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  1. ^^this.... And not just a "Hey, what's up, got an Audi" in the OT thread, but a brand new special thread of its own 😆 <drives across Audi dealer forecourt> "This car is rad, gotta let the plebs know asap"
  2. That sucks fluff What's the actual feels like, joint pain, fatigue etc...any better than previous or about the same Oh and congrats on anniversary btw
  3. camo86T


    Nothing wrong with Crow if that's what they are. What makes you think they're worn out?
  4. camo86T


    Doesn't it already have valve springs done...?
  5. Hey @Joska_unofficial Barra into sierra sounds pretty tough. Lots of good info on this site, have a bit of a read through these sections; https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/231-conversions-transplants-and-frankensteins/ https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/123-300-club/ https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/152-400-club/ And this thread Late 2008 onwards (FG & FG-X models) turbo motors will handle your power goal with ease with some valve springs, oil pump gears are good insurance. Otherwise you can go the N/A + built option of course. Injector Dynamics have a reputation for being the best for this application, Bosch 1000s will do the job though. Turbos - the factory GT3540 with modified turbine housing (enlarged port & flap on internal wastegate) has worked well for a lot of people, mine with billet compressor wheel makes a bit over 400rwkw on 98 and just under 440rwkw on e85. Since your best option is probably buying parts in from the US, I'd be going the gtx3576 gen 2. If you could make the standard intake & exhaust manifolds work you've be laughing, but as you've said not likely. An aftermarket plenum like Plazmaman's retro conversion is something to consider; definitely not cheap but they've been especially designed to suit engine swaps for old Falcons, Capris, Cortinas etc so could save you a lot of pain. Hit them up with an email. https://plazmaman.com/product/billet-ba-bf-fg-retro-conversion-manifold/ RE actual motors, there are a couple of guys on here from the US - Florida I think - one of them has imported 5 or so N/A barras for these sort of conversions. May be worth a look considering your location? @Mustangman570 & @SelectivePC All the best man, look forward to this build PS. Your English is expert level compared to some of the tards that jump on here from time to time...
  6. camo86T

    Xr6t rattle

    This is what I was getting to in your other thread. There is no way that somebody does valve springs and head studs and nothing else, as their first stage of mods. Either it has stock valve springs and studs; or more likely, it's had a fair amount of mods done including springs and studs, then old mate has returned everything else to stock to sell it, which leaves a lot of unknowns and potential issues. I say potential - could be fine, but start changing parts and upgrading power and there is a lot more scope for pain, and a lot more questions to be asked/answered. Back to topic, all the suggestions arronm made could apply. It may have a twin plate clutch, or a ceramic plated clutch, these often have a rattle. I would start by hitting up old mate with some hard questions.
  7. camo86T

    Xr6t rattle

    How long have you had the car? Has it always done it?
  8. camo86T

    Fg Xr6t

    @Jordo C did you want an answer or not
  9. camo86T

    Fg Xr6t

    @Jordo C When you say 'doesn't require a tune' do you mean "the first mod tune for this car" or do you mean "another tune"?
  10. Terry x-over 7 seater let off the chain, stupid power in a fairly mid sized people mover/suv. Started its life as a na family banger with nearly 300000 on clock, it did it's job fine but it was time for a change. I didn't want her to go so told the mrs "go and get yourself a car... sell mine...? I'm having this!" (she ended up buying another territory ghia) oh well Anyway the operation was to begin. I sourced an xr6 turbo whole vehicle from the country, where it was owned by a young bloke for approximately 12 hours who then subsequently put it through a fence, a tree then finally ended up in a paddock. The xr was actually given to him by his father that morning, who over the years had spent a small fortune, only to look at his car crumpled sitting in a paddock. With his wife staring he couldn't or wouldn't say too much, but his eyes told you... So, poor bloke's nightmare turned into my dream (for a change), towed it home on trailer and got started there and then. For the next month, everyday after work I tinkered, with only a few hiccups along the way. It was quite easy except for exhaust, which carries over the diff just under rear third row seats. Tune after tune later, and a play with pats she was away. Good fun, and no one expects it to say 'seeya' as it boosts on and away from the p plater with no idea what happened... Details Pics FTFY
  11. @Luka sintic I just made the assumption you had a sedan for some reason.... 18x9.5+10 will be basically nearly identical distance to the guard as my 19x10.5+22 https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=265&aspect=35&diameter=18&wheelwidth=9.5&offset=10&width2=285&aspect2=30&wheel_size=19&wheel_width=10-5&offset2=22 Photos below, ended up trimming 15mm off the guard as it scrapes hard when suspension is compressed otherwise
  12. Where's @Puffwagon hiding these days
  13. No chance of fitting that offset without guardwork. Have a read of this thread

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