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  1. Air leak from the intake manifold gasket If you leave it long enough it'll go into closed loop fuel control and will calm down They normaly got right @#1 cylinder due to the heat from the thermostat housing
  2. The exhaust housing is cast steel not cast iron. It'll weld fine without pre and post heat but if you have the facilities preheat is the go. Heat it to 200 deg, weld it and then wrap it in heap of old welding gauntlets (you should have plenty being in the trade) and let it cool down at its own rate. Ive done heaps with and without preheat and haven't had one crack yet. The temps the turbine housing gets to in operation is good for normalising and stress relieving the weld once it's in service
  3. Nah install was junk. Will do a proper installation and get it on 72spokes once it's rego'd Basic resto then get it licensed and cruise it.
  4. I don't have a method per sae. I just train them has worked for the last 3 dogs. Might watch Zak George, hopefully he's got some tips on training the kids....
  5. Got a new Litte Mate a few weeks ago. She's already settled into the Shed Dog role.
  6. Was changing wiper blades, instructions where unclear so I cut the floor out
  7. As you do when you are bored in June Dat Ass Doe
  8. same as previous post. BTR bolts will suit the ZF convertor
  9. Have run a gtx3576 on a 6 boost low mount. Response was exceptional. Great combo in a manual car
  10. Correct, once latched it'll stay off. Id suggest swapping the fuel pump relay with another relay in the engine bay fuse box to see if the fault moves with it. Could also be a poor connection on the pump or simply the pump is politely telling you its on the way out.
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