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  1. that's an interesting bit of kit! Just don't put your wiener on it
  2. Head studs, figured if they were good enough to be on fullboost they good enough to put in the pig 🤣
  3. I'd be less upset if it was "shipping and handling". Tried to find their t's & c's but their links lead to nothing
  4. I'm upset that they charged me $54 shipping when it only cost $9.30
  5. They also shipped it to number 35 not 32, bloke came knocking from across the street like "I think this is car parts, and I think they may be yours"
  6. When dominator motorsports charge $54 for standard shipping via auspost, and the parcel arrives with a sticker saying "parcel post $9.30"
  7. Later model NA Falcons came with zf6's, same as the turbo models. I assume they're the same gearbox 🤷‍♂️
  8. I agree, but I still want one 🤣 It has so. many. features. And I'm a sucker for features Is there any way to fit a wb02 sensor to the stock ECU and use it in PCMTec? Also, got my resposne from Haltech, and its quite sad 😞 Damn components shortage has struck another victim. "Unfortunately the Barra plug in is currently out of stock and we have no current ETA due to a worldwide shortage of an electronic component used on these ECU's. Some of our Dealers may have stock on their shelves which you would be able to purchase, however we are not able to produce anymore to sell at this current time. Please let me know if you have any questions "
  9. Its not on their site at all..... Its been an item on my bucket list for the car since I heard of their release. Heard some people having issues here and there, same goes for other ecu brands so I'm not concerned. I am concerned that its completely disappeared from their site, though 🤣
  10. Anyone know why the landing page for the haltech p&p ecu for barras is now gone??? 🤔🤔 Returns "404 page not found" https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-154000-elite-pro-plug-in-ecu/
  11. What a difference a single fitting can make! Honestly no idea why I didn't think of looking for a fitting like this in the first place 🤦‍♂️
  12. Woooooooo the Adelaide strip will be a very welcome edition!! Adelaide is close enough to me that I would actually consider driving down there to drive on the strip. Would be an awesome road trip I reckon! 😄 Also, 1500hp for $1750? What could possibly go wrong! that's an awesome deal! Turbos be getting cheap nowadays that's for sure! Garrett, please take note
  13. Kinda feel like getting that week off work for getting the cough, got things I can do while I got the covid - like polishing the rig 🤣 I like to do the old fart in the car with the Mrs in and lock the windows 😈
  14. Damn eastern folk bringing covid out west! *shakes fist in anger Hope you're all good mate! 🤒
  15. Ordered the fitting from car mods australia on Ebay. Heard that they're really hit and miss, but was definitely a hit for me cause the fitting arrived yesterday! Turns out it was free express shipping, bargain!
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