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  1. Hi guys, I have bought a kpm 700hp intank pump, it's a 540lph anti surge unit and it came with a replacement hi flow stock looking fuel regulator. Its advertised as a plug in unit, no wiring upgrades necessary. I thought it would have needed a wiring upgrade due to being a much higher flowing pump. What do you guys think or know? Also if I install this can I drive it without a tune? I still have stock fg injectors, I'm waiting on id1050x injectors. Thanks for all replys.
  2. Have you seen the kelpro seals leak @JETURBO?
  3. Wasn't today, but the other day Ford quoted me $95 incl gst for a crank seal, then they said oh we will do for trade price of $69, I got a kelpro seal at repco for $12, man Ford is a friggin rip
  4. So I ended up making dump pipe out of 4 inch black steam pipe bends, 1 long radius 90 bend and 1 short radius 90 bend. I used the stock dump bracing brackets, I welded some bits of 10mm thick flat steel to the dump pipe to mate up to the brackets. It's all worked out real good. I couldn't get 3.5 inch steam pipe bends so thanks @FiftyOne now il have maximum street cred lol.
  5. So I'm making my own dump pipe, I was intending on making it out of 4inch steam pipe bends for durability, it will fit but it's a tight squeeze, now I think I will make it out of 3.5 inch steam pipe, it will be lighter and have much better clearances and pretty sure won't restrict power up to 400rwkw, I'm going to run a 45mm turbosmart external wg and plumb it back in right down the bottom where the exhaust runs flat under car.
  6. Great thanks jet, you are mr helpful👍
  7. Just putting my engine back together, and noticed at the back of engine right in the middle, a hard plastic tube about 3-4mm I d poking up and it curls over against firewall, it looks like it comes off top of zf trans. Is it a breather tube for the trans? And is supposed to go onto anything or just hang about with end to atmosphere? I never spotted it when I took it all apart. Anyone know?
  8. @BeerTurbo I like the j pipe, but intake, outlet, oil and water lines would all need modifying in my case.
  9. @BeerTurbo do you know of other gate set ups like your territory one that work well? It looks good
  10. Would you go off the bottom side of the manifold with wastegate pipe?
  11. I'm about to start setting up external wastegate, should I plumb it off stock manifold or off my v band 1.06 turbine housing?
  12. My mechanic pointed out the 12 spot welds on the inside bottom lip that I think I need to trim, he said it's quite a structural bit, I suggested we could trim it back and re-spot weld to keep it legal, I might do that.
  13. Yea it did, didnt say anything about cutting crash bar a bit though, I did ring Kevin at p west also and said they fit, but ofcourse they would say that. I will have another look.

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