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  1. same as previous post. BTR bolts will suit the ZF convertor
  2. Have run a gtx3576 on a 6 boost low mount. Response was exceptional. Great combo in a manual car
  3. Correct, once latched it'll stay off. Id suggest swapping the fuel pump relay with another relay in the engine bay fuse box to see if the fault moves with it. Could also be a poor connection on the pump or simply the pump is politely telling you its on the way out.
  4. Took the Glitter sh*tter to work. It's be on hiatus for an engine freshen up
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Nicecnc-Aluminum-Cylinder-Replace-2005-2012/dp/B07KXTL4S8 https://malwoodauto.com.au/whats-new/
  6. Introducing my eldest (6yrs old) to Star Wars. He's nearly getting it- "dad, whys baby Yoda big in the star wars movies but not in the show?" "is that dath Vader's dad?" "why is Luke Anikin so big in this movie" "is Padme Princess Liea?" "why is Luke,Darth Vader now?"
  7. At the risk of pointing out the obvious you don't need insulated bulkhead connectors to go through a thermoplastic Pump Module. Double R Ron is the metallologist and will be able to explain why zinc/nickel coated studs/bolts won't be the best conductors (something about surface conduction or something vs a whole conductors) but if I was you I'd get some good old black steel m6 bolts and nuts, install quality crimps and use the black steel bolts to secure them. I use https://www.efihardware.com/products/1593/submersible-pump-bulk-head-terminals to run my TWIN intank 460
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