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  1. I made some space. You should now be able to message me.
  2. I'd consider selling my spare short engine for 8.5k. It's pretty much a 998 spec short with a Torrington set up. That would give you a lot of room for head work and have a better engine...
  3. HI PSI

    My Build

    Apologies for the lateness of my reply. I have been busy with another project and I haven't checked the thread for some time. Normally people read the thread and don't reply. Lol The building of the car was actually quite quick, but I lost interest there for a while. And I have a tendency to get it finished and then change/upgrade the car. This combined with a group of quality professionals that are booked out for months at a time, has resulted in the car laying idle for extended periods. Past mistakes with builds have taught me to do a job right and do it once. And that a poor man pays twice, due to cutting corners and quality standards. Good work takes time.. My tail shaft was built by Mal wood. It was more expensive than most, but the quality is outstanding. As for the half shafts, I ordered them directly form "The Driveline Shop" in the States. I believe that Diff Technics are an Australian supplier for the 1400 hp items. Back when I purchased the (Years ago) the were around 3k for a pair. Given the current exchange rate, I'd hate to think what they may be worth now... But, give Diff Technics a call and request a quote.. Keep in mind that BA/BF shafts are different to FG. I just found these on Ebay ($3,690) Look like they've gone up in price... - https://www.ebay.com/itm/BA-BF-Falcon-Upgraded-CV-Axle-Shafts-1400HP-Rated/383408523781?hash=item5944edca05:g:jb0AAOSw~w5eN5U~ Cheers
  4. How do the plug and play compare to the Haltech stand alone ecu?
  5. Currently on 733 rwhp with a manual. I can't fault the and I'm glad that I have them..
  6. A small project that I've started.. Sonic tested Fg Mk1 block (Has both BA/F and FG dipstick provisions). Tunnel alignment checked, bearings fitted and clearances measured. Atomic main and head studs (14.3 mm). Factory crank that has been nitrided and stress relieved. Mains and big ends are 10/10. Rotating components balanced. Acl, 360 degree thrust main bearings and ACL big end set. Crank machined and Torrington thrust bearing installed. Atomic 998 conrods, JE ceramic coated pistons, thicker gudgeon pin An interesting find by my engine guy. Misaligned machining of the gudgeon pin oil feed (slot going left instead of right) . We modified all 6 rods. That's all that we managed to fit in today. Hopefully more progress tomorrow... Till then, stay safe.
  7. Thought that it might interest some.... Btw, it was arouns 0.100" that we mackined, not 0.250".
  8. Having not ruled going to an auto in another vehicle, I decided to install a Torrington thrust bearing in my new forged engine. Just in case.. The block is a series one FG. It is a standard Barra crank, which has been nitrided, machined and balanced. The crank is 10/10 which has ACL 360 degree thrust bearing. The crank was dummy fitted to the block with number one cap installed. The crank was centered between the face of the 360 degree thrust bearing and measurements taken. At this time we noted that the Torrington bearing has a larger I.D than the crank snout (I can't remember exactly what that was, but I'll update that in a later post). We removed crank and machined around 0.250" of interference material from the crank. This left us with 0.004" thrust before the Torrington bearing take pressure on the block. When machining the crank we machined it to facilitate a 0.003" clearance between the I.d of the bearing and the crank, essentially recessing the bearing and race into the crank. Unfortunately he amount of material removed was not wide enough to support the bearing and both outer races (Pictured). A hardened steel sleeve has been manufactured and will be shrunk onto the snout, then machined to match the step. Unfortunately we ran out of time on Friday and had to leave it at that. Hopefully, I'll have some more updates Monday... Crank in lathe, ready to remove interference material. Front race unsupported after crank machining.
  9. This is interesting... Click here for coil test
  10. How are you going with the cam tables? I've heard that the tables provided by haltech are power limiting. We played a little with both BF and FG cam tables in mine and found quite a difference in power output between the two. Let alone specifying our own parameters....
  11. I am considering selling one of my spare front BF FPV bumper covers, to cover some costs for another project. The cover is brand new, green (Straight out of the mould) cover and I hear that these are now now longer available for purchase from Ford. What price should I put on it?
  12. No ill will here at all. I sincerely wish you the best with your business and I hope that you will continue to develop and release parts for us. Any chance of a billet block? I know of some advanced cad drawings.... Btw, what are the max billet dimensions your cnc can handle?
  13. Neither paying members or myself had an issue with paying up front. I do it regularly when ordering parts. I cannot see that portrayed anywhere in this thread. Maybe you can correct me. I took offence to your charge for packaging, your arrogance and inflexibility. Nothing more. It seems that I was not the only one to notice this. All in all, most were happy with the product. I'll leave it at that.
  14. Misrepresented? In what way? Don't get me wrong, the price was reasonable.. The product we received could have been better I.e the gouge on the front lower section near the hose neck. But, we didn't complain... I guess that your perception could differ. As ones perspective changes given their position Eg:" If you are the I <3 Bananaser, or the I <3 Bananasee...... We can all guess which one you consider yourself to be... All things said, I would be happy to buy off you again if I needed parts fabricated. however, you might want to work on your people skills.
  15. From what I remember, the lux pack had the leather and suede trim, dual zone with 6 cd, subwoofer and different wheels.
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