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  1. FG n/a motor to BA turbo conversion

    Well the point of this exercise is as much to get the experience in engine building as it is to have a fast daily. All labour except the tuning will be done for free at my old man's engine shop, and all new parts will be cost price for me. I plan on doing the engine install myself, and getting whatever parts I can second hand to really try and cut the cost down. I actually just picked up a second hand nizpro cooler locally for $350 yesterday: I get that I could achieve the same outcome for less money by getting another xr6t with the work already done, but I dont have the money to outright buy one, and ive upgraded quite a few things on my falcon already that I would really like to keep, and also I would love to stick with the xt look for the sleeper points. So keeping that in mind my next dilemma is deciding on which plenum to use. Ive got the black plastic plenum that came with the FG motor, the variable length one from my BA, or ideally I was looking at a FG turbo plenum but they are pretty expensive ~$500. what do you guys recon would be the best option there?
  2. Help choosing intercooler

    im aiming for about 500 rwhp with the stock turbo in my BA, it seems plazmaman and process west have discontinued their stage 1 kits and I would think that a stage 2 is overkill for my application. Is there anyone else that makes quality coolers for XR6 turbos for reasonable prices that I could check out ?
  3. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Hey guys not sure if this is the right place to ask this but does anyone in Perth have a balancer remover I could possibly borrow for an hour? Be happy to give a 6 pack in return and leave my wallet/phone with you until I give it back
  4. Hey guys, so some of you may remember the thread I made ages ago about the motor swap I did in my BA xt where I took everything off a crashed BA xr6t and put it in. I got the car licenced and have had it on the road for about a year now. Ive done quite a few track days at collie and barbagello here in perth and done a brake upgrade and a few other things, but the long and short of it is that I want more powa. I realize I could probably shave time in other ways, but ive been wanting to do an engine build for a while now and my old man runs an engine recon shop which will obvs be a huge help. SO the plan is to take the FG xt motor I bought with 110k kms and completely strip it down and rebuild it to run the turbo setup off my BA and try and make some power in the process. Now, im a uni student working part time so as much as id love to throw money at this thing and just go nuts I unfortunately cannot. Having said that, I want to do it properly and achieve ~500-550hp at the wheels reliably and comfortably. At this stage im planning on replacing all the bearings and rings in the motor running the stock crank/pistons/rods from the FG, getting stiffer valve springs, billet oil pump, and maybe some FG turbo valves. Then bolt the FG xt plastic plenum to the intake (would love the FG log one but way too expensive) and my BA exhaust manifold and turbo. Then I want to get some big injectors and fuel pump and a good intercooler. Run a turbo side intake, get rid of the crossover and make up some cooler piping to suit the FG plenum. As for the exhaust, I dont really wanna buy a whole system but I would get a high flow cat and maybe a bigger dump pipe and a muffler delete. After all this ill give it to simon at XFT for a tune and tell him im basically aiming to max out the factory turbo (or getting as close as I can) without hurting anything. What do you guys recon, would this be an alright way to make power kinda on the cheap? Any opinions or suggestions are welcome. Just as a sidenote I was also wondering whats the go with the variable cam timing when it comes to tuning. Will he put in a timing curve or just fix the cams to where it makes max hp? in which case you could get away with removing that stuff altother
  5. Circuit Racing

    Had my first go on Barbagello on saturday, and wow its a bit harder than Collie. First thoughts were how hard it is to judge where the apex of the corner is because theyre quite long corners often going over hills, as such I think I hit the apexes way too early and just end up hugging the inside of the track for the rest of it. None the less I had an absolute killer time and at least memorized the track somewhat for next time. Ran a best of 1:14.3 with plenty of room for improvement, and im looking for advice on how to reduce it Car: BA XT -> BA XR6 turbo conversion (5 speed manual) Mods: PBR premium front brakes with PMu HC800 pads, DBA slotted and drilled rotors, Territory rear brakes with Bremtec Evolve pads, Castrol high performance brake fluid, rear sway bar removed. Stock everything else VIdeo: few pics:
  6. R-Spec Typhoon suspension worth it?

