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  1. No Brad was very clearly talking about head studs needing to be done from 280rwkw, he was also telling me engine had to come out to take head off and that their OS washers fit straight in. Maybe he just wants to sell more stuff? He is a really helpful bloke though.
  2. Great thanks jet, Brad from atomic told me from 280rwkw they need studs.
  3. hi guys, I'm aiming for 350ish rwkw, I dont want to have to start spending cash on zf because it looks to me like a never ending money pit, and for me I think 350rwkw will be heaps of grunt given the torque these motors have. Anyway with a gt3582 .70 comp housing, external gate, pw st2 cooler, exhaust, intake, fuel system, v springs, atomic oil pump and 18 or so psi boost. Will my motor need head studs? Can head be taken off block with engine still in car? Thanks guys.
  4. Nice, is that classed as excessive loss of traction by the cops? That's what they call it here in nz
  5. Did a base dyno run today, 2015 fgx xr6t, 258rwkw with just a k&n in stock airbox, 9psi boost, dynapack hub dyno, tuner said fuelling looked perfect. I thought that was a pretty healthy result. Have I got a Wednesday engine?
  6. I did a base run today and car made 258rwkw with just a k and n panel in stock airbox, 9 psi boost, I thought that figure was pretty healthy, tuner said fuelling looked perfect. Dynapack hub dyno.
  7. So I'm thinking of replacing my fgx xr6t oil pump myself on my hoist with a complete atomic forged unit. So is the difficult part removing the x member under the engine? Why is it difficult? What can go wrong? Is the engine mounted on the cross member? Does the engine need holding up/ supporting with straps or a engine crane or what to take sump off? Anyone replaced the oil pump with engine still in car? Thanks guys
  8. Thanks puff, so to confirm, if I just put a gen 2 gtx comp wheel on gt3582 .70 comp cover it would spool faster and potentially make more power than if I bored stock 1.06 housing to take to4z supercore? Because of to4z older tech?
  9. Just wondering how it would spool? Could be a cost effective option, I can get a low km to4z turbo for a grand.
  10. Has anyone else done this? What's it like to4z supercore on a t3 1.06 exhaust housing?
  11. @boosted_XR did you have the stock housing machined to suit the to4z supercore? So it was a t3 to4z?
  12. Took off plastic rocker cover guard to see what the story is to weld on some big dog Earl's 15mm I d 90 degree bends onto breather outlet and pcv outlet to run some 19mm push loc hose to a catch can and vent it to under the car with a length of 32mm vacuum cleaner hose that bends round corners quite nicely. The can will be passenger side up by firewall. The breather vent hole on the rocker cover is a small 10mm or so and the pcv hole is a big 20mm ish. I will take rocker cover off and drill out the breather hole then get an engineer to tig on the alloy fitting to the rocker cover and the Earl's bend screws on it once plastic cover is back on top. Luckily there's plenty of room between the top of engine and bonnet to fit these fittings. The beast will be free to breath with no crap pcv to worry about. Simple as! We can get away with this in nz.
  13. How many amps can the 2015 fgx xr6 turbo fuel pump wiring handle?
  14. Kpm say there's is no surge down to pretty much empty tank, almost sounds to good to be true, it's quite pricey though $995 aud, for the kit, nothing else required.
  15. I'm looking at fuel pumps to do 400rwkw, has anyone bought the kpm 700hp set up? It has a 540lph walbro and comes with a regulator, it's a drop in replacement and supposedly doesn't require any wiring changes, which I'm a bit suspect about because it's a big pump. It's supposed to be anti surge too. Can I have your guys opinions please.

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