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    riding dirt bikes, building cars and being with my daughter
  1. Happy Birthday jbrnr21!

  2. Happy Birthday jbrnr21!

  3. Happy Birthday jbrnr21!

  4. same as...I'm a coal miner too (fitter/mechanic) and waiting for a redundancy letter
  5. Mine makes same noise but fan bearing in the blower motor is stuffed
  6. That's the best option... Just get another lid and paint it, will probably cost you the same as rust repairs mate
  7. Yeah I was thinking a hilux or land cruiser with a tuff bar and dual side rails... The greenies would love me then lol
  8. Comes up with 'you are not allowed to use this image extension on this community' I haven't had trouble uploading pics before
  9. My falcon vs kangaroo... Hit the big *beep* while doing 100kms on a left hand bend, hit on the left hand front corner while he was sniffing the road or some sh*t (I don't know what kangaroos actually do lol) put me on 2 wheels and brought me down in the dirt and from there it was a pretty wild ride... Drive it home then went up the hospital to find out I have sprained my back and apparently there is a slight shadow around my liver (waiting on test result) I told them it was probably just fat but they didn't find that as amusing as I did :/
  10. I heard on the radio today that they are trying to get them more money... Apparently once they have paid their rent, food and bills, the poor kents don't have much change left... WTF!!!??? You want change? Get a fvcking job... I earn $1100 a week and don't have change left, are they gonna UP my pay a week??? NO!!!
  11. On the other hand... You may make it worse by NOT knowing what your doing (while your learning) then it will cost you MORE in the long run... It's not a Gemini
  12. Beautiful... Cheers mate ill give it a go when I'm off work
  13. Same issue as I have 05 xr6 turbo manual. Let me know what you find, I can pull up in a drive through and idle for a bit then it will just stall
  14. Model/s Ba Year 05 Oil Feed line filter installed/type Standard replaced bolt with services BOV fitted Yes/No No KM's on Turbo @ failure or current KM's if the turbo hasn't failed 120000 Intake mods (ie UBP/Intercooler/pipework) Pipe work and cooler Average boost pressure over the life of the turbo Standard 5-7 Have noise in bearing...
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