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  1. HI PSI

    My Build

    As Promised - New bolts and dowels. We tried to get some 12 point bolts, but were unable to acquire. So we went for some Mopar 7/16 flywheel bolts instead. Gearbox is back in, al that is left is to install the shifter.
  2. The time has come. My faithful CAT600 bushes have failed. Can anyone tell me if they are still available? If not, What's the next best? Cheers Brad
  3. HI PSI

    My Build

    We drilled and tapped the crank today. I decided to install a new spigot and CSC and rear main while the box is out. I've gone back to the ARP bolts that I used previously, simply due to size constraints. We're still undecided on which 7/16 bolts we're goin to use. We'll sort that tomorrow and reassemble the car. I can't wait to drive it with this power. I'll post some pics soon.
  4. HI PSI

    My Build

    Pm me your number and I'll tell you all about it
  5. HI PSI

    My Build

    The sequential shifter runs fine. It's super heavy duty, so you can really swing off it. I haven't had a chance to use the strain gauge yet. We'll test it as soon as the flywheel issue is sorted.
  6. Sorry to hear that, mate. Have you put a bore scope down it yet?
  7. HI PSI

    My Build

    Hey Puff. thank you for your post. We've gone down a similar path, but we're adding 3 x addition 7/16 bolts and installing bigger, deeper dowels. We feel that the Atomic units are not long enough, which creates the ability for them to walk (pivot) and elongate the holes. This is what happened with my rig. Btw, how in your rig going? This is the jig that we made to facilitate the procedure. We will likely adapt atomics boss's into our design, so that we can drill and tap the holes straight. We will be running this system with all big hp Barra's moving forward. Thanks @k31th for providing the specific liks to Puff's thread. It saved me a lot of time.
  8. HI PSI

    My Build

    Just clocked over 60k views. Thank you for your interest. Feel free to ask questions and provide feedback. Brad
  9. HI PSI

    My Build

    A quick update on the car. It started to make a few funky noises on the last few runs on the dyno. So I borrowed a hoist and pulled the box (Again). It seems that the dowels have elongated the holes in the crank and flywheel, allowing it to twist and come loose. There was minimal metal transfer and all bolts were in place and still secured by the bolt retainer plate. In saying that, one bolt head broke off when I unfastened it with the rattle gun and another was bent. We put some thought into the cause of the failure and we surmise that the failure is due to hitting the limiter, causing extreme forces from the reverse rotating mass of the flywheel and triple plate clutch. So, we are drilling the flywheel and crank for an additional 3 x 7/16 ARP bolts, as well as larger dowels. I will not make a new fold plate, as I sourced one from Planet Parts. We will also be implementing either a timing retard or throttle reduction parameters 500 rpm before the limiter to soften its effect. I'll try to get some pics up as it progresses. Later...
  10. I just thought that I'd share a link to some cheap alloy CSC's that I found on Ebay - $108 with free freight. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/122324549271 I hope that this helps some members. Brad
  11. HI PSI

    My Build

    23 rwhp short. Lol. Story of my life...
  12. HI PSI

    My Build

    It comes on very hard and has a broad range. from memory we're at full boost by 3,900 rpm. It goes to show that head work, bigger piping and good coolers make a significant difference.
  13. HI PSI

    My Build

    Big day on the dyno today. We had to chase a few small issues. First was a sensor failure, then a misfire issue. We replaced the sender and installed another new set of plugs and the issues were resolved. We pushed the old girl as hard as we could, but had to pull it up due to the fuel pumps laying over. We ended up with 911 rwhp @ 26 psi. It look like I'll have to install a bigger gate springs and some 523/535 pumps to push it any further. Overall, I'm very happy with the results.
  14. HI PSI

    My Build

    Thanks for the kind words, Tom. It runs a T56 Magnum with a S1 sequential shifter and strain gauge. The snail is a GTX 4202R.
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