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  1. Red hand means no more kebabs
  2. Agreed My old ute made 403rwkw on 98 with only 18psi on a roller dyno so it's doable but it's a manual same as yours which you well know read higher on a dyno
  3. He has the fastest factory-not-factory turbo to not go 250kmh Edit Arronm if someone is asking what power a factory turbo makes, you can guarantee they're interested in potential that doesn't required a modified head ffs
  4. Simmons FR-C https://www.simmonswheels.com.au/series/simmons-fr-concave-series/
  5. one of the more honest listings I've ever seen....
  6. What's the difference between a lightbulb and a pregnant woman? you can unscrew a lightbulb IRL lol'd
  7. As in remove & replace turbo yourself? Providing you have reasonable mechanical aptitude, yes
  8. Flapper mod itself will be $150-200 from someone like MTQ
  9. If the pieces have locating pins/dowels in the ends it'd be OK, if not then forget about it It's not the timber strength in question, it's stopping them from slipping apart/off, particularly the top ones
  10. https://plazmaman.com/product-category/air-intake/ford-falcon-babf/
  11. I had twin 044s on a plaz surge and have got 2 pierburgs to replace them so will be more or less same as yours, haven't opened up the fuel tank to check lift pump but would be surprised if it wasn't a 460 Q about return line was conjecture only, obviously the standard pot has its scavenging limits and in that scenario the surge would basically be a buffer albeit an expensive one I wanted to use a hobbs switch so the 2nd pierburg only came on at ~5psi boost, pretty sure this has been done before
  12. Hypothetically, if you wanted to wanted to go all out to avoid heating of fuel would it be possible to run return to main tank and have a big arse lift pump? or plain not practical? @Romulus apologies for hijacking thread Weren't you M6 something something before?
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