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  1. 414rwkw 18 psi gt35r .70 cover, ext wastegate, 4 inch dump, dynapack hub Dyno.
  2. My reply is only 7 years late to this topic, but I had a similar thing happening and it still does to my car after a fairly large round of mods and a tune. It turns out it was traction control kicking in when it sensed a very small amount of wheelspin. Feels like it's surging and if you watch the boost guage it boosts up then drops down then boosts up etc etc, turns out there's nothing wrong with it. Turn traction control off and go hard, just be careful! This may have been your problem.
  3. Slowxr6t

    Dba Rotors

    Hi guys, iv ordered a front set of 6 pot brembos and dba t3 4000 rotors for my fgx xr6t, once installed with new fluid do I need to go and bed them in? Like 3-4 medium brakes from 60kph but not completely stopping then go do 8 to 10 harder brakes from 100kph without completely stopping then drive for 10 minutes to let cool down. Is this necessary to get the brakes sorted from the get go? Cheers guys
  4. Slowxr6t

    Dba t3 5000

    Sweet as guys that cleared that up. Thanks
  5. Slowxr6t

    Dba t3 5000

    Hi guys, this has probably been covered before, but are dba t3 5000 2 piece rotors suitable for the street? I mean being 2 piece, do the bolts holding them together have to be checked regularly or are you supposed to loctite them? I'm just thinking it maybe better long-term, being lighter and just replacing the rotors and bolting them to the hats may be cheaper than buying new t3 4000 rotors each time. Does anyone know the weight difference between the 4000 and 5000s. Cheers for replys guys.
  6. What wheels do you guys like the look of best for white fgx xr6t? Stance sc1 or Stance sc5 in shadow chrome colour, that's like gunmetal grey. Just looking for opinions, thanks
  7. My stock wheels are 19inch, if I go to 18 inch wheels will that mess up abs sensors or anything ?
  8. Hi guys, Im looking to upgrade my 2015 fgx xr6t front calipers to brembo 6 pistons. I need fpv wheels to clear them. I have the opportunity to buy a set of 18 inch BA GT wheels for a pretty good price. The guy says they clear 4 and 6 piston calipers but just wanted to check up with you blokes first before I part with my cash. Does anyone know?
  9. Hi guys, so I was told that no xr6 turbo stock wheels can fit brembo 6 pots even 19s on the fgx. I will need fpv wheels. Is this true??
  10. @joncitizenthanks for that, does the 6 pot have a bigger pad?
  11. Hey thanks @joncitizen it looks like there's not much way to cheap out to do this. I will need to hunt for a genuine ford set of brembo 4 pots for the front. Is there any advantage or disadvantage going to front 6 pots?
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