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  1. @JETURBO I'm running the Venom cat pipe and stock cat back exhaust mate. Should I go the Venom dump and cat when I do my new Venom cat back exhaust system.? Or will my Venom high flow cat pipe be good enough with the new Venom cat back mate.?? Cheers 🍻
  2. @JETURBO whats the gains in this Venom cat back exhaust over stock system. I'm running the Venom high flow cat pipe with the stock exhaust system with the baby 3576 turbo. Looking at turbos next. Maybe GT3582R turbo. Cheers 🍻
  3. Ok will do mate. Think ill go the mild steel. Thanks again for ya help jet
  4. @JETURBO I'm looking at doing Venom cat back exhaust on my fg xr6 turbo. Running the Venom high flow cat. What's better mild steel or stainless mate 🤔 What's the life span on the mild steel Venom.??
  5. smashing my date 

  6. Jet how did u find the pulsar GTX3582r mate.??
  7. They a good turbo pulsar.? Because they are a great price.?
  8. Im really keen on Gtx3576 turbo in pulsar.
  9. Anyone out there experience the pulsar gtx3576 or GTX3582r. Pro's and Con's.
  10. My fg xr6 turbo 50th anniversary Daly 305rwks on 15psi.
  11. How much boost she running mate.??
  12. Awesome result mate. I'm running 20kws less on 15psi boost. Using the Venom cat pipe. Process west stage 1 cooler 1000cc injectors wolbro 255 fuel pump. Tuned on SCT. Who tuned your car mate.?
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