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  1. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Im about to make the journey. 1.20am here. Does flat lemonade help or is it a myth?
  2. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    The worst part is I had 2 bunnings snags this arvo, felt a little weezy but thought I would be ok. BIIIIG MISTAKE. Can still taste the residual taste from the bloating lmao.
  3. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I want to quickly boost down to the servo to pick up a powerade but too risky atm.
  4. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Never a truer saying than don't trust a fart than right now.
  5. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    f**k boys currently on the sh*tter with the worst runs I have ever, comparable to when I had a colonoscopy and I had to drink a solution to evacuate my bowels. Got the stomach flu I think. Any ideas to pass the time its going to be a long night
  6. There is a guy who has done one cant remember his name, There's also a guy in NZ whos in the process of doing it. Not much help but it can be done lol.
  7. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Did you just get friend zoned on a Internet forum? Didn’t think that was even possible, seen it all now
  8. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Keith your overthinking it lol
  9. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I would kill for a local shop like that. Such a well setup shop too.
  10. tazzanz

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Independent do some awesome work, his territory just went 9.75
  11. tazzanz

    My Phantom BA XR6 Turbo Build

    I will probably just see when the power curve ends, if its still making power at 7000-8000rpm with the GT47 I will let it eat. Obviously if its not making anymore power past 6500 its unnecessary. I was in contact with Nitto last week to purchase some ARP625 rod bolts, they said it would be a waste unless I'm seeing 10000rpm, Im currently running ARP2000 Bolts with a "0.250" gudgeon pin. I will relay the above to my head guy when the time comes, The oil pump should be more than capable supplying oil at these rev's same pump has seen 10000rpm on the dynomite car.

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