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  1. Cam control target angles

    Thank you very much. Pm sent.
  2. My Build

    Thanks mate, I sincerely appreciate the feedback It's been a long journey and the end is in sight. But, I do have tendency to regularly move the goal posts. There will be some interesting updates in the next month....
  3. Chasing 1000Hp

    Yes, he was pulling the engine the last time that we spoke...
  4. Chasing 1000Hp

    Any problems with the engine mate?
  5. Future of Site - Discussion

    Could we maybe expand the forum to include vehicles that have Barra coversions? It would increase the knowledge base and expand the audience.
  6. Cam control target angles

    Thank you SO much. It will be extremely beneficial for when I get the car back next week.
  7. Cam control target angles

    PM sent.
  8. Cam control target angles

    Thank you. I'd really appreciate that.
  9. Cam control target angles

    Alternately, if anyone has a tune file for the new Barra plug and play Elite map...
  10. Cam control target angles

    Could someone please post some screenshots of the a standard BF F6 intake and exhaust cam target angle tables? As I no longer have access to HP tuners and I would like to assess the data? Cheers Brad
  11. My Build

    Just read it... Well done. I look forward to your updates and pics of the build. Brad
  12. FG XR6T Build Details Unopened EFR 9180

    You certainly don't muck around, do you.... Well done mate, I look forward to reading more about your experience. And the pics too...
  13. My Build

    Thank you for taking the time to read my thread, it is quiet lenghty and must have taken some time to complete. Generally, I don't get a lot of feedback, it sometimes feels like your talking to yourself all of the time and that no one is noticing the updates . It's good to know that it is not in vain and that it is of use to others. After all, that was the purpose of the thread.. From memory, we ran a tap through the flywheel to remove any old loctite and contaminant. We upped the torque on the bolts a bit and reapplied loctite to the new flywheel bolts. The car hasn't been run since, so I hope that we have resolved the issue. I guess that I'll soon find out. Lol. Thanks again for your input and good luck with your idle issue. Brad
  14. My Build

    At this point in time and as we have made considerable changes ( Deleted the factory EMS) over the past six months, I cannot confirm if the factory speedo or tacho actually work. The factory dash will mostly be deleted in the near future to fit the IQ3. If it is still working, I will make a video and post it before I make the alterations.
  15. I had similar issues and found that the filter screen in the regulator was almost blocked completely with contaminant. Once cleaned, the issue disappeared. Food for thought.....

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