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  1. When you get that indicator clicking noise fixed you'll have maximum street cred. @FiftyOne
  2. Haven't done it yet but going to put 2 saas guages in car, after a lot of thought I got 2 saas single guage cups with the mounting stand. I'm going to put a boost guage to the right of the dash between the airvent and the dash and a engine oil temp just to the left of the dash, I think it will be pretty tidy and easy to see too. So when my oil temp comes up it's safe to start boosting it. I bought a saas twin guage pillar mount pod but I dont like it cos it cuts the visibility down too much, the guages stick out too far.
  3. My wheels are 8 inch wide, so I will have to stick to 245s for now. Bridgestone do buy 1 get 1 half price, so I might go for RE003s. Has any one tried them on the rear? Comparisons with other brands?
  4. @camo86T I'm not sure on the stock 19 inch rim width, and yea I'm a kiwi, thanks for your reply. Thanks @MaStars, I will look into those falkens and the re003.
  5. Thanks, any suggestions on tires?
  6. Hi guys, my 15 fgx xr6t needs new rear tires, it has 245/35/19 dunlop sp sport max on the rear and bridgestone potenza re003 245/35/19 on front. Car has 382 rwkw and gets traction in 3rd gear in the zf. I have been told if I go wider it will stuff up the traction control or abs or something and Ford only has 4% Lee way in its computer, also I was told a 275/30/19 would be a close match. Would they fit on my stock wheels though? What suggestions do you guys have? Thanks
  7. Slowxr6t

    My Build

    @HI PSI legendary build youve been doing the last few years, you must be a very patient man, mind you I just remembered it took me 13 years to convert my twin turbo 300zx to big single To4z, and get 450rwkw and 11.2 quarter mile. Keep up the good work! Hey I think I missed it somewhere in your posts but what driveshaft did you go for? And those 1400hp axles are they an off the shelf item for these xr6t and how much $ are they? Thanks
  8. I have 4 inch dump and 4inch up to the 3 inch flange under the car, no cat, but you aussie have to have a cat I think, the rest of my fgx exhaust 3inch and 2 rear mufflers is all stock. My car made 414rwkw on 18psi so a full exhaust is not needed imho, but if you want noise, then get one.
  9. So stock with a k&n panel in standard airbox made 258rwkw and now iv done atomic valve springs, atomic tool steel head studs with oversize washers, atomic new forged oil pump, pw stg 2 ic, 3582 Garrett turbo with .70 comp housing, turbo smart external gate plumbed back in under car, 4 inch steam pipe dump, no cat, 4 inch exhaust up to 3inch flange under the car, 1050cc injectors, kpm 700hp intank pump with higher flow fuel regulator, breather and pcv holes drilled out to 14mm and no pcv now, both pipes go to a catch can that breathes to under the car so no fumes coming into cabin, intune motorsport ic piping kit that had to be modified to fit, stock crossover with muffler delete and airbox with k&n panel. 50mm hole drilled in front bottom of airbox. B&m engine and trans coolers mounted behind right side fog light, fogs taken out and mesh put in hole, derale sandwich block with thermostat to plumb engine oil cooler. Car made 414rwkw at 18psi on dynapack hub dyno but we pulled it back to 15psi 382rwkw to be kinder to driveline and pistons, I love how it goes now, lights up the tires in 2nd gear in dry, it is almost as quiet as stock on cruising and sounds boss when boosting, I might do the ims twin Bush diff hat next.
  10. So can it be disabled? Would it always overboost on the dyno? It would be better if it didnt do that I reckon, it kinda doesn't feel right, it should just boost and go not have another surge of power.
  11. My 15 fgx has 382rwkw at 15psi with a gt35r and external wastegate. When I accelerate hard its pulling well then it seems to have another big surge. Does the stock ecu on the fgx have the overboost function? Iv heard the sprint does it for like 10 seconds for like when youve gotta do those massive passing manouvers and pass 10 trucks in a row. So could my car be over boosting for a time? Or is it more likely a wastegate issue? Cheers guys
  12. Iv bought a twin guage pillar mount pod, it's a nice fitting piece of kit but when I sat it in place over the existing pillar trim the 2 guage pods stick out a bit and create a bit of a blind spot which I didnt like the look of, so much so that I thought I wouldn't get used to it. So looking for alternatives.
  13. Have any of you guys installed a Stingray car security 52mm triple guage holder for a fgx? The one that mounts in the centre console in the pocket above the power outlet.
  14. I found out you can do head studs with motor in the car, with all the prep done and new head gasket on the block, you have the head off and on a clean surface, put the studs down into the head the correct way and use rubber bands to hold the studs in the head, put the rubber bands holding firmly the back 2 studs pulling in toward each other and they will stay in the head, do that with all the studs, hold one stud onto another one, sit head on, take bands off and screw in studs, works a treat
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