    Thanks mate, saved me some coin there for sure. Im guessing from your profile pic youve done a fair bit of track work, any personal recommendations?
  7. Theres a full set of R-Spec Typhoon suspension I am able to get for $350 for my BA. From what I've read they are supposed to be better for track duties which is sort of what im going for with this thing. Do you recon itd be quite a noticeable improvement or should I just save up and get some teins or something?
  8. BA xr6t track day

    thanks mate, what specific brake fluid would you recommend? and will it be alright to use with a stock brake system?
  9. BA xr6t track day

    So I recently did my second track day at collie motorplex (WA) and the brakes are definitely the limiting factor when it comes to lap times imo. My fastest lap of the day was the very first one out which I think goes to show that they deteriorate shortly after heavy use, unless ofcourse I just get worse as the day goes on but I dont think so. After only about 3-4 laps they really start to lose effectiveness and there is a shuddering feel to them, but not through the steering wheel, and once I come in theres usually a fair amount of smoke coming off them. Im running 322mm dba T3 rotors with bendix ultimate pads on the front with PBR calipers and stock rears and ive taken the abs fuse out. After I came home and pulled the brakes apart I realised the right hand side front rotor had been skimming its outer edge on the caliper, and acually made pretty pretty heavy contact: I figure this may be due to the fact that they are std BA calipers on a larger than normal rotor (even through it wasnt making contact when initially installed) so I dug out some some FG calipers I bought ages ago but I couldnt use as they are completely seized and noticed that the pistons have different size recesses in them: (FG ones on the left and BA on the right) Not knowing much about the design of them but it seems like more contact area would be the way to go, I ordered new pistons and a seal kit off ebay all up for about 80$ for the FG calipers I think ill just rebuild them and hopefully they wont rub on the rotor. I guess my question is what can I do to improve the braking longevity without going all out and buying 4 pot bembos or something, as I cant really afford it at the moment, and still love to track it every now and again. Am I able to run larger rotors on the rear with a different caliper mounting bracket like I did in the front? and does anyone know what the largest size front rotor that can be run with the PBR caliper? Ive also seen that some of the FPV brake kits come with PBR rears which I cant tell if they are different from the std ones I have, as info about PBR products is apparently pretty hard to come by. Or maybe I just need better pads? I should also mention im running high temp racing brake fuid. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated and just if anyones interested heres some front wheel action of the track. I did a best of 58.44 which was a .44 improvement over last time and this is what the car looks like (just wanna show off the pretty picture I took :P)
  10. BA xr6t Collie track day

    So I took my BA xt to xr6t converted falcon to Collie motorplex for the first time for some track work. Absolutely killer time, did a best of 58.88 around it and overtook quite a few quick quick cars surprisngly. One major issue I had though was the breaking. Theres a low pitch rumbling noise and feel through the car on hard breaking, which I assume is just the ABS. I have the 322mm dba T3 rotors with bendix ultimate pads on the front and stock as rock rears, near new michelin pilot sport 3's all round and the breaking is definitely lacking compared to everything else. Is there any way to disable the ABS short of taking the wheel speed sensors out and hoping for the best? Ill flush the break fluid and replace it with something high temp before the next track day and maybe get some good pads on the rear. Ive also recently lost my licence for 7 months and am seriously thinking about turning it into a dedicated track car, ive have a had bit of a look around teh web and cant see to many BA falcons as track cars (besides V8 supercars) out there. I know it wouldnt be the quickest thing out there because of the weight, but I cant afford to buy a track car and really cant get the money to let go of the falcon after all the work ive put into it. Ive seen that AGI do off the shelf roll cages for BA's in a few configurations which is a good start for about $1700. Cant seem to find any racing coilovers though without getting custom stuff made which I probably couldnt afford. Could anybody point me in the right direction for racing stuff for BA's? TIA
  11. The Wa Cruise Ideas Thread

    fire extinguisher yes, not sure on the battery marking I should probably find out
  12. The Wa Cruise Ideas Thread

    Theres a track day on at Collie on Sunday 14th august, $90 to race $25 for day licence. Anybody keen to come down?
  13. The Wa Cruise Ideas Thread

    So does anyone here frequent any track days around perth? Was going to go to Collie this sunday but it looks like its gonna be raining pretty heavily. Also heard that the RAC track has been closed down due to noise complaints and between those there really isnt much left? No limits club do days at barbagello but that seems pretty serious competition wise. Its my first time out on a track just want something really easy going with lots of track time if anyone has any ideas?
  14. Sourcing Project mu ns400

    I was quoted $229 +shipping from project mu, $220 from Tokyo motorsports in perth, and a forum member can do them for $180 when available. Theres no ebay listings for the NS400 for a falcon front, but there is a listing for a HC800 for $287 shipped. Just wondering if the HC800 pads are still useable for street applications and if its worth the upgrade over the NS400? Its going on my daily but its gonna see a fair bit of track driving, but yeah prices seem to be pretty all over the shop and they seem to be a pain to get a hold of. Not really sure what I wanna do at this stage but, whats some other performance brake pad options for a BA? Or are project mu pads really the sh*t and I should just put an order in HC800 listing: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PROJECT-MU-HC800-for-FORD-FALCON-BA-XR6-XR8-PBR-02-9-AVP-104-F-/181982968468?hash=item2a5f07ba94:g:q7AAAOSwaA5WjNEn

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