of course! I agree, you should do this
  6. Doing well! House is at roof carpentry stage. Should have the frame done by the end of the week, then they will do the roofing and external ceiling stuff. Went for a job interview yesrerday at WesTrac as a MCG (machine control and guidance) Tecnology Technician. Complete shift of career. Kinda came outta nowhere. Long story short, I have more career growth opportunity through this career, and its basically a glorified auto sparky role, which I do heaps of in my spare time. Super interesting role. End up fifo for 3-5 years and then move back to engineering role in the city. They really liked me and were impressed with my auto sparky knowledge without any trade. Same goes for networking knowledge. Missing the skid pig and stuggling to find a replacement 😞 With the new job and more pay towards the end of year, I'm hoping I can move on to my next project. Keep trying to head in a different direction from Ford and barras, but I find myself coming back.... Can only come back in an FPV of FGX 😏
  7. Think that's the first time I've seen it on this forum! Of all places lol. How's life over yonder?
  8. Get email notification in Russian... Can't say I was expecting that 😂😂
  9. Have you tried turning it off and on again??
  10. Was on the news here https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/blink-182s-tom-delonge-and-mark-hoppus-complain-about-having-to-come-to-fing-perth-to-adelaide-crowd--c-13565319
  11. Both very good bands in that genre! Blink apparently didn't like Perth very much 🤣
  12. @k31th Do I need to pay more to remove pop-up ads? 😋
  13. This became dad talk real fast! Jumping in cause I'm building and lawn talk is now interesting to me 🤣 Also, hello all! Been a while 😋
  14. AFAIK you need to tap into some wires from the TCM, I hope to see some twist and tape methods here or else its not sloppy enough All seriousness though, don't solder these for the love of god. Use a proper crimp connector like a butt splice
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