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  1. Not relevant but iv put 6 piston brembos with the brembo pads they came with on front with dba 355mm rotors on my fgx sedan, with safe brake braided lines all round, I left rear calipers and pads stock. I can say the braking is awesome!!
  2. Nice job! I love the boost tee part. They actually arent that bad. For a crutch.
  3. Great job! I will have some pics of my fgx adventures soon, efr 9174, artec high mount, farmer made custom 4 inch dump etc.
  4. @k31th @Puffwagon on the fg inlet manifold theres a outlet to the side that tees off 2 directions, one goes up thru what looks like a one way valve and goes towards corner of firewall, the other I need to know where it went to in stock form. Iv got it blocked off at the moment and cant remember what I took off that it used to go to. Any ideas?
  5. She went out for lunch and didnt come back yet.
  6. Iv got dsc fault and traction contol light showing and I had battery disconnected for a week and reconnected and started car and fault came up straight away. Auto electrician checked it and said pcm isnt talking to ecm. I remembered I have disconnected boost solenoid and taped up the connector plug. I read online that doing that can throw dsc and traction faults, @Puffwagon or anybody else in the know, have any experience with this?
  7. Damn 30 degrees! That would feel like thermo nuclear here in NZ. 20 degrees is nice to work outside over here.
  8. Ha ha, yea I watched that and thought of you and then saw your comment on it haha, must be my incompetent tuner. I asked a question in the comments to and staphi said stock ecu and stock sensors can run up to 2.4 bar boost on closed loop.
  9. Sounds like its run a bearing lol
  10. Today I had a win! Iv been searching sround for exhaust manifolds to mount my efr9174 high or low. The stainless investment cast Artec brand ones are the priciest and look to be awesome. Anyway they are $2100 A dollars and $2300 ish NZD over here. A NZ shop had one in stock and I had thought nah that's way to expensive. And then 2 days ago it popped up on trademe for $1 reserve so I jumped into the bidding. I got it for $615 + postage $640 total. What a friggin bargain, im stoked! So il be investigating the high mount option now after all. The shop must have had it sitting around for a long time and just wanted to cash up. They surely wouldve made a loss on that one.
  11. I wish some company would make a t4 divided log manifold but no one does, they go to the effort of making cast manifolds and dont even do a t4 divided. They only do t4 open hole. Theres only Rajab and psr that make cast logs, rajab does a t4 open and their one mounts the turbo 40mm forward of stock, so intake pipe would struggle to clear p steer res.
  12. Today I had a measuring up session in engine bay to work out how im gonna fit my monster efr 9174, its a big girl!! I came to conclusion I will low mount it on a psr log manifold, cut off manifolds t3 flange and get a t4 divided flange welded on in a slightly more upright position, only about 10mm more upright to get clearance between bottom of turbine housing and engine mount heatsheild. I looked at a Artec investment cast 347 stainless manifold, very nice piece of kit, but its over 2k and 4inch dump would be a very tight squeeze, and have to go down real steep and the water pipes by firewall would probably need modifying. And heat would be a issue I think. I will have to bore 2 holes in the twin scroll housing just after turbine inlet and run 2 pipes into 1 and then into w gate. Id rather not drill into housing if I could help it but I would have to j pipe it and higher mount turbo and run gate off j pipe.
  13. Me and my Auto electrician suspect my tuner has messed something up with ecu because my xr6t has dsc and traction control fault come up and sparky looked at it and said pcm isnt talking to ecm. Thoughts or ideas guys???
  14. My suggestion is to trade in the ford for a holden. Only joking sometimes youve just gotta stay strong and push through with all the "Fix Or Repair Daily" problems.
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