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  1. Freda


    Thanks am will call consumer 9am today just find it wired for car dealership doing this without following a port of call. Me personally think it's fraud I pay 36000$ for the car and find out 5 yrs later its not mind wtf.
  2. Freda


    Hi guys I bought car 5 years ago at car dealership and I haven't know the car got PPSR on it from previous finance. ..till I went to sell my car and I found out the car has got PPSR for last 5 yrs since I own the car.. I call the dealership and chat to them the new right away that yes they meant to remove everything before re sell car to new owner which clearly they haven't done it and I can sell my car.:(..... . This been going on for 10 days now am fkn pist right off...any suggestions please shell I go to cosumer and log the default. My understanding is if the car h
  3. Thankyou I get the vacuum check out first. I let you know how I go with ?
  4. Whats up people trying to get some rest my next door neighbors party for 2 days now and is fkn drives me against the wall..grrrrrr.....be happy back to work up north. Have a great night people or and if anyone looking for friends talk sh*t and drinking hit me up lol.? just saying.
  5. Hi Ralph wiggum issues I have with  my o6 tornado ute. ...it runs and starts well but when stopping at light  it feels under load on drive gear and it seems like its gona stall it dose that all the time..... the car got 90kms on clock  few workshop told me soo many damn different things  so over it.   I like bit of help from  your its that's cool with  you..... what's your suggestion? Please 😆😆😆😆

  6. Freda

    Thanks I give that a go see what happens. ..as I don't  drive the ute all the time it dose it...I don't  drive it much only  got 90kms on clock. ..so gear should  never  gone on it .    Thkx for your help.

  7. Hi guys I got issueswith my ute 06 model 'the issues is when I drive my ute at the traffic light I stop and it feels like the drive gear under load also engine wanted to stop but if I take of gear put in neutral I got no issues. ..it runs and starts well also I notice vibration through out thr car...now been to 4 workshop and ive done transmission Changeout..one workshop told me needs new gear ? I need help someone help me out. I was thinking might be engine amount. Please help me anyone.
  8. Hello guys I don't wana disturb yours but I got a problem with my fpv tornado ute 06 model 6speed auto turbo. ...now problem I've been having is it starts and runs smooth no faults there but come up to light to stop the drive gear feels like under load and engine try to stop but when I take it of drive and put in neutral have no issues. ..now been to 4 workshop they one told me I need new gear otheres told me transmission I've done transmission also I notice bit of vibration through out the car. Can someone please help me out? .I don't want to sell it.? need help
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