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  1. Nz performance are based in palmy, online shop, you can ring them and pay via credit card on phone, that's what I did for my injectors. I bought valve springs, complete brand new forged oil pump, valve spring tool, forged crank sprocket, head studs and anchorlox nuts to hold turbo on, all from atomic performance in aussie. My car was on my hoist for 11 weeks and I did all the work myself with a bit of help from a mate and my mechanic, very satisfying in the end doing a project like that. The back valve springs I think I would've needed a small mirror to do them and would've had to had my whole body in the engine bay and my head right up by firewall, it was a blessing in disguise when that valve fell into the cylinder and forced me to take the head off.
  2. What type of unit is the pwr? Air to oil or is it the same as the stock coolant to oil sandwich block, cos I wouldn't get stock style if there's still a risk of milkshake. I used Atomic springs, they are a straight swap over, I changed them myself but man is it a *beep* of a fiddly job, it's like brain surgery, one of the valves fell through into the cylinder so I had to take the head off to retrieve it. I was thinking of doing head studs so that gave me the opportunity to put in some atomic tool steel studs and plus doing the back valve springs was looking like it was gonna be extremely difficult so I could then do the rear springs with the head on the bench which was a walk in the park. I bought injector dynamics 1050x injectors from palmerston north and kpm 700hp anti surge drop in and plug in fuel pump. I dont think Keith would want to change valve springs or injectors but no harm in asking. I have the atomic tool to change valve springs on the car which you could borrow. I could help you do it all but it is a bit scary working on someone else's car. Keith uses hp tuners.
  3. So @Rob70 you've already got turbo side and pw stg2 cooler on and piping, no tune yet? Does it go much better? Is the turbo side intake much louder? Sound cool?
  4. Yea zf box, 2015 fgx xr6t, last shape they made and now they are no longer so I just had to get one before they were extinct lol. I took off the stock trans cooler, aka milkshake maker, and mounted a external trans oil cooler behind the drivers side fog light. The zf is a bit of a concern with my power but I'm not going to drag race it and do big grippy launches. From what I have read it's the grip from sticky tires that twists zf input shafts and breaks tailshaft etc. Also if you want to downshift for more power for a pass, do it manually in tiptronic, select the lower gear then floor it, instead of making it do a big kick down 1 or 2 or 3 gears cos that is what can twist input shaft too, the massive shock from the instant torque. I think if you drive it smart it will last, atleast that's what I'm hoping. The flex plate between the engine and the zf will be my next mod along with ims twin Bush diff hat upgrade. I'm also probably going to change the oil in zf every 20,000km to help it out. Have you done any diff bushes yet? If I were you I would go to Keith Stewart for your tune, he did a real good job on my car. Hardly any more lag with the gt3582r and not huge boost required to get it to rip, I dont need any more power than this, things happen real quick when you floor it, a real buzz.
  5. Garrett Gt3582r with a .70 compressor housing, turbosmart 45mm external wastegate plumbed back in under car, 4inch dump pipe no cat and 4inch to the first 3inch flange under the car, the rest of the exhaust is stock, mid and rear muffler so still nice and quiet. My car made 414rwkw on 18psi but we pulled it back to 15psi 382kw to save the driveline. It wheelspins like mad in dry in tiptronic 2nd gear if you going 80kph and plant it, I gotta be careful, lol has lots of power. Check my post on dump pipe, I have some photos. It's cool to chat to someone from here.
  6. Hi @Rob70, I'm near Feilding, Keith Stewart near Rongotea, his business is Dynopro, (06)3248422, 0274458652 is his number. He's a very good tuner. You've done very similar mods to me, I kept the stock crossover air intake though just to save a bit of coin. What model xr do you have?
  7. Cops over here dont bother looking under the hood, unless you have a real piece of crap looking car, they will just sting you for speeding and sustained or excessive loss of traction, so no 50 meter long power skids.
  8. If you have a alloy throttle body pipe you could get the 25mm bov pipe cut off it and weld on whatever size pipe you want to suit a bigger bov, turbosmart do a 32mm kompact plumb back valve.
  9. I agree to remove the stock filter on the engine block as I have done that, but iv put a intune motorsport replacement braided oil line and filter up by the turbo, so I can check and clean the mesh filter easily. I dont agree with running no filter at all for the turbo oil.
  10. Not enough if a small piece of crap blocks the tiny oil inlet hole in your ball bearing turbo. Cheap insurance to have a filter.
  11. Are you saying its ok to have no filter on the turbo oil feed line? That doesn't sound very clever.
  12. I put in a kpm 700hp in tank fuel pump, it's a 540lph pump, comes with a replacement higher flow regulator and it drops straight in and plugs straight in. No mods required, I was very suspicious about it frying the wiring and plugs and quizzed them about it, they assured me they had the package sorted and had done all the r&d. I fitted it myself no worries.
  13. A ball bearing garrett gt3582r with a .70 compressor housing got me 382 rwkw at 15psi and 414rwkw at 18psi with supporting mods. Hardly any more lag over stock turbo. I didnt want to push it further because I dont want to smash my zf6spd or driveshaft or engine for that matter, and it is plenty fast enough with 382rwkw on the road. You dont need a big dollar turbo for this level.
  14. Slowxr6t


    So today I went out for a thrash and to see how my car was boosting again, and long story short, I realised that in 3rd gear tip tronic when I boosted it and the boost guage needle was all over the show it was actually the traction control pulling power out and it would go to 5psi then 10psi then surge a bit then go to 14psi. I thought it was the overboost but it is not!! I tried 4th gear and it boosted straight to 15psi, then I turned traction control off and tried 3rd gear and it boosts straight to 14psi, ya. So @JETURBO just to let you know nz does have good tuners. I was glad to find this out.
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