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  1. In abit of a pickle here lads, airbag light on my BF XR6 will not go away! Basically it has a fault code lodged for the passenger side curtain airbag auto electrician has tried a new airbag connector, New airbag module and today we tried a seat out of my BA - No different. Anyone have any ideas what to try next!? Its baffling we can see the wiring is in tact on his scan tool but the fault remains. Any ideas would be appreciated
  2. You talking about this part here? I thought about that but by the time I find one it may be easier to have this one welded up by the time I find another base.
  3. Going to take to a Panel Beater friend of mine who has a welder and see if he can fix it up, And make stronger if possible, Don’t really want to have to replace seat.
  4. Look at this seat failure on this BA Ute I recently brought. Brought it broken of a bloke who probably weighed 75-80KG at best. Metal is like 1mm thick... Piss poor.
  5. Why did Roland and Tander himself say it helped them? Lol. Yes it held up Gizzy and did him a favor too as he didn't need to double stack, Win Win!
  6. Not sure who uses sand paper as hand warmers.
  7. Na bro I wish! Just saw it outside the airport.
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