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  1. Hey lads , was driving home from work yesterday and heard a plastic shatter type sound didn't think much of it thought id just run over something, parked up today walking back to my car and notice my bloody foglight surround bezel has gone missing on the driver side (im guessing that was the plastic shattering noise) Did some digging and seemed like a pretty common issue when they first came out but now these are getting fairly old and scarse, Anyone come up with cheap solutions to replace? as I'm dreading spending 200-400 on a sh*tty piece of plastic, do the BF GT foglight surrounds also fit in the f6 bumper? might be another possible solution if I swap the other out
  2. Hey guys just recently got my f6 tornado back from a service as I had only just bought it an wanted to give it a nice fresh start and find out if anything was majorly wrong with it. Main problems noted were Exhaust rattle from high-flow cat Slight oil leak at gearbox rear seal Slight Oil leak at rear main seal and head gasket at timing cover Slight Oil weep at turbo oil drain flange gasket and a very slight coolant leak at turbo Both engine mountings leaked all fluid Where the hell should I start? any advice on where to go etc would be appreciated , im in WA
  3. JoL

    Hardtop Gas Struts

    Legend, thanks alot mate.
  4. JoL

    Hardtop Gas Struts

    Still needing this info if anyone is able to nip out the back an check their ute would be a big help.
  5. JoL

    Hardtop Gas Struts

    great, would be much appreciated.
  6. JoL

    Hardtop Gas Struts

    Hey lads was struggling to find some concrete info on this but. I just picked up my bf mk2 f6 tornado and the hardtop didn't come with the gas struts just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction length and nm wise and best place to get them, its the standard hardtop with spoiler. cheers
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