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  1. I didn't need one as I went with a walbro 255 My future plan is to install the kpm 1000hp drop in fuel module, and it comes with a fpr, hence why I've not bothered purchasing one previously
  2. If you're looking to push more power in the future, and you plan to add more pump and stuff, you're gonna need an fpr anyway. So, if its on sale now I'd get it now. that's my 2 cents anyway 😂
  3. ffs I told myself I'd be good during the black friday sales..... Had head studs in the cart too.... But I should probably wait till I get a pay rise before I go spending any more money 🤣
  4. I have a 255lph fuel pump, stock exhaust, stock springs and mt stage one and made over 300kw, so with everything listed you'll definitely make over 300kw. Get the pw piping kit too if you haven't, I don't imagine installing the IC with the stock piping will connect up very well. Why are you looking upgrading the turbo? You'll need an external wastegate setup with that chosen turbo, about $1500 through mt. My brother has that turbo, its way more laggy than the stock one, and will put you closer to 350kw mark. Also, MT stage 1 includes injectors so you don't need to buy them separately 525 fuel pump requires bigger gauge wiring than stock. You will fry your stock wiring if you connect it straight up, seen this on the forums and on FB multiple times in the past. Easy to upgrade though If I'm not mistaken, you'd also need to do some pressure relief mod thing to the factory fuel hanger and you'd likely need a fpr too.
  5. Can anyone explain when it would be necessary to use aftermarket retainers when doing springs? Whats wrong with the standard retainers? I know rob uses the crow springs, and the spring and retainer kit is on sale atm from precision racing. Edit, same kit also on sale from independent motorsports
  6. Damn that is one hot looking bit of kit 🤑😍
  7. MT, because its on sale and the cheapest billet option there lol
  8. @R ichard From the workshop manual, clearly shows where the O-ring is located Pretty sure that step 2 is referring to item 3 in the table. If I'm not mistaken, the O-ring is part of the heater section of the cooling system. though, doesn't really matter what its for, it just needs to be replaced periodically. Personally, I do when it starts leaking but preventative maintenance, like what puff recommended, is a better option.
  9. One of the flaws of these motors, that fkn o-ring 🤣🤣🤣
  10. I'm really keen to see how these perform behind a barra. Please keep us in the loop with your conversion @adams355!!!! Also, wtf is a "GCU"
  11. Well well well, I was looking around some barra suppliers sites to see if anyone has black friday sales (Golebys are doing a sale on friday, FYI ) Stumbled on this from dominator motorsports!!!! Looks like this will be in fact be an option in the future. Definitely going to keep my eyes on this 👀
  12. Pretty much what puff said. Our running theory is that someone cooked the motor of the car, did a home job to fix it with wrecker parts. Basically, slap it back together so that it runs as you'd expect then sell it to a dealer. How is the dealer to know the rods were replaced kinda thing. So yea, brother took real good care of the car, and once he started doing fifo he saved up for Monsta Torques stage 2 package with a few extra bits and bobs, namely an f6 turbo (gt3582) and screamer. Seeing as no one knew of the motors issue, Rob tuned it like he would any FG turbo (they came with stronger rods compared to BA). Car lasted about 3 weeks before he bent a rod. Bit of sticky situation, like is it the dealers fault? How can you blame them for the car when its not something they check. We pondered going to dealer with this but it would have ended with more drama than it was worth. But anyway, to lighten the mood. Done 780km of the 1500km rob has requested. I've taken possession of the car for the week to do more run-in stuff, A bit difficult to do what he is requesting in traffic for my brother when he drives to work. I can annoy the local industrial area with the screamer without any worry 🤣
  13. Well the military has a few of them on hand that they doing development on. For heavy equipment transport, wounded soldier transport, and I saw one with a minigun attached to it 🤣🤣 The latter looks like something you'd get as a killstreak in cod
  14. Yea it can put out fires remotely, but can it do a skid? that's the question we should have asked
  15. BIA5's newest addition to their offerings as a project for Rio Tinto, featuring a gas detection system I've been a part of developing for over a year. Its called RORI, but I prefer remotely operated fire putter outerer Engineering is pretty cool, ngl The cost is "we're not currently disclosing the purchase price of the unit just yet". What I hear is "f*cking expensive"
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