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    Boost cut

    Wheel spin causing traction control to kill power?
  2. AND..... the ute started and idles fine today!!! I hate intermittent problems.
  3. Ok, so I have the ute tub off and am trying to diagnose the issue. SOMETHING ELSE STRANGE is happening.... The ute now wants me to depress the clutch before it will crank the engine? It's never done this before. Is this a symptom of low battery voltage? I ran the battery low trying to start it earlier in the week and have had it on charge over night now that I'm home from work.
  4. Update: Just spoke to the guy who built the pump/drop in assembly and he assures me that it's a genuine Walbro pump and "these never fail" He told me to check fuses and relays which I already have. He said to check the wiring harness plug at the fuel pump, so I'll endeavor to do that. I asked if the 460L needed a dedicated power wire, but he assured me that it doesn't (which was my understanding too). He seams genuine and even gave me his mobile number so he can walk me through what to check when I have the plug off. Just a bit disappoin
  5. Ok brains trust, After enjoying my newly tuned ute I have encountered a problem that has me off the road. Last week for the first time ever, I started the car and it died soon after settling into an idle. It refused to restart... cranking over but not firing. We couldn't hear the (New 460L) fuel pump priming so we beat on the bottom of the fuel tank without any change. After trying for 10 minutes it fired back into life and we let it idle for 10 minutes and drove it home and had no further issues for a week. Until today, the car died in heavy traffic and
  6. All good. I'm just happy to have found a place with such in depth knowledge of these car and motors and everyone willing to share that knowledge and help others.
  7. It was hub dyno, so I know will probably read more than rollers. But....don't kick me out of the 300 club!
  8. ^ haha. I'm probably older than most of the people on here and am content with what I've got. It's just a daily driver, not a track car. It can spin the wheels now, hence my desire for a linear power curve and modified traction control. I have no use for extra power that I can't put to the ground. Happy to watch you all play with big numbers though.
  9. There's a little bit of safety in them... But, yes that's probably it. Luckily that's all I wanted.
  10. I asked for a nice, street-able power curve to minimise wheel spin. Also had the traction control modified to allow some wheel spin before reducing torque by pulling timing only so it keep revs, fuel and boost going. Much better than factory traction control.
  11. Hello all, I've been lurking around here for a year or so absorbing as much info as I could and recently bought a near stock 2011 FG XR6t ute in manual. My limited (budget) mods: - X-Force 4 inch dump, "VERY" High Flow Cat, full system with centre muffler delete (Bought 2nd hand) - Battery relocation, Cold air intake, hard metal piping. - F6 intercooler. - F6 injectors. - 460 Fuel pump. 335.5rwkw @ 15psi Just got home
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