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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    Damn that’s nasty, sort of thing I would expect to see a 1989 R32 Skyline lol
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    F*****g hell, anyone seen rust on a BA like this on the firewall before? Absolute *beep* of a place to repair grrrrr
  3. TTG External Turbo oil feed

    Cheers Aaron thought they might be different, Although think I’m just going to remove stock filter screen and run the stock hardline and keep up with oil changes.
  4. Hi guys Can anyone confirm if I can use the generic XR6 Kit or there is a Territory specific one? I have heard you need an adapter for the block side on the Territory? Cheers Pic of new tow car
  5. Tow car

    Cheers will fit my trans cooler In similar location.
  6. Tow car

    Aaron, Are you running a trans cooler on this one? If so where is it located. Just picked up a TTG not my smartest idea with 91 being $2.50L here in nz lol.
  7. NZ Cruise 2018. Sept 8-15, South Island

    those fuel prices aye bro especially 98 - no good
  8. Hi team Have a weird one here, Got a Terri here which has no headlights or tail lights, But headlights DO work when on "auto" (In the dark obviously) nothing when selected manually. Is it safe to say its the combination switch? Anyone else had a similar experience, All fuses are mint.
  9. My 2010 XR50T Ute

    theres something sexy about big brakes
  10. What is up with people that forum having threads 30 pages long, consisting of no mods. But just complaining about everything wrong about the car, and taking pics when they wash it lmao.
  11. My Phantom BA XR6 Turbo Build

    Thought I would do abit of an update, Its been a while. Its funny when your building a car how plans change, goals change. Nether the less it has snowballed big time, I remember reading on the forum how everything will cost 2-3 times more than you think and will take double the time and thinking what a load of sh*t but as it turns out its true. The engine still hasn't been built im sorry to say, From what started as a basic bottom end rebuild, with a set of rods & pistons has turned into something much much bigger. Originally I had a modified / hybrid Holset HX52, Which I was going to run, But decided against it earlier this year, Sold it to a friend of mine along with the manifold, I was eventually going to pickup a GTX45 when the time was right. But a couple of months ago the local Garrett Dealer here in NZ was having a big sale, They had a couple of GT4718R's for $1700 New with a rear exhaust housing it was to good of a deal to pass up. Obviously with a such a big snail lag is going to be abit of an issue, I am going to step down the runner size on the manifold hopefully to combat some of the lag, Will be running the smallest rear A/R available (0.96) Should hopefully fingers crossed make 1000whp with ease, Having the billet crank will also allow me to rev it out more to take advantage of the GT47's powerband. The Bottom end will consist of CP Pistons 9:0.1 Compression Ratio Spool I beam rods 7/16 ARP2000 Bolts Spool Imports 4340 Billet crankshaft (Factory stroke) Spool 10mm Girdle ARP Bolts all round Still undecided on the head, I am pretty set on a CNC port, But IMO it seems like abit of waste to do all this port work and leave the factory valves in there. From what I have heard the factory seats only cater for 0.5-1mm Oversize, And replacing 24 seats can turn into a very pricey exercise. Kelford cams here in NZ, quoted $85 for an aftermarket seat X24 to suit bigger valves nearly double what I had been quoted in AUS from similar cylinder head joint. I am thinking of picking up some Supertech Inconnel exhaust valves (1mm OS) and a set of 1mm OS for the intake also. Also managed to score a GTP brembo setup here in NZ late last year, Which I was stoked with. 6 piston front & 4 Piston rear.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Does anyone know of any rear springs for a BA falcon which are stiffer than factory? Thinking of using my BA to haul around my car trailer.
  13. scrapped a mk4 golf I had at my house the other week got 130 was absolutely stoked lol. Although I did take it to them on my car trailer.
  14. Ford vs audi, my thought

    Yea they are the bees knees, my brother in law has a 2016 RS4, And had a RS6 before that. Has to be a wagon though, There is just something cooler about a fast wagon.

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