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  1. ^this x 100 @Slowxr6t have a wander through this thread
  2. I'm no expert but a T56 should be up to the job at 1500kg The magnum version would be ideal if you can get a decent price over there?
  3. @OZYWALKER is Caucasian as they come, what do do u.... oh wait Just type "black nob" and see where Google takes u lol If that don't work, try www.core-shifters.com
  4. "Valid": (of an argument or point) having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent. "a valid criticism" Keefy I don't see any alternative... I'm chalking this up as a win orright #atyourowngame Jokes aside mate, you need to wake up earlier
  5. Yessir #99258 is valid regardless of whether the conversation a couple pages back occurred or not I know you like this sort of argument 😘
  6. Factx is factx, what you said or didn't say isn't strictly relevant 1st warning cheers
  7. Spring colour merely differs between manufacturer, nothing to do with rating AFAIK Lovells are typically blue, no idea on purple No part numbers or marking on the leaves? Ratings (eg. std or 1T) will vary, but leaf springs will be interchangeable between ute & wagon
  8. Ozark season 3 has just dropped on netflix, hope it lives up to previous seasons
  9. I know what you mean but cos it's there every morning I think of it as a general greeting rather than a conversation starter. When I open the forum on the unread content page, if I see your 'good morning' in the preview of the OT topic then as a rule I don't bother to open it but as a result sometimes overlook other stuff So yeh mix it up
  10. @k31th can I suggest a good morning thread all by itself?
  11. I tell a good story anyway lol
  12. Properly tuned on e85 with appropriate bolt-on mods, you can push that much power through a healthy stock FG turbo motor with a set of valve springs If you're set on building your first motor, personally I'd be practicing on a few taxi donks first vs. learning with expensive parts but that's up to you. What trade are you doing?
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