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  1. Pride in your work. Pride in their.... whatever the fk that is
  2. How do you usually cook the asparagus? Looks pan fried? Loving the char marks on the steak 👌👌
  3. Holy sh*t that looks bad 😥 You know its not good when they use tarps to block the view of the incident
  4. pfft definitely not hahaha, all up still cost nearly a grand rip Its work that would have happened anyway so there isn't much point in me complaining about it. This car is money pit though and my partner is farrrrrr from impressed about that 😅 Tune is free, I think? @JETURBO? 🤣 Not sure what Rob has to do with the tune, said something something ghost cams in multi tune. Its motorvation this weekend and he's got a lot of clients coming in to prep for that. Of course they have disgustingly bad planning habits so last minute book in is the best minute for them. Will never understand why people decide to call their tuner up the week of a big event to book the car in. Especially a shop like MT when they are nearly always busy. Anyway, this part should probably continue in TWPYOFT 🤣 Driving the car this morning to work, steering is 100% better and I'm happy with it. Feels way smoother on the road but that is likely more to do with the proper alignment than the steering. Parking at work is when I noticed the difference the power steering. No where near as hard as it was before
  5. So the steering definitely feels better now! And doesn't have an annoying PS pump whine. Car went in for an alignment too, turns out it was wayyyyy out, and the front tyres were at 28psi..... Probably didn't help the crappy steering feel. Hasn't had an alignment for a long time so it was probably due for one 🤣 Still, not as nice as my brothers FG, so could maybe be the rack that is going bad? I'll maybe get round to seeing if that's bad one day, but I'm happy with it for now. Tune is gonna happen another time, he'd run out of time before I needed to get it (can't pick it up tomorrow unfortunately). The important sh*t is done so that's all that matters really, I'll organise a day to get it in for a multi tune setup eventually, will give him a ring tomorrow and see
  6. Have heard a car that sounds like what you're talking about, and it does sound pretty mean
  7. I can't stand it when its way OTT. I just want someone to hear it, go "ffs not another golf" and see a boat roll past making horrendous noises from its zorst. I'm the boat
  8. Yea it will be! I should now have multi tunes which is nice, I have amazing supporters on this forum 😏😏 Will need to (obviously, sh*t ain't free) pay to add some more, but future things! Wedding first. Gotta keep telling myself that I wonder if he'll do a golf tune for me with mad flames. I wanna be the ambassador for rice bubbles.
  9. How else are people gonna know how big my willy is though
  10. Stupid thing being Fords bad PS design? Isn't ghost cams, surely
  11. Car stayed at MT over night so Rob can work on some tune thing. Will be getting it today though! I think he added ghost cams? My childish maturity loves this Gonna be an expensive visit I feel rip 🤣 PS pump replaced, wheel alignment, service, whatever else is gonna get done lol All stuff that needs to be done, so it was all gonna happen eventually 🤷‍♂️
  12. Good question, not a lot/nothing probably You can earn reward points but you don't need the app for that. Those points can be converted to qantas points too. Or you gather them and eventually pay for fuel with them too.
  13. Might sound like a gimmick, but filling up at a BP using the app is so handy. Go to servo, open app, choose the pump number, fill up, leave. Amazing. When it works 🤣
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