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  1. f6mark

    Fg F6 Mods

    tune only and high flow cat 300rwks
  2. Happy Birthday f6mark!

  3. Did you use the Venom cat & dump mate.?
  4. my 2012 mk2 FG F6 is booked in today for same thing. its only got 10.000kms on. lucky I still have Warrenty.
  5. f6mark

    Fg F6 Tune

    mine pulled 274rwks stock.
  6. Look Great mate. is she still runing stock power mate.?
  7. f6mark

    In The Club

    yep. im still here. but know smashing.. well done Bomber good to see u made a bit more power. I think 362rwks 16psi is perfect power for the street & track.
  8. f6mark

    In The Club

    well done Bomber. good to see u have it all sorted
  9. f6mark

    The New Guy

    Go see kent & the team @ Hi Torque Performance mate. they did my last f6 I had. did a Great job. or drive up to Caplabar & see Clinton @ Profile Auto sports. he is very good as well..
  10. Happy Birthday f6mark!

  11. yep. u will be happy with a f6.
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