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    I agree. Similar design, but significantly reduced capacity, compared to the PW unit.
  2. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I considered building a new PC, but decided on a gaming laptop instead (MSI GT80 Titan - SLI Dual 980m). Comparable performance with the benefits of portability..
  3. Security code on ICC

    I called FPV Joe today and he suggested that I try connecting a scan tool. He wasn't particularly optimistic about the success rate, but I will give it a shot. Joe also recommended that I contact ASL Logistics and discuss my problem with them. I called ASL and they stated that they could reprogram the ACM (Audio control module), which will remove the security code issue. ASL suggested that I send the ACM only (Not the whole ICC) and quoted $90 plus return freight. I am SO relieved that the issue can be rectified and that it is a simple fix.. Well, I know what I'll be doing late this arvo (removing the ICC)..... Thanks to all that replied. Your input and advice is greatly appreciated. I hope that this thread will help other members with their future endeavors. Brad
  4. Security code on ICC

    Thank you VERY much. It certainly sounds like he knows his stuff. I'll call tomorrow Thanks again..
  5. Security code on ICC

    Thanks guys... Anyone got a contact number for guy that does ICC conversions - Mr FPV?
  6. Hi all, as many of you are aware, I not run a stand alone Elite 2500 and the factory engine management has been removed completely. To my knowledge all off the Canbus is still wired and connected. However, the ICC screen now has the "Security code" of death on the screen. The car starts and does everything else, that it should. But I'd like everything to run properly. So, the question is, can the security code issue be removed by disabling PATS? If I'm on the right path, can this still be done without the factory EMS? Or is there another method? Can this be done with a Snap-on scanner, or through VCM Suite etc. Thanks in advance for your assiatance...
  7. My Build

    No, it's Lionel's new dyno. He's near the Oaks on the way to Yeppoon.
  8. Pedders XA coilovers

    I'm home tomorrow. I'll take a pic of the spring and hopefully a part number.
  9. Pedders XA coilovers

    They are pretty stiff. You will have problems with the rear springs sagging. I replaced two sets before going with a spring that Ralph recommended. Haven't had a problem since.
  10. DMP Motor

    No windage tray????

    I now understand why you missed out on the set of rear Brembo brakes....
  12. I saw a sequential toploader for sale on Facebook today.
  13. My Build

    Pulled the column apart today. The rear of the ignition had fallen out of the barrel. I probably could have put it back in and bent the retaining tabs back again. But, I decided to replace it all anyway. Overall, it took me around 40 minutes in total. The ignition still feels a little ordinary, but I think that the adjacent side needs some lube. I'l' get some graphite when I get a chance. Overall, I'm ver happy with the outcome.. Old Ignition New cup installed. I have had considerable problems with the shifter and I have removed it completely. I contacted Simon today and we think that there is a variation on the shift position or shifter height in my Magnum, which is causing problems with clearances when changing gears. He's going to SEMA at the end of the month and he's agreed to fly up, so that he may identify and rectify the issue. I'm hoping to this can be rectified some time early in November. For the interim period, I'll be installing the original Ultimate Street shifter, so that I can it for a drive. It's been 11 months since it last saw bitumen and I really just want to enjoy it for a while... I sometimes think that I am cursed. It seems that I can never catch a break and if anything can go wrong, it will. Oh well, I guess that's just a part of the build process. It will be nice when I am able to just get in it and enjoy it.

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