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  1. nzti325

    Oil brands

    So I have a 5 litre bottle of the 10 tenths 15w 50 and happen to have a couple of litres of some fully synthetic 10w 50. Can I mix them and what are the consequences of this. Cheers
  2. Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue? I'm having exactly the same issue. I'm running 15lb of boost with high flow cat 1000cc injectors 255lph fuel pump and a plazmaman intercooler. It like I just hit a wall. Cant figure it out. Happened on my previous tune (10lb from a different tuner) and again on this new tune.
  3. Ok I've read through the various other posts on the subject of intercooler size and almost all have gone off topic and not answered my question so here it goes. I got a great deal on a 1000hp plazmaman IC kit. Hot/cold side piping cold air intake the lot. Couldnt help myself! Going on my 2007 that already has 1000cc injectors, 255lph pump, high flow cat with 10psi boost. Dynoed at 410hp (yeah I'm old school!) at the wheels. So I'm assuming I'll have some lag but hope it's not too bad. Should I sell it on and get a more reasonably sized kit or slap her on? Daily driver.
  4. Awesome! 275 30 19" here I come! Cheers!
  5. I was wondering of a set of 2015 FGX XR8 wheels would fit a 2007 BF? Cheers
  6. Well it turned out to be a simple blown fuse. It didn't look blown but it was. She's all good now!
  7. Nope..... Just pulled out the stock panel with the analog clock and spliced into the above mentioned cables. Can't find any blown fuses.
  8. Yep the lights turn on. Boost gauge and oil pressure.
  9. Ok....2007 XR6 turbo running fine. Sunny afternoon and I decide to install my new gauge pod. The car had a factory clock so I used the switched 12v and the ground from it. Ran two wires to the fuse box for the always on 12v and the lights. Plugged the 12v wire into the ACC relay and the lighting wire into the interior lights fuse. Everything looked good until I tried to start the car. Nothing. Dash lights come on and I have a message on the lcd about a error code. What I think is the immobiliser light is flashing. Ive searched and have tried disconnecting the battery, leaving the key on for 45minutes and replacing the interior lights fuse (which was not blown). My key fob does not work and the engine will not turn over. I've had the car only 8 days and I'm new to fuel injection eec's and the like so I'm a little over my head. HELP!
  10. Brand new xr6 turbo owner and first post! Live in Christchurch and love the idea of a Falcon tour of the S.I. !
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