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  1. OK, I was under the impression that the fuel cutoff switch is an inertia switch that was designed to cut off fuel in the event of the car being impacted (car crash/etc). If this is correct then it may not be connected to any sensors? Excuse my ignorance
  2. I havent spoken with the tuner as I bought the car already tuned from a car dealer and dont know who did the tune. What makes you think its the tune - as I cant understand why the tune would affect the fuel cut off switch?
  3. Hello, I have a 2012 FG turbo auto tuned on E85. Intermittently the fuel cut off will trip. An error will also come up on the dash to say that the fuel has cutoff, this can be cleared by pressing the SEL button the dash and the motor can then be restarted. The car can be idling or driving when it happens. Its only happened once when driving at low revs in a metro area. It can trip 1-3 times in a row and then the car runs fine Its never happened under boost. I cant recall it happening with a warm motor. The car has not been bumped or jo
  4. Thanks mate, that thread is pretty old and some of those places are out of business, but thanks anyway
  5. Hello, Im running a FG MKII XRT, 550rwkw Looking for a well respected place for ongoing servicing, preferably around Browns Plains Thanks, Michael
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