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  1. Happy Birthday EFSIX!

  2. Yeah ill have to see what he says on monday and go from there? I dont think they want anything to do with it as they have tried all they can and cant fix the issue? Why couldnt you be closer to the western suburbs Mick..lol
  3. I have no idea man and I think they are all out of ideas aswell? They cant figure it out? They have asked to take it to some guy that might diagnose the peoblem but there not 100% sure? I dont know what to do or say?
  4. that's my car bro? Umm who posted that story? I'm only on this forum? Unless the tuner did? Lol Mick do you reckon its the hp softwear that cant calabirate with my ecu or something? As these guys tune mostly ls1 but have done a few fords with no issues?
  5. Driving normally the car is fine,hits boost if I gradually get on the throttle fine ,idles a little out but I dont think its bad,its only when I get into it and say it kicks down (ba mk2 4spd auto) hits boost then shuts off the throttle and breaks down..
  6. Yeah buds two engines and still same problem? Wouldnt the tuner know if the ecu is gone? Wouldn't something at least come up telling him it's faulty? Haha man that makes two of us,well 3 if u include the tuner . lol
  7. Yeah mick apparently it was for both but I couldnt agree more? They thought a tune or whatever was gonna fix the issue?
  8. Ok so from the start the car was initially over boosting once getting on the throttle or so I thought,so pretty much what its doing now..was talking to a few people and said get the car tuned/cleaned up and all should be well..ok so once put on a scanner with no faults they proceeded to clean all air fuel and so forth,while they were there I thought it wouldnt hurt to tun more boost? They tried running 10-15psi but it kept breaking down heaps til eventually after about 10 passes amd f*ckn around they thought it was all fine to give back to me? I took if for a day was running great til I was getting into it then car died and starting running like crap? Diagnosed the problem amd great no#6 cylinder was down? Wtf 80km motor gone,then these guys are saying its my fault as it didnt happen on the dyno or when tuning so its my fault..I took fault and got anothet engine off my mates car which was running til I pulled it out..put motor in car was ideling fine driving fine hittin about 5psi but still good. Took it back to get some boost into it and make sure everything is fine? Got it back coz apparently everytime they tried pumping boost in the car would break down and do the same thing as the other motor? Got me F#@*? He said it was the cat,they guttered it and so they thought it fixed the problem? 2 days later im here with my head between my legs having the same dramas? Ive paid 1k to get the car tuned and well thought tuned as he is a mate but he has no idea and nobody else he knows does? Im tired of pumping money into it with no results? What are your thoughts?
  9. Ok so its been a week and now the car is doing the same problem again? Its on 10psi but if I ease onto the throttle its fine but the moment I hit it hard it breaks downs,coughs and splutters then wont even hild idle at all but if I turn it of and on the car idles fine? Wtf is this problem? I havnt gapped the plugs yet but that can't be the problem can it? Im loosing patients in this car and just paid to get it tuned with no results,just take my money and give me the same issue?
  10. Thanks guys,I wanted to change the coil packs but my tuner is saying its not the coil packs?? I just changed my cat and now its running fine atm but I do get msome occasional break down when getting into it but im thinking gapping the plugs? Does anyone know what gap sizes I should be running with a little boost?
  11. Hi guys,im having trouble with my ba xr6 turbo 4spd auto.. When I drive it and put my foot into it,once it gets to about 4000rpm it pretty much shuts off the throttle and starts running like dog sh#*? If I turn the car off and then back on again it runs fine until I put my foot into it again? Now if I gradually get into the throttle it drives ok but again at a higher rev range ot happens more? Its boosting fine,ive put it on a scanner with no codes shown,plugs are new bkr7e ngk normal ones as was told by tuner? Ohh and another thing once put on a dyno the car runs good on 5psi but the moment we try put aome boost in it its like it breaks down and does the same thing on both road amd dyno tests? Can I be the cat? As there are no codes that indicate it can it be? What are peoples thoughts? Thanks in advance?
  12. arnt you meant to wear a helmet on a race track? promoting safe driving are they..hmm it doesn't look too bad on the ad though
  13. hey does anyone know if the new fords have a stupid key/engine start button that is of no use at all?? lol
  14. my mates got a bit of mild steel with a short/slim joiner to the turbs,it faces down and doses very loud,very similar to the vl's and has a bit of fly wire suck to the end? not a good idea but its been like that for over 2yrs and no dramas?
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