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  1. Id go for gulf western have heard of it used in plenty of cars. Assume we are talking about fluid for the ZF so you can do mad skids and post videos up?
  2. had new turbo fitted to work car few weeks back, done 5k kms since. started making bad turbo noises and then the motor started making bad noises. took it to mechanic and told him the turbo or something and he said timing chain (there was a rattle), fixed that. Now they obviously took it for a drive and the turbos stuffed. better cover it under warranty cause id taken it back twice saying the new turbo had an issue and the bloody thing ran fine while the mechanic had it.
  3. make sure ya vent the paint fumes out HAHA car looks good mate. Good on you for having a crack at everything.
  4. Don't get why they have to give so much money to welfare recipients. It should have gone to the casual workers who lost their jobs. The message I got from that was 'continue to work if you get sick'. Once the money flows, I'd love to see how much of it was spent on booze or withdrawn as cash.
  5. time for change, you moving up in the world now 😎
  6. I reckon it's time for keith to drop his adminihamster avatar. haha at that, so true
  7. sh*t scared of this, couldn't breathe when I got sick last year not looking forward to this at all. There's a few good videos from people with medical backgrounds explaining the beer flu on youtube that don't leave me having a panic attack like most of the media's articles do. I could only find premium toilet paper at the shops as well. keeping on topic, what made me feel good today is we had some decent rain last night.
  8. Changed oil in the work car today. Was pretty happy that the new mechanic didn't over tighten the sump nut and oil filter when he did them 5000ks ago. I made sure to over tighten both of them 🤣
  9. fix whats needed so it can drive / be legal on the road - leave the outside a bit rough and sell/keep I say. You'll find someone that'll be happy to pour money into a turbofalcon after watching zac baldy or all the barras going fast on youtube
  10. I want the juicy inside info! There is not enough controversy here. Otherwise, A delusion of grandeur is the false belief in one's own superiority, greatness, or intelligence.
  11. Come test your clutch at whoop ass wednesday boost night 15th jan http://www.motorplex.com.au/ftp-waw-boost-night-jan-15/ Drop by mine on the way
  12. Have you been doing skids again? I feel like you haven't been doing enough skids, clutch needs more skids.
  13. I loved the fuel econ of my last falcon when it was cruising...compared to the first stock one. Couldn't resist punching the throttle to 150ks though... what fuel do they test all that stuff on? I assume 91?
  14. hows your project car going @k31th? forgive me if you sold it What gearbox are you planning on using? I swear I saw somewhere people were managing to fit the ZF 6 speed auto in some barra conversions... which would be mint!
  15. They've broken me with this case too! If I pulled the trigger I would go GPU block + two triple 120 radiators. Ran out of money after the 9900K upgrade though! Hey has anybody measured power draw under load? I get about 100W idle and 400-450w under load. running 650w PSU. 9900K+2080. I'm gonna sound like an apple fan but I can't go past the ipads, I still have the original ipad which is fully working and cannot say that about any android tablets I've owned. That being said you can get something far cheaper in android than apple... (edit: the ipad pro is crap, when I recommend apple ipad I recommend their cheapest model).
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