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  1. I used to hear a whining/groaning noise in my xr6t but it was coming from the passenger whenever I accelerated
  2. do some burnouts on the stock wheels for maximum value before you get rid of them
  3. what monitor do you rock BCB? I swear you've said but cant be bothered going back in the thread
  4. have your ignition coils been changed before? Caused some weird ass transmission sh1t for me, but not that specific fault code. it's at the kms where you want to service your box as keith said above. when servicing it should become clear if the box is torched.
  5. Had to get the work van run on a DYNO to determine what was causing it to have no power. Bloody airflow sensor, whats pissing me off is it wasn't throwing any codes cause I could have saved like $500 fixing it myself.
  6. hey mate welcome to the forum. a great way to diagnose issues with your vehicle is to hold the brake while depressing the accelerator. it might take some practice but the rear tyres should start spinning. then shift through the gears while doing the burnout. make sure you film this and upload it to the forum. for extra points include your vehicle registration and a clear shot of you behind the drivers seat.
  7. skidxr6t

    The new hack

    thread has skids, I approve.
  8. hey thanks, I really appreciate all the photos that you took and uploaded here sad that somebody died, so young too.
  9. if you put a barra in a ranger could you call it the barranger?
  10. Not even to new estates, I've seen plenty of brand new FTTN developments because they're under 100 houses. They bought the cables from telstra. In their quest to save money the liberals actually took it too far, to a level I would describe as fraudulent. They knew the cabling was stuffed yet continued to go along with the plan...
  11. michelin pilot sport 3 mmmm I had invos on my last BF and I rated some cheap chinese tyres better for grip and longetivity.
  12. ready to rip all the copper out the ground so it all gets replaced! blood is boiling. it's actually fraudulent that nbnco re used this infrastructure - they knew it was in a terrible state of disrepair.
  13. hope it stays that way for a while because I was getting that speed a few weeks ago now dropped down to 40mbit. My nbn went to crap and keeps dropping out but was above the nbn minimum standard of 12 mbit and 5 drop outs a day so I had to disconnect my modem from the wall in order to get the pricks to come out. What pissing me off is the amount of money the liberals have wasted by changing the nbn to try and save money. They've actually shot this country in the foot. I love it when a liberal supporter complains about the nbn because I tell them they made their bed now time to sleep in it.
  14. I say build it strong and tune it properly and that's not a worry. these motors don't like being revved high I do know this but on falcons everything else breaks before the engine

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