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  1. @k31thwhereabouts are you heading?
  2. Did the link still work then? I have moved some folders around my google drive since I posted that link
  3. Awesome mate! If you haven't used the superpro diff bushes yet you'll be very happy with your purchase.
  4. Been back for a bit now, but got the flu on the last day and I'm still suffering bad. I've been sick so much this year wtf. Anyway, this is the knife
  5. We're at the general assembly, south wharf. Maybe it's just this side of the river 🤷‍♂️ Bloody nice area though. We've had an awesome arvo walking around, did 20k steps this arvo looking around!
  6. Yo why are beers so expensive over here 🤯😂
  7. Went to Tanto in Melbourne today, a Japanese knife shop. Small shop but some absolutely stunning, and very expensive, knives. I have no self control and couldn't leave empty handed. I'm now the proud new owner of a Suisin knife. I'd love to show you but I seem to be stupid and don't know how to get the image address of my Imgur photo on mobile 🙃
  8. This is the one I got: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001758378766.html I chose the one that does both wired and wireless
  9. I don't either, I've been using dedicated apps on the unit, but its really slow because its so old. Hoping this helps a bit, make it feel a bit more modern again. Good sales pitch saying it has android auto/ carplay 😉
  10. Kayhan audio charge $150 for the wired android auto/ apple carplay dongle. Sourced the same one from aliexpres that also supports wireless for just under $80 that should arrive today. Keen to see if it can revive my old and slow V2 head unit! Theoretically it should be faster because the unit itself is doing less work
  11. $2.21/L at my local BP for 98. Wtf is that sh*te!
  12. Dinner date with wifey at a mexican place tonight, very keen
  13. Bit more to it than that unfortunately 😋 She's never been a "fast car" person, I have. She loves camping though and so do I, so we can both be happy with a 4x4 and go on adventures together with it. Then it can be a tow car for IMPULSIV3 v2 I'm young with plenty of time to save for another fast car in the future. Selling it now and growing up a little is probably a good thing lol. Happy wife happy life as they say hahah. But in all seriousness, she's sacrificed a lot in the 5 or so years we've been together, and I feel like its time I make some sacrifices to make her happy. She really wants kids, and a bigger car, and we don't want another loan. We'd be lucky to get 10k for her car, so if we sell mine we can at least get the car she wants that's new, and will be with us for the foreseeable future. She also doesn't want me to sell the car just to buy hers, its a decision I made. She always joked about it, until I was serious about selling it lol
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