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  1. No ill will here at all. I sincerely wish you the best with your business and I hope that you will continue to develop and release parts for us. Any chance of a billet block? I know of some advanced cad drawings.... Btw, what are the max billet dimensions your cnc can handle?
  2. Neither paying members or myself had an issue with paying up front. I do it regularly when ordering parts. I cannot see that portrayed anywhere in this thread. Maybe you can correct me. I took offence to your charge for packaging, your arrogance and inflexibility. Nothing more. It seems that I was not the only one to notice this. All in all, most were happy with the product. I'll leave it at that.
  3. Misrepresented? In what way? Don't get me wrong, the price was reasonable.. The product we received could have been better I.e the gouge on the front lower section near the hose neck. But, we didn't complain... I guess that your perception could differ. As ones perspective changes given their position Eg:" If you are the I <3 Bananaser, or the I <3 Bananasee...... We can all guess which one you consider yourself to be... All things said, I would be happy to buy off you again if I needed parts fabricated. however, you might want to work on your people skills.
  4. From what I remember, the lux pack had the leather and suede trim, dual zone with 6 cd, subwoofer and different wheels.
  5. HI PSI

    My Build

    I managed to get some time with my engine guy today. As previously posted somewhere above, I had plans to change the ignition coil location and lead setup to allow ease of access for plug reads/change etc. We put the Nizpro cover on the mill and removed over 10 mm of thickness from the cover. I then resized the previous plug lead holes to fit the new covers. I am considering mounting a coil rack on the chassis rail and running the leads through the runners on the plenum. I'll check it out when I'm home next and post pictures as it progresses.
  6. It's actually Alaskan white. The colour was trialed on the last of the VN's for the upcoming VP models. Kind of makes it a bit unusual and could be considered rare. You should have purchased it. They are starting to pull some reasonable money, and I think that they will continue to rise. This will be restored to complete stock condition.
  7. Just purchased a rotisserie for a VN SS restoration project..
  8. I guess that it depends on how much power you're chasing, driveability, lag and how long you want to keep a stock bottom end together...
  9. I'm the kind of guy who constantly improves his vehicle and to be honest, it's the last standard/unmodified part on the car. As the cover is weeping, I plan on rectification instead of repetition. There is nothing wrong with the centre, cover, or the way that we applied the 3 bond. The car does make considerable power/torque and we think that this is causing torsion flex in the cover. This is likely compounded, being a manual car. You are correct in saying that we are planning on machining a slot in the cover, to facilitate an o'ring seal. Seal slot will be square. Diameter of the o'ring is determined by slot depth and width. An o'ring can easily be made to length and joined. Cheers. Brad
  10. It sounds like someone is tap dancing on your bonnet.... Hence the term "Ping".
  11. To be honest, I have had no increase in NVH with my IMS hat. I love it... I'll be pulling my cradle again soon, to install the true-Trac that I've had here for 18 months. This time, I will be machining the IMS hat to facilitate a O'ring seal. I have done very few km's in the car and it is weeping around the hat, despite using 3 bond during installation. I really think that IMS should consider this option with their hats... Just my 2 cents..
  12. Will only have delivery k's on it. First new car for me.. Should be here on the 20th.
  13. I still have a GAIT manual around somewhere. I used to do a bit of car audio myself, back in the day.... I'll be very interested to see how you go about it. I currently run an Alpine DVA-9965E through the factory colour screen. I was thinking of running a touch screen with a Raspberry Pi, but may be persuaded if you are successful. Keep us posted on developments... Some of my work, from many, many moons ago...
  14. HI PSI

    My Build

    Got home on Sunday and planned to do some work on the car. I have to sort a better way to get to the plugs as the current configuration, while looking pretty cool, is a major headache to check/change plugs. I'm investigating a few options and plan on running a Supra style lead cap, so that I can access the plugs without having to remove the rocker cover garnish. I'v utilising the existing plug tube configuration that I have in conjunction with these plug tube tops. Unfortunately the Nizpro garnish has around 10 mm of material thickness in the spark plug area that has to be removed. But I guess that having to repaint the garnish is a small price to pay for ease of servicing/access.Each individual lead will likely be run between each runner of the plenum to a bank of coils below. I'll post some pics when they are available. Supra leads...
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