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  1. camo86T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    So true Right now is a bit offensive in here, fan timer only goes for about 4min, way too short
  2. You'll also need e85 rated submersible hose in the cradle if you plan on getting it tuned on that now or in the future, stock ones will get chewed. Sizewise the pump is the same or near enough. Can't offer any help on exact mods to the cradle as I got the tuner to do that, not something you want to mess with for the pittance you'd pay extra. If you're on good terms with your tuner ask him to show you exactly where to drill and how big etc.
  3. camo86T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Only hamster juice
  4. camo86T

    GT3582R vs GTX3582R?

    @arronm is that the car with a bit of headwork done to it
  5. camo86T

    GT3582R vs GTX3582R?

    ^This I estimate a $20 would work out roughly $0.0843 per individual question, better make it a pineapple @Slowxr6t
  6. camo86T

    Goeers thoughts

    Optimal soot coverage too
  7. camo86T

    Goeers thoughts

    Who is the current SA cruise controller now bendoco isn't on here... Need to organise a group run so goeer can strut his stuff pics if it happens
  8. camo86T

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Bad move..... Maximum Oil Soot
  9. camo86T

    Goeers thoughts

    Seems hard to rule out OP as a common or garden troll but he's much more complex, and has a certain element of authenticity to his posts Any case, @goeer's still a dipstick we love your work, adding entertainment to the forum never stop being a freak
  10. camo86T

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    Good point OP, the one I linked just above is the AWD version RWD model has the same (front wheel bearing assembly) as the Falcon
  11. camo86T

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    Ummm maaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.... Ideally thread would've been called 'Territory front wheel bearing' or similar and first post something like; hi guys Im trying to fix my ford territory ford says $150 for the hub assembly but only get it in 6 weeks ,other places say $300 the hub I thought I could machine the existing hub and fit a bearing in but I cant take the one off my car without destroying the bearing so I needed dimensions to buy a bearing then dissemble mine machine the hub and fit a bearing Any ideas? Then replies could've been along the lines of: Hey Just google Territory front wheel bearing and buy the whole assembly elsewhere, easy to find.... eg. https://www.alliedbearings.com.au/front-wheel-bearing-hub-kit-for-ford-territory-awd Says it's in stock And that's how you forum... can only offer advice based on facts submitted. You're welcome
  12. camo86T

    ute register

    Lenso D1R
  13. camo86T

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    Not trying to be a smart arse - first time for everything - but the verniers held at that angle won't give you an "accurate" dimension...I believe @NA_TURBO was giving an indication on bearing ID and focused more on readability that actual dimension Actual bearing ID is 37mm, not 36.4-ish as shown in the pic ie. 11ty billion miles out in this particular bearing application Anyone else but you I would've let it go, but I know you're all about being correct......
  14. camo86T

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

  15. camo86T

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    What are you actually trying to do?

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