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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    He said it was legit, we quoted....can be sure we would've done a little digging if he sent through a PO haha
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    Ahhh....just confirming the questions in the quote marks were only being asked inside my head Just that none of them are outside the realms of possiblity is all, the first 2 are very probable The actual purpose of the visit is 100% factual. Funnily enough 2 months ago we had had a guy ask for a quote on a reactor for medical cannabis lol
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    Which bit are you umming and what-ing about mate lol
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    A bit earlier today, receptionist says cops are at the front door of the office, want to talk to who's in charge. Walking down the stairs it's funny how many things run through your mind even though you're clueless what they're after. "Who is the owner of the blue turbo ute?" "A young guy with your company's logo on his back has been reported in the industrial area on an un-registered dirt bike, riding dangerously" "One of your employees has been under surveillance for X months for suspicion of drug supply" "One of your employees is under suspicion of being in possession of unlicensed firearms" None would surprise me... Turns out they're looking into stainless steel fabricators since the big end drug mobs are turning away from dunny bowls and glassware and getting more and more into custom made stainless reactors for their meth etc. So, guys hit me with a PM for your requirements lololol
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    not a heap of car updates lately?
  6. Hey mate.... Georgie? No I don't 'know' you but I did a lot of digging online a couple months back - read through your thread on 4x4earth.com and elsewhere...love the build!! Reason being my younger brother is looking at buying his mate's maverick with turbo E series 4.0L (been sitting in our yard at work for 6+ months now) - you might've come across the original owner's thread, dazzle or da22le I think his user name is/was - fabricator guy. I may send you a pm if that's ok rather than clog this thread up. RE your query, others will chime in but I've also got 1000cc injectors, 460 intank fuel pump, valve springs and BA/BF turbo with mods, making just over 400rwkw through a 6 speed manual. Apart from valve springs, stock FG motor - no pump gears or timing kit either. The 31s and RE4 will obviously rob a certain amount of power - someone else may have a better idea of how much - but I would've thought an experienced barra tuner could push your current setup to 375~400rwkw on 98, assuming there is decent airflow and intercooler is up to the task. Your fuel pump setup will definitely be the bottleneck if you go e85, with a surge tank and pump you could push the current turbo to the limit (anywhere between 450~475rwkw in a falcon on e85, depending on who you ask ) @Ralph Wiggum doesn't log on here as much as he used to, but he's done a barra swap into a patrol I believe, and has a lot of experience with barras in general Edit Was going to post the link for your thread - nice intake upgrade btw! - but I'll leave that to you
  7. Quick tyre question

    Go the willtheyfit website I posted a link to earlier and enter the different sizes you've mentioned. You'll find that the 245/40/19 is about 25mm or 3.6% bigger than the 245/35, while the 245/45 is nearly 50mm larger diameter or around 7%. The "acceptable" size difference will depend on who you ask but above 3% is generally considered a no-no due to potential ABS issues.
  8. Quick tyre question

    You don't want to be running 275/40/19 up the back then, rears will be nearly 50mm bigger diameter. Plenty of conflicting info out there you can google, but I wouldn't be using tyres more than say 2% difference in diameter front/rear. 275 is way too wide for the factory rims anyway which if I remember correctly are only 8.0" - 245 is max 'recommended' width for an 8" rim, you could probably go to a 255 without too many dramas.... @arronm?? Best way to 'smooth out your ride' would be to go to an 18" wheel but probably not what you want to do. Jump on http://willtheyfit.com and play around with your options, personally I'd be sticking with the 245/35 (or go to a 255 if it fits ok - some tyre brands are wider/narrower than others even size for size) or go 245/40 all round, or get different (ie. wider) rims and run wider tyres. Check out http://tyresales.com.au and https://tyres.supercheapauto.com.au or your local tyre guy and see what's out there, read reviews, use the search bar on here and make your decision.
  9. Quick tyre question

    Your posts are contradictory, do you have 245/35 or 235/45 on the front? Big difference in rolling diameter
  10. What exhaust to run on FPV F6E

    Hey mate welcome to the forum No pic in your post? Have a bit of a look through here https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/112-exhaust-workshop/ Venom seems to have a fair few fans these days; price is very reasonable and quality is apparently pretty good https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Venom-FG-FGX-Turbo-Sedan-Turbo-Back-Exhaust-Falcon-XR6-FPV-F6-FORCE6-BARRA-/262466481624?hash=item3d1c38add8 @JETURBO may be able to help you out with pricing Xforce is another option, nizpro is expensive - good quality but most hate their v band flanges, TOG is a cheaper nizpro copy, manta is very good quality but more exxy than nizpro...there are a few others but can't think of them right now. Then there's the fleabay or scumtree 2nd hand lucky dip, as always you can either get a top deal or a turd. Throw some pics up of your f6e when you get a chance.
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    is it the one that trips you up when you walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night

    ^What he said
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    You mean it's just a stock turbo but he's trying to pass it off as a gtx cos 0.7 front housing...? The way I read it initially, seemed like you were saying "gtx doesn't have 0.7 front housing" but may have misinterpreted

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