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  1. 👍I like it! I'll get another one and do the same
  2. No worries will do, thanks 👍
  3. Throttle shaft seal through Ford?
  4. Has anyone had issues with the cover that goes here going missing? I replaced it a couple of weeks ago and it's gone again. It must be when under boost as it clips in firmly, is there a seal or something that goes?
  5. Hi, I have a similar setup to you and only got 350kw as well. Did you change anything to get more power?
  6. Thanks for everyone's input. I have great respect for the tuner and my engine builder, I know things can be overlooked but I feel this is something I have not done properly or missed, or a poor ancillary part I've used. The engine does run warmer it used to sit halfway between 1/4 and 1/2 mark and now it sits a couple needle thicknesses below the 1/2 mark at cruise. I put it down to being a new engine but have a decent gauge on the way to monitor actual temp of coolant. Oil temps I'm not sure, I might try to get an OBD reader to check. I removed the I/c inlet pipe and used a bore scope to visu
  7. I think that's what came with the pistons when he ordered them. Ellis Engines up here in Bundy, very good to deal with would recommend 100%
  8. Specs of pistons, we did use a slightly thicker head gasket than the 20 thou specc'd on the sheet so compression just under 9:1
  9. Forgive my short responses I can still only post a few words at a time - so weird. Boost control is through an Eboost street as I'm using the RTV pcm. He did mention something about a characteristic of the convertor at low rpm but no dramas with boost control.
  10. I'll find out comp from builder, piping from turbo to I/c is 2.5".
  11. Mods list: Built BA engine GTX3582gen2 39mm iwg, B series manifolds, 4" dump 5" cat twin 2.5" exhaust. PW stage 2 cooler Plazmaman turbo side intake and cold side piping. PW surge tank, 1000cc id injectors GFB fuel reg. Ford coils and gas .7 plugs. Built trans not slipping or getting hot. That's the basics
  12. Thanks Keith, don't know what's going on I'll try to fix.
  13. Could an Admin please have a look at my account I can't post more than 1 line on my phone or PC
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