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  1. camo86T

    Recommended Tuner / Workshop Act

    thx mate to clarify, I'm looking at a ute that was put together and tuned by ESP...has an atomic motor and all the good bits, just wondered what they were like as tuners
  2. camo86T

    Recommended Tuner / Workshop Act

    Paging @El Andrew and any other Canberries..... What sort of rep does ESP Racing have on the barra scene these days? Not so much with customer service and pricing, but the tuning side itself cheers
  3. camo86T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Cage around the treadmill and turn it up to 11?
  4. camo86T

    HI guys am looking at the precision 6466

    @Efi265 your writing/grammar skills have heavy duty suction, but I assume either a) English is your second language or b) the spiel above was voice to text... Is my edited version about right?
  5. camo86T

    Supporting Mods for Tune FG XR6 TURBO

    I've been running ~400/440rwkw (98/e85) since 2014...manual, std pump gears. Not very clever but definitely not the only one at that sort of power or higher. Basically cos I'm tight, I'm in that space where any extra performance would be pretty poor return $/kw But bumping it up to the next level and oil pump & gears would be right at the top of the list As keef said keep it off the limiter and you'll be sweet at that level
  6. camo86T

    Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Scotty will look after you, top guy
  7. camo86T

    Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Nice rundown jet Manual version to follow...?
  8. camo86T

    Billet gtx3576 wheel in the baby turbo

    No comparo sorry... when the baby turbo died I bought a 3540 replacement and got the billet wheel done before fitting Better top end was the reasoning behind the mod, only proof is in my head though lol
  9. camo86T

    Gazza's turbo build

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-FORD-BA-BF-FALCON-IGNITION-COIL-SET-6-CYL-INC-XR6-TURBO-NEW-6-COILS/251486271003?hash=item3a8dbff61b:g:ksQAAOSwwB5boZBr Got mine from these guys, somehow their pricing is way better than local dealers
  10. camo86T

    Billet gtx3576 wheel in the baby turbo

    got a billet gtx wheel on my 3540, goes alright
  11. camo86T

    Fuel Consumption (merged topic)

    ^Even more impressive @XR6T 520RWKW I found your ad, impressive spec....I'm actually tempted Ok to link it here? I'm intrigued, what made you buy it in the first place? jumped in the deep end
  12. camo86T

    Fuel Consumption (merged topic)

    That sort of fuel economy usually means it's about to blow up I'll give u 5k for it 😉
  13. camo86T

    My Ba N/a To Turbo Project

    8 years on, I daresay they've been sold/used/scrapped/stolen by now... @SuckSqueezeBangBlow was last on here a out 3 years ago but worth a tag Could be others on here with similar bits to move
  14. camo86T

    Billet gtx3576 wheel in the baby turbo

    Still haven't heard much on the 2nd gen gtx76, there were some impressive numbers floating around when it was released (with the 82) @JETURBO?

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