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  1. I see that the factory FG coil covers don't have a seal either... This surprised me somewhat.. I have plans for a carbon fiber cover for my car, when I get time...
  2. I guess that we can close the thread now.
  3. I'm installing a set of these in a spare engine that I'm currently building. I have the set of #306802 Atomic springs in my current engine and given the specs and price of the Crow springs, I thought that I'd give them a go. I guess that only time will tell...
  4. So, Has everyone received their housings?
  5. They are the same orientation as the factory housings. I have a Plazzy race series plenum and it has no clearance issues. I can't speak for other brands and varients...
  6. @Keith, could you please provide some advice?
  7. Does the thickness of the radiator reduce clearance between the fans and the front of the engine? Or does it transfer towards the front of the car? Only asking, as I have limited room even with the standard radiator..
  8. Housings have been sent by Express Post. I will private message those involved with the buy, with the tracking numbers.
  9. As far as I know, the Mal Wood shifter does not have a spring. The Magnum's have a detent spring, which is a sealed unit that screws into the R/H side on the gearbox. It is this spring that gives you resistance and gate pressure. I think that the difference in the height of the shifters that you're using, is affecting the leverage on the detent spring and using less resistance to push through it... See link for a pic of a dentent spring Detent spring
  10. You will have to get the block sonic tested to verify wall thickness. Every block should be done prior to machining, as number one cylinder suffers from bore shift. I'm currently building a spare and got one good block out of three. The minimum bore thickness we encountered was 0.060", which is obviously very thin. If you have a reasonable block, you can also offset bore individual cylinders to keep as much meat in there as you can. The minimum thickness in this new block is 0.120". I hope that this helps.
  11. A small update. All freight information has been sent to Hammond Engineering. He said that he had a personal issue that has put him back 24 hours, and that he'll forward some pictures soon. I'll post them as soon as they are received. Brad
  12. Inbox has been cleaned. I have Ozy's and Espoig's address. Just need Tazzanz. Thanks
  13. Jusy got a message from Hammond Engineering. Housings should be finished tomorrow. Please forward (pm me) your address if you haven't already. So excited.....
  14. You won't regret making the leap. The ease of use and the fact that you can live tune, makes it worth while. Let alone all of the additional hardware/software that can be utilised...
  15. The discrepancy on the gate was negligible, when using a normal H patter shifter. It was a little different to the OEM gearboxes supplied for the Falcons, after all it is aftermarket item. I can't say that I would have anything to do with Mal...

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