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  1. hopefully not, tuner will be paying for it haha
  2. yeah we jumped the gun and wen't to test after new ecu and coils. the other dude I spoke of with the same issues is getting a whole new harness put in, I'll let him be test dummy and see how it goes
  3. hey all, got a mk1 fg xr6t. got tuned to 390rwkw on 98, all the supporting mods for it. car was running nicely right up until a week and a bit later, the pcm stopped sending signal to coil 5. swapped coils around and the coil from cylinder 5 worked in other cylinders. new ecu and new coils (genuine ford not aftermarket junk), ecu calibration from ford and some $$$ later, it's still misfiring. ran vac tests, checked injectors and adaptors. only thing that remains the same is harness, which hasn't been touched in any way so unsure of how it could have made the first pcm driver fail. fi
  4. Check individual coils and plugs and run vac tests. (spray soapy water around all intake manifold sections after throttle body, vac lines/hoses included) could also be injectors
  5. Update 2: now missing again in the same coil. this is with harness, coils and ecu replaced. my tuner is an LS specialist (several 1000+hp street cars including his own) but he has only done around 15 xr6t's and f6's combined. Neither my tuner or myself are sure if there could be any weird settings that need to be adjusted in tune. everything looked good from timing to a/f ratio as well as torque settings. not name shaming and wish to stay loyal to my tuner as he's trying his best. my car and another fg are the only 2 with the issue and were both worked on days apart. same parts used etc
  6. Update: got the components replace, car towed to tuner and my tune uploaded, car is now not boosting and has an engine light. Running more tests this arvo after work, fixing them and putting it on the dyno again
  7. mine has done the same, cylinder 5 misfire, no signal sent to coil. ran vac tests, resistance tests on injector plugs (ID 1000cc injectors and adaptors to suit) threw code P1358 and wouldn't clear. new ecu in and it's at ford being reset now. I just don't want it to happen again. new loom etc too. might install new injector plugs to remove the adaptors. fingers crossed lol
  8. might have to take the car to ford for them to wipe the ECU. My car threw code P1358 due to a failed driver circuit in the pcm. new (or second hand) ecu then off to ford for a reset, then my tuner will upload my tune into fresh ecu.
  9. Already on it, thanks mate ? will report back once finished
  10. That's what we put it down to k31th. Is there anything that can be done th prevent it happening again?
  11. Hey all, long time reader first time poster. My 2011 mk1 fg xr6t has been modified and tuned. A week after the tune it started running sh*t and threw code P1358. We checked the coils, swapped them around etc and each coil works fine. The pcm stopped sending signal to the coil for cylinder 5 though. Got a new computer and car is at ford now for keys to be married to new ecu and them tune to be uploaded into new ecu. Does anyone know why the pcm can sh*t itself like that and what can be done to prevent it from happening again? Nobody can give me answers, seen it happen to another xr6t at the sam
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