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The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread


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Ok guys I thought id throw up thread about what really pi$$es you off,or if something has happened that you didn't like..anything and everything goes..just spill it out..lol

Im at home today and as I was watching Tv noticed that there are a sh@# load of commercials about health insurance,income protection etc ect...every second commercial is that sh#$,doing my head in..

was looking at evilbay and found out people are selling the spare tyres from there FPV's for more then what other guys are selling there complete set.......also on evilbay there a guy selling badges but wont post? wtf...there badges,you can just throw the cu#$ in an envelope and in a post box..if it was a big item ok dont post but that...pi$$es me off..

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the exhaust shop saying they didn't have the right flanges and airbagging extras up, twice, when it was on the passengers seat all along :facepalm:

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This might sound sexest and I apologise in advance but friggin women in auto shops that don't have a clue what your talking about and ordering the wrong sh*t for you... Come on barbie, please pick a new career.

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