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  1. Bumping this, I think I've found what I'm looking for... I have found a set of 17x8 fg rims for $550 on marketplace. Looking for some wheels I can use to put some better tyres on for drags and roll racing. After doing some research online, lots of sites don't recommend any wider than 245 on a 8" rim.... But I have heard of people putting some chunky boiz on bf 17x8 rims too... So, 275's will fit on these 17x8 rims? I was looking at maybe 255's or 265's but if 275's fit.... that's even better!
  2. Sounds stupid, but I'm not sure if the annual license covers me per year from when I buy the license or if its from Jan - Jan kinda thing. I won't go to every single event, so a single day is fine for now. But yes, I will get an annual one once I have more free time to go more often
  3. Late night purchases last night. Finally bit the bullet and decided to get a roll racing ticket 😄
  4. I too would love to see photos of the upgraded ones vs stock
  5. Holy crap I thought you were pulling the piss, I didn't know Ford made 50th ann picnic baskets 😂😂😂
  6. I've always wondered, why is that there is no adjustable upper control arm for FGs? Do you think its a case where there isn't enough demand to warrant the rnd and manufacturing costs? Something like this? This is for an IS250/300. I wonder how many people would be interested in such a thing 🤔 Adjusting front camber in an FG is a massive pain, I had to go to 3 different alignment shops before I found one that would actually be willing to do the alignment! Do you think there is a market for such a thing?
  7. Well that's fkn rude 😂 Still waiting on a response from sparesbox, I don't think I'll be getting one this week 🙃 Need an alignment now, but no point till I replace the upper arms too. At least once I have, all the bushes in the front (bar the sway bar ones) will have been changed pretty much at the same time which is nice. Just got the upper control arms for the rear to go and basically all bushes will be superpro on the rig, all changed within a year of each other. Lotta people told me that doing this will increase the NVH a lot, as in very noticeable. I gott
  8. Morning @k31th Yea same lol. The service at MT was $750 which was more than I was planning. But he did do a lot so I can't complain. He also bought my old tailshaft so that's a win. A relatively serious problem has come back again though. If anyone recalls a post I put up in the "What did you do to your car today" thread. It was regarding an oil leak between the head and block. Rob is not happy with it, he believes its serious enough to warrant taking the head off to see why it could be leaking. He's hoping its just an age thing, but he said a leak from there is not v
  9. Luckily I haven't the "fingers pointing at each other" situation... Yet. Given Sparesbox's and Superpro's reputation however, I doubt it'll happen. Seems like Superpro's preference is to go through the seller's warranty first, but you can still go through them directly if you choose to.
  10. Yep, no hammers, not forcing anything (especially the ball joint, been told to never use force with them). I've submitted a warranty claim through sparesbox where I got them from. Superpro has lifetime warranty but not on ball joints - for them its 6 years/60,000km. So I'm still well within this. They say to claim through the company you purchased them from first hence why I submitted one to sparesbox. Hoping I get some replacement parts 🤞
  11. Got a video from Rob today... superpro upper control arms ball joints are f*cked. I installed them myself July last year. Travelled less than 30,000km since then... Install process, following the workshop manual. Removed old arm, installed new arm, added load via a trolley jack to get the arm into its "normal" state (as if it was was sitting with the wheel on, all weight from the vehicle). Tightened bolts to spec. Got it aligned. Checked them about a week later. Thoughts? Was this an install error? 🙃
  12. Making 440hp with a 255 and stock fpr 🤷‍♂️ 😋 I think you'll be okay lol
  13. Morning Dropped the car off at MT this morning for a service and fitting all the bits and bobs I've bought over the last month or two. Hoping to not have such a fkn clunky feeling car lol Got an uber ride to work in a new subaru liberty, wish my car drove as smooth as that On another note, anyone follow FG Mods on Faceballs? Looks as though he's going to make some sort of rant about Kayhan audio as he's asking for people's experience with the company... Feel a bit unsure of this, people have treated that company with such appalling manners that its
  14. Tinting is a tough one, you might tint your headlights/taillights to darken them up, but you effect not only hi beams and/or low beams; you're darkening brake lights, reverse lights, indicators etc which becomes risky. My brother bought taillights that had been darkened using that spray paint tint stuff, covering all but the indicators. I know for sure that they are very illegal, you can hardly see the brake lights during the day when he brakes. Luckily he has a brake light on his djr spoiler or else you'd never know he's braking. Best to just assume its illegal and accept the
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