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  1. As does the good old squirt of inox/WD on the apprentice's arc when they've become irritating 😄
  2. The waft of singed hair and burning skin is pretty distinctive also @Puffwagon if you haven't already add Welding Tips & Tricks to your YT list, old mate is pretty easy to watch and covers all levels
  3. Holy sh*t that looks uncomfortable
  4. Fhucking traffic M4 to M7 onramp jammed for kays after a multi car crash on m7 southbound, web says reported at 2.55pm Also jammed northbound same spot after multi car crash web says reported 3.16pm, fhucking rubber neckers!!!!! Moved 200m in 40min Rage
  5. Yep this one cost a grand total of 2400 + 200 delivery Melb-Syd Was skeptical but from what I've seen so far it looks pretty good.
  6. Pocket change is digging into his leg Pics of u in a mullet wig laying rubber in customer's car asap
  7. Just a pretty shoddy photo, phone is on the piss not the hoist Not 100% on roof height, but those blue boards are 2400x1200 sheets of ply so I'm guessing 3.6m front and back walls, roof is a reasonable pitch so say 4.4m at the apex.
  8. Cool stuff someone else just bought that I'll be using:
  9. I tear the top right off, a good squirt inside, mix it in thoroughly with whatever implement is handy and pop the top back on. The pie does lose a lot of structural rigidity as a result but the taste is second to none, helps it cool down quicker also.
  10. Is that that your SOP for Barra tuning...?
  11. If you last went to your dentist 20+ years ago how do you know ya teeth aren't full of holes... But assuming they're not that's pretty good, no extra points for wisdom teeth still in though Never had any holes either, I brush once a day, just before bed... at least 85% of the time Mouthwash, once 10 years ago Floss maybe twice a year Bonus points for low maintenance Making up the rules as I go along

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