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  1. Thanks mate I'll see how I go
  2. Could somebody tell me what the lower fitting is? It's the fitting that screws into the oil feed port on the turbo (GTX3582 gen2). The top of the fitting is -4 JIC but I'm guessing the bit that screws into the turbo is metric? I've over tightened it in my old turbo and I don't want to damage the thread on my new turbo. I need one asap...
  3. For searchers BA BTR Stock bolt size 10x1.25 17mm Stock flexplate 2mm thick Suitable ARP replacement for stock flexplate 10x1.25 .75" UHL pn 171-2801 (19mm) Yella Terra flexplate 5mm thick ARP 10x1.25 .875" UHL pn 103-2802 (22MM)
  4. Yes that's right, I spoke to Yella Terra and they get asked the same question regularly but don't have a part number available... I guess barras aren't too common in the States yet which is why they don't have a barra specific kit. The flex plate to crank bolts my engine builder supplied are a Toyota 1.8L part number so I tried them in a spare t/c and they happen to be perfect for the 5mm yella terra plate. I'll edit my second post as I'm not sure what thickness the stock plate is. If it's any thinner I would go with a uhl of. 75". The worst part is they aren't available separately and as I only need 2 it's a bit of an expensive exercise....
  5. Would anyone be able to tell me the bolt size that connects the flex plate to a BTR t/c? I'm running a Yella Terra flex plate and have the ARP crank bolts and would like the ARP t/c bolts as well.
  6. How about 894GC? I can't seem find anything on the net to verify that's an M86
  7. Yeah that's right, alot of these parts at wreckers are missing tags/stickers. A sticker number would be handy as I may come across one though. An easy tell without might not be possible...
  8. Either Keith, an external clue or popping the back cover off maybe?
  9. I'm wanting to pick up a FG M86 ute (or wagon) diff for my BA. Doesn't matter if it's LSD or open center but how do I tell if a particular diff is an M86 without relying on stickers or metal tags?
  10. Hoping someone can save me the trouble of removing my heat shields to do some measuring. I'm in the process of having an na engine built and will be using my stock BA exhaust manifold. I want to use studs and was wondering if anyone could measure the thickness of the exhaust flange/casting so I can get my stud length correct so everything is ready to go, thanks.
  11. I thought I'd put a couple of pics up. Whilst it doesn't apply to most of you guys as you'd all be in XR's it may help someone when trying to find spares should something happen. The BF2 non XR has a piece of trim along the front edge of the bonnet. Under this trim is steel and as you can see it's quite different to the BA, BF1 and the XR bonnets. You would have to change at minimum the grill, it also looks different around the lights as well but I can't be sure.
  12. I should have stipulated. I have a BA non XR looking at putting a BF2 XR bonnet on. Does the non XR BF2 have a piece of trim along the front edge of the bonnet? It looks like it in pics but I wasn't sure if that interfered with the grill or not.
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