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  1. Happy Birthday FOONIN!

  2. Happy Birthday FOONIN!

  3. Happy Birthday FOONIN!


    Coil Packs

    So any easy way to tell if an ignition coil is genuine or not?

    Coil Packs

    Also didnt Ford change the ignition coil packs between the BA and BF??

    Coil Packs

    Does anyone know the factory/genuine brand? I see alot of "Genuine VDO" Hi-e-f-I have two listings of"Genuine" surplus stock...how do you actually tell if they actually are genuine?

    Coil Packs

    "Ford Australia alleges the Jefferson Ford dealership, which also owns City Ford and President Ford, has been passing off mufflers, batteries and other spare parts sourced elsewhere as genuine Ford parts." So turns out I wont be buying those then. bugger it. What brand are the factory ones? I had a look at mine today and they appear to be Visteon

    Coil Packs

    I do see Jefferson Ford dealer is on ebay selling them for AUS$60 each or NZ$69 + postage

    Coil Packs

    that's the idea ratter....Ill try one other dealer and if they are still crapply priced Ill head offshore for them....was hoping someone may have a connection to a ford dealer from the forums...would save emailing all the dealers. Am looking at these though so hopefully they are legit and are available http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genuine-OEM-Ignition-Coil-Ford-Falcon-LTD-territory-BA-BF-6-pack-BAF12A366A-/120838063104?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c22828400
  10. FOONIN

    Coil Packs

    Hi guys I need to get a new set of coil packs due to my 06 f6 (tuned) misfiring a bit under load as well as the speedo cutting out when under heavy load. Have looked up older forums here and it would appear genuine seem to work best. So I gave my local ford dealer a call and asked for a price - NZ$189 each + gst.... Is there a club advertiser who sells these or someone have contacts? I just think $189 each is a bit over the top when I heard they can be around the AUS$70
  11. lol...he missed paintin the rotor.... :D
  12. yeah paint is an easy option.....but I think powder coating does look alot better
  13. yeah got one at work....im just hoping calipers dont get hot HOT
  14. Yeah just a bit worried about caliper heat though....anyone got an idea of what sort of degrees they can get up to...?
  15. you painted or powdercoated?
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