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  1. So I had to order a new high pressure power steer hose that goes into reservoir from Ford through my mechanic, $550 incl gst damn what a ripoff, cars done 32000 kms 2015 fgx xr6t, ofcourse Ford don't want to cough up on warranty. Pretty disappointing. Welcome to motorsport.
  2. After further inspection, I found it's a leaky crank pulley seal, I will replace it soon when I install new ATI balancer and atomic flexplate. I've ordered a genuine ford seal. Any tips for a successful no leak seal and pulley install??
  3. Anyone have an opinion on above post?
  4. Today I found the bottom bolt hole in the sump for the turbo oil drain flange was stripped. Oh crap I thought, imagining an engine out job to get sump off to fix it, I thought the bolt holes might have gone right through into inside of sump, which luckily they don't, and thought alloy swarf from retapping the thread may have ended up in sump. Anyway I read on here someone had same problem and had found that the thread in the holes goes a bit deeper than the bolt length. This saved the day for me. Thanks whoever it was. So I ran a tap of same thread with grease on it into hole, cleaned it out,
  5. Has anyone had a leaky sump, my fgx xr6t sump appears to have a leak in the bottom seam of the sump, it appears to have hairline cracks about the seam right up the front of the sump. I was thinking of getting it alloy welded by an engineer. Or would that be a bad move and destroy it? Could it be jb welded or anything? Thanks guys.
  6. Yeah the little vertical bolts, thanks I will give that a go.
  7. @Puffwagondo you mean clear silicone? And Probably best to use blue loctite you reckon? Cos red will cement those little bolts in. I think the problem is its obviously leaking from the sump into the hole and iv gotta get the hole as oil free as I can and quickly try to seal it up. Do you think fire some brake clean up the hole then blow some air up there and dry it out with a rag and then try to seal it up?
  8. Iv heard from a close friend of 2 healthy people that have died 2 days after getting vaccine over here in NZ, and lots of other reports of deaths after taking vaccine, but mainstream media won't publiscise it, fake news.
  9. Tried to fix an annoying oil leak coming from sump bolts. When I did my big round of mods I left engine in the car, had sump, front cover, head off, pretty much stripped down to bare short block. Iv had oil leaks coming through about 6 of the sump 8mm head bolts. I took them out 1 by 1, degreased them, dryed them, fished out the old dryed three bond out of the hole, dryed the hole with a rag and then used a good amount of loctite thread sealant on the bolt and screwed it back in. Iv stopped all the leaks except 1 and it's still leaking thru the threads of the bolt as far as I can tell. Any su
  10. We have our own immune system and it will cure apparently 99.5% of us, don't get it @Mrs Jeturbomy opinion.
  11. Managed to score a set of fpv metallic grey wheels, not cheap but awesome and strong, didn't want to buy cheap wheels that may give me grief.
  12. My derale thermostatic sandwich block with threaded ports for oil cooler lines. Also saas brass adapter for saas oil pressure sensor for oil pressure gauge is screwed into the turbo oil feed line with stock oil pressure sensor screwed into the other end.
  13. Not today, but yesterday, I finished fitting and bleeding my new brakes, dba 355mm rotors and brembo 6 piston calipers on front and safe brake braided lines all round. I went for a cruise and bedded in new brakes. I did 8 100kph to 20kph stops and then let them cool by driving for 10 minutes then did 3 140 to 20 stops and let them cool. Twice low oil pressure popped up on dash for 2 seconds under hard braking, must have been the gforces. I also just fitted a saas oil pressure adapter into the turbo oil feed fitting on block and the factory oil pressure sensor now is screwed into the end of th
  14. How long has a built 6r80 zf 8-10k lasted in cars cranking 500rwkw? Has anyone worn one out?
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