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  1. tazzanz


    Do not drive it on boost if its boosting 20psi. Is it the turbosmart internal wastegate or external?
  2. just took a nice poo and had a ultra zero monster energy.
  3. sH0uLd hAvE uS3d sEmi sYnThEtiC
  4. Seeing as I can’t make a new topic I’ll post in here. Zane of MAXX performance out of Melbourne is coming to NZ (Auckland) to tune some cars. (Zane is a kiwi) This is a awesome opportunity for us here in NZ to have our cars tuned by someone who tunes barras everyday! Experienced with HP Tuners, SCT, PCMTEC. Exact dates are to be confirmed but likely to be next month (May) If there is a enough he is hoping to make it a semi regular thing, I will be having my personal car tuned by him when it’s done. Check out some of there work, https://www.facebook.com/MaxxPerformance58/
  5. Hey @k31th is there any reason I cant make a new post in the NZ section? Wanting to make a new topic. Cheers
  6. Sweet all paid. I paid $290 to cover postage to me, Cannot imagine it being anymore than $30 and if it is we will sort it then. It’s a $50 fee to send to Aus so don’t want to be paying that again grrrrr
  7. Ahh stuff it lets just go with hammond ones, He already has the CAD file makes it sooo much easier. Even though he is abit of a *beep* 🤣 Although I think in future Franklin is definitely worth a look! How much am I paying into your account $260?
  8. I think it would be wise to wait if your happy too? I doubt Franklin engineering would be interested in doing just one, so I would need the backing of you 4 if it was to go ahead.
  9. No wouldn't hear anything until next week, I just feel like this is a perfect job for Franklin Engineering as small automotive parts is there specialty. But in saying that as stated previously they have not done any before so some CAD time would be needed, Not exactly a overally complicated part though. Do you think we wait for a response or I deposit said money now?
  10. Contacted them sent a couple of pics, Waiting for a reply. I am more than happy to pay ASAP just figuring out freight to NZ is the issue, Freighting within AUS is hard enough for this guy let alone international 🤣. I would imagine franklin would be able to do sooner than 3-4 weeks.

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