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  1. Red hand means no more kebabs
  2. Agreed My old ute made 403rwkw on 98 with only 18psi on a roller dyno so it's doable but it's a manual same as yours which you well know read higher on a dyno
  3. He has the fastest factory-not-factory turbo to not go 250kmh Edit Arronm if someone is asking what power a factory turbo makes, you can guarantee they're interested in potential that doesn't required a modified head ffs
  4. Simmons FR-C https://www.simmonswheels.com.au/series/simmons-fr-concave-series/
  5. one of the more honest listings I've ever seen....
  6. What's the difference between a lightbulb and a pregnant woman? you can unscrew a lightbulb IRL lol'd
  7. As in remove & replace turbo yourself? Providing you have reasonable mechanical aptitude, yes
  8. Flapper mod itself will be $150-200 from someone like MTQ
  9. If the pieces have locating pins/dowels in the ends it'd be OK, if not then forget about it It's not the timber strength in question, it's stopping them from slipping apart/off, particularly the top ones
  10. https://plazmaman.com/product-category/air-intake/ford-falcon-babf/
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