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  1. No worries Just take the obvious precautions when cutting and you'll be sweet
  2. @HSVKILR Cutting a rectangular hole in the base of the tub (directly above the tank) makes it a piece of piss, since you obviously don't have to remove the tub, only the liner. You just need a replacement panel that's slightly larger so you can screw it down, easy to make. Takes me less than 10min to get the side rails off, liner out, panel off and fuel pump out. Edit Great minds something something....
  3. Well @k31th you made an indirect recommendation with that link....and you're in the market for a job...? Looks like you're signed as an apprentice 😂 First job is to change old mate's fluid lol
  4. ^^ what these guys said @ShinallWithout doing bodgies you can't just turn up the boost on these cars. Ultimate cheap mod is the holesaw treatment for the bottom of your airbox as k31th said, which doesn't cost anything other than a 3" holesaw from bunnings. You may be well able to fit parts yourself but the car will need to be tuned to suit to have any reasonable gain. Eg. an exhaust will may give you a very slight performance increase plus a decent note, but $/kw you'd be far better off putting that money towards a tune (if you don't want to spend on both). Work out how much - if anything - you're willing to spend and we can make further suggestions. Where are you local?
  5. Had a mind blank, did you get another BA?
  6. ^This sort of a jog always makes the drive home from work entertaining, especially when it's with something that handles well Much prefer to be in front... I was chasing an STI (the Subaru type ok) through some twisties a while back and nearly re-shaped his bumper & boot when he braked a fair bit earlier and harder than expected into a tight-ish left hander.
  7. What steered you to a powerglide rather than a built zf? on a street/strip car I mean
  8. Do you have a powerglide in your car? No I can't answer your question, but am curious.
  9. @pottypirate read this thread, it's a fair old rollercoaster of a build but end result was around 450rwkw on a built btr. Not sure if @Red Tonner / @genuine honest person / gunna still comes on this forum but if so he could give you some feedback, he's in the Caloundra area from memory so you could possibly use the same guy to build your trans?
  10. Any reason you didn't start one earlier? What sort of apprenticeship?
  11. That'll be ages...just get heinrich to do it
  12. 2 posts in 11 years to be precise...! Mods have set it so typing 'H0lden' auto corrects to 'Expensive Daewoo' for sh*ts & giggles

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