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  1. Stock intercooler outlet I/d

    Awesome. Thanks guys, greatly appreciated
  2. Stock intercooler outlet I/d

    Thanks, yes the inner diameter is what I am after, not sure if using stainless or aluminum tube yet so the outer diameter can vary - I would like to ensure the inner is the same if possible.
  3. Stock intercooler outlet I/d

    Hi guys, Turbo RTV running well. Getting heat soak (bullbar will be restricting airflow quite a bit) and boost spike on gear shift so I am making a piece of pipe to install in the I/c outlet piping which I can fit water injection and a boost limiting valve to. I am running the standard cooler from what I am told is off a Typhoon. Is there any difference in the outlet pipe size from a Typhoon to a normal XRT? If someone could let me know what the I/d of the outlet is that would save me pulling it off and on just to buy some pipe. Is my daily so if I could get pipe today that would be a top job for the weekend. Thanks guys
  4. Xr6 turbo motor into RTV ute

    Cool, don't forget to show us some pics!
  5. Xr6 turbo motor into RTV ute

    How'd you go RTVRally? Any progress?
  6. Xr6 turbo motor into RTV ute

    No worries, have fun
  7. Xr6 turbo motor into RTV ute

    I forgot to mention traction control. If you have a sedan the ABS unit has probably got traction control, your RTV ute won't. The turbo PCM will probably be expecting to see the sedans ABS unit. You may get some minor issues here. I didn't want traction control so I stuck with an RTV ABS unit and the tuner had to tell the the vehicle it was a non traction control car (the cluster displayed ABS and TC lights). If you were keen you could probably find some rear brake lines from a ute with TC and swap the ABS unit and the brake lines in. You would have to constantly switch TC off though which I would find annoying. It would be handy in the wet though.... An RTV with turbo AND traction control would be something different!
  8. Xr6 turbo motor into RTV ute

    If your'e going to all the effort to do the engine swap and the turbo interior is in good nic I would consider swapping that in as well. The black interior looks nicer than the RTV one I reckon. http:// I didn't realise I had slight boost control issues until I got mine tuned and I drove it sedately until I could confirm AFRs were safe. With it running rich for safety and only in 2nd gear to keep driveshaft speed down it tuned to 350hp. I now have a stronger tail shaft and an electronic boost controller so will be heading back for a touch up tune when I get a chance. I hid the boost controller in the console and have 2 boost levels - BG1 is gate pressure 7psi and BG2 is hooked up through this 'fishtail' switch and increases boost to 12.5psi. http:// I hope to tighten up the tune and possibly increase the boost pressure if required to get around 400hp, all with a very stock looking engine bay and interior (besides gauges). http:// Good luck with the project! You won't regret it, Ford should have offered the RTV as a turbo I reckon. Let me know if there's anything I can help with or if you'd like some better detailed pics.
  9. Xr6 turbo motor into RTV ute

    There aren't any pitfalls as such, I also did auto to auto swap but I had alot of trouble getting communication through the canbus system. The turbo PCM didn't seem to be accepted by the rest of the system so I actually used the RTV PCM and had the tuner flash it with the turbo info. In the end it turned out that I had a faulty ABS unit causing the communication problem (replaced with another faulty unit which is why it was so hard to figure out!). If I was to do it again I would definitely persevere with getting the turbo PCM to work as although the RTV PCM works I don't think it has the drivers to operate the boost solenoid properly causing over boost on occasion. You will need to swap out the engine bay wiring harness which runs from the driver's footwell to (and including) the fuse box and across the front of the car finishing up near the the PCM. This will give you the required connectors for turbo system sensors. Steering rack no problem at all, I used a BF dump pipe as it's a much nicer unit than the BA twin exit cat but either should fit no problem. You won't be able to use much of the rest of the exhaust as the ute is quite different. I went twin 2.5" with straight through muffler and resonators. http:// http:// The diff lock is easy as well, you have a vacuum tank under the l/h from guard, you just need to T into the BOV line and source your vacuum from there. Make sure you have the check valve fitted, it's the little blue valve on the vacuum line, make sure it works correctly, my original one was leaking and would have allowed boost pressure into the vacuum tank. There are 2 vacuum solenoids mounted in front of the PCM, you'll only need 1 now as the other is for NA engine manifold shaft. Hook your remaining solenoid up to a manual switch, it's better than factory now as you can engage diff lock whenever and for however long you like. I used one of these switches but any switch will do. http:// T into BOV line http:// I ran the diff lock earth wire up to this LED near exh temp gauge so that I can tell once it's engaged. http://
  10. Flash tuner problems

    Ok, sounds good! Thanks
  11. Flash tuner problems

    Hi, I've almost finished my BA Turbo project and have to get myself a flash tuner. Ive heard the SCT X3 was a great unit but no longer available new, the X4 would be the next logical step but have heard that the X4 doesn't suit the old BA as well as the X3. There is some data it can't pick up or interperate? Is anyone able to help me out with more info in regards to X3 vs X4 for the BA Turbo?
  12. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Thanks Puffwagon I appreciate your help, I've played with cars a fair bit but always oldies. These electronic issues are challenging - I'm on a steep learning curve but I believe I'm getting a fairly good grasp of it as I go. I think I have just about worn out the search bar... Ralph Wiggum has helped me out in another thread so if he or any of the other guys have ideas I'd love to hear their thoughts as well. I will head over to hp tuners and do some searching there as well.
  13. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Thanks, any ideas are helpful at this stage. I've checked the brake distribution blocks and the ute has 5 brake lines coming out of it and the donor car has 6. So ute is non ABS and donor is ABS. There are electrical plugs attached so I imagine the PCM is expecting to see an ABS type unit. I can't swap it over as the brake lines are different due to IRS on sedan and live axle in the ute. There must be a way to tell the PCM it's not supposed to see a ABS type unit, what do you think?
  14. Swapping BCM with PCM

    I have got the car all up and running however it went straight into limp mode. It drives ok but only in 3rd? gear with the D flashing, I believe it's because it's not picking up a speed sensor as the speedo does not work. The (!) light is on, the ABS light is on and the Traction Control light is on, I think the airbag light is on as well. The 4 speed auto is exactly the same as far as I know in both my RTV ute and the sedan I used as a donor. I've swapped nearly everything from the donor into my ute, should I swap over the ABS unit as well? This seems to be the one thing in common with the errors displayed however I don't understand how the car could know the difference in ABS units from one car to the other? Thanks guys - nearly there!
  15. Thanks mate, will be nice to give it a proper test once I have more gears than just 3rd.

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