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  1. HI PSI

    My Build

    I don't want to clog up this thread too much. The story isn't finished yet...
  2. HI PSI

    My Build

    Do you want the updates in this thread, or another?
  3. HI PSI

    My Build

    I just thought that I'd drop in and say "hi". I've been a bit busy with the SS and I haven't really done much to the car. I've installed the 52 mm radiator and deleted the header tank. And the rocker cover has been sent for chrome.. That's about it. I had a few spare parts floating around, so I decided to put them to use. I used a FG series one block. It sonic tested the best that I have found - 0.125" was the thinnest section in any bore. The others were very meaty. We offset bored that cylinder , to help keep it as thick as possible. The block has also been surfaced
  4. I have Cat600 bushes, IMS hat, standard centre and 2 piece moly, custom tail shaft. I don't have any clunkiness at all...
  5. HI PSI

    My Build

    The car is now in even more pieces than last time. The new radiator sits a lot further back. I had to remove a lot of material form the fan shroud, so that I could get clearance from the harmonic balancer. I installed the radiator and fan, but need a Speedflow fitting for the new aircon hose. Work kinda stopped there. The VN build is keeping me very busy and has robbed time from the poor old girl. I'll get to it soon...
  6. HI PSI

    My Build

    Soon... I pulled the radiator to installed a 52 mm unit. I'm having a lot of problems getting it to fit. There's no room for the thermo fans, so I may have to trim the fans or adjust the bottom radiator mount position. I wonder how many are mine.. The hardest thing is finding time to work on them. I'm having a month or two off, so I'm aiming to have the SS finished asap. I'll try to get the XR stuff done on the weekends..
  7. Buildcthreads are a waste of time. You just end up talking to yourself. Hence why my thread has faded away..
  8. HI PSI

    My Build

    I was going to post an update and I thought, fark it...
  9. A stock crank is good to over 1.000 rwhp. I'll prove it....
  10. In had my crank nitrided and stress relieved. Notvquitecat 1000, but we had it up to 830 rwhp and had plug issues.. It'll be good for 1000 rwhp. Np....
  11. HI PSI

    My Build

    Unfortunately, I am not... I'm pretty much just doing a restoration to this one, as it's the only way to maintain value and collectability.. I am considering a Whipple though...
  12. HI PSI

    My Build

    It's a little messy on the l/h side at the moment. As the rocker cover hasn't had the weld on fittings installed. The vacuum lines are a little messed up also, as I had to remove the reg and such, to fab a new reg bracket. This will delete the old pcm bracket that it is mounted to. I still have a lot to do, a lot of it make some carbon fiber parts. The car hasn't received any attention for many months as any spare time I have had, has been required elsewhere... So, I have decided to come clean. I have be unfaithful... It all started when I purchased this last Christmas
  13. HI PSI

    My Build

    Like a hot chick walking through a shopping center, with no shoes on...
  14. HI PSI

    My Build

    Thanks guys. Seldom get comments on my thread. Can't work out why... I gets a bit lonely talking to yourself... Anyway....... Update. I haven't been happy with the current remote steering reservoir for some time. I also need to fix some issues, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Literally.. The other is for the header delete.. It will be mounted on the l/h chassis, in front of the catch can.
  15. HI PSI

    My Build

    Coils are wired and the car starts and runs a lot better. I fixed the exhaust leak that we had at the turbo/dump pipe v band. I decided to change the exhaust housing to a 1.15 while I was at it. I also fitted the new billet thermostat housing and removed the header tank. It really opened up a lot of space... Only a fuel line leak to fix and she'll be ready to hit the dyno again...
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