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  1. camo86T


    ^spot on. Your earlier comment had me scratching my head: Pretty obvious Eric/Ayden is one troll doing his/her/its thing but got a few bites I guess....
  2. camo86T


    FG NA XR6 was good for low 7 sec 0-100, would stay with most pre-LS1 hommusdores
  3. I was about to post: "No, I've never had that. Interestingly enough your wheel/tyre size combo is identical to what I previously ran, also without issue." Then I remembered that I do get some fault flash up when I'm getting properly up it ie. 3rd-4th pulls, may be abs but I don't remember... it disappears by itself though. I'll check it next time it happens
  4. True; "has anyone ever seen this kit used" would've been better wording and it's probably really only of (casual) interest to welders/fabricators My brother and I are setting up the shed at the back of the workshop properly, will post some photos (yes, in the relevant sub forum ) He's doing a lot of after hours auto fab work through scumtree and word of mouth... intercooler piping, exhaust mods, along with the usual 4x4 bar work etc He's had a bit of interest from at least 1 customer about doing LS conversion turbo manifolds and doing some research led to this kit coming up. I used to do a fair bit of this other fab work, but previously always tried to steer away from automotive items since there were too many pimple dicks in s13's after $100 intercooler pipework... With decent contacts it appears to be a whole new ball game though, I may just get back into it
  5. try again... Edit @k31th are you talking about any recent photos not showing? Anything I put up comes from my google photos shared folder (or not, which is why the earlier one didn't work)
  6. Anyone ever used this kit? Pretty cool idea https://www.icengineworks.com/
  7. Had a late one at the workshop Fri night. Conditions on the way home were conducive to low hp drifting ie. Raining which was good since I was driving the truck... Young bloke decided he wanted a go in the Navara so below is only a few seconds long but still pretty funny
  8. S'rainin, s'pourin....... NSW's current water management infrastructure in action: Forget about blue bellied black frogs and ancient middens (ie. sh*theaps) ... BUILD SOME MORE DAMS YOU TWATS
  9. Yeh... realised after I posted I can't look at it either lol Preview says enough to get the gist though
  10. Wayne Newby's track advantage revealed: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/fairfield-advance/400-thunder-dragracer-wayne-newby-sentenced-over-drugfuelled-crash/news-story/30f1fe225bf620bef033db204d76af30
  11. Keysborough, yeah that's right next to Sydney isn't it. Top effort there brains
  12. nah just flicking thru random msgs and copied some not much happens in here these days...
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