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  1. Slowxr6t

    FG Turbo Engine Heat - Do I need a Vent?

    The deal is just held on by push in clips, just hold seal and pull it up gently at the clips, mine didn't break when I did it. I also took seal off my old 300zx and the underbonnet temps dropped heaps, the inlet manifold on it used to get real hot and after I took seal off, I did a 3hour drive and popped bonnet and I could hold my hand on the manifold easy as. Try it, you can always put seal back on.
  2. Slowxr6t

    FG Turbo Engine Heat - Do I need a Vent?

    Have you taken the bonnet seal off up by the windscreen, that definitely helps? Has a venturi effect, air gets sucked out of engine bay.
  3. Slowxr6t

    Hdi Intercooler Are They Any Good ?

    For the record there is a 2008 g6et with gtx3582r and all supporting mods here in nz with hdi cooler with 401rwkw and he's done 3 separate 11.9 qtr miles, he said none had big launches. It's for sale here on trademe. Just thought I'd throw that info in.
  4. Slowxr6t

    Ba Xr6T 440Rwkw

    @boosted_XR hi, did you have an external wastegate welded onto your stock turbine housing? Did it work out ok? Was it successful? I'm looking at doing it too to my fg housing, sounds like a tricky process, pre heating and post heating etc.
  5. Slowxr6t

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    im not really into diamonds miss cornwall so ill pass thanks lol
  6. Slowxr6t

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    so when I input the account details its 06200410181306 and that's the whole number is it?
  7. Slowxr6t

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    @k31thhi keith I am having trouble making a donation, my paypal wont work so im trying a bank transfer, help
  8. Slowxr6t

    Fg Turbo Actuator Change

    Puffs a good dude camo
  9. Slowxr6t

    Fg Turbo Actuator Change

    Sounds great, I'm working on it 747, on holiday at moment, iv got to find out my PayPal password at home when I get back tomorow. So you can hand over some answers, I'm good for it lol, thanks
  10. Slowxr6t

    Fg Turbo Actuator Change

    Hi guys, if I'm going to get a gt35r and a new wastegate actuator and run say a max of 17psi, should I get a 12 psi actuator or a lower one? I realise I won't be able to run less than 12psi and I'm happy with that, but would a 12 be the right choice? Also on trademe here in nz there's a xr6 turbo replacement fg turbine housing, not a garrett one, and it is advertised as thicker casting and heavier and has a 34mm wastegate hole and has bigger flapper to suit 595nz$ sounds not bad to me, but is it junk? Opinions please, thanks
  11. Slowxr6t

    Factory catback restrictive?

    @rioriohi rio, what turbo and what boost were you running when you had 375rwkw on stock cat back exhaust, was it an fg model? Thanks
  12. Slowxr6t

    Factory catback restrictive?

    Hi Rio, what turbo did you have on your car and what boost did you run to do 375rwkw? Is it a fg model, Thanks
  13. Slowxr6t

    GT3582R vs GTX3582R?

    Thanks puff
  14. Slowxr6t

    GT3582R vs GTX3582R?

    Hey on the pay pal form to donate it wants a I'd number, what number is that? Excuse my ignorance. I'm feeling guilty now asking all these turbo questions and not paying for it, lol

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