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  1. increase your insurance and torch the car, should get it out. nah id probably go at that with a flat blade screwdriver and try and twist it out. maybe a drop of inox first and a beer to let it soak in, but sometimes that stuff f*@s sh23it up.
  2. The ATO will happily send people bankrupt....they can bloody well afford a backup system. Was looking forward to doing tax return ASAP...might have to do it the old fashioned way.
  3. If it fails during a mang mang from the mechanics it was gonna fail anyway. I always told the mechanics working on my xr6ts to give them a thrashing hahaha.
  4. Fill it to the top and reset your trip meter then look at the distance traveled when you fill up next while taking a note of how many litres you put in.
  5. it's pretty bad man, a friend who has the same is also coughing up blood and neither of us have done that before.
  6. since last saturday 😞 tuesday wasn't far off going to hospital and I aint never gone to hospital! the doc gave me some pills which suppress my immune system but let me breathe without needing 50 doses of asthma medication.
  7. Probably already whinged but despite having the flu shot a month ago or so ive caught the flu and it's bloody terrible. What really pisses me off is people have this twisted attitude of soldiering on....resulting in more people getting sick.
  8. good advice by keith above and after the tune you could purchase this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TYPHOON-F6-REAR-BOOT-BADGE-X-1-SUIT-BA-BF-FPV-SERIES/143153103984?hash=item2154970470:g:zIgAAOSwJtNcY4iS I would highly recommend having larger fuel injectors fitted when having your car tuned.
  9. man flu sucks. good to see keiths script to automatically post good morning is still working well....how ya'all going anyway?
  10. I can see the bloody boost leak, its right near the turbo where the boosted air comes out. id have it diagnosed/fixed within 10 minutes. You could also have a split pipe near the throttle body as that looks like the original plastic one too.
  11. hmmm booster in my experience goes hard or holds the brakes on slightly. Before throwing money at it, a brake shop can test a booster for you: I took one down to get rebuilt, they tested it on the spot and handed it back- the issue was a vacuum leak in that vehicle.
  12. Tell them your vehicle loves the ethanol and will have withdrawal symptoms if it's taken away. Gotta get more people to switch to it, what's so bad about having to fill jerry cans if you live far away and short trips between the servo, tyre shop and drag strip?
  13. drove a stock wrx today (without the owner present) and was impressed. could feel the front wheels grabbing the road as I floored it through the gears. don't lend me your car fellas.
  14. whats really boiling my blood is the lack of action or talk about the nbn in the current political climate! the liberals made a huge mistake with FTTN and it makes me so sad when I attend a house with only 12mbit speed on the nbn when a house around the corner will achieve 100mbit- both houses cost taxpayers the same amount to connect. @bloodycrashboy don't get me started on vegans. I believe their diet contributes to how unreasonable they are.
  15. saw cops on freeway a few months ago tailgating right lane hoggers and flashing their police lights for them to move and when they'd move left they did the same to the next car and so on. they were also keeping left when they weren't overtaking. was actually awesome to see.

